Let's go dig up a grave!

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Let's go dig up a grave!
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Graverobbers anonymous now has three new members -- Nick, Victor, and Jack.

Graverobbers anonymous now has three new members -- Nick, Victor, and Jack. What, there is no such self-help group? Well, maybe they need to start one. Of course, as some of our readers pointed out, didn't Victor chuck Adam's coffin out of a plane? I don't recall the details, but he did something like that. But even if we accept that Vic just rolled the casket into another room and the state of Wisconsin, in lieu of the family, buried the coffin (which is a stretch because the tax-payers shouldn't be paying for it when the Newmans have millions!), how did Victor find out where to dig? And would your family dentist agree to take impressions in a cemetery? I guess Victor's dentist accepts tips and Victor must be a big tipper!

So, there they were in a graveyard digging up a coffin. Tell me something, if you were those guys with the kind of money they have, wouldn't you hire a couple of construction workers to do the job? I guess we're supposed to be impressed that they took matters into their own hands. Are we also supposed to be impressed that they flaunt the law whenever it suits them? Granted, the D.A. -- Owen -- has it in for the Newmans. His overzealous attitude about Nick being guilty of a murder, be it Adam or Richard Hightower, is infuriating. I'm kind of surprised that Victor hasn't gone over his head to the state's attorney general. Owen's actions are suspicious enough to warrant that he recuse himself from the case.

When Owen learned that the body in the grave was Richard Hightower, instead of coming to the conclusion that Adam might have set up Hightower, he decided to arrest Nick for murder -- again. Now, he claimed that Nick had a motive. Ummm...he did? What was it? Nick didn't even know Richard Hightower. As Michael said, good luck convincing a grand jury that Nick Newman killed Hightower because he thought he was Adam.

While the fellas were digging up the dirt -- literally -- under the same harvest moon, Sharon and Phyllis decided to check out a cornfield. It wasn't exactly like Cary Grant in "North by Northwest," the Hitchcock movie, but there it was! A crop-duster buzzing over their heads. Why at night? Apparently the farmer wanted it that way. I never heard of such a thing, but our intrepid Nancy Drews were victims of a crop-dusting. And to make matters worse, Sharon inhaled a pesticide and was poisoned. She wound up in the hospital and nearly died. Does that mean the party mask they found in the field was worth shlepping out there for? Call me crazy, but wouldn't it make more sense to search in the daylight?

On the other side of Genoa City, Paul's daughter, Heather, is back to work as an A.D.A., and she suddenly found herself in a tricky situation. She got into her SUV and discovered it was rigged with a bomb. I give her credit to noticing that something was amiss, but I'm wondering, who would want to kill Heather? Chloe hates her guts and is jealous as can be, but she's not a bomb-maker and I don't think she's a killer. So is this something connected to Chance's investigation, the Riggs business that Ellis mentioned? I get the feeling Maria Arena Bell is building a mystery ... very, very slowly.

There were all kinds of story threads laid out this past week. Poor Cane has become such a boring character. He's so earnest and tortured. Instead of being so miffed about Lily's decision, maybe he should try to put himself in her shoes. She's facing life and death and wants her children cared for if she doesn't make it. Cane's attitude doesn't engender sympathy.

Another character who's losing my sympathy is Jana. Granted, she's suffering from severe brain damage, but seriously, she needs a therapist. Kevin should have had the loan rescinded because she's mentally incapable of making that deal. Also, wouldn't the loan agreement need both signatures? They are partners, aren't they? My heart really broke for Kevin. He's facing a stranger with the face of the woman he loves. She's not acting like Jana and he can't reach her the way he has in the past.

Then there's Emily. Boy, isn't she suffering from Patty's actions? It's not only her license that's been suspended, but this week she was jailed for distributing illegal prescriptions and had to spend a night in a holding cell. Apparently, nobody remembers that Jack invited her low-life brother to Genoa City when Patty was living Emily's life. Jack apparently is so overwhelmed with Nick's troubles and Sharon's troubles and Phyllis' troubles that he can't get his own life in order.

You know what Jack needs? Some of Abby's focus. I can't stand her selfishness, but you have to admit that Abby is determined and single-minded in her desire to become a star. Talent, you see, has nothing to do with celebrity. Abby really hasn't learned a damn thing about work ethic from either the Abbott or Newman side of the family. I'm still shocked that neither Ashley nor Victor has asked Abby why she's not getting an education! They offered her work in Jabot and Newman -- love that nepotism!! -- but is she supposed to be a college-educated person? Did we miss her college years? Maybe I blinked.

On the selfish scale, Abby could compete with Chloe. They both enjoy being the center of their own universes. You knew it was only a matter of time before Chloe reverted to her bitchy-self. Her reaction to Billy's marriage was pure jealousy. She may not want Billy anymore, but she doesn't want anybody else to have him either. And Chance is no dummy. He could see right through Chloe. Her sudden proposal is just a symptom of her insecurities. She's so worried about Heather's place in Chance's life that she doesn't realize she's pushing him away.

Finally, there's Lauren. You know, it's probably very realistic that she's traumatized by what happened with Ryder and Sarah and Daisy. However, it's boring TV. I'm really anxious to see Lauren move on to some other storyline. Something tells me she's going to be haunted for a while ... oh, well. You can't have all the stories perking at the same time.

Here are some letters from the mailbox -- keep 'em coming, fans!

  • My 2 cents for the day: Will Y&R ever give poor Paul a decent love interest? I hope that's not why the Bug (Cricket) is coming back. I think the writers should consider hooking up Paul and Sharon. It could be a great mix. Lauren used to give him such a run for his money -- I bet they could do the same with Sharon's character. Doug's scenes with 'Pattycake' were touching, although I didn't care for the storyline. He's underused and could be a part of a dynamic supercouple. -- Laurie H.
  • Hi. I've been a loyal follower of Y&R since it began in 1973! Good grief, that makes me old, and maybe that's why I totally do not like the new Abby character with her spoiled heiress routine. I didn't care for the younger Abby either and thought she was a poor actress. Marcy Rylan is really good at playing her character. It's just that Abby is so annoying to me. I really wish Y&R would push her in some other direction. It's almost enough to make me not watch every day. Ick. -- Billie D.
  • Can Y&R get rid of Nikki? She is so boring and we could really do without her nose in the air know-it-all character. Really, would anyone miss her? Love Tucker and Ashley together. Billy rocks and totally makes Victoria look decent. The show has gotten so much better this last month. Really like Jack and Emily together. Do hope he is able to win her back. It's really time Nick went back with Sharon. The scene with him and Phyllis in bed thinking "logically" was so boring. She looks like his babysitter. And Mac looks pretty worn out for her age. She should be an older sister or something. Love Jana, beautiful and very talented. Do hope Ryder has a chance to redeem himself. Writing him out would be a waste of a great character. -- Kallie

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