The dead, the abducted and the pregnant

For the Week of April 12, 2010
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The dead, the abducted and the pregnant
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There are long stretches on soaps when not a lot happens. For The Young and the Restless, this past week wasn't one of those times.

There are long stretches on soaps when not a lot happens. You know, characters talk, there's recaps of what one person said to another, a flashback or a musical montage, and before you know it, the week's gone by and next to nothing actually happened. Yes, but not this past week on The Young and the Restless. In fact, I think I may have whiplash from all the expository spun by Maria Arena Bell, starting with that explosion at the Athletic Club.

How suspicious! The GCAA is one of the mainstays of Genoa City. How could a gas leak turn into a massive explosion the night of the policemen's ball. Oh, and excuse me, but when did they come up with a masquerade ball for a celebration of GC's cops? Isn't that just a wee bit bizarre? Of course, the reason for the masks was as obvious as the wig on Katherine's head. Maria needed to have Adam running around with a mask, plus Daisy and Ryder and the mystery Sarah Smythe - assuming she was the woman in the white mask threatening D&R. But, I have a question - how the hell can Adam see anything with his impaired vision when he's wearing a mask in a dimly lit room? What is he, a superhero all of a sudden? The lapses in storytelling are detrimental to the reality, don't you think?

The action somehow shifted from Sharon's room, where Adam was threatening Faith in a weird way, then he vaulted out the window and was in the basement. Who knew there was a basement at the Athletic Club? Where the hell are the gym and exercise equipment? Anyway, by the end of the week, Nick had been in the basement and Victor had been there, and - what? They found Adam's body in the basement! He was not only burnt to a crisp and unrecognizable, but he had Jack's silk handkerchief shoved down his throat and had been killed before the fire. And there were two DNA tests that determined it was really, really Adam. Umm, forgive me for being a doubter, but I don't buy it. I think they're going to make us think it's Adam for a long time, then soon or later, Adam will return and we'll discover that he set up the whole thing.

That's right, he popped out of the hospital and arranged the whole thing with the snap of a finger. I'm still wondering where he came up with the Mark of Zorro costume on short notice. Did he go to a drive-through costume shop - without a car? After all, he can't drive with those eyes!

At least one couple had a ball at the ball - Billy and Victoria. Talk about opposites attracting. You can't deny it; they are hot together. Billy is a train wreck, but he's a charmer. Victoria has been too uptight for her own good, so being with a bad boy like Billy is just the tonic for her. She needs to get out of her head, you know?

The biggest twist of the week, however, was the completely bizarre and insane revelation that Daisy and Ryder were the twin spawn of Sheila and evil Tom. What?? When did that happen? And then Sheila supposedly gave up the babies so she could concentrate all her evil energy on stalking and destroying Lauren. And that's why Daisy and Ryder want to get revenge on Lauren because it was her fault that Sheila was a crazy, stalking, evil lunatic. ...Right, that makes perfect sense. DOH!!

I've said this before and I'll say it again, evil for evil's sake doesn't ring true to me. Why would Ryder and Daisy buy into this ridiculous abduction scheme? Why put Jana in a box? Why take Sheila to the cage? What's the point? When the woman who apparently is behind all this, the woman Lauren called out and assumed was Sheila, Lauren found herself face-to-face with a face that looked just like Lauren's. WHAT? You meant to tell me that there's another plastic surgery altered creature out there that may or may not be Sheila? Or is she someone else who is just obsessed with looking like Lauren? Or maybe Lauren had a twin she never knew about, a Laurette, that's been stashed in a Green Bay housing project for years? Come on, Maria, tell us all about this flight of fantasy!

Goodness knows what happens next? Michael and Paul and Kevin are on the trail of the Sarah character, but what do you think the chances are that they're going to figure this out any time soon?

What did you think of Sharon and Phyllis teaming up to save Nick's butt? They had no idea why he had a blood-stained tuxedo jacket, but they were ready, willing, and able to deceive the police for him, weren't they? How strange that they could agree on something without being competitive. Maybe what Nick needs is two wives? Phyllis and Sharon could share him.

What's happening to poor Dr. Emily? Is she still under lock and key at the sanitarium? It's beyond belief that she has yet to convince anyone that she's the real Dr. Petersen, much as it's beyond belief that Patty has made other people believe she's a real doctor. Come on, give me a break. She's such a lousy liar. Her explanation about how Adam got away was enough to have her investigated for bungling the case.

And then good old Jack gets the news that Emily is pregnant. Oh, yes, that's just what he was expecting to hear in the middle of a murder mystery and family crisis. Patty's answer is always to return to the simplistic. She's like a case of arrested development to the nth degree. At least Jack was suspicious. He must know that something's not exactly right about Dr. Petersen suddenly turning up with child. Figure it out, Jackie boy!

Before wrapping up, let's check out the mailbag...

  • I have been a fan since I was a teenager and have enjoyed and also put up with topics I was not fond of or felt they were an insult to our intelligence. However, I have to draw a line to stupidity, when there are such important topics that need attention in our country. Going back to Sheila Carter is just the thing I needed to tell me wait don't waste anymore time watching soap operas. Thank You. -- Judy M.

  • I have not watched Young and Restless for several years until this past year. However, that is going to change. I am sick to death of Adam and Patty. Get real people. How do you think these story lines keep going? This is some of the most ridiculous writing I have seen in a long time. Not only is it totally unrealistic it is an insult to the viewers to think we can't see some of the stupid things that happen. Anybody with any common sense can see through Adam and Patty. Get with it, writers, and stop insulting your viewing public. The one good thing was that Sharon got her baby back, but the other good thing was Chloe and Chance. I just knew we were going to get a happy story, but noooo, the writers had to screw that up too. I will be finding something better to do with my time from now on. -- Deborah

  • Allison, first I want to start off by saying I love your Two Scoops commentary. I really honestly do not know what we would do without our beloved scoopers! I find it hard to believe that Kevin gave up so easily when Jana went missing. Although in Genoa City time, it has probably been like 6 months!!! Nevertheless, Hello Kevin!!! She never gave up on you!!! When Kevin was putting us fans through his little chipmunk nightmare, Jana never gave up on him now I fear they are going to kill her off. What about her clothes her personal belongings, what about mementoes? Nothing.... She actually does not want any of her stuff? Really? And let us not even go there with the divorce that should be taking place. And here we have Dr. Nutso "call me Dr. Abbott" -- she is a basket case there is no way she would be getting away with half the crap she is getting away with. Why do the writers insult our intelligence do they believe that we are that stupid? Thanks for letting me rant. - Candi

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