Wolves in sheep's wool

by Nita
For the Week of June 28, 2010
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Wolves in sheep's wool
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When it comes to D.A. Pomerantz, does the D stand for dirty?

When it comes to D.A. Pomerantz, does the D stand for dirty? Maybe I'm just whistling in the dark here, but his reaction to Frank Ellis' story seemed odd. Could he be part of the drug-dealing cadre of cops and prison guards Frank alleges are running rampant? That's the only thing I can think of that would explain his slow-moving response to Frank's story and the attempts made on the lives of Chance and Heather. And did he really hire Detective Malloy because the green Chance needed more experienced help, or is Malloy a mole Pomerantz planted to make sure Heather and Chance are steered far away from any truth they might uncover about Riggs, Ellis, or the dirty cops?

While it's too early to tell if the cocky Malloy will prove to be good guy or bad, it's clear there's going to be conflict aplenty between the detectives. Scribes, what are you up to this time? Is Malloy really just another detective, or will he turn out to be related to another Genoa Citian? With the way the scribes have been reaching back into the past and either tying up loose ends or taking creative license to rewrite things that were never fully explained, I wouldn't be a bit surprised to discover Malloy is the child Rose DeVille stole from Nina all those years ago.

As for Pomerantz, he seems abnormally obsessed with the Newmans, always yammering jealously about their money and power and privileges. I know he's sworn to uphold the law, but would he break it in order to get his hands on the kind of money he probably feels he is due?

Pomerantz isn't the only wolf who may be hiding his true self beneath the cover of a coat of soft sheep's wool. Ryder is another one -- I can't decide whether he's a little lost lamb or a big bad wolf. At first, I was so incensed at zombie girl for how terribly she treated Kevin, I wasn't paying much attention to Ryder. Next to his psychotic sister and aunt, Ryder always seemed the weakest link, a timid little girlyman, too browbeaten by the dominating women to think for himself. But now I wonder whether Ryder might be even more diabolical and calculating than his demented kin. Is he, as Kevin claims, using Jana for some obscure reason he hasn't revealed? And is he really flying solo now, or is his sister's hands still pulling and yanking on his puppet strings?

When it comes to Jana, if it turns out Ryder is just using her for some warped unknown reason only he would understand, well, all I can say is, it couldn't happen to a more deserving girl. By the way, how did Jana suddenly start feeling things again? One minute, zombie girl was muttering in a monotone about how she just can't feel anythin', now suddenly she's a veritable tigress in defense of her Ryder cub, apparently feeling everything. Kevin was excellent in his hurt and pain and restraint when he walked in on those two curs, and I was practically on my feet cheering him on when he knocked Ryder down, then proceeded to tell Jana all about herself. Once it was the tumor that made her do what she did. I hope in the future if she comes seeking Kev's forgiveness, insisting it was her aneurysm that made her rip off her clothes and throw herself in Ryder's arms, he tells her to take care the doorknob doesn't bruise her backside when she sashays her tawdry tail out of his life.

I was glad to see Allison return and hope her presence in Kevin's life eases some of the sting of Jana's betrayal. The two are cute together, and it was nice to see that crooked little grin of Kevin's again. Of course, now that Kevin knows about Ryder and Jana, I'm guessing it won't be long before they start parading themselves right under his nose. Most likely, they will show up at the coffeehouse, which unfortunately, Jana still co-owns. Since she's presumably feeling things again, I hope she feels a red hot stab of jealousy right through the heart when she gets a look at Kevin and his new lady friend.

I can't decide who deserves the "butter wouldn't melt in my mouth" award more, Lily or Mac. The ladies were neck and neck this week in their unselfish self-sacrifice race, both willing to lay down their very lives for the babies. So I guess I'll have to call it a draw and award them both first prize. I have to admit I was so happy the twins were born and the core blood safely saved, I leapt up and did a little jig of pure joy in the middle of my living room. Because perhaps that means there is finally a light on at the end of Lily's cancer tunnel, and I hope she's running straight for it.

Knowing Lily and her always-a-victim luck, though, my celebratory dance is probably premature. Now that she has access to the stem cell blood, I presume she will eventually triumph over the cancer, but Lily's never allowed to be happy for long. If there isn't a problem with one or both of the twins, there will surely be another drama-trauma to shadow her joy. What will be next for the beleaguered Lily? Her husband's possible deportation? Just my worthless opinion, but shove Miss Lily into the shadows and let another Winters have a turn in the storyline spotlight.

The most likely Winters to have that opportunity could be Neil, although it isn't likely to be a very pleasant experience. His romance with Ashley numbering only in the weeks, already it may be over before it really got off the ground. Because although Ashley was quick to hold him up before Tucker's half-lidded eyes as the man she is "with," she must have meant "when I am in Genoa City," because as we all saw, she wasn't with him in Japan when she was getting naked with Tucker. For one short second, I actually believed Ashley when she told Tucker she was going to be honest with Neil about their mattress mamba. But I should have known better. Using the fact that his daughter is dying, she has now opted for secrecy over honesty. Which means it's only a matter of time before Neil discovers the disillusioning truth. And we know how unforgiving Neil has always been when it comes to his women cheating on him.

It was a fun week watching Victor set his traps for vermin Adam and Skye. With a chunk of Sharon cheese in rat Adam's trap, and a wad of cash and a marked deck wedged tightly in Skye's, the two lying con artists found themselves with their backs against a Brazilian wall with Victor's bulky body blocking the only way out. Looks like Adam will soon be forced to face Genoa City justice, only this time his kangaroo court will be presided over by a real judge instead of a circle of Newmans and Abbotts. I can't wait to see Pomerantz, fork in hand, staring glumly down at the overpiled plate of steaming crow he'll be forced to choke down.

While Victor and Sharon were fighting to prove Nick's innocence in Brazil, Phyllis was back in Genoa City, singing her tuneless tale of woe to anyone with the patience to listen. I was listening, but I wasn't patting her on the back, going "there, there, it'll be all right." Instead I was laughing to beat the band, because you get back what you put in, and there is always a price to be paid when you pick up something that doesn't belong to you. Funny how she wants Sharon to respect her marriage and stay away from her man now, but Phyllis didn't do either when she was once the one disrespecting a marriage and refusing to keep her hands out of Sharon's man's pants. You made your bed, Phyllis old girl, now lie down in it and take a nice long nap. Nick and Sharon have kids together, which means they're always going to be in each other lives. Just as Phyllis and Summer will always be in the picture should Sharon and Nick eventually reconcile.

Since Phyllis can't make Nick stop caring about Sharon, will she finally throw in the towel and walk away? She might be so done she's ready for a fork to be stuck in her, but I'm guessing for the moment, she's probably all blustery talk and empty threats. Despite all her complaining to Jack and Michael and Nikki, and all her finger-pointing blaming Sharon, she'll likely continue to give Nick another chance, and another, and probably another.

And for what? Nick is a lot more like his father than he'd probably care to admit. Like Victor, he seems to want a woman most when she's finally turned to someone else. Let Phyllis look like she's moving on to another man, and Nick will turn just as protective and territorial about her, as he sometimes does with Sharon. Hmmm, can anyone say Deacon?

So Jill finally has a father. Although there's been no DNA confirmation yet, it appears Jill and Lauren are half-sisters. It should be interesting to see what happens next. Will Jill be content with the knowledge of her real family or will she start looking for a way to get her share of the milk from the Fenmore cash cow? Judging from Jill's past history, it will unfortunately probably be the latter.

Well, I'm out of here for this week, fans. The sun is shining and my real life is clamoring for my undivided attention. So, for now, I'll leave the make believe world of Genoa City behind and see what my week has to offer. I'm sure events won't be as exciting as those happening to my favorite Genoa Citians, but it's all I got, so I'm off to see what awaits me.

Until my next time in this space, hope you enjoy what your fellow fans sent to the e-box.

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  • While I'm liking the Ashley/Tucker pairing because of their chemistry, I am once again angry with the way Y&R pulls the plug on an interracial relationship with Neil. Remember him and Victoria hooked up only to have it quickly swept under the carpet and never referenced again. Now Ashley is cheating on him. Y&R, please stop putting Neil with a white woman if it's not going to last more than a commercial break! -- Kim

  • Boy, the recession must be hitting the great and powerful Victor Newman hard too. Since when does he go out and do his own dirty work? Chasing after Adam seems so unlike The Mustache. But, then again, Y&R is barely recognizable these days. What happened to corporate intrigue and slowly-paced, commonsense storylines that were worth the wait in the end? Digging up all these old characters doesn't mean anything with all these crappy storylines and busted characters. -- Esperanza

  • I agree with the comments on Ottawa. I live in Ottawa and seeing that it is a large city, I am really curious how Victor and Adam parachuted into it. We also don't have any docks, unless you count the ones for the ferries that cross the river to Quebec. I was pretty disgusted with the portrayal of our beautiful city. We do have an international airport and I do think they let planes from the US land there. LOL! I am also really getting tired of Phyllis and her insecurities, oh and also her short memory. She took advantage of Nick's pain and his disconnection from Sharon while grieving for Cassie and we all know if she hadn't gotten pregnant he would have been back with Sharon years ago. That woman should take a long hard look in the mirror and get real with herself! -- Deb

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