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Abby dabba doo!
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Welcome to the new Young and the Restless! The show seemed to kick into a new gear this past week with the appearance of Marcy Rylan as Abby.

Welcome to the new Young and the Restless! Didn't it seem like the show kicked into a new gear this week with the appearance of Marcy Rylan as Abby? It was great to see the transformation of the character, and how funny it is that she wants to be another Paris Hilton with her own reality television show. This is a very clever turn for Y&R, but very topical and a real interesting development. For starters, it's created tremendous conflict with her parents. Ashley and Victor are dead set against having their daughter become a TV star, and by extension, they don't want the cameras turned on them.

You can really see how Abby is going to be a handful! In fact, she might be as much a troublemaker as Billy's been. Maybe that's why he's such a dynamic character, because he makes things happen. This past week, could there have been a bigger happening then Billy and Victoria's island wedding? How perfect! Billy managed to get Victoria drunk enough to remove the stick that's been up her butt and use it for a limbo contest!

Now that the evil twins are in the rear-view mirror -- bye-bye Sarah, bye-bye Patty -- there seem to be better stories coming up all around Genoa City. The clues to Adam's death are fascinating, what with all this Minneapolis business and the missing person, Richard Hightower. Phyllis claims she knows who he is, but I couldn't get over how much he looked like Adam. With Victor and company on the trail, is there any question that we're going to learn a lot more about what happened the night of the masquerade?

It was good to see Nick finally make bail, but what was all that business with Frank Ellis? Weird, don't you think? He tried to inject Nick in the eye with a syringe of saline? For the life of me, I can't make sense of that. I always thought that the Botox in the eyes was Adam's thing with Dr. Taylor. Any guesses? I will say this: I like the mystery. It's gotten my attention and I don't feel like the writers are insulting my intelligence with Adam's murder. Lots of clues, yes. But at least they're making us think.

Another plus, I think, is Emily's transformation. She's ticked off at Jack! Hallelujah! That's a true reaction. Why should she just accept his explanation for believing Patty. Like she said -- and we had said here for weeks -- how could Jack have not known the difference between Patty and Emily? For a woman of intelligence and distinction, like Emily, it's insulting to think that Jack was such a dolt that he couldn't tell the difference between her and Patty. Emily is trying to pick up the pieces of her shattered life and it's not simply a matter of moving back in with Jack and making love.

Another woman who's suffering from post-traumatic stress is Lauren. This is smart writing, folks. Lauren should be haunted by what happened. It wasn't just being locked up, it was the whole situation with Daisy and Ryder and Sarah. Her freaking out is a realistic reaction. And it really contrasts well with poor Jana. This past week, Jana got a haircut and looked lovely. Really, just beautiful. But the horror she's facing is a severe physical brain injury. She cannot feel emotion. She doesn't even know if she wants emotions. How poignant is it to watch Kevin try to make Jana remember their love?

I also appreciated Kevin giving it to Daniel, letting him know that Amber's leaving was Daniel's fault. He could have gone with Amber. Instead Daniel chose to be selfish and remained in Genoa City. Kevin doesn't feel sorry for Daniel -- why should he? But Daniel may be getting over Amber really quickly because he's clearly intrigued by Abby. That little encounter between them at Crimson Lights, when he spanked her, that's a preview of coming attractions.

While Abby's acting like a brat and Daniel's tempted to tame the shrew, Cane is intent on playing tragedy when it comes to Lily's condition. Don't get me wrong, Lily's cancer is deadly series. But Cane can't seem to balance his emotions. Mac and Lily are in agreement about not risking the unborn babies' lives in any way, but Cane's not. He's so focused on Lily that he's actually being a chauvinist in a way. It's her body and her choice of treatment, not his. There's no more personal decision for someone than quality of life and how to deal with disease.

Another character is finally getting some major development and I, for one, am thrilled. Clearly, Tucker is pulling a lot of strings behind the scenes. He's manipulating J.T., even getting him custody of Reed by outwitting Victor, and now he's forcing J.T. to do his dirty work. Tucker's also lured Ashley back to Jabot, but without her family as support. And then there's the secret arrangement he has with Malcolm. What's that all about?

Here are some letters from the mailbox -- keep 'em coming, fans!

  • I haven't watched Y&R for almost a month because the double things was soooo unbelievable. Also, how awful is the doctor treating "Patty/Emily" that he doesn't realize that she isn't a crazy loon and is in fact a highly educated doctor? I think his license should be revoked because as a psychiatrist, he sucks. Ashley/Neil bore me. Mac and anybody bores me! Let's get back to the steamy sex scenes between Sharon and Nick. Let the doubles go and don't ever bring them back. And don't ever bring back anyone else related to Sheila. That has been played out! -- Dawn

  • I actually like the fact that Patty's been able to fool everyone, even though it would be far-fetched in reality. Emily should leave Jack, because he couldn't tell the difference between Emily and Patty. Please, please get rid of the new Heather. She is horrible. Heather's acting doesn't seems forced. So glad the Lauren thing is over. Please recast Malcom a.s.a.p. Put the new Abby and Daniel together or even Chance. Mac looks old and boring; please recast her. Hate that her and J.T. maybe getting together. Just put Vicky and J.T. in counseling and do something to make the relationship more interesting/spicy. Tired of seeing her from one quick relationship to the next. Y&R need new writers. .I'm available. -- Pam J.

  • You are absolutely right on nearly every point... It was getting too weird. Friday's monotonous good-bye to Amber bored me to no end. This morning though (Monday) there is redemption for the Patty/Jack/Emily story line. Finally, Jack is acting like a man in search of his lover as he poignantly calls Patty out (this actress is remarkable). Hopefully, Emily is not dead. She's alive!! Now, please don't assign her to Patty's case again. Nick being arrested again is a sore spot along with the hypocrisy of J.T. Chance is a bright light going dim real fast ... There was a moment of hope when he began suspecting "Emily" because of inconsistencies in her interview. -- Janice

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