Character assassination

by Nita
For the Week of August 9, 2010
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Character assassination
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In the soap world, characters certainly have their ups and downs, but doesn't it seem, sometimes, that the scribes have a special kind of contempt for certain characters?

In the soap world, characters certainly have their ups and downs, but doesn't it seem, sometimes, that the scribes have a special kind of contempt for certain characters?

Take, for instance. Sharon Newman. To try to enumerate all of the many calamities that have befallen this chick would take more than one column. The queen of ill-conceived choices, she staggers from one bad situation to the next. Often behaving so senselessly, I find myself shaking my own head, making sure the rattling sounds I hear are from the rocks rolling around in her skull instead of mine.

While most Genoa City women have multiple men's names inked on their dance cards, Sharon is in a category all her own when it comes to distributing her party favors to men in the same gene pool. Are she and The Bold and the Beautiful's Brooke Logan twins that were separated at birth perhaps? I'm trying to remain a loyal fan, but her antics make it hard to keep my seat on her careening man wagon. Hungering after her brother-in-law, double-dipping with the Abbott men, pledging her troth to the Newman brothers. Come on scribes. Can you write the woman a little dignity? Or at least a little restraint?

Because really, can any fan understand or champion Sharon's conflicted feelings for Adam? How can anyone, even one who seldom uses the good sense God must have given her, still have love for the man who has caused so much pain and upheaval in her life?

Jill is the next woman well on her way to ruination. I know there have been moments when Jill has been able to tug on my heartstrings, but that hasn't occurred for quite some time. Everything, and I mean everything, must always be about Jill. If you go only by her constant complaints, you would think she'd led a Cinderella existence, and been treated like some poor servant girl by a wicked stepmother and abusive brothers. Yes, she began her career painting red-tinted lacquer on other women's fingers and toes, but she's come a very long way since then. She's half owner of the Chancellor mansion, bilked and practically blackmailed scandal-hating John Abbott out of 20% of a company he built, and now she's determined to bury her mitts in the Fenmore fortune. I'm not saying she doesn't deserve a piece of the Fenmore pie, but does she always have to go about getting what she wants in such an obnoxious and greedy-seeming manner? She's always crying about the mother she never had, but has shown she's a mother who won't hesitate to not only toss her kids beneath the wheels of the bus, she'll be driving the bus that runs them over. Really makes it hard for a fan to want her to win at anything.

By the way, when will Billy learn to use the delete key on his computer, empty his recycle bin, and clear his Internet cache? I would have thought Abby airing his dirty laundry when she spotted that wedding video would have taught him a lesson. But, not so. I'm glad he fired his Judas mother (again, only concerned with what she wants, forget about what she might be doing to Billy). I just hope it sticks this time. Let Tucker give the greedy gold-digger a job. The only good thing about this situation is I'm guessing Victoria will soon forgive him for what he didn't do and their romance will continue, despite Victor's disapproving opinion. Besides, hasn't Victor had an objection to every one of Victoria's choices?

And then there's Jana. While not exactly a standout among her Genoa City peers, she was at least bearable and often quite likable in her coupling with Kevin. Until the scribes decided to use her to prop up the cardboard cutout of Ryder. After spending literally months showing us how callous and cruel Ryder and his demonic twin could be toward the brother who opened his arms in welcome, the scribes suddenly decided a whitewash was in order. Typing him in some shiny, brass ... uhh, I mean giving him a conscience, Ryder shrugged off the heavy harness of his diabolical sister and aunt and helped the caged pair escape.

But before a fan could find a reason or two to change her opinion of Ryder, they had to go and make him sleep with his brother's wife. So much for his newfound claim of caring for Kevin. Now Ryder has been shoved in a compartment of Genoa City's revolving door, presumably to reunite with his twin, and suddenly Jana is feeling Kevin again. By now, however, many fans have washed their hands of Mrs. Monotone, and the last thing many of them would like to see is Kevin forgive her and welcome her back into the family fold.

Besides, with Chance also being marched inexorably toward those dreaded revolving doors, something has to be done with Chloe. And I happen to have my fingers crossed that something will have everything to do with Kevin. I can't be the only fan who already loves them together.

Speaking of Chance, a little mayhem was done to this character as well. So straight-arrow, he seemed one-dimensional, he never quite clicked with the effervescent Chloe. Making him a virgin, while unusual, went completely awry when he slipped and fell into Heather's arms. And the bumbling rookie cop was the straw that crippled this camel.

But all is not yet lost. Nina will lose one son, but in Ronan, will gain another. And since we've already seen some heat between Ronan and Chloe, if they get together, Nina will also get to keep the thorn in her side that Chloe has become.

While Nick's character has not yet been completely assassinated, he does have one foot in the grave from all his waffling between women. Silly Sharon can't make up her mind whether to kiss or curse Adam, and Nick is in danger of being incinerated on the spot every time he comes within shouting distance of Phyllis.

As for Phyllis, I just want to say, oh please, girlfriend, give it a rest already. Wah, wah, wah. Sharon did this and Sharon did that. Like my mom always says, if you're going to tell it, tell it all. Sharon did unto you exactly what you did unto her first. Just switch the names and re-tell the story. Clearly doesn't feel so good when she's on the receiving end. Where is all that giggling she used to do when she insisted she and Nick weren't hurting anyone as she concocted ways to sleep with him practically under Sharon's nose? I am so glad they are done, I could just do a lengthy jig of joy because I really hated those two together.

Now, having said all that, I know there will again be times in the future when Phyllis will be jumping up and down on my very last nerve, but I don't care. I am so ready to see her in a different role than that of long-suffering wife always bleating about Sharon. I'm still partial to a pairing with Jack, especially since Emily has exited the frame, but I'd be willing to see if a better coupling might occur with Deacon. It wouldn't be the first time Phyllis fell for a fellow who tried to send her son to prison.

Speaking of prison, even though it's likely he will never again see the inside of one, Adam, resident bad boy, is one Genoa City character that the scribes seem determined to save from assassination. With his mother rumored to be returning in the coming week, presumably in a dream or as a ghost, I'm really looking forward to hearing what she has to say. Will her words explain the bad seed that has clearly taken root in Adam? And will whatever is revealed during her visit be enough to eventually put Adam on the road to redemption?

All in all, the week was quite enjoyable. Over time, Gloria and Jeff have been just about completely redeemed and their antics during Gloworm's grand opening while interacting with Genoa City's movers and shakers were fun to watch. Even the Naked Heiress' shenanigans didn't mar the moment. But, considering she's partnering with Jack, the man whose machinations almost always fail, she might not want to count her pennies until they're safely deposited into her bank account.

Until my next time in this space, hope you enjoy what your fellow fans sent to the e-box.

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  • I am thrilled to see Maura West will be coming to Y&R, and I hope they're writing a juicy storyline for one of my all-time favorite actresses. She can make you love her and almost hate her; she is superb. Puleeze take away Nina and Chris, and if there's one more Chris-Paul romance revival I think I'll hurl! Almost as much as Nick and Sharon are creating that feeling these days. I am so irritated at what the writers have done to Sharon; I don't want to see Nick and her back together again either. Keep Michelle Stafford busy; she's one of the best things about Y&R! Would love to see Maura and her in a stand off over Jack or someone else. - Mary

  • I wasn't going to comment this week, however, after seeing Sharon's blatant display of stupidity, I couldn't hold myself back. When she speaks in that whispery, little girl voice, I just cringe. She is a complete lunatic if she thinks 'her love' for Adam will make him change. Leopard .. spots, you know. He is a snake. Chance, the one man crime stopper, copped to the drugs so he could go to jail and all by himself, get the bad guy. PUHLESE! He's a joke and I'm not laughing. - Colleen

  • Does anyone beside myself feel we have been force feed and OD on large doses of evil? You can only stomach so much evil and wickedness for so long by so many until you walk away. Sometimes you want to go to a place different than the day to day world, not to be drained by never ending EVIL. - Fran

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