The truth comes out, but now what?

For the Week of March 15, 2010
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The truth comes out, but now what?
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After enduring what seemed like an eternity of frustration, lies and deception, The Young and the Restless finally delivered this week, giving fans a truly cathartic pay-off.

After enduring what seemed like an eternity of frustration, lies and deception, The Young and the Restless finally delivered this week, giving us a truly cathartic pay-off. There it was, Adam on the grill with Victor, Nikki, Sharon, Nick, Victoria, and the entire company of The Wizard of Oz confronting him at the cabin. Who knew the place was so big? But something was a little off about the scene, don't you think? When it reached a point where Billy and Nick were about to beat the living hell out of Adam, I wondered what they were going to accomplish through violence? Suppose Adam didn't blab?

Of course, Phyllis saved the day. However, at what cost? Were you thinking that she burned the letter? I had my fears. After all, head writer Maria Arena Bell has kept us dangling this long, would she make us dangle longer - until we were ready to hang ourselves in agony! But Michael's words made an impression on Phyllis and even though she realizes the risk to her marriage by sharing Dr. Taylor's letter, she did right.

But back to Adam for a sec. You know who should have been there? Olivia. Dr. Liv. She should have had a vial of sodium pentothal to administer truth serum. Nobody's thought to do that to Adam, but even he couldn't fight the effects of a drug to get into his subconscious. Maybe then we could have learned why he did what he did! Getting back at Victor and Jack by hurting Ashley, by making her think Sabrina was haunting her, was such an over-the-top way to seek revenge.

Considering the ramifications of what Dr. Taylor's letter revealed, it was bizarre really that Ashley was in such a state of denial. Of course she was shocked - who wouldn't be? - but as the details unraveled, she wasn't exactly kind to Sharon. She basically told her, "Don't get your hopes up because Faith is my child," even though the evidence was piling up to the contrary. What was surprising was that Ashley didn't go after Adam! I would have. He terrorized her. He did horrible things to her and, yet, she didn't really lash out at him.

When faced with all the overwhelming hatred and enmity, why didn't Adam just turn on them all and confess the truth? Don't you think he was tempted to tell them off and say, "Yes, I did it. I did it all. I hate your friggin' guts and wanted you to pay." He would have then needed to turn to Sharon and say, "Of course, I screwed you over at the time, but I didn't know I was going to marry you then, so sorry about that." It wouldn't have changed anything, but - really - don't you think he wanted to say something?

The big question now is "what's next?" Adam is guilty of a lot of things, but anything that's going to put him back in prison? Doubtful. Heather and Rafe weren't there for Dr. Taylor's letter, so they can't arrest him for his part in deceiving Ashley. Heather probably wouldn't even have the evidence to get an indictment. Maybe he broke his probation, but what's that -- a slap on the wrist?

Whatever Victor and Jack had planned for Adam, they really bungled it. Letting the blind guy get away, trapping them in the cabin - even for a short time -- really makes Vic and Jack look like fools. But don't you think someone is out there ready to grab Adam? He's not getting away. And, remember, the guy has serious eyesight issues. He can't run off like a person with 20/20 vision. I'm thinking that when Jack said everything was ready, they had set a trap for Adam. That way they could actually hurt the guy without beating him with their fists.

The Adam business dominated the week, but Tucker also had business happening. He was really ticked at Katherine because of Jill's chicanery with the Restless Style story. He doesn't know Kay well enough to know that she's a woman of her word. She tried to stop the story. Nevertheless, Tucker wants to get back at Kay and he's going to do what he can to destroy Chancellor. But, listen, if you've ever sold anything - even an item on eBay - nothing happens that fast. Thirty days is not as much time as he thinks to break up Chancellor.

Do you hate Daisy as much as I do? This storyline involving Lauren has really tested my patience. And even at his most vulnerable, I didn't believe that Paul would be smooching with Lauren even if she was supposedly comforting him over the Patty situation. Paul's still supposedly involved with Nina, isn't he? And he respects Michael and Lauren's marriage, right? The entire scene rang false. Even if Lauren was under the influence of ecstasy, Paul wasn't.

As for Kevin and Jana, that whole storyline has me depressed. Come on, seriously, why are they keeping her in a cage? What's the point? Where is the evil Mother behind all this? If it doesn't turn out to be Sheila, it better be somebody just as evil and with a history of hatred for these guys. Otherwise why target them? I know I said this before, but after the whole Silver Chipmunk, can't they think of any stories for Kevin and Jana that don't involve one of them being abducted? I'm really fed up and I just want it to end. Send Daisy and Ryder over a cliff - I hate them.

One of the readers sent me a letter this week about the INS situation. It seems I was wrong about immigration. They are a bunch of jerks when it comes to shipping out illegal aliens even though they may be married to an American citizen. Frankly, I don't get it. I also don't understand why Cane's situation would be red-flagged more than some other person's? I do stand by the fact that Kay and Victor could pull strings for Cane and Lily. That's not unheard of. Lily's ignoring her cancer results is just beyond stupid. You don't fool around with cancer. It will kill you.

Before we share some letters, I would like to say something very serious and personal about Lily's story. I relate very strongly to her plight because I am also going through a fight with cancer. The same kind of cancer, and I've been fighting a reoccurrence for over two years now. Unlike Lily, however, I live in the real world where health coverage is a constant struggle. I have created a cause called the "Nothing's Impossible" project. I would like to ask you now to please click over to and read about it. If you can, I'd appreciate any help you can give me.

Before wrapping up, let's check out the mailbag...

  • Hey guys, just wanted to ask, has anyone noticed that the writing on Y&R is getting worse every day? It seems that ever since Bill Bell passed there has been a steady decline in quality storylines, not to mention some of the worst actors. The two that play Abby and Daisy are absolutely the worst. The producers can do much better than that. I am glad that they got rid of the guy that played Tucker. That one was sickening. I really like this site keep up the good work. - Jim R.

  • Y&R needs a new writer, last night's episode was totally ridiculous and a waste of time. I have been watching the show for years, but in the past few months the storylines have become unbelievably bad. Patti/Emily, Ashley/Sharon/Adam, the baby, Jack's stupidity not knowing Emily is Patty. I hope that in future weeks they get back to the interesting shows of the past or I am afraid they are going to lose a lot of viewers. There is a big difference between insulting people's intelligence and putting together an enjoyable show. LET'S GET A NEW WRITER. - Iris L.

  • Where the heck is Patty and Paul's mom? I would think she would know the difference between Patty and Emily. How can Jack not know the difference in making love with Patty and Emily? They can't have the same EVERYTHING! What was up with Kay C have a glass of champagne? Isn't Kyle the same age as Abby? Where is the family of J.T.? What ever happened to Casey and her cancer? Where is Victor's brother and what happened to his father? Doesn't anyone ever get tested for STD's? Paul needs a better wig. Why doesn't any one tell Danny that Amber had three kids that died! I believe in Wisconsin that causing the death of a fetus is murder. Just what does Chance own? Isn't fifty percent of the industry his father's and thus his? How did that get worked out? - Joe G.

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