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by Nita
For the Week of March 8, 2010
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With an unexpected twist happening every other minute in multiple storylines encompassing practically every resident in town, it's been an edge-of-your-seat week in Genoa City.

As 2010 enters its third month, I'm still coloring myself interested. With an unexpected twist happening every other minute in multiple storylines encompassing practically every resident in town, I'm wearing my brain out trying to guess what might happen next. Well, okay, I'm interested in everything except anything concerning the cruel and domineering Daisy, her spaghetti-spined twin, and Mama Bear, whom I already despise if for no other reason than because she spawned these two bad seeds that make me wish birth control had been a requirement not an option for their mother.

Speaking of that devil's spawn, Daisy, while I usually try not to hate anyone or anything, in the case of Daisy, I am prepared to make an exception. I thought I disliked Adam, but Daisy has easily edged him out. In fact, if I had my druthers, this female dog would die a slow and excruciating death, even worse than the one once suffered by devious David in the trash compactor. While I somewhat enjoy having a good villain around to spice up ordinary ho-hum soap things, when said villain's success means dumbing down each and every one of their fellow residents, I very quickly lose interest. Of all the many bad boys and girls who have passed through this town, Daisy seems one of the most soulless. Since we literally know nothing about her, where she came from, or what she's trying to avenge, it's hard to feel anything but hatred for her. She seems to take an unusually high degree of pleasure in hurting everyone around her, and has no remorse for any of it. For instance, even though Noah was not her target when she set Abby's house on fire, clearly she wouldn't have cared one bit had he perished along with Eden. Like a rabid dog, she wouldn't hesitate to gnaw to a nub any hand that got too close when tossing her a bone.

Although she has yet to make her first appearance, I already hate Mama Bear. There are a lot of rumors circling around cyberspace about her identity. Sheila, or someone closely connected to her, seems the obvious choice, given the people who have fallen victim to Daisy. After all, Sheila was shot and allegedly killed by Lauren, but she or someone avenging her death would also presumably have it in for Phyllis as well, hence the targeting of Daniel. The tormenting of Lauren would also fit with a Sheila as Mama Bear scenario, and as a bonus, hurt Michael and Paul, who helped keep Sheila in that cage. I figure Eden and Jana became victims simply because their snooping came a little too close for Mama Bear's comfort. But one of the latest rumors indicates Mama Bear has been cast and will soon be arriving onto Genoa City shores and seemingly isn't Sheila. But if not her, who else would have an axe to grind and swing at Lauren and Phyllis and their family members? I guess it must be time for another heretofore-unknown sibling of someone wronged by Lauren to materialize out of the woodwork to continue the torment. At this point, I really don't care who the heck Mama Bear is. Since she's only going to arrive and continue to pull even more wool over everyone's eyes. Besides, who needs Mama Bear? Daisy is doing more than adequate damage on her own.

As much as I detest Daisy and Ryder for what they are doing, at the same time, it's a little difficult to feel very sorry for Kevin and Lauren. Eden talked until she was practically hoarse (I mean hoarser than she already was) trying to get Lauren to at least consider that Daisy might not be what she seemed, but did Lauren listen? Noooo, she even forced the girl to apologize to the demon's spawn. Why hasn't it dawned on Lauren and Michael that all Lauren's medical maladies began right about the time she invited this viper into their family nest? Then there's Daisy, with her portable potions. Potions that make your head pound, make you snappish as a shrew or horny as a hoot owl, if hoot owls get horny, that is. I guess Mama Bear thinks of everything!

As for Kevin, how many times did Jana try to talk to him about her suspicions about Daisy and Ryder? Yet, she goes missing and just because they had a so-called alibi, he is no longer suspicious? How could he have forgotten the elaborate lengths Ryder and Deacon went to in order to frame Daniel? Why wouldn't he consider that the twins' alibi might have been paid for? And why hasn't Eden called Kevin and told him what she knows about the picture Jana found and their suspicions about Daisy? Instead, he simply accepts at face value everything these two tell him, even going so far as to invite them into the inner circle so they know first-hand every move he makes or is about to make in the future. He needs to keep his yap zipped shut, unless it's to feed them false information, then follow them straight to Jana. Until he gets a clue, I'm writing stupid on a yellow post-it and sticking in on his forehead.

When it comes to Jana, however, I do feel sorry for her. Caged like a pet monkey, her future is certainly not looking very bright, not with the Children of the Corn rejects holding her fate in their grubby paws. And my unease has only grown with a recent rumor more than hinting at her possible demise. I've learned, however, that there are a lot of false red herrings sprinkled all along the cyberspace trail, so I'm hoping that rumor came from the camp of what won't, rather than what will happen.

Before I move on to what's working for me, I can't help but toss some derogatory darts at another storyline trying my patience and insulting my intelligence. Yes, I'm referring to Patty, who's crazy all right, but like a fox instead of a loon. Never mind locking her up and throwing away the key. I say, melt the key to her cell until it's only a blob of molten metal and feed her liquid food through the end of a water hose. How many people does she get to kill or attempt to before she's committed for life to a cage for the criminally insane? Truss her up like Hannibal Lector and keep her pinned in the circle of an unforgiving spotlight so her every move can be continually scrutinized. Thanks to her, a little girl almost died, and a bigger one actually succumbed. Emily's only alive for the moment due to a set of good lungs, but with Patty dispensing meds she knows nothing about except what she read in a medical textbook, her days on this earth could be fast dwindling. And by the way, if they do ever get her crazy behind in a cell, they need to throw in a cot right next to Pattycakes for her brother. Clueless? Not anymore. Henceforth, he will be referred to as Brainless until he actually does get a clue or someone sells him one. I swear, as I listened to him feed Patty all the information she needs to play the part of Emily even more convincingly, I wanted to reach right through my TV screen and throttle him senseless.

While I'm on the subject of Genoa Citians who got on my last nerve, someone bring Jill to me so I can pop her one time with my idiot stick. Maybe if I give her one good wallop, she'll be able to see and think past her jealousy. Seconds after a good talk with Kay, she changes her mind and goes off half-cocked over a hug! Come on, Jill. What was up with that? It's kind of funny that she once hated Kay so completely she would have willingly given a necessary body part to make her pay a hefty price for all she'd done to her, now she'd probably offer that same limb to be called daughter. I just hope Tucker heard enough to realize Kay had nothing to do with exposing the secret that's about to be splashed all over Restless Style magazine pages. Up to this point, I was on Jill's side, but after her latest stunt, if Kay locks her outside the family circle forever, it will be just what Jill deserves. As for Tucker, after this, if someone were to ask him the cost of the wrath of a woman scorned, I suspect he just might answer "priceless."

I read a lot of complaints on the boards about Wednesday's episode, but I guess I'm in the minority because I found it quite enjoyable and didn't mind a bit that it lasted the whole hour. Yes, there were a couple of campy portions that I presume were supposed to be amusing, and if that was the scribes' intent, they succeeded, at least with me. Victor was hilarious in his incredulity and that mocking, cutting tone he took with Ashley. Jack was perfect, talking to his sister in that careful, soothing tone he adopts every time his sister goes 'round the bend. The dreams covered a lot of ground, showing the ladies, through their subconscious, bits and pieces of things they hadn't remembered or couldn't face in their waking states. All in all, the dream episode was something different that worked for me in ways the ghost or peek into the future episodes usually don't.

With the dream sequences and the discussions about it after, it looks more and more like the four walls are forming a tight box that could crush the life out of Adam. It even looks like Sharon regaining Faith is right around the corner . . . but I just can't buy it. Why? Because Adam is a cockroach and they almost always find a crack to scurry through just in time to avoid the poisonous mist of Raid squirted at them. What will serve as Adam's lifesaving crack? A baby bought on the black market to place in Adam's arms, the theft of which will be laid on the dead Dr. Taylor's doorstep, perhaps? And what is going on with that injury he claims happened to his back. What is he up to now, because Adam is always up to something? Unless Ashley remembers that she never gave birth, the end of this one may not be nearly as close as it appears. Although I don't often wish to be wrong, in this case, I hope I'm way off base.

Mysteries abound in Genoa City right now, and Chance is in the middle of another one. Crooked cops on the Genoa City Police Department? Isn't it enough that they can't solve a Genoa City crime even if the answer is spelled out on a child's 10-piece puzzle? Now they not only can't catch the criminals, they've turned to crime themselves? What is behind this one? Why would someone have it in for Chance, an upstanding young man who's done nothing but fight for his country? He's still an untouched virgin, for goodness sake! With the suspect dead, it would seem there is nothing left to investigate and the faceless cop or cops behind it could simply let him investigate himself into a corner. It couldn't possibly have anything to do with the Australian cattle rustlers, could it? Or maybe Chance is just an innocent victim who just wound up in the middle of all this because he happened to be in the right place in the coffee shop at the wrong time.

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