Don't mess around with Victor

For the Week of February 1, 2010
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Don't mess around with Victor
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When you mess around with Victor, you are asking for trouble.

You know that old Jim Croce song that goes, "You don't tug on Superman's cape, you don't spit into the wind, you don't pull the mask off of old Lone Ranger, and you don't mess around with Jim." Well, on The Young and the Restless, Superman, Lone Ranger, the wind and Jim are all pseudonyms for Victor Newman. When you mess around with Victor, you are asking for trouble. That's what happened this past week when the wayward son, Adam, decided to quit Newman, get hired by Tucker McCall, and share corporate secrets like he was handing out lollipops at the bank. You don't do that to Victor Newman without retribution!

Ironically, Victor chose to smack "junior" by turning to and using the enemy, Billy Abbott. With venom-filled quotes and secrets usually left within the family, Victor eviscerated Adam in the Restless Style story. It was quite the hatchet job. But imagine how much better it would have been if Victor knew the extent of Adam's villainy. Oy vey, will Adam get it then! The day Victor learns that his infant child is not his offspring but actually his grand-offspring, is the day that Adam will get a beat down that may require Victor to receive yet another heart transplant.

But don't expect that to come too soon. The pieces are all in place for someone to figure out the truth, but if it's Ashley, do you think she'll give up the baby so that Sharon will be reunited with the child? I think Ashley's going to rationalize that she is Faith's mother because she held her the moment after she was born and that Faith has never known another mother. In a twisted, sick way based on maternal love, watch how Ashley connives to keep the baby. The fact that Neil will be by Ashley's side when she uncovers the truth with make him complicit in the lie, too. But, given Neil's connection to Lily and his not being her real father, he'll understand Ashley's feelings and a conspiracy will grow.

But what about Adam, you ask? Like the bad penny, he'll keep turning up again and again. And he'll keep wriggling in and out of trouble. Tucker McCall won't be fooled by him, but will use him to maximum effect. Tucker, by the way, had a rough transition from William Russ to Stephen Nichols. I think in time, Nichols will be great, but the initial crossover wasn't as smooth as I anticipated. I don't blame the actor; I think it was more the direction and writing. Look when he got to jump into the role? At the very moment Tucker reveals himself to Kay. Talk about jumping into the deep end of the pool!

Now, about Ms. Katherine. I do not feel sorry for her. I think the whole "let's come to Katherine's rescue" get-together was out of whack. Excuse me, folks, but the little old lady is a multi-millionaire and she was playing high stakes poker with the big boys. She blew it. Neil blew it. They were outmaneuvered and outwitted. If this had been Survivor, she would have been voted out at tribal council while still holding the immunity idol in her hands! Her 50 years of experience should have alerted her to not go for the Cell Tron deal. Her smarts should have warned her that she had come to trust Tucker too soon. She bungled it and deserved to lose control of the business.

Besides which, why is she running the company at all? She's 80 years old. She's a newlywed. She and Murphy should be taking a trip around the world in a private jet or a luxury yacht. And do you have any idea how cold it is in Wisconsin in January? The whole point of being well-off is being able to enjoy your wealth. Shouldn't Kay have a great getaway home in Palm Springs or Palm Beach or one the fancy Palms? And don't give me that baloney about her being an independent woman and mistress of her manor. She could have passed the entire business on to her loved ones, even Jill before their latest falling out.

Who do you think has the worst timing in the world - Gloria or Jill? Gloria's in and out of millions like some people are in and out of new shoes. The way she's spending, her ill-gotten loot from the Newman bank fiasco will be gone before you know it. Then there's Jill and her great timing. She finally falls for a new guy and he turns out to be Kay's long-lost child. Perfect timing, don't you think?

Timing isn't the problem with J.T. and Victoria. It's distance. But if you had access to the Newman jet, wouldn't you wrap up Reed and take him to Dubai to see his mother? You'd think they were on food stamps and couldn't afford to do something about the separation? And have you heard of this remarkable invention called the computer? You can actually have an Internet video chat every day if you like. J.T. and Reed could have a daily hook up with Victoria if the kid really misses Mommy so much. And, one last thought, J.T. was going on and on about how hard it is to be a single parent. Well, are we really supposed to believe there are no nannies in Reed's life, no servant who helps J.T. with his son? Come on. Get real. Maybe J.T. should go hire Estella who was so wrongfully accused of hurting Ashley last summer! I'm sure she could use the work.

I'm also ordering a wake-up call for Lauren and Michael. Considering how smart and successful they are, they sure are acting like idiots. They barely know this kid Daisy and they're letting her move into Eden's room. Maybe they never saw Leave It to Beaver and don't recognize an Eddie Haskell when they see one?

At least Noah's learned something in the last year. His talking to Abby about her drinking was spot on. And I agree with his reasoning for going to Paris. Get out of Genoa City and avoid the shooting gallery between Victor and Adam and Sharon and Nick and Phyllis and all the other goofy adults around the Newman estate. You think Victor's moving back into the mansion isn't going to cause trouble? Think again.

Before wrapping up, let's check out the mailbag...

  • I don't feel sorry for what might happened to Phyllis if Sharon and Nick find out about their baby. She is going to have to face it after all she stole Nick from Sharon. Sharon is sleeping around because she is not happy. She BELONGS with Nick. I am going to stop watching if Sharon and Nick don't find about their daughter and soon. Please don't do like you did with Lily, Neil and Malcolm. That was too long that's why I stop watching it all those years ago. Please expose Adam. - K.B.

  • Enough already with Adam and Sheila. I have watched this show since it first started and I am very tired of these two characters. They need to go. - Carol

  • Last year I decided to watch Y&R again while I had taken a day off from. On that day, Brad had just died from saving Noah. Sharon and Nick (whom I love) had just slept together at the cabin and Phyllis was furious. Now you have this crazy man Adam on the show who I hate... I was so disappointed that the writers chose to go in the direction where Adam stole Sharon's baby. I hope the writers do not let this storyline linger for years. Adam deserves nothing, not even happiness. This storyline is so crazy with Sharon being so gullible, I'm beginning to not like her too. I have to admit the writers are good, damn good. But can't some of the characters have morals besides Katherine. - Faye T.

  • I am commenting on the replacement of William Russ as Tucker McCall. Russ was the perfect person to play Tucker. He was the subtle bad guy you had a hard time to hate. He garnered empathy for his hurt. I do enjoy watching Stephen but he is just TOO young-looking for this role. The powers that be should have left things alone, they worked. I do wish William Russ the best in his future endeavors. - T.L.S.

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