Six degrees of separation

by Nita
For the Week of July 26, 2010
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Six degrees of separation
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When it comes to the inhabitants of Genoa City, the theory that six individuals are all that separate each of us from someone else certainly seems to have some merit.

When it comes to the inhabitants of Genoa City, the theory that six individuals are all that separate each of us from someone else certainly seems to have some merit. Once again, the revolving door of Genoa City has whirled dizzily around, spitting out yet another Genoa City descendent whose whereabouts had previously been unknown. Yes, as speculated in a previous column, Ronan Malloy did indeed turn out to be the long-lost son of Nina. Making Ronan the latest in a growing list of relatives rarely, if ever, mentioned by their loved ones until shortly before their first Genoa City appearance.

How exactly Ronan and Christine stumbled upon this information has yet to be explained, but I'm certain it will. Presumably the two crossed paths in an official capacity. Perhaps Christine's Department of Justice duties had something to do with Rose DeVille's baby-stealing activities. Or maybe it was Ronan who brought those activities to the Department's attention. But, no point in my further speculation. It could have happened any number of ways, so I guess, like you, I'll just have to be patient and wait for the rest of the story.

My next question is another obvious one. Why must Ronan's true identity be kept from his mother and brother? If this follows the usual soap opera secrecy scenario, whereby certain parties in the know keep the pertinent info from those still stumbling around in the unknown darkness, it will likely later be claimed the deception was necessary to keep the clueless ones safe from danger. Which always cracks me up. Because usually, they only wind up in danger because they don't know what the heck is really going on.

While Ronan being Nina's son was suspected almost immediately, once it was revealed Christine was working with him, my theory of his being a dirty cop went flying right out my living room window. Because we know Christine would never, ever be involved in anything that would coat her hands with even the tiniest amount of dirt. No way would our lady of purity be mixed up with a ring of dirty, drug dealing cops. And as the week wore on, and Christine realized Paul was about to start sniffing down that cold baby-stealing trail, we all discovered Ronan was clearly one of the good guys and presumably has been trying to keep his brother safe by making him look like a complete idiot.

Okay, I have to sidetrack myself for a minute to comment on military man, Chase. I know he's young, but could he go about this case any more clumsily? He suspects a conspiracy with members who could conceivably go to all the way to the top. So why isn't he holding his cards closer to his vest? Instead, head down and snorting noisily, he's behaving much like I imagine that proverbial bull in a china shop would have acted. I could only laugh and shake my head disbelievingly as he questioned the prison guards. Uhh, Chance, some of the prison guards are supposedly part of the ring, perhaps the very three you are talking to. Did he really think they were going to spill their guts, incriminate themselves or their fellow guards after a few swallows of Jimmy's cheap beer?

But back to the case. We now know Heather is the woman Ronan and Chris have been sent to protect. I must have missed something, because other than her failed cases against the Newmans, what has Heather done to draw the wrath of the underworld? Yes, I'm waiting with bated breath for the backstory on this one.

Which brings me to Meggie McClaine. Since few strangers seem to come to Genoa City, I can't help but wonder which bloodline Meggie might have ties to. It can't be Lauren -- Jill's got that one covered. I seriously doubt it's Nikki or Victor. Michael's already had a boatload of relatives come out of the woodwork, so his family circle is probably complete. But I doubt any fan believes this woman who has been tending that "dive bar" for presumably years with no worries about her safety, is suddenly meek, mild, and afraid for her life. So much so that she jumps on a bus and rides it all the way to Victor. My unscientific guess? Could she possibly be Skye's mother?

My memory of past events gets a little foggy here, fans, so if you know the answer, please help me hit the refresh button on my brain. Wasn't Skye's picture posted on the wall of Meggie's bar with a message (I think to Adam) on the other side? When Meggie was questioned, did she ever admit to knowing her? I don't know. Maybe I'm way off base here, but the timing of Meggie's arrival, shortly after Skye appears, seems suspect to me.

Speaking of Skye, I'm putting her in the "'how quickly we've forgotten" category. Supposedly so afraid for her life she faked her own death, remember? Arranged for some cut-up corpse to be buried in the stable beneath Nikki's horse, even tossed in her Harvard ring to make certain her remains would be correctly identified. Then, moved to Canada and under her very own name, proceeded to beat very rich men out of their millions. Now, she's returned to Genoa City, not in sunglasses and an impenetrable veil, but as herself in a very public manner. Isn't she afraid the very dangerous people she ran from in the first place will come after her, Newman name notwithstanding? Just wondering.

I must say, when it comes to couples, Adam and Skye are a match made in the hottest corner of Hell. I've been watching this show and its villains for a very long time, and Adam is the worst I've ever seen, easily topping both Sheila and the trash-compacted, David Kimball. In Skye Lockhart Newman, Adam seems to have met his equal. Although it's never been discussed on camera, Skye is presumably well aware of every mound of dirt Adam has shoveled on others. But unlike the others, she's not at all appalled at the depth of his deceit and murderous machinations. Instead, Skye seems to admire all he's done, may have even actively assisted him. I know she's a money-hungry, card cheat and a liar to boot, but what kind of woman, even a childless one, would not be the least bit put off by the theft of Sharon's baby and subsequent gift of Faith to Ashley? What about the gaslighting of Ashley, the torture of mentally deficient Patty, the frame-up of poor Estella, the sex with Rafe? Not to mention the presumed murder of Hightower? Skye is as sick and conscience-free as Adam, and while I plan to enjoy watching whatever else she and Adam have up their roomy sleeves, I also look forward with great anticipation to see them get what surely has to be coming to them. I won't hold my breath, though, because there is so much mileage left on their engines, that isn't likely to happen anytime soon.

What I'm not looking forward to, however, is the coming week, because I'm guessing it will contain even more mental manipulation of Patty Williams. Good story or no, Adam's despicable fondness for torturing the ladies is not the least bit entertaining for this fan. What I am awaiting is more drama and trauma between Adam and Nick. I'm not sure Nick is at all equipped to match wits with his bad seed brother, but their conflicts are a very welcome change from the tired, worn out tussle between Sharon and Phyllis for Nick's dubious affections. I'm an eternal optimist who wants to believe good will always triumph over evil, eventually, so although I can't yet figure out how, I'm hoping Adam will somehow be redeemed or vanquished forever. Either way, it should make for some spellbinding storytelling.

Spellbinding might not be the definition of whatever is planned for Malcolm, Sofia and, dare I say it, Neil. It's a rare couple that has no competition for one of the parties' affection, so it seems likely there will be an interloper in the midst of this pairing as well. Neil seems the obvious choice.

First, let me say, I have nothing against my fuller-figured ladies. Although I'm not Sofia's size, neither am I on a par with Chloe's size zero. But in soap opera land, with a few exceptions, everyone is about as perfect as genetics and various surgical procedures can make them. So I expect Sofia, as a woman who doesn't fit into that narrow mold of bodily perfection, is undoubtedly going to be the recipient of some rather unkind fan comments. I'm not sure what I think of her at this early stage of the game, but how she looks has nothing to do with the few opinions I have formed. The problem for me is that Malcolm has done nothing yet to cause me to invest in his character, so he still feels as much a stranger to me as does Sofia. One minute she's just a name in Malcolm's mouth, the next they're rumpling up the sheets and talking about moving in together. Feels contrived. As for her being Tucker's right hand, that, too, seemed to come out of nowhere, since everything he's said and done has led us to believe he's pretty much always flown solo.

Anyway, I have no clue what the scribes have planned for Sofia and her interactions with the Winters family and the other residents of Genoa City. Hopefully her contact with Neil will be based on business, rather than personal issues. Neil does need love in his life; I just hope he won't look for it in his brother's woman.

Lastly, I'll turn my attention to, but shield my eyes from, the Naked Heiress. I love that she's irking her parents, but enough with the nakedness. I heard her explanation -- naked equals freedom equals vulnerability equals save the animals. Was I the only fan who thought that was utter nonsense? The fact that this chick is always ripping off her clothes in front of her father or brother or uncle seems very strange and more than a little bit icky to me. Why not trot that pony into Crimson Lights? She and Daniel could have gotten all the film footage they wanted but without the paternal interference. Daddy would have been no less incensed to see it in video as in person so she would still have accomplished her goal. I'm glad she went to jail. Too bad she can't stay in there until she comes up with a new career idea that doesn't include her dropping her designer drawers.

By the way, what about her and Daniel doing it in the hay? Must be something in the genes since the same thing happened to his mother and her brother. And another thing, did Abby's first time happen while she was being soap opera aged, because last I knew she was pure as the driven snow.

In my previous column, I asked what it was that kept you coming back for more of our favorite show, and many of you were kind enough to let me know. So, here are excerpts of what you had to say.

Until my next time in this space, hope you enjoy what your fellow fans sent to the e-box.

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  • I absolutely love the Billy/Victoria pairing! They are so cute and the love literally comes through the screen! -- Stephanie

  • As much as I may bemoan certain characters, and here recently, a lot of the characters, they are what keep me coming back. The one character that I love unconditionally is Billy Abbott. Anyone willing to stand up to The Moustache is A+ in my book. Jack Abbott is also a long time fave. Getting to see Nina is always a treat. She is my second all time fave character after Dru Barber. I do enjoy every performance by Jeanne Cooper. If I wasn't still passionate about the characters and their lives I would have tuned out long ago. -- Kamal

  • Billy and Victoria. They are electric. I haven't seen that much fire with any two characters on this show. Billy was great with Chloe but even she can't hold a candle to the chemistry Victoria has with Billy. And that Victoria is standing up to daddy is totally awesome. -- Shelly

  • Lily and Cane. Do I wish Lily's life and their relationship wouldn't be tragedy after tragedy? Yes. Dru's death, Daniel's betrayal, Amber's attempted machinations, Chloe's machinations, Cane's deception, cancer. But I'll take it all as long as they weather it together. After Lily and Cane it's Billy and Cane; I love their relationship. I also watch for Billy in general and for Sharon although I do want to slap her sometimes. -- Bajangirl

  • Billy Abbott and Michael Baldwin primarily because, as actors, they are far superior to the rest of the cast. Billy Abbott reminds me of the Jack Abbott of old (played by Terry Lester). As for Michael Baldwin, the actor's performance reminds me of Robert Downey Jr. every time his character comes on the screen which, in my opinion, isn't often enough! Write Baldwin into more storylines! -- Mary

  • I love Y&R but I watch because I love Billy Abbott (especially with Vicky), Lauren, Michael, Mrs. Chancellor, Chance but not with Chloe, Ashley and Tucker together. Love J.T. and Mac together. -- Margaret

  • I have been watching Y&R for over 20 years and never get sick of it. What I love the most is Michael Baldwin and Kevin. I like how they interact as brothers on the show. I could go on and on about all the things that made me watch this show for all these years but, simply put, it's the best soap on TV! -- Jessica

  • I love Phyllis. She is by far my favorite. I guess in many ways I truly believe most women are devious. I certainly can be and so Phyllis rings so true to me. I truly like Sharon and Adam together. Like him or hate him, he is dynamic and every scene he is in is spectacular. I love Chloe and I think her and Kevin would be a far better combination. -- Linda

  • I keep tuning into Y&R because, basically I love the soap. Sure, there are times when I wonder what TPTB are thinking with some of the storylines, but all in all, the writing is very good. I love the new Billy! I also love Billy and Victoria! I am also a Victor fan, but there are times when I feel like reaching thru the screen and smacking him upside his head! I like the new Heather. I can't wait until Chance and Heather get together, as Chloe is too annoying and immature for me. I like Chance and Nina, too. I also love Kay and Murphy. They are just adorable. I may be one of the few, but I actually liked the Patty/Emily storyline. I also like Lauren and Michael and I wish TPTB would find them a storyline that doesn't involve Lauren being traumatized. I like Paul and Nina together and Tucker and Ashley a lot more than I did Ashley and Neil. -- Carolyn

  • My favorite is Chloe. And Kevin. I think getting the two of them together would be great. I think Phyllis and Jack are perfect for each other. The chemistry between Billy and Victoria is wonderful. The new Abby is 50 times better than that last actress. Love Lauren and Michael, they have to stay together. For a while I really thought I'd stop watching, but now, I'm really liking some of the storylines, and I'm wanting more, more more! -- Kathleen S.

  • I've always wanted a place where I could voice my opinion about my favorite soap opera, and with you, inviting comments, think I may now have found a healthy outlet, rather than angrily talking back, and sometimes yelling, at my poor hapless TV set. -- Kat in AZ

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