The truth may be just around the corner

For the Week of January 18, 2010
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The truth may be just around the corner
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The return of Victor comes just as a slew of stories are bubbling to the surface and threatening to boil over into an explosion of revelations.

I don't know about you, but when Eric Braeden walked into the doorway of Victor Newman's office and saw Nick and Adam fighting, his reaction was reassuringly familiar, "What the hell is going on here?" Oh, Victor, we have missed you! The return of Victor comes just as a slew of stories are bubbling to the surface and threatening to boil over into an explosion of revelations.

In just one week, Dr. Taylor returned with the truth on his lips, ready to blow the whistle on all of Adam's lies and deceit. It was too delicious to watch and I bet you were like me, on the edge of your seat and waiting for Taylor to spill the beans. Finally, Adam was going to be found out. But, wouldn't you know it, Adam squirmed out of trouble again. How can a guy who has impaired vision still be able to see enough to shove the doctor into the path of a car? How can nobody realize what he was doing? Well, there is somebody. Phyllis saw it all, and I don't think she's going to be persuaded that Adam wasn't up to no good.

Meanwhile, we have Ashley and Sharon putting two and two together. You knew when Brad's house burned down and all those characters were under one roof that things would start gelling. However, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that even though every single fan I've heard from wants the baby to be returned to Sharon, I don't think it's going to happen that easily. Watch, there will be plausible explanations and excuses for coincidences. Ashley doesn't want to realize the truth, and Sharon will have major problems "going there" too. After all, if Sharon allows herself to think that Ashley's baby is her baby, then she has to conclude that Adam took her baby from her. Can she do that when she just married the guy?

Then there's the question of just who Adam is. At the start of the week, he was acting the hero and saving Eden and Noah - even the dog! How can someone like Sharon believe that Adam is not that hero but is, in fact, a vicious, lying, deceitful user who will say and do anything he has to in order to get what he wants? If Sharon, who's already on shaky ground emotionally, realized who Adam really is, she might be back in the loony bin before you know it!

I'm not sure what Ashley will make of the truth if - and that's a big IF - it comes out. She's been quite the transformed woman since throwing Victor out of her life and out of his ranch. And as someone wrote in the mailbag, there's something happening between Neil and Ashley. All that bonding as friends is going to turn into something more. Especially if Ashley is going to wind up fighting to keep Faith...and that would be Ashley's instinct. She would rationalize her decision and feel that she is truly the baby's mother because she's been there since the moment Faith was born. Neil feels that way about Lily. You can see the connection, can't you?

Funny enough, everyone could see that there was no way Jo-Jo was Kay's child. It was beyond obvious and it only took a drop of DNA to confirm that she was a charlatan. However, the fact that she had been hired and sent to Kay by Tucker, that was a shock. So, you see, all that "Mr. Nice Guy" stuff was just a charade. He was sucking Jill and Kay into his web. He was lying to them from the get-go, just like a con man. How is it possible that someone as smart as Katherine, someone as experienced as Jill, could be taken in by him?

And now the truth is out - at least one truth. Tucker McCall is Kay's long-lost child. It wasn't a daughter she had all those years ago; it was a son. It wasn't Jill or Jo-Jo - it was Tucker. And his takeover of Chancellor was all about getting even. I can't wait to see Stephen Nichols taking over the role this week. Not that William Russ didn't do a fine job, but he just seemed wrong as Kay's child. They don't look alike and he seemed too old. Stephen Nichols will fit right in.

There's more news on the Chancellor front. Lily and Cane's baby-making has resulted in Mac carrying not one, but two, babies. Twins! How's that for parental pressure? I know I sound like a broken record, but Lily has cancer. I wish they would be honest about how hard it is to survive cancer and not make it all a "piece of a cake" now that she and Cane are going to start to plan for two babies. Maria Arena Bell needs to decide what story she's telling. Is it about Lily's illness or Mac having two babies for Cane and Lily?

Getting back to Victor's return, I fully expect the boss to take charge, don't you? I can see Victor finding out about Adam and Nick's arguing and slapping them both down. True, Adam is a worm, but Nick has hardly been a man among men. He's acted like a child with all this Sharon and Phyllis business. What Nick needs to do is let Sharon deal with her own actions, i.e. her marriage to Adam, while Nick recommits to Phyllis. Of course, if the truth about the baby's paternity comes out, all bets are off. Nick will want to claim that baby, as much as Sharon will want her daughter back. Oh, boy, Phyllis is going to fume!

Wouldn't it be something if Billy becomes the big truth-teller in all this? He's already hunting down a big story, and with his tenaciousness, I could see Billy being the one to put it all together. I loved his scene with Rafe last week. It's about time somebody gets into Adam's business.

Before wrapping up, let's check out the mailbag...

  • Storylines should be believable without insulting the fans of the program. I would like to see these storylines corrected so they are real to life. - Helen P.

  • Please, let the character Adam be found out and caught!! There is nothing you can do to justify the things his character has done! It makes me sick to see him with Sharon. His character is a slime ball!! PLEASE put a stop to him!!! - Dianne P.

  • This show desperately needs competent writing; e.g., a new head writer. Lauren seems delighted to have an office at the boutique with a new chair; yet she is supposedly CEO of Fenmore's Department Stores and has an office at the local store there, which we used to see her in. What is wrong with the writers? - Karl T.

  • I am so disappointed with the way Sharon has been written that I am so longer going to watch the show. I have watch from the very beginning and hate that Sharon has become a cheap tramp with no brains. They way that Nick treats her is so out of character that I no longer enjoy watching the show. Also making Phyllis a victim is even worse. You have taken two characters and ruined them. - Sue S.

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