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For the Week of June 21, 2010
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When the chips are down
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When you see Jack and Victor working in unison, it makes you wonder what they could've accomplished had they ever gotten past the fact that they hate each other.

Gentlemen, place your bets! Wasn't that cool seeing Jack and Victor actually on the same side for a change? Jack saved Victor's life and then they went to the Men's Wearhouse to buy new tuxedos for São Paulo! You know, when you see Jack and Victor working in unison like this, it makes you wonder what they could've accomplished had they ever gotten past the fact that they hate each other.

It was funny how the writers chose to depict Ottawa. Some of our commenters were downright insulted that the capital of Canada was presented as a shady port with low-life sailors and skuzzy-looking bars. Did you notice how much the bar looked like Jimmy's in Genoa City? Talk about redressing a set! By the way, that was Sean Young as the bartender -- a guest role that had been publicized -- but the number one thug who went at it with Victor was Patrick Swayze's brother, Don.

The key point of the whole Canadian escapade, of course, was to pick up the breadcrumbs that led to "where in the world is Adam Wilson, a.k.a. Victor Newman, Jr."...or whatever he's calling himself now. I actually liked the twist in the story that brought Skye back into the plot. I didn't see that one coming. They kept the idea that Adam had an accomplice neatly under wraps for like a year or longer.

The part of Adam's story that just has me -- and others -- wondering is this: how can Adam pull off all this chicanery when he's supposedly half-blind? He doesn't even wear glasses or stumble about or struggle to read a computer screen. My late stepfather really suffered from the same loss of eyesight that Adam's supposed to have. Let me tell you, he was unable to get around without help. He carried a flashlight into restaurants because the lighting wasn't sufficient. So how is Adam traveling the globe without even a white cane to help him get through an airport?

I will say this for Adam, he at least recognizes that the heat is on. He senses that Victor is close on his heels and he's ready to bolt. Sky, on the other hand, is overconfident and greedy. I guess a poker cheat better be confident, but she's downright cocky. She's riding for a fall, however, because not only will she not be collecting $5 million by fleecing Victor the pigeon, she's also going to get her heart broken. Adam is still in love with Sharon.

Adam probably never had a love like Sharon's, but what reason could Sharon have to continue carrying a torch for Adam? That makes no sense. Even if Adam had been good to her, he was not a good man overall, and Sharon knows the evil he's done. Nick should have been a lot more disgusted in Sharon than he was. Her lingering fascination with Adam is a real turnoff. I'd love to hear how Sharon fans can justify her talking to him on the phone and wanting to talk to him again after Nick got the recording.

So Nick is ticked off with Sharon, and Phyllis is standing by watching her crazy husband getting all hot and bothered about his ex. Is it any wonder that Phyllis is freaking out? She's hardly the most secure spouse under the best of circumstances, but this situation just makes her worse. I loved Michael telling Phyllis to just suck it up and chill.

There was another major story this past week. I'm sure you recognized it; some old, familiar faces -- three in all -- showed in Genoa City. The long-gone Foster family, Snapper, Greg, and Liz, were back in town, and Jill stopped worrying about Restless Style to be part of the Foster family again. Whenever they do these kinds of stories, there's a certain fakey quality attached. Maria Arena Bell's script tried to address a lot of the flaws -- why they haven't been in touch all these years -- but there were gaping holes.

Jill deservedly was smacked around by Kay for being so selfish. Her attempt to make Liz's imminent death a referendum on Jill's crappy childhood was out of line -- although so like Jill. Never mind the woman in the hospital bed unable to breathe, how's Jill feeling about not getting a ride on the dolphin outside the Quickie-mart?

So what are we supposed to take from that last scene with Jill going to see Lauren? Are we about to discover that they're sisters? Does that make Jill part of the Fenmore fashion empire? You think Lauren will be happy to learn that Jill's the big sister she never knew she had?

There was even more globetrotting on the show this week than Otttawa and São Paulo. We were also in Tokyo. What a small world that Billy and Victoria were in the same hotel as Tucker and Ashley! That happens to me all the time. I don't believe for a second that Tucker and Ashley are going to uncover anything about Victor's business dealings that'll harm the Mustache one bit, but at least Ashley's back doing work again. And she's starting a more interesting relationship with Tucker than the boring thing she's been having with Neil.

Here are some letters from the mailbox -- keep 'em coming, fans!

  • Y&R suggests that Meggie's dockside bar is situated on the "other side of the world" Come on you people, we in Canada are not the other side of the world...and having Victor "parachute" into Ottawa, because the pilot would lose his license for landing in a "foreign" country? FYI, Ottawa is where our parliament buildings are, you know, like your White House in Washington. I do get a little tired of Canada and Canadians portrayed as living in the frozen north with no concept of what is going on in the rest of the world. Please try to show a little respect for Canadians, even if you are not interested in learning a little bit about us. - Audrey

  • Woohoo! Adam's alive! Now how does he redeem himself? I'm curious as to why Nikki compares herself to Phyllis. Phick don't have the history/love Shick do, so if anyone is the woman that Nick will always go back to, it's Sharon. Not liking Ryder/Jana pairing. He's a good guy, so he wouldn't go and sleep with his brother's wife. Oh well, now that he has, he'll have an even tougher time winning over everyone. -- Hallie

  • I would like to let someone know how dumb the stories are now. Getting tired of all the kids on there. Don't you know that kids don't watch. The older people are those that are home watching TV. We want stories like Bill Bell used to write. Gosh get real and no more double people. Don't you think that gets boring? Boy you need to get with it. I hope this gets to the right people. I know that a lot of people think the same way I do. - Betty

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