Genoa City's gold nuggets

by Nita
For the Week of September 6, 2010
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Genoa City's gold nuggets
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In this, what seems to be the year of the black-hearted villain, sometimes it's easy to lose sight of the good and fairly decent dwellers of Genoa City.

In this, what seems to be the year of the black-hearted villain, sometimes it's easy to lose sight of the good and fairly decent dwellers of Genoa City. Now, I grant you there doesn't seem to be very many Genoa Citians who aren't either jumping in and out of the arms of related individuals, or spending every waking moment consumed with complicated schemes to do someone or their reputation irreparable harm. But looking closely, I managed to find a couple of what I call Genoa City's gold nuggets.

Number one on my short, most favorite list is Kevin Fisher. I love this gold nugget to death. But when Kevin first appeared on the canvas, with his pronounced penchant for the pubescent, and his fascination with flickering flames, I hated him with a passion usually reserved for a real person. I was convinced there weren't any lines the scribes could write that would win me over to his side of the fence. Needless to say, I have since changed my mind.

As Kevin, Greg Rikaart is superb and there seems to be no limit to his impressive acting range. He even managed to turn in some shining performances in the midst of the mindless muck of the silver chipmunk storyline. Among some of my personal favorites: the aftermath of his jailhouse blanket beat down, his touching determination to find Mrs. Chancellor, his devotion to his monotone missus after her kidnapping ordeal, and just about any time Kevin has been called upon to be a loyal friend or supportive family member.

Kevin got plenty of enthusiastic pumps from my pompoms this past week for the gentleness with which he handled Jana and their divorce papers. Just my worthless opinion, but she got much better than she deserved considering the callous way she treated Kevin. I know her unfeeling behavior was allegedly due to her aneurysm, but the scribes rather ruined that scenario when they typed in her feelings for Ryder.

I found myself on my feet, pompoms in the air yet again, when Kevin lent his supportive shoulder to gal pal Chloe. I know she and Ronan just did the quick and lusty sofa sweat fest, but judging by Kevin's sweet and complimentary comments to Chloe, he seems already half-captivated by her. I know I'm only one vote, but my fingers are crossed that Kevin and Chloe might get a chance to spread their romantic wings and soar together. I think they would be surprisingly good.

Coincidentally, Chloe is currently at the number two spot on my golden nugget list. I didn't like her much in her role as Billy's near-stalker, detested her mean-girl treatment of Lily, and was completely revolted by her pretend sexual tryst and subsequent trickery of Cane, but like Kevin, she, too, has won my heart over time. So in whose arms will the diminutive diva eventually wind up? Kevin's or Ronan's? Although she's already exhibited Jerry Springer guest-like behavior by sharing her party favors with her ex-fiancÚ's brother, it can almost be completely forgiven because of Chance's betrayal with Heather. Involving Chloe with Ronan will also continue to ruffle Nina's feathers, providing her with unlimited opportunities to pierce Chloe's soft skin with painful verbal jabs about the brotherly sharing. Or Chloe could win Nina over forever by being the bridge between mother and son.

Speaking of Nina's sons, with Chance due to ride off into the sunset, either by real or staged death, will Ronan eventually become a gold nugget? He's already evolved from bad cop to good FBI agent. Thanks to Chloe's digging, we can probably assume much of Ronan's abrasiveness is due to his feelings about his mother and brother's absence in his life. The brother I'm certain he will save, although in soap-like fashion, few will probably be aware of that fact for a while.

Michael Baldwin and Gloria Fisher are gold nuggets number three and four. His sexual harassment and Christine-obsessed past far, far behind him, Michael has become the perfect brother, son, husband, father, and lawyer. Any scene between Michael and Kevin is still must-watch TV. As for Gloria, there is little trace today of the classless woman who once used air freshener as a personal hygiene product, and had little regard for anyone save herself. I like the way she's now quick to go to bat for her sons and family and have come to enjoy just about all of her antics. Husband, Jeffrey, as her comedic, but devoted sidekick, is almost always good for a chuckle as well.

Once a gold nugget, but currently not, is Jana. Has anyone else noticed she has taken to rubbing her temples again? It seems like each time things go awry in this woman's life, her head starts pounding again. A tumor, an aneurysm, what will be the next excuse for her unlawful or murderous behavior? Ripping up magazine covers, obtaining a job at Delia's day care. What's going on in her dysfunctional brain now? Is she about to start stalking Kevin or Chloe? Kidnap little Delia? Kevin didn't go all psycho stalker on her when she cruelly dumped him for Ryder. I didn't feel one bit sorry for her while she whimpered and whined about wanting her life back. Too bad, so sad. Not! I know Kevin might forgive and forget what she's done eventually, maybe even take her back, but if he does, I hope that doesn't happen for a very long time.

And while I'm on the subject of Jana's new job, only in Genoa City would someone be hired, even on a voluntary basis, to work with children without a background check. Especially at a day care attended by the children of Genoa City's elite. Shaking my head in resigned disbelief at this one.

It's highly unlikely Meggie will ever be a gold nugget. Even if you don't care for Nikki, it would still be hard to root for Meggie. She is the worst kind of villain. One who wants to destroy someone who has shown them nothing but kindness. And what makes her even more despicable, is the fact that she seems to really be getting great pleasure in torturing her victim.

Having said that, though, I can't help but place a minute amount of responsibility for what's happening on Nikki's shoulders. Given all they have been through, separately and together, when are certain Genoa Citians going to start paying attention? When strange things start to happen, no matter how many times they have had their fingers burned, they remain blind and trusting toward people they have known no longer than Pat stayed in the Army. And that was supposedly only until he heard the first gunshot. And besides that, I'm with fan Barbara below. Who the heck can't taste vodka in their drink, no matter how fruity it might be? But, I did find myself caught up in helpless laughter, when Nikki tasted that smoothie and cooed: Oooh, this is delicious.

Billy and Victoria continue to be gold nuggets. Although he had my heart plummeting for a moment while he tried to drink away his expectant baby fear, he soon had it pounding with approval again with his down on one knee, sweet proposal to Victoria. It's a couple formula that works, especially with the Hatfield-McCoy-like conflict. I also get quite a chuckle out of Victor and Jack's disapproval. Funny how they both have so much to say about the inappropriateness of a Newman-Abbott relationship now. Where was that dialogue when they were the Newman or Abbott hitching their covered wagon to their enemy's horse? I'm glad Billy and Victoria are such a hit, and I love that he brings out Victoria's carefree, giggly side, but scribes, it won't hurt a bit if you dial her down just a notch or two. And, please, let her comb her hair!

Mr. J is for Judgmental T. Hellstrom's gold nugget status is a little tarnished these days. So quick to look down his haughty nose at Victoria, but just how is what he's doing with Mac so much better? In my opinion, worse, because though he claims to love live-in Mac, she must still be on probationary status -- good enough to share his bed and help mother his son -- but apparently not quite good enough to wear his engagement ring.

No gold nugget right now is Jack Abbott for his self-serving use of another of his nieces in his quest for one-upmanship of Victor Newman. I found it quite cowardly of Jack to issue instructions then run for cover, leaving his inexperienced niece to beard the Victor lion in his den with little more than a limp switch to battle him with.

On the other hand, temporary gold nugget status for Skye for finally showing Adam how awful it tastes to be fed a cupful of his own bad medicine. Even if it's only temporary, it's been lovely watching Adam on the receiving end for a change. The battle for supremacy between these two should be a joy to watch.

And lastly, I'll turn my attention to Phyllis' real home wreckers of Genoa City blog. How amusing that the head home wrecker in town should be the author of a blog pointing breakup fingers at all others. As usual, Phyllis looks in the fun house mirror but fails to see her own face staring back at her. With the baby she began with another woman's husband, the who's its daddy mini-drama, the DNA results she's altered, the lies she's told, the tricks she's tried, she's no better (nor worse) than those she blogged about. The woman who just had against-the-dumpster lust/hate sex with the man who tried to frame her beloved boy has the gall to talk trash about her fellow female counterparts. Wonder what Daniel would think of that?

So, that's my current take on some things Genoa City. Here are some of yours.

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  • Like other Y&R fans, I have to admit liking Adam - not his deeds, but him. He is interesting, and a heck of a lot smarter than Nick or Victoria (though isn't she a lot more fun since she's hooked up with Billy?). Anyway, I'm hoping it turns out Adam did not off Hightower (so that he can be kept around), but also that he doesn't turn goody two-shoes (keep him manipulating!). Y&R needs a villain that even Victor can't control (note to writers: Victor winning every battle every time is getting very, very, very boring), and Adam is just the man to pull it off, especially with his one soft spot, Sharon. And Sharon's a heck of a lot more interesting with Adam than she is with Nick. Her thing for Adam is dangerous, crazy, and hot sexy - but with Nick, it's really not there anymore. Sometimes you can't put it back together. So keep Adam, keep him tricky and dangerous, and keep him slick. - Eve

  • Regarding sneaking vodka into Nikki's drink, you can taste vodka. Love Victoria and Billy together. J.T. should grow up. Jill as Lauren's sister? No way. Jill is a sour hateful person. -- Barbara

  • I have watched Y&R for around 25 years now and the one character I love to see is Jill. She is absolutely the most interesting person on that show. And a quick comment on Lauren, give her hell, Jill. -- David

  • I found the 8/30 episode to one of the best in months. It was hilarious. I love Phyllis' crazy side and the interaction/rivalry between Lauren and Jill is too cute! Even the name calling between Victoria, Mac and Chloe was great. I wished the scene had gone on longer Hoping Sharon remains the cool collected one while Phyllis continues to lose it. Love Villy (Vicky and Billy). Meggie is evil. Feeling bad for Adam. I was really hoping he'd get the upper hand somehow, but he just keeps getting kicked down by everyone. The almighty Newmans have won again! Arghh! -- Kallie

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