Reunited, and it feels so good

For the Week of October 11, 2010
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Reunited, and it feels so good
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Welcome to the wacky world of soaps, when the happiest of storyline developments is flipped over and conflict emerges!

For a minute there at the very end of Friday's episode of The Young and the Restless, the ebullient Phyllis and Jack were dancing in the courtyard outside Jack's house, and it was just lovely. Like a scene from a Fred Astaire-Ginger Rogers movie, if Fred and Ginger were in color and really didn't know how to dance. Still, Jack and Phyllis were happy and in love, and if you've ever felt that kind of romantic bliss, you know that it's an intoxicating feeling they were enacting. But, then, there was that fly in the ointment moment when Jack noticed his ex, Diane Jenkins, was watching them. Hello! What are you doing back in town?

Welcome to the wacky world of soaps, when the happiest of storyline developments is flipped over and conflict emerges! Do you think Phyllis is not going to be threatened by Diane's return to Genoa City? Do you think that Phyllis will react like a secure, well-adjusted adult? Do you know that I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn? You can have it cheap! Yes, yes, yes, Phyllis is going to have a meltdown about Diane's return. And it may not be an isolated meltdown. As portrayed by the comely and talented Maura West, I expect Diane to be a pain in the butt for quite a few ladies in GC. Phyllis will have plenty to write about in her blog.

It might be time for Victor to start a blog. He could call it "Newman Rules," and he could try to explain to his progeny why they must listen to everything he says and do exactly as he tells them to. Seriously, for a man as accomplished and successful as Victor Newman, when will he ever learn diplomacy? I get that it's not in his DNA to back down, but he really needs to see Victoria and Abby - but especially Victoria - as they are. Victoria's not a child anymore.

I admit that Victor's peace offering sounded good. I was surprised that Victoria rejected it so quickly. But there is a principle at stake here. Working for Newman Enterprises, as Victor offered his daughters, would be returning to Victor's world and submitting to his authority. It was peace on Victor's terms. It would also be subject to Victor's whims. A week after giving Abby the right to start an entertainment division, he could have vetoed every show she wanted to produce. For Victoria, it would be back under Daddy's thumb at Beauty of Nature. What would have changed?

And the bottom line is that Victor broke the rules by using Newman funds to pay his bribery fines. He had to get the board to approve that expenditure, and he didn't. It may be his company and his money, but it was his choice to give shares to Abby and Victoria. With those shares came power, and by not including them in his decision, Victor opened himself up to this action. He's his own arrogant worst enemy. Victor can rail against Tucker and Jack, but his choices that created this mess.

Since I'm beating up on Victor, he also needs a smack for bringing Meggie into Nikki's life. Thanks for that, Vic - she's a real peachy character. Of course, we're now finding out that there's more to Meggie than the bar in Ottawa. Sure, we've seen her as a sneak and a saboteur with the booze, but what she did to Murphy was vicious. Judging by that photo of her with Murphy on her cell, I'm guessing that Meggie is related to Murphy, or related to someone who was related to Murphy. Any way you slice it, Meggie is out to kill Murphy before he can reveal who she really is.

But didn't Paul do a background check on Meggie? Hasn't she been checked out? It baffles me that something as simple as a fingerprint hasn't been taken to determine Meggie's true identity. She's living in Victor's home! Remember how shabbily Victor and Ashley treated Rafe's Aunt Estella when they suspected her of the Sabrina haunting? She'd been with the family for years, right? So here's the point, anyone coming into the ranch to work after Estella should be scrutinized right down to her blood type. For Meggie to just be accepted at face value is ridiculous.

Kay has real worry on her hands with Murphy now. Happiness is probably not in the cards for future storytelling purposes. But wasn't it weird how nasty Kay was to Jill the other day? Really, was that how she truly feels about Jill? And Kay was pretty chilly to Tucker when he showed up at the hospital. Talk about conflicted feelings! Would Kay have been happier if Jill and Tucker had not bothered to show up at all?

While everyone showing up at the hospital was understandable, the turnout for Daniel's art show was really impressive considering that nobody even knew he was having an opening. Nice of the writers to tip that one off, don't you think? What, they couldn't have hyped it a bit while everyone was milling around the Harvest Festival? I'm not sure what the show accomplished other than convincing us that Daniel's a genius. And we learned that Noah's a rock star. That's going to be his new profession, right? Where's Danny Romalotti to give him some career advice?

There was one story that Maria Arena Bell got right this past week and that was remembering Colleen's death. Not only was the character mourned by her family, she was also remembered by Lily and Mac. And for sheer depth of character, we know now that Abby has been profoundly affected by her sister's death. That's good storytelling. She should be scarred by the loss of her sister, especially given the circumstances that included her father receiving Colleen's heart. Abby's reaction to Jack and Victor's fight in the hospital was right-on! And good for Jack to admit to Phyllis that he'd been wrong to bait Victor in front of Abby and on the anniversary of Colleen's death.

Billy is the other character who's changed a lot since Colleen's death. The marriage to Victoria has changed him even more. Billy is much more sensitive that most other characters know. On the other hand, Adam is a complete basket case. Why did he make love to Skye after the Harvest Festival? Why did Skye even want to do the deed with him under those circumstances? How desperate is she? You just know that Adam was imagining the whole time that it was Sharon in his arms. He can't get over her.

One last thought: I'm confused about Kevin. Why is he doing something illegal with Jeffrey? Kevin needs money, yes, but after all the Silver Chipmunk nonsense and his history for courting trouble, why would he step back into a mess this time with his eyes wide open? Is this a fatal flaw in his character? Does he think being in the money will impress Chloe? It just seems like a dumb move by a character who should know better.

Here are some letters from the mailbox - keep 'em coming, fans!

  • Loving Billy and Victoria storyline. It's sweet, edgy, respectful, playful. I hope the writers keep that train of thought. Jack and Phyllis belong together. Period. -- Dee

  • I want to know how many times will Nikki marry Victor before she realizes he is just a scumbag. He runs his family like he runs his business. And who did not see this new women in his house will become the next Mrs. Victor Newman? Also how is it that Victor is still getting women pragnant. Hello, he had a vasectomy years ago and we never heard any thing about him having it reversed. Even the great Victor must remember that. -- Pie

  • The episode involving the shooting of Chance by his brother and memorial afterward was the best of the soap opera storyline in about a year. -- Bonnie

  • The new Heather has got to go. I liked the first Heather much better than the new one. I fast forward when she comes on. Also, Victoria acts like a stupid school girl when she is with Billy. Bad match those two. -- Jerri

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