The most evil character ever?

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The most evil character ever?
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Who is Adam, and is it possible that he may be a character that five years from now will be totally redeemed and an upright citizen of Genoa City?

What an interesting dilemma on The Young and the Restless! Adam has become the character you love to hate, but on the other hand, the way he continues to pine for Sharon makes him the object of sympathy. So, seriously, who is Adam, and is it possible that he may be a character that five years from now will be totally redeemed and an upright citizen of Genoa City?

I don't know, but you have to wonder. Early in the week, I was snarling at his manipulative moves on Patty. Not that Patty is someone I feel bad for. After all, she did kill Colleen in her pursuit of Jack, she did shoot Victor point-blank, and she tried to kill Summer. It's hard to forgive her for all that nastiness, no matter how mad as a hatter she was last summer. Was Victor responsible for turning her loose on GC? Absolutely, but that doesn't absolve Patty.

Still, I felt bad when Adam used his words to make her believe that escaping Windcliff was the right thing to do. And didn't it give you a creepy chill to see her with the nun's habit, murmuring a goodbye message to Jack? Trust me, Maria A. was leaving the door open for a future rampage by Sister Patty.

Anyway, back to Adam, I wanted to strangle him for what he did. Then when he and Skye - in matching black pajamas! - lied to the cops about the phony alibi at the casino, I wanted to scream. Excuse me for asking, but casinos have really sophisticated security - even Indian casinos - and one of those hundreds of cameras in the sky around the tables and slot machines had to get an image of Colin, the guy pretending to be Adam when he ducked out to go after Patty. Paul should be going over all the casino tapes, right? Instead, the search for Patty is going nowhere fast.

Meanwhile, I'm completely lost when it comes to Ronan and Chris and the search for crooked cops. I don't see a good ending for this, especially with the rumors that the actor playing Chance (ex-Coop, Guiding Light) - John Driscoll - is leaving the show. Right now, he and Ronan are Cane and Abel, it's like the movie East of Eden in a way, two brothers who hate each other. Of course, Chance doesn't know Ronan's his bro yet, but can't you see Chance dying in Ronan's arms after some catastrophic shootout? Then Ronan's overcome with guilt and Nina hates the son she never knew but wanted to find, only now it cost her the good son. What a mess, right?

Don't you also suspect that there's something more going on with Christine? Is she really just there for the Justice Department? Why does she keep mooning over Heather? Is it leftover love for Paul?

Speaking of leftovers, I'd like to dump an entire refrigerator full of old food on Jill. How's that for a graphic depiction of dislike? I have tried to understand her storyline, but I just don't get it. What on earth does she expect from Lauren? Just because the DNA test proved they're related, Jill has done nothing to make friends with Lauren. They're nothing alike, and Jill has been so fast to take Lauren to court to force her to divide her family fortune that if I were Lauren, I'd hate Jill, too. That's no way to get chummy, but it is a way to destroy any chance of a sisterly relationship.

Another abrasive lady has been ticking me off and I wonder if you feel the way I do about her. I'm speaking of Malcolm's fiancée, Sofia. She's such an Oprah-wannabe and so full of herself, how could you possibly think she's a nice woman? Has she ever heard of the word modesty? What about charm or graciousness? Maybe they're trying to impress us with her business acumen and authoritative style, but it's coming off wrong. She seems like a pushy broad who would cut in line and take the last piece of pie that you had your eye on!

I don't care for her, and I'm not liking the new Malcolm either. I know he's been around for a while, but I don't think I ever mentioned it before. He's dull. You could never say that about Shemar Moore as Malcolm. Too bad they can't bring him back, but he's busy chasing serial killers on Criminal Minds.

Chloe reverted to her scheming old self this week, didn't she? Not that I blame her for wanting to get even with Chance. Also Chloe's a self-destructive character. She's inclined to hurt herself as much as others, like the way she tried to trap Cane when she knew she was preggers with Billy's baby. A leopard doesn't change its spots, and Chloe's a leopard. But I do like her with Kevin. I thought their scene with the birthday rap song was adorable. Maybe it would be a good thing for the two of them to really fall in love.

Look how good love has been for Billy and Victoria? (Although what is up with her bizarre hair? She looks like she's perpetually caught in a wind tunnel!) Billy has really surprised me with the way he's handled this relationship. He's not doing anything to spoil it, either, which makes me believe that this time it's the real thing. He even resisted Tucker and Ashley's offer, which sounded pretty good. However, Billy made a good point to Tucker - why would Billy want to work for someone else when he's his own boss at Restless Style? It is better working for yourself. Tucker should understand that; he owns his business!

While I'm liking Billy and Victoria, I don't feel the same way about Abby and Daniel. Daniel is too old for Abby. Didn't he reject Amber because he didn't want to be responsible for a kid (little Eric)? Well, Abby's a kid. Daniel should wise up and stop chasing after a kid who should be in college, not chasing celebrity like a Kardashian! The best thing I can say about Abby is that I love the way she's formed this secret alliance with Jack. That's a great plot twist simply because it pits Jack against Victor in their never-ending war of the roses!

Victor is a complicated and enigmatic person, but I don't think his offer to Phyllis was anything nefarious. She got so bent out of shape about Victor's settlement, but - really - why? If someone came to you and said here's enough money for you and your children to live comfortably for the rest of your life, would you be insulted? Frankly, I would have danced a jig and signed the papers!

And how goofy was it that Phyllis then turned around and went driving up to the Abbott cabin to see if Nick was with Sharon? Why should it matter to Phyllis anymore since she's already ended her marriage to Nick? Did you get the idea that she was reconsidering her decision, because I didn't. Phyllis seems to want it both ways. She wants to break up with Nick, but she doesn't want Nick to go back to Sharon. Sorry, Phyllis, but you can't have your cake and eat it, too. It doesn't work that way.

And why throw yourself at Deacon? I mean, it was pure fantasy that he would be the guy who'd show up in the middle of nowhere to help you change a tire in the rain. That was the first ridiculous notion we were asked to swallow. Then we were supposed to believe that she would passionately kiss the guy to get under Nick's skin? Come on, that's juvenile.

Here are some letters from the mailbox -- keep 'em coming, fans!

  • I love reading the Two Scoops, but contrary to some other viewers I have to say I really like Adam. He has obviously done some horrible things, but I like watching him and he keeps things interesting and I think the actor is doing a wonderful job. I really hope he sticks around. I wouldn't mind if he got back with Sharon, [it] would be better than another Sharon/Nick pairing. I cannot stand Victoria and Billy, they are so childish and boring. Victoria has to be the worst mother on the planet, I find her very annoying. The naked heiress storyline doesn't interest me one bit but I like the Chance/Heather/Chloe triangle. I hope he ends up with Heather. All in all, great show! - Anja

  • Ronan will turn out to be Nina's missing son; therefore, making Chance and Ronan brothers. Sharon needs to move on with her life and Nick and Sharon need to stop talking about the past they share. Now Nick has a past with Phyllis; Sharon treats Nick like a child and that is so unbelievable when he is helping to run a big company. Nick needs to make up his mind that he loves Phyllis. Phyllis has always brought out the better side of Nick. He gets to act like a real person and he smiles more with Phyllis then he ever did with Sharon. If Sharon loved Nick so much why did she have sex with Diego, Adam, Billy and etc. Now who needs to grow up and be responsible? Noah has more common sense than Sharon. Jill is another nut case, suing Lauren. Jill is a money hungry old woman. Why did she not wait until Lauren could accept her as a sister? Kay and Murphy are a perfect couple with their heads on their shoulders and their love is everlasting. Mac had more sense when she was a kid. - Carol

  • Thank you, Y&R, for bringing Nina back and Cricket, too. Nina needs to be back full time. She brings the energy that has been missing. Please keep her. I hate Chance and the whole story, but I will watch just because Nina is back. Nina, Cricket and Mrs. Chancellor are the only reason I'm hanging on. Keep them in the show and you will keep this fan. - Davio

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