Sometimes they just deserve it

by Nita
For the Week of November 15, 2010
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Sometimes they just deserve it
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While it's true that bad things really do sometimes happen to good people through no fault of their own, there are other times when those good people behave so idiotically, they almost deserve whatever they end up getting.

Over the years, there have been plenty of times when I felt sorry for some character as they fought their way through their particular calamity. Outraged on their behalf, I loved their friends and hated their foes. But then there were those other times. When some silly Genoa Citian did something so brainless, instead of feeling their pain, all I could do was shake my head in frustrated disbelief. While it's true that undeserved bad things really do sometimes happen to good people through no fault of their own, there are many other times, especially in this town, when those good people behave so idiotically, they almost deserve whatever they end up getting.

Like Nikki. Not for her an entire carton of Häagen-Dazs to ease her heartbreak. Or heaven forbid that she should deal with her pain the way many other women do, you know, by throwing themselves on their beds and soaking their pillow with salty tears. No, instead, about one second after she learns of Victor's alleged nuptials; she's seeking sexual solace with Deacon. Couldn't she have waited at least five minutes for the news to sink in before she began thrashing about on the satiny sheets? There was already an ick factor built into any dalliance with Deacon. After all, he was a man treat already nibbled on by her daughter. And her former daughter-in-law as well. I know the man pickings are slim in this town, but Deacon Sharpe? At the rate he's sexing his way through the ranks of disillusioned Genoa City women, he will have bedded them all before long.

Anyway, normally my loyalties would have lain with Nikki and against Victor for the harsh way he dealt with her, but I really can't blame him for feeling so through with her after catching her wrapped in Deacon's arms for the second time. The women in this town sure believe in moving on with lightning speed. I thought jumping into the sack with Deacon was a bonehead move on Nikki's part and was as unmoved by her penitent tears and hysterical wailing as Victor was. Like I said, sometimes, they just deserve it.

By the way, I loved Victoria and Nick's on-the-mark reaction to the news that Nikki shared her cookies with Deacon. Especially Nick, who looked as if he wanted to hurl at the thought of his mother in Deacon's arms.

Next on my "sometimes they just deserve it" list is a threesome made up of Phyllis, Kevin, and Jana. For this trio, I will mangle a well-known cliché to describe my feelings for their behavior: fool me once, shame on you, trick me again, well, I guess I'm the brainless boob.

First, let me say that I absolutely, positively loathe everything about Daisy. Even though I knew better, I really tried to convince myself we had seen the last of her crafty face and would hear no more lying words from her lips. But alas, I was wrong. She's back, and she's got an ace up her sleeve, or in her case, in her belly. She claims the baby is Daniel's, which seems impossible to me. But, this is Genoa City, where, when it comes to DNA testing, anything is possible.

So, if Daniel is the daddy, what does Phyllis plan to do? Daisy helped kidnap two women and had she not been foiled, would have helped murder them both. Not to mention that Phyllis herself could have been a rotting skeleton buried six feet underground if Daisy and Mama Bear's plot had gone as planned. Now, just because she might be carrying Daniel's child, she should, what, be handed a "get out of jail free" card?

Then there's Kevin. Claiming bad-seed Ryder as his kin ultimately cost Kevin his marriage, but did that teach him anything? Not as far as I can tell, judging from the way he already seems to be softening toward his evil sister.

And lastly, there is Jana. Apparently she's not nearly as traumatized by her stint as exotic animal at the defunct zoo as we thought; I can't believe she'd give credence to anything that came out of Daisy's mouth. I guess she'd consider pretending the whole cage thing never happened if it put Kevin back in her bed.

Thankfully, Lauren seems to have learned from her mistakes with Daisy, but, my goodness, am I the sole fan who has really had enough of Lauren and all her cowering? Yes, what happened to her was horrifying and something I wouldn't have wished on my worst enemy. And, yes, I know anxiety is a real disorder and I don't mean to make light of those who might suffer from it in real life, but I can't help it, I'm sick to death of Lauren's nervous Nelly routine. It's time for her to stop hiding behind Michael, Fen, and double-bolted doors and fight Daisy's fire with a hot blaze of her own.

Another round of heartfelt thank yous to Victor. Way to go, Victor, for turning the tables and beating Meggie at her own diabolical game. So it turns out Victor wasn't the first man Meggie targeted. Heather had no problem finding out Meggie had murdered before and was wanted in several states, so why did Paul and Michael's search come up empty? Of course, we are talking about Paul a.k.a. Clueless, so I shouldn't be surprised. At any rate, though it happened with lightning speed, I'm thrilled Meggie's reign is over. Best of luck to her on Skating with the Stars. I can't honestly say I will miss her.

Normally, I am not a Phyllis fan. The only thing that has ever temporarily turned me into at least a partial fan is when the scribes decide to pair her with Jack. I have always liked these two together, one reason being that knowing each other's biggest flaws hasn't stopped them from loving each other anyway. Even without being a Phyllis fan, I don't blame her for smearing Diane. It wasn't as if she made it up. Diane did do all the things Phyllis wrote about and probably a lot more she left out. And if I was Phyllis, I wouldn't be feeling too charitable toward the woman whose lies and manipulations kept me locked up for weeks. Besides, Jack has proven in the past how easily he can be manipulated and roped in by Diane. And judging by that kiss Diane pressed on Jack's lips in the elevator -- a kiss he wasn't hurrying to end by the way -- Diane's obviously debating whether or not it's worth making another play for him.

Which brings me to Jack's other, less likable, side. The one that's judgmental and hypocritical. So Phyllis wrote a tell-all about Diane, and Kyle saw it. Well that's unfortunate, but what about when Jack was co-running the magazine and he came out with his poison pen articles. Did he care if his victims' children read the things he wrote about? Of course not. So I'm a little disappointed in Jack this week. I understand he's trying for Daddy of the Decade, and I would trash talk him if he hadn't stood up for Kyle, but the quickness with which he dispatched Phyllis like she was just some one-night stand he dined and did seemed kind of cold and unfeeling. Now that Jack knows Diane has financial issues, I expect he'll soon be offering her temporary refuge in his home, or paying for a home of her own. Whichever way it goes, the future looks considerably dimmer for Jack and Phyllis. Unfortunately, whatever the outcome, Phyllis was the one who put it all in motion. I hope the cold dish of revenge was as tasty as Phyllis thought it would be.

By the way, though I'm not usually much for kids with bratty behavior, I do have to agree with fan, April, below about the way Kyle dealt with the other woman compared to how Noah seemed to favor Phyllis over his own mother. Good for you, Kyle.

While I'm giving out kudos, an attagirl shout goes out to Abby for bowing out of Daniel's life once Daisy and her oddly bulging belly entered the picture. I don't blame her one bit for jumping out of that sinking ship before her expensive shoes were ruined by incoming saltwater. And after the way Daniel backed away from Amber because of her caring for Deacon's son, I think it couldn't have happened to a more deserving guy.

I know it's mean, but I'm having a great big belly laugh at Lily's expense. How can she not realize something is very, very rotten in Denmark? Cane's ill-at-ease behavior is so obvious, even half-blind Adam should be able to see it very clearly. No matter how many times Lily is lied to, she just never learns, does she?

And lastly, what will be the lesson learned (or not) when it comes to Nick and Sharon? Even after the lovemaking, the ring, and the marriage proposal, this feels far from finished. Sharon clearly has residual feelings for Adam, and if Jack is really done with Phyllis, to whose arms will she run? Nick's? Deacon's? Or someone new? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Well, even though there's still plenty more to dish about, like Adam, Skye, Kevin, Jeff, Hogan, Chloe, and whatever is wrong with Ronan, it's time to return to my real life now, so until my next time in this space, hope you enjoy a few comments from your fellow soap junkies.

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  • I was absolutely furious with J.T. and Mackenzie for ripping Reed away from Victoria! I kept expecting J.T. to relent and decide to let Reed stay in G.C. Or, I thought Billy would somehow convince them to do that. Mac was not innocent in this, either. Usually she would know better. J.T. and Mac consider themselves so holier than thou -- I had to fast forward through their wedding ceremony! I hope neither of them ever come back to G.C., but that Reed does come back to Victoria and soon! -- Emily

  • A couple of things have been bothering me about Y&R. I'm certainly glad that Victor caught on to Meggie in time. However, why didn't he have time to alert Nikki? I can't help wondering whatever happened to the report Paul compiled on Meggie. No one apparently ever read it. Was it possible she covered her tracks so well that Paul couldn't find anything incriminating about her? I am also mystified by the actions of Chloe. Why does she continue to live with Kevin? Why on earth would she not return to the Chancellors and live with Delia and act like a "real" mother? No sensible answer. Her Nancy Drew antics around Kevin are tiresome and preposterous. No reality there at all! -- Diane

  • Wow, Phyllis is her own worst enemy. I guess Kyle is no Noah Newman. You can't just roll all over his mom, and then bake him cookies as a piece offering. I wish someone would write an article on Phyllis and her long history of wrong doing, and then let her precious Summer read it. She is a total hypocrite, but fun to watch. -- April

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