More than the sum of its parts?

For the Week of April 26, 2010
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More than the sum of its parts?
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Could more than one person have killed Adam Wilson?

I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest that more than one person killed Adam Wilson, a.k.a. Victor Newman, Jr. Remember the movie Murder On the Orient Express? It turned out that everyone on the train who had a motive to kill the bad guy -- Richard Widmark -- was guilty. They all took a stab, literally, at him. So, could it be that Victor and Nick and Rafe and Heather and Nikki and Ashley and Jack and the men's room attendant at the Athletic Club all had a hand in Adam's killing? It would certainly be a novel twist, wouldn't it? That's assuming that the two DNA tests are right and the body was really Adam's. I have my doubts.

There's some good news about The Young and the Restless to report. The storylines are moving very, very fast. If you ask me, I think head writer Maria Arena Bell has heard the outcry among the fans and she's making the moves to get rid of these ridiculous plot twists. This past week, for instance, Jack finally realized that the Emily he married is not the Emily he fell in love with. She's just a different woman. That's what he told Phyllis -- and thanks to Jack's using her as a sounding board, Patty wants Phyllis dead! But this faux pregnancy was too much for Jack to buy. Even as much as Jack wants children, he knew that Emily's sudden baby bump was suspicious. It's nice to see Jack acting like the smart guy we know he is, isn't it?

I'm still frustrated with how the real Emily is acting in the sanitarium. I hope she got through to Heather about checking the DNA that will prove that she and Heather are not related. That was a good thought, but if you were facing Paul and wanted to convince him that you were not Patty, use your intelligence. There have to be things Emily knows as a psychiatrist that Patty could never fake. Tell him what you know and make Paul suspect that you are truly Emily Petersen. Tell him things that only Emily could know -- something from her past perhaps. Paul's an investigator and could verify that Patty shouldn't know what she's been telling him. Heck, why not just ask Paul to check your fingerprints! Patty and Emily do not have the same prints -- that's definitive.

Getting back to the swiftly moving storylines, the Lauren/Sarah business has got to end soon. It's really, really bad. It's almost unwatchable. Revenge of that epic nature doesn't really add up here because in all the years we watched Sheila, we had no idea that she had a sister Sarah. So for Sarah to be so filled with hate about Lauren ruining Sheila's life, there needs to be some emotional hook. There isn't any. How can we care about Sarah getting revenge when Sheila never cared enough to even tell Lauren that she had had a sister?!

On the subject of wising up, weren't you pleased to see Billy take charge of his publication and fire Mommy Jill? She really was out of control. Who told her that she's a journalist anyway? What she was doing was unethical. Jill would need to look up that word in Webster's Dictionary because she doesn't have an ounce of integrity as a reporter. You don't run with a story -- like Adam's interview, which she put up on the web without checking with the publisher -- if you don't have verification. When she was Twittering from Victoria's hearing, all I could think was that she was the most irresponsible media member I've ever seen on a soap. Talk about the press running amok!

The mother and son situation between Jill and Billy is certainly strained now, as is Katherine and Tucker. Tucker is enigmatic thus far. He's not what he seems to be, if you ask me. (By the way, those tinted eyeglasses made Tucker look like Aristotle Onassis, former husband of Jackie Kennedy after JFK). Anyway, why did it take so long for Tucker to find the security tapes that showed Adam reading the sealed bids? If he had the information from the get-go, he didn't have to go through the sale in the first place. This feels to me like a poorly thought-out storyline. Truth be told, I don't think they've used Stephen Nichols properly as yet. Tucker and Ashley are more interesting together than Ashley and Neil. Sorry, fans, but Neil is dulls-ville. Ho-hum.

Hey, did you see that the dining room at the Athletic Club was back in business already? Would you really be going there for food just three weeks after a fire? I think I'd be heading to Chili's instead, but that's just me.

Looking ahead, I fully expect Michael to get this Lauren thing figured out very soon. Fen can tell his mommy is not his mommy, and Michael has no interest in this faux Lauren. But when you talk about nerve, you have to give it to Patty. She actually went to see Emily and expected her to help. Yeah, really? Why would Dr. P. want to help you, Patty -- you whack job. Even better was the way she went after Phyllis. I know, I know, Patty's insane, but even the insane can be clever. Look at what Patty's pulled off thus far...

Oh, and how convenient was it that Sarah had been Patty's nurse in South America and used the very same plastic surgeon to transform her visage!! Really, Maria Arena Bell, that's just lame writing. That M.D. must be a magician, don't you think? He changes faces and the rest of the body just transforms. Do you think Sarah's boobs are the same size as Lauren's? You think Michael would notice if she was a D cup instead of a C? Wouldn't you love it if Jack looked at faux Emily and asked her why she used to have a mole on her left shoulder and now it's gone?

My heart goes out to Reed. He has no idea why his mother is suddenly a visitor in his life, and J.T. may be "father of the year," but his attitude is awful. He knew what the Newmans were like when he married into the family. He's screwing up his son and doesn't even realize it. As for J.T. and Mac, if they're going to get together, they better develop some conflict. They're like the bland leading the bland.

Finally, how dumb is Sharon? She had her heart in the right place by sticking the tuxedo jacket in the dumpster, but could she be more obvious? It was right behind Jimmy's Bar! She would have been smarter to bury the jacket in a compost heap, or what about shredding it into pieces and sticking it in a trash compactor? Haven't these characters ever watched a detective movie?

Before wrapping up, let's check out the mailbag...

  • I've watched for 20 years and it was great! Now they are giving the viewers doubles again. Two Laurens; two Emilys, another kidnapping. This is so unreal. Husbands don't know their wives. New writers, please look at some of the old shows to see that these storylines was done before. Now every soap that has an character with cancer. What do you have in store for Lily? Will the 'ghost' of Drucilla appear or will she be returning from the dead!!! Will Neil ever find keep a wife? -- Frances L.

  • Totally agree with Allison's comments; the storyline is just out of this world. I will get back to watching when they start writing good storylines again. I hope it does not take to long before the writers get the hint. -- Juddah

  • Victoria showed exactly what her priorities are. J.T. was already at the court when the policeman showed up, but she was still home? Why? Because she was on a conference call! Custody of her child is being decided and she's working. Then at the station, she realizes that it's the pen she gave Nick that's the murder weapon and she covers for him? I get that she loves her brother, but shouldn't her son come first? In one episode, Victoria has proven what J.T.'s been saying: her Newman family and Newman Enterprises takes priority over her son. -- BJ

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