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by Nita
For the Week of June 14, 2010
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He doesn't wear a red cape, blue tights, and calf-high boots, and though he may not be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, the 70-plus Newman patriarch is a Superman nonetheless.

He doesn't wear a red cape, blue tights, and calf-high boots, and though he may not be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, the 70-plus Newman patriarch is a Superman nonetheless. Victor was a one-man fighting force this week and, though his muscled body was no match for that stick Shaw used to knock him senseless, he repaid the man for his sneak attack by later felling him with a single blow from his powerful fist. One thing you can say about Victor. If he can't beat the problem out of existence, he'll just keep throwing money at it until it goes away. Unfortunately, when it comes to Adam, it will likely take a whole lot of beating and even more money to make him go away.

Speaking of Adam, many fans have written wondering how Jack, Nick, and Victor could have had a coffin to dig up when it appeared Victor pushed it off the plane while in flight. Just to clear things up for all those who have asked, unless my memory is recalling something that never occurred, Victor received a call that their takeoff would be delayed due to something or other. While waiting, he also learned the truth of what Adam had been up to, and incensed, he booted the coffin off the plane, presumably onto the tarmac. Although we didn't see what became of the coffin, another presumption is that when he refused to claim or bury the body, someone from the state of Wisconsin would have taken charge of the remains and seen that it received a proper burial wherever John Does or other unclaimed bodies are buried.

Back to the story. When the rumors whispered that someone once thought dead would come to Adam's aid, though I wracked my pea brain until it ached, I never once thought Skye Lockhart would turn out to be his mysterious cohort in crime. Whether Skye has been allotted as many lives as Adam seemingly was given remains to be seen. Since she's still making her living fleecing others through her card shark abilities, having to fake her death to save her life clearly didn't cause her to rethink her career choices.

While Victor was off on a cross-country jaunt fighting to save one son by unmasking another, Phyllis was battling equally hard to keep her husband from being distracted by his ex. That gorgeous black dress Phyllis had poured her banging body into was beautiful, but the pea green shade of her jealous face somewhat detracted from the dress's loveliness. And so begins yet another round of the tiresome trio of Nick, Phyllis, and Sharon. Are we really going to do this again? And why bother, since it's likely going to end the same way it has since they paired Nick with Phyllis. With Nick declaring Phyllis "amazing," taking her down on the nearest piece of furniture, and peeling off her clothes. I know each pairing has its diehard fans, and maybe it's only me who thinks so, but fans seem to have a lot less interest than they used to in who ends up with Nick. I like Nick, wishy-washy though he is, but I'm beyond bored with this three-way dance. Let Phyllis continue to manipulate and control every aspect of her man's life and place Sharon on a path that leads to a real romance with someone not a psychopath or old enough to be her father.

When it comes to couples, what do fans feel about Chloe and Chance? Is there a fan following out there who wait with bated breath for every sighting of this newly engaged pair? I'm curious because, although I have nothing against either of them singly, I have to admit that together, they haven't managed to make me feel much of anything. I neither root for or against them and while it doesn't bother me that they're together, I also don't think I'd care if they happened to fall apart. I get more excited watching scenes of Chloe or Chance interacting with Delia than when it's all about the two of them. As to Chloe's jealousy, even though it's in character, given her insecurities, it's also unbelievable because this is Chance we're talking about. The thought of Mr. Straight Arrow getting so hot for Heather he'd toss aside his morals and cheat on the woman who taught him how to "die that little death" is completely inconceivable.

Where has the real Chloe gone anyway? When did she turn from a smart and sassy career woman into this clinging vine with nothing to do except chase after Chance, plying him with food or sexual invites? Doesn't she have a photo shoot or something to oversee at Restless Style?

Of course, I don't know why I would expect Chloe to earn her keep at Restless Style when no one else does. Remember when Phyllis was running the mag? Every day was a crisis; every other minute contained a deadline they were convinced they would not meet, though in the end they always did. Now that Billy and Jill are in charge, everything seems to be run remotely by laptop.

Speaking of business, what is it about Victor Newman that makes other previously sensibly-thinking businessmen want to make it their life's mission to disrupt his life? Remember when Tucker thought Jabot was such small potatoes he only wanted to unload it on the highest bidder? These days it's all he spends his time on and has become the perfect carrot to keep dangling before Ashley to keep her simpering with admiration. Ashley might be feeling flattered and intrigued now, but she might not want to let down her guard. Look how callously he kicked Jill's carcass to the curb when she had served her purpose? Something tells me there will come a day when the blinders drop from Ashley's eyes and she sees Tucker as no more admirable than she now finds Victor.

Lily's family members continue to agree to disagree on what would be best for the ailing cancer victim. Regardless of his wife's wishes, when Cane learned her condition had worsened, he took matters into his own hands and sued Mac for the right to withdraw some of the fluid cushioning his babies. So what will happen next? How about an early and necessary delivery of the twins? Then there would be no harm, no foul to the babies, Lily could receive the stem cell fluid, which will undoubtedly save her life, and eventually everyone can live happily ever after.

And finally, everyone who hates Jana Fisher these days, double-click their mouse. The monotone woman's lack of feelings must only be restricted to her former family and friends. Because she clearly has no problem whatsoever feeling everything Ryder has to offer. After months of listening to her whimper about how completely and desperately she loved her Kevin, I'm disgusted with her and hope Kevin never takes her robotic behind back, no matter how prettily she begs. She got one free pass with her "tumor made me do it" defense and, just my opinion, she doesn't deserve another. And ditto for Ryder's disloyal derriere. So much for his claim that he loved the brother who treated him with decency so much. Guess his brotherly affection was no match for the raging desire he had for his brother's wife.

Until my next time in this space, hope you enjoy what your fellow fans sent to the e-box.

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  • Adam! You are by far my favorite character, simply because of the fact that everyone hates you. I hope there is some kind of redemption for you, just so you can stick around. This new Abby is wonderful. Abby now seems to have a personality. I can't wait to see what happens with her and Daniel, although I could care less about this reality mess. My favorite storyline and my favorite couple have to be Billy and Victoria. They are absolutely wonderful together. This Malcolm recast has to be probably the worst! Not because Shemar isn't playing the role, but because NuMalcolm is such a boring character. A happy week of Y&R for me would be nothing but Adam, and seeing everyone try to find him and Billy and Victoria! -- Quinton

  • I sincerely do hope the Adam redemption is on the way. He is a great actor with more range to give in his upcoming story lines. Y&R needs a well balanced character that serves as both villain and hero. Adam had that working well for him before the Ashley incident. He was slighted by his father and siblings. He naively tired to gain revenge by teaming up with another snake (Jacko) and got burned. He was crafty until the miscarriage which turned his character into a sociopathic spur. He had some moral conflict about telling Sharon about her baby and his short dialogue with Skye (his conscience). His high intelligence makes him a great foe to the Mustache and Jack. This is something that Tucker McCall is unable to do effectively. He is a rogue factor that can split the Y&R audience to a love/hate relationship. All the great characters (Phyllis, Baldwins, Victor, Chloe, and Sharon when she stops crying) have this ability and the scribes need to play up this talent. Overall, there are so many ways they can incorporate Adam back into the lives of the denizens of our favorite Wisconsin city, but they need to effectively balance out his internal conflict and widen our vision of his point of view. I look forward to the return of this mastermind. Intelligence always brings good drama, not the somewhat dimwittedness of the adulterous and indecisive, Nicholas Newman. - Robert

  • I was surprised to see James the Gravedigger from Survivor playing a cop at the police station. He has the most gorgeous body on the planet. I would love to see his character expanded into one of the black story lines. Delicious! -- Elizabeth

  • Will Y&R ever give poor Paul a decent love interest? He's underused and could be a part of a dynamic super couple. His scenes with Pattycake were touching, although I didn't care for the storyline. I think the writers should consider hooking up Paul and Sharon. Lauren used to give him such a run for his money. I bet they could do the same with Sharon's character. -- Laurie

  • Recasts are always dicey but Y&R seems to have a really rough time getting it right. Marcy Ryland seems to be the only recent recast that's worked IMO. The recasts for Heather, Malcolm, and Mac are just awful. I was totally willing to give Darius McCrary a chance, but he's just not working for me. Malcolm was always a little hood, but he had charm, charisma, confidence and oozed sex appeal. Malcolm is supposed to be flirty, fun, a little naughty and kind of a bad boy gone good. This dude on my screen is none of those things. He's sullen and moody and has a chip on his shoulder. He's not fun to watch, and not even the connection to Tucker or conflict with Neil and his family make him interesting. I didn't think Heather needed a recast. With Vail Bloom in the role a Vickie/Heather/Billy triangle could have been fun to watch. This Heather/Chloe/Chance thing is a snoozefest. And Clementine Ford as Mac is unwatchable. Seriously, I'd rather watch grass grow or paint dry. She has zero chemistry with anyone. -- Rochelle

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