Unpredictable pairings

by Nita
For the Week of August 23, 2010
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Unpredictable pairings
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What is that indefinable something that makes a duo, trio, or quad just work? It's obviously more than just two people looking good together.

What is that indefinable something that makes a duo, trio, or quad just work? It's obviously more than just two people looking good together. Take Chance and Chloe, for example. Though both are easy on the eyes, somehow their pairing left many fans unmoved.

When it comes to charismatic couplings, for me it doesn't always have to be male and female or involve just two people. We all have our favorites and our reasons for picking them. Here are some of mine, in no particular order except the way they rolled off the top of my head.

Ashley and Tucker. I liked the first Tucker immediately and thought he clicked with the few Genoa Citians he managed to meet before being replaced. But I've gotten used to Tucker No. 2, and although I still have difficulty seeing him as the cutthroat businessman he must be to have gotten so far on so little, I am enjoying his romantic side with Ashley.

Ashley seems relaxed and comfortable with Tucker. With Victor, she always seemed to revert to this wide-eyed little girl, complete with lisping baby voice, who needed round-the-clock coddling and protection from the fatherly Victor. His constant cooing at his "beautiful Ashley" accompanied by that sappy smile he reserved especially for her became extremely annoying to this fan over the years. As for her relationship with Brad, I could never quite buy into it, one, because I could never rid my nostrils of the slight stench of a woman who would marry her sister's ex-husband and baby daddy, and two, because Brad was clearly the consolation prize she picked because Nikki kept winning first prize Victor.

Tucker and Ashley clearly have chemistry, as evidenced by their Japan mating, and his feelings for her seem as genuine as hers for him. I'm looking forward to more from these two.

Chloe and Kevin. I know they're not a couple yet, but I wouldn't mind seeing if they have what it takes to become a good one. They've already proven they work great as friends supporting each other and were absolutely adorable together as Restless Style models. After Chloe's relentless pursuit of Billy and Cane, neither of whom wanted her, followed by the romance with the virginal Chance, her antics with Kevin are fun to watch.

As for Kevin, I'm thrilled with his rejection of the now contrite and obviously fully feeling Jana. I know what she did wasn't overly horrible or even unforgivable, at least by soap operas standards. And I also know the brain aneurysm allegedly made her do it, much like the tumor made her murder Carmen Mesta, but I thought the way she betrayed Kevin with "Rydah" stunk, and my fingers are crossed that he doesn't take her back.

Phyllis and Jack. He gets her. Soap people frequently like to make the claim that someone "gets" them as a reason for their togetherness, but I don't often agree. But, when it comes to Phyllis, I do believe that Jack really does get her. He knows most of the bad she's done, but still loves her anyway. These two will always be on my fave list, even if they never make their romantic way back to one another.

Phyllis has practically made a career out of going after other people's men. Years were spent manipulating men, women, and DNA results in her hot pursuit of a Cricket-loving Danny. Then more years competing for Nick's love, before finally shedding her Stepford wife persona. Now she's on the loose again, but it's anybody's guess whether she'll return to Jack or use Deacon to repair her bruised and battered heart.

But while the direction of Phyllis' romantic future might be up for debate, the objects of her future rage might be a little easier to pick out. Nick "the jerk" as she now refers to him, will undoubtedly be one. And Adam will clearly be another. I must admit, after years of listening to her shout Sharon's name in capital letters during her many tiresome tirades at Nick, I'm looking forward to the bad in her coming out. If anyone can beat Adam at his sick and sadistic games, Phyllis is the one woman who can probably accomplish that feat. With one hand tied behind her back.

Speaking of Adam, am I the only fan who would feel little sympathy if he treated Skye the way he's treated other women gullible enough to fall for his dubious charms? Or maybe it's just me who finds her abrasive, controlling, and unlikable, and is already tired of her wild-eyed rants about Sharon. What did she expect? She paid for Adam with her ill-gotten, cheating-at-cards gains, knowing he was madly in love (or what passes for love with Adam) with another woman. So perhaps, instead of being all bent out of shape toward Sharon, she should swat herself a few times with the stupid stick.

Oh what a pair are Chance and Heather! Unfortunately, I don't mean that in a very good way. Although I would like to, I find it hard to muster up much empathy for either of them. What a couple of low-wattage bulbs. For all the bumbling errors these two have made, I have no choice but to relegate them to two stools in the corner, pointed dunce caps jammed on their heads. Must a house fall on their heads before they at least consider that Pomerantz could be the one with the dirty hands?

When it comes to Chance, though, the one thing I do feel sorry about is his imminent departure. I don't know if Ronan is a short-term or long-term addition to Genoa City society, but of Nina's two sons, I much prefer Chance, even though I thought Ronan had more chemistry with Chloe. It seems the scribes brought Chance to life before really figuring out exactly how they wanted to play him. A virginal, straight-shooter, who suddenly and uncharacteristically fell into bed with Heather, with his fiancée practically close enough to hear his moans of arousal? Just my opinion, but it seems like so much more could have been done with this character.

Christine and Paul or Paul and Nina. I'm beginning to wonder if there will ever be a woman for Paul. Time after time, he's given the girl only to have her snatched away and handed to someone else. I understand that Nina is upset to learn that Paul and Chris have unresolved feelings, but really, what did she expect? I realize there's a shortage of available men in this town, but, just my worthless opinion, she should have never set her sights on her best friend's ex.

As for Christine, life in D.C. must have altered her pristine morals a bit. Since her return to Genoa City, she's really been belting back the booze, hasn't she? And what the heck was up with that extremely lengthy public display of a liplock with Nick?

Lauren and Jill. Poor Lauren. I thought having a dysfunctional mother-daughter relationship with Joanna was enough of a cross for the woman to bear. Now she has to be linked eternally by blood with the likes of jealous, greedy, grasping, extremely insecure, Jill too. Never happy with anyone or anything for longer than a nanosecond, Jill always has to be in complete control and will step on anyone in the way of something she wants. And, unfortunately, she always wants something. Jill has sued her way into Katherine's, John's, and now Lauren's fortune. Lauren has her work cut out for her in this battle with her sister. Fenmore's will never be the same.

Cane and Lily. These two frequently send me off into a fit of giggles for the oddest reasons. Does anyone else think Cane feels silly sometimes, stuck with supportively following Lily about, mimicking her every move? As they moved in tandem around the nursery checking on the twins last week, I about split my side with laughter. Lily looked at Charlie, Cane floated behind her doing the same. Then they repeated the action with Matilda, first Lily, then Cane. Then Lily tiptoed to the door, Cane practically tramping on her heels. I'm glad the two are a happy couple, but enough with Cane being Lily's second shadow. It's boring. On another note, I know I've said it before, but when did Lily become the matriarch of this family? I have nothing against Lily, but the members of the Winters family and Cane deserve more than just existing to prop up Lily.

Jack and Victor. These two will always be good together, although I don't know who is better at playing the point the finger game. Both blame the other for any wrong done. Jack ridicules Victor's plans, yet he has fared no better than Victor when it comes to making Adam pay for the dirt he's done. On top of that, Jack talks as if he's had no hand in helping Adam become the demon he is today.

Nick and Adam. I love watching these two snarl and snap at one another. But Adam has to be handed at least a couple of defeats or it's just no fun to watch.

The foursome of Billy, Victoria, Heather, and Rafe is an interesting friendship that I am thoroughly enjoying. Genoa City needs more of this.

Abby and Daniel, and Mac and J.T. are neck and neck as the pairs I like the least. When Abby isn't taking off her clothes for the paparazzi, I like her, especially with her family, but for some inexplicable reason, I find Daniel more than a little bit annoying.

Likewise for the goody-goody twosome of Mac and J.T. Mac, on her self-sacrificing own, is bad enough, but coupled with the often-judgmental J.T., I fear I might go blind from the glare of their halos.

And lastly, Meggie and Shaw and Nikki and Victor. I feel nothing but bad vibes from this slithering snake in the grass. First of all, I still suspect she might be Skye's mother. Second, I find it hard to believe Shaw showing up at Crimson Lights was a coincidence. Third, if she's what she claims, why is she always lurking on the stairs or nearby, eavesdropping and butting into the Newman conversations? I think this woman is up to nothing good, and I can't believe the Newmans have been so quick to take her at face value. Something tells me they are going to learn that their gullible good deed will not go unpunished.

Until my next time in this space, hope you enjoy what your fellow fans sent to the e-box.

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  • I have watched Y&R since the day it began and have to say whoever has been doing the writing for the show for the last two years is driving it right into the ground. They make the characters look like people without any common sense let alone a brain. These are people who have built empires but they continue to be hoodwinked by the likes of Adam who never seemed very smart to me in the first place. ... Every week the story goes more and more downhill. The writers seem to get special glee out of putting the characters' lives together to give us a glimpse of reality and normal adult behavior only to throw the baby out with the bath water and make a total complete mess and wreck of the whole show. -- Cathy

  • I cannot believe Adam getting away with everything he has done! Redemption is not coming across. I understand the court was presented with no physical evidence of the things Adam has done, and everybody just made accusations (even if they were correct statements), and thus it may have seemed like people were picking on Adam. The one thing that has bothered me was the fact that nobody has looked into tapes at the mental hospital proving that Adam took Faith from Dr. Taylor and gave Faith to Ashley. This would prove his guilt! They have already admitted there is security footage at the hospital in the Patty storyline, so why are they not looking into tapes to put away Adam? Maria needs to include more logical sense in her stories. I enjoy the fact Hope is haunting Adam - maybe she will turn Adam around! -- Dustin

  • Sharon's attracted to Adam because he's hot and sexy and Sharon always thinks with her nether regions. I want Adam to stick around because the Newmans are obnoxious. Why is Victor remembering his own saintly dealings with the dastardly Adam? This viewer remembers Victor, Nikki, Nicholas, and Victoria being absolutely awful to Adam right from his first step into Newmanland. Adam didn't have a chance and then he falls for the gorgeous, but weak witted, Sharon who doesn't have the sense the Good Lord gave a stone. I'll be sorry when Chance goes. There was such fertile soil in which to grow the story of the returning, virginal Iraq veteran and the writers turned Chance into a dolt, and a stupid one at that. I am very sad about the way his character was screwed up. I hope Phyllis comes back with an edge again. I was sorry when she became a Stepford Wife. The real Phyllis would never tell Sharon about Faith's true identity, and would have encouraged the romance between Sharon and Adam. -- Veronica

  • I have to admit to really liking Adam. I tend to always like the bad guys, and he's awesome at it. Besides, anyone who has spent any time watching Y&R knows that they always reform their bad guys. Remember the evil Michael Baldwin? Or Kevin. He did try to kill Colleen. And Victor used to be king evil. Off the subject of badness I have to comment on Christine. Please tell me she is not back for good! I have never liked her and her golden goodness is sickening. I mean come on, she never does anything wrong and even when she does, it is explained away. Argh! -- Mike

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