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They did it again!
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A look back at a week of The Young and the Restless that tested the patience of some viewers.

If you're like me, and I think you are, this past week on The Young and the Restless had you fuming! Hello, Maria Arena Bell -- head writer -- are you not aware that this is the 21st century? Do you think your viewers are so dumb that we don't know about things like security cameras, locks on doors, handwriting analysis? How do you explain any of the nonsense that went on in Patty's hospital room with reason? Not only was Patty left alone with Dr. Petersen when she has been violent in the past and should require an orderly in attendance, not only was she able to attack Emily and drug her with hidden medication, not only was she able to get her hands on hydrogen peroxide to dye Emily's hair (right down to the root line!), not only all that, but there was no security cameras to catch any of it! Hey, Paul, you're a detective. Get some surveillance on your sister, you idiot!

Honestly, I couldn't take it. The entire sequence was so badly written that it insulted us as viewers. Patty's cell wasn't locked. Why? What kind of a mental institution would not lock a patient in a padded cell even when he or she has a visitor? Clearly the same kind that made it easy for Adam to take Sharon's baby and give it to Ashley without anybody in the place noticing the switch! Genoa City is the place to go for the mentally deranged because you can get away with murder there!

It looks like Patty is getting away with murder again because I don't think Emily's surviving. By the way, do you realize that a judge never actually weighed in on Patty killing Colleen. She went from the woods to the loony bin as far as I can remember. Maybe Heather cut a deal, but if she did, someone should be firing her immediately. Patty's therapy has been a failure. She's had scissors, newspapers, hidden drugs, an unlocked door... Where's the care? Where's the psychiatric sessions? Where's interaction with other patients? Again, what an insult to the viewers! Also, where did Patty get the headdress she wore to leave the institution? How did she get into the city? Money? If she took Emily's purse, did she also sign out using Emily's handwriting? How did she pull that off? TOO MANY HOLES!!! Bad writing, Maria!

Speaking of insulting storylines, what gives with Adam and Sharon? Are we supposed to be happy with their getting all lovey-dovey on their honeymoon? Um, why? At the same time, we have Phyllis investigating Adam's days in Harvard. Notice that it's all done off-camera? Where would you start with a case like this -- go to the registrar's office and ask for Adam's records? You think you'd get anywhere, 'cause I don't.

The only aspect of Adam's story that interests me is the corporate espionage. Victor and Nick and Adam saw nothing unethical in their activities. That's not only illegal -- reading sealed bids -- but it's morally outrageous and defies logic. The SEC has recently been on Newman's case, why invite more government scrutiny of your activities? Wouldn't Tucker be suspicious about Victor's son working for him? I mean, he's given him free rein to go behind his desk and snoop around. If you've ever worked in an office, you know that's very, very unusual. Especially the president/owner of the company; his office would/should be private and behind locked doors. And why no security cameras? Don't these writers realize that even regular folks like us have nanny-cams in our homes if we think it's necessary? Tucker would have security installed if you ask me.

Victor continues to be a major S.O.B. He should have been ashamed to face Traci after what he did to Ashley and Jack. He wouldn't be walking around now if not for Colleen's heart -- and the Abbotts' mercy. His actions are heinous. Let's face it; if he's telling the truth about giving Jabot back to Katherine, why did he put Victoria in charge? He's not being truthful. There's some end game going on with Victor. Why did he overpay for the company... he could have bid one dollar more than Jack and still have won the auction. Something nasty is being planned by the Newmans, and I wouldn't be surprised if Nick and Victor plan in double-crossing Adam.

The other part of the Newman family, Victoria, ended her marriage this week. It was coming. J.T. has already moved on in his heart, he's thinking about Mac. Pregnant or not, those two are connecting. And Victoria has taken a shine to Billy, no matter how much she acts like she doesn't like him.

Katherine had it out with her son -- the new one -- telling him that she will not let him destroy her. Tucker does seem to care more than he lets on... but not for Jill. Wow, talk about the blow-off. He really was just using her. It would serve him right if Jill came back and did a Fatal Attraction on him, you know, boil his bunny! He deserves it, but Jill should have known better. She has a knack for making the wrong choice in men, have you noticed?

So, how long do you think it'll take Jack to notice that his wife isn't Emily? You know, I'd like to think that I would recognize if someone with my husband's face suddenly showed up in my life pretending to be him. There are differences in a myriad of ways, not just the way someone looks. Was Jack mindful of the things that made Emily "Emily," or was he simply in love with her face? Come on, Jack, get wise, please. I would like him to wake up and be a smart guy for a change, not just a dumb lout with blinders on.

Have I mentioned that Amber is boring me to tears? She is. I don't get this fixation about the kid she hasn't mentioned in years and years. Suddenly she's obsessed and Daniel is about to fall prey to the clutches of conniving Daisy. Yeech! Sometimes you just have to fast forward through malarkey like that, you know? It's irritating.

Before wrapping up, let's check out the mailbag...

  • I've never been so entertained by a soap update. Allison, you're a great writer. An inspiration for fledgling writers such as myself. Keep up the good work and I'll keep coming back for more! -- Lauren C.

  • Why are fans so full of hate for Adam? Phyllis forgets when she tried to kill Christine with a car, and ran over Paul (irony that his sister almost killed Summer). Phyllis never paid for attempted murder. Phyllis tried to kill another human being. Phyllis is no better than Sheila, Patty, or Adam. Phyllis is also responsible for the death of Dru; it was Phyllis that just cannot let things go. It will not surprise me if Phyllis tries to kill Sharon next. ...At least with Adam and Sheila I enjoy hating them. I am just nauseated by Phyllis. The writers keep trying to redeem her has not worked for me. I feel zero sympathy for Phyllis; she is a killer and should be in jail for the remainder of her life. ...By now you know that Adam thinks he is doing what Victor wants from his youngest son. Sort of an interesting twist, Adam is asked to be on the outs with Victor, and work as a spy against Tucker. Unfortunately, Adam is painting himself into a really weird corner. ...Ashley might find out that the baby switch happened, but the dead doctor will take the blame. No matter what Adam has done, I suspect Victor will bail him out of trouble (particularly if Adam helps get the drop on Tucker). Adam may be a skunk, but if he does his fathers bidding, he will be protected. ...What would make the baby swap more interesting is if Ashley believed her baby is alive somewhere out there. Only Adam and the dead doctor know that Ashley never gave birth to a baby. Sharon could get her baby back, and Ashley could start the search for her own child. -- George G.

  • Drinking game suggestion: take a shot every time Adam says, "I've got an MBA from Harvard." He is absolutely disgusting, and Sharon as well. Wonder what she would do if she couldn't whine and flip her hair all over the place? I'll offer to cut it for her. -- Colleen

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