Goodbye Chance

by Nita
For the Week of September 20, 2010
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Goodbye Chance
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As many fans had already figured out, Phillip Chancellor IV can still be counted among the living.

As many of us had already figured out, either through spoilers. or due to our own knowledge of how soap things often work out, Phillip Chancellor IV can still be counted among the living. When Ronan and Chance met a couple of weeks ago, the two brothers apparently concocted their own plan to catch Owen and his crew of corrupt cops. Even without spoiler knowledge, most fans were highly suspicious of the speed with which Chance was shot by Ronan, then pronounced dead and covered by the EMT workers. Many speculated that they may have been part of a pre-planned plot. Clearly, since Chance is not dead, they must have been.

Despite the probability that Chance's death would turn out to be a hoax, the week was still outstanding as family, friends, and current and ex-lovers reacted to Chance's death. Nina was extremely believable as a grief-stricken, inconsolable mother, shrieking her anguish and devastation. Discovering almost simultaneously that Chance had been killed by his long-missing brother was a double whammy that might have sent many another mother completely around the bend, but Nina took that blow as well, carried presumably by her rage that Ronan had murdered Chance out of hatred and resentment. She was also excellent in her anger at Christine (so much so, that I almost felt sorry for Chris) who she believes contributed to her son's death with her secrets, but I'm guessing all will now be forgiven since Chance isn't dead.

Now that Nina knows Chance is alive, it will be interesting to watch her future interactions with Ronan. The brothers went to a lot of trouble to make everyone believe Chance had died in the mini gun battle. If they meant for everyone to know the truth, there would have been no reason for the continued secrecy, and Chance could have shown his face at his own funeral when Owen and company were arrested. So, presumably, to ensure any other bad guys remain unaware Chance is still breathing, Nina will have to hide her love for Ronan from everyone except Phillip and Chris. Can she keep that secret, especially from Paul? And if she can't, will he be able to keep it from the new acting District Attorney, his daughter? Speaking of that appointment, I just know I couldn't have been the only fan to fall on the floor in derisive laughter at that one. Has Heather ever even won a single case?

Chloe's grief and anger was great to watch, as well, although it would have been easier for this fan to buy had she not slept with Ronan. Yes, part of that sofa sojourn with Ronan was undoubtedly due to her rage and jealousy because Chance had tripped and accidentally fallen into Heather's arms (more than once), but she was clearly also intrigued and attracted to her former fiancé's brother. With Chance now off the table, will she eventually turn back to Ronan, even knowing he allegedly killed Chance, or will she find the comfort she seeks in Kevin's arms? I know a lot of fans would like to see her and Kevin's relationship remain platonic, but not me, my fingers are crossed for a romance between these two.

Jill was wonderful this week as well. Most often exhibiting her abrasive, obnoxious, greedy, grasping, and insecure side, the view of Jill on display during this crisis is the reason I can never completely detest her. Understanding and empathetic, she shined in her interactions with her family and in her conversation with Victor. She had only kind and complimentary words for Nina, and was thoroughly enjoyable to watch. The momentary return to the other Jill with her sarcastic comment to Michael about Lauren's absence was her only misstep and was easily forgivable.

Even Ronan was watchable as he visibly reacted to most Genoa Citians' cutting condemnation of him. Despite his treatment of Chloe after they slept together, it's obvious he cares more for her than he is willing to admit or show. But unless he decides to let her in on the secret that Chance isn't dead, at the moment there doesn't seem much hope they can build a relationship that isn't made up mostly of rancor. What is Ronan's future in Genoa City anyway? Both the spoilers and fan guesses have been pretty quiet on that question so far. Will he disappear along with Chance, or will he be sticking around?

As for Chance, I'm satisfied with the way the scribes ushered him out of Genoa City, because the door was left wide open for a possible future return. I had nothing against the actor, but the character turned out to be a dud. However good he might have looked on paper when he was originally conceived, the good intentions failed to come through once he'd been given life. An upstanding, virginal young man, willing to fight for his country, who fell for and proposed to the first woman he experienced in that special, umm, carnal way. The perfect son to his mother, a forgiving son to his father, and the kind of stepfather any woman would kill for. Not to mention his devotion to duty in Genoa City and on distant shores. Who could ask for anything more in a man?

So, why did this character come across as not only boring, but bumbling as well? I wasn't sitting at the scribes' table when they were brainstorming Chance, so maybe the end result was their original intention. Will a new and improved Chance return from the Witness Protection Program in the future, much like Adam left and quickly returned? Only he was definitely not improved. I guess time and spoilers will eventually tell.

Moving on to another family, it will likely be quite a while before all is well within the Newman clan. First, we have Meggie spiking Nikki's drinks with the new undetectable, apparently tasteless brand of alcohol on sale on every Genoa City liquor store shelf. Of course, now that the taste for strong drink is back on Nikki's tongue, Meggie probably can simply sit back and watch her unravel, since Nikki is now pouring her own drinks.

Second, there is Victoria. Fueled by her love for her latest lawfully-wedded husband, she's likely not going to quickly forgive and forget what Daddy has done this time. She faced a possible 20 years in the slammer for doing Daddy's dirty work. No matter that he's already called off the Justice Department, instructing them to white out Victoria's name and type in his on the dotted line. In Victoria's mind, the damage has already been done. I did find it funny that while Victoria was supposedly looking at 20 years for the bribe, Victor, a repeat offender when it comes to bribery, will only be subjected to a hefty fine for the same offense.

I am really looking forward to all the directions in which this particular storyline can turn. Will Victoria wound Victor where he will really feel the greatest pain, not in his bottomless checking account, but in his business? Will she take Tucker up on his offer to work for him? And if she does, will she bring Beauty of Nature knowledge with her? Unfortunately, I've heard rumblings of some sad news in Victoria's immediate future, and I have a sinking sensation in my tummy as to what that might refer to. Whatever happens, though, it seems clear Victoria won't be coming back to Newman any time soon and there doesn't seem to be any way Victor can talk or buy his way back into her good graces.

Victoria won't be the only disobedient thorn in Victor's side. Billy is not planning to lie down and let the mustache walk all over him either. Billy remains my hero for bravely standing up and giving Victor a piece of his mind every time Victor crosses the line. Victor doesn't even bother to knock him down anymore, apparently realizing he's only going to leap up and get right back into his face. Billy and Victor have become one of the best couples in Genoa City and I look forward to either more battles between the two or Victor's grudging acceptance of, maybe even respect for, Billy. It was hysterically funny to hear Victor calling Billy a womanizer and more. Given his own extremely checkered past, where in the world does pot Victor get off pointing his crooked finger at kettle Billy? By the way, I loved the way Billy managed to thwart Victor's evil wedding day plans. I had to hit my mute button so my captioning feature would turn on to hear what he was actually saying, but when I did, I was on my feet cheering him on.

And last, but certainly not least in Victor's world of coming torment, will probably be Abby. Fear of Victor's retaliation may have temporarily caused Abby to back off her lawsuit, but this is Victor we're talking about, so I don't expect her decision to stick. Does any fan really expect Abby will get anything even close to what she wants from Victor? It's Victor's financial way or the highway leading to the poor house. I'm guessing it's only a matter of time before attorney Vance goes back on retainer.

Finally, on to a third family of Genoa City facing future drama and trauma and doom and gloom. The Winterses. Can you believe that yet another crisis is looming over Lily and her family? Well, of course you can, because if you've been watching Genoa City things for any length of time, in particular, Genoa City things having to do with the Winters family, you know that for Lily, crises, looming or otherwise, are an ongoing way of her life. It's not that I don't like the poor, little lass, but I'm way past tired of the never-ending cycle that puts Lily in the middle of a raging storm with her family circling her in protection. If I were to enumerate all the calamities that have befallen this character since she returned from Paris, I'd need to write a whole 'nother column. Just for something different, I'd like to see the Winterses deal with something that wasn't all about her Grace. I mean Lily. And I don't mean something that has Neil lusting after his brother's woman (please say he won't start hankering after Sofia) or involved in a relationship every fan knows good and darn well isn't going to amount to a hill of beans (Victoria or Ashley, just to name an obvious two).

Anyway, the looming crisis I'm referring to has to do with whoever seems to be watching the Ashbys, or at the moment, their house. It likely has to do with Cane and the cattle rustlers or whoever else might be in his past and want to do him harm, but I would almost be willing to bet my next paycheck that although it might start out being about Cane, it will probably end up being ... yep, you guessed it ... all about Lily. I'm already on my knees in prayer that I will be wrong.

So much for the past week. I'm looking forward to whatever else the future has in store for my favorite fictional folks. Until I return, please enjoy the opinions of your equally addicted fellow fans.

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  • I am a recovering alcoholic. Trust me, there is NO WAY someone could slip a little vodka into my ginger ale or iced tea and I wouldn't notice it. After 7-and-1/2 years, I can pick that stuff out a mile away on my husband's breath, LOL. Never mind in my own cup! Y&R has always been the least campy of the soaps and I expect more from them. -- Kelly

  • I love the couple of Billy and Victoria. In fact, they are the only couple I do like. Abbey is adorable. Everyone loves Marcy Rylan. The girl can act. And the same goes for our new Ronan. He's a keeper. But Heather needs to go to B&B. Because I don't watch it. -- Kat

  • What is it with these writers? They always ruin a good thing by letting the good actors go and keeping the ones that need to go. Chance should be staying, Heather should be leaving. Chance was a great actor. -- Toni

  • Nita, as you know, I am a Victor fan. I love his "I ain't afraid of nobody -- bring it on" attitude. As a Victor fan, while I may like him, I don't always like the things he does, nor do I make excuses for the bad things he does, especially to his own family. This latest bad thing, having Victoria arrested for bribery, is just inexcusable! So what if he doesn't like Billy. What exactly does he think he is going to accomplish by having Victoria arrested? And once he comes to his senses and sees the harm he has really done to her, does he really think that the bribery charges will be dropped just like that with just a simple phone call or plea? That's not how the criminal justice system works. As much as I like Victor, I hope Victoria gets a good lawyer, sings like a canary and it ends up being Victor, not Victoria, going to jail! -- Carolyn

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