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For the Week of November 22, 2010
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You are entering a dimension not of sight and sound, but one of mind. People who change their minds as arbitrarily as they change their undergarments.

You are entering a dimension not of sight and sound, but one of mind. People who change their minds as arbitrarily as they change their undergarments. People who say one thing on Monday and another thing on Friday. People who confound us to the point of screaming at the television set. Welcome to the Genoa City Twilight Zone!

Okay, for those of you don't remember the show or haven't watched the reruns, Rod Serling hosted a show that had a very skewed look at reality. Last week while watching The Young and the Restless, it seemed like Rod had taken over. How else can you explain some of the wacky swings of emotion, starting with Sharon. Oh, Sharon. Sweet, pretty Sharon. For a minute there, it looked like she was going to get everything she wanted. Nick proposed and offered her the cute engagement ring he'd given her in high school. Sharon was overjoyed and said yes. The morning after, they were still giddy like newlyweds.

Why then did Sharon presumably shoplift the bracelet from Fenmore's? And what was her encounter with Adam really all about? Adam does know how to push her buttons. He said just the right words to undermine her confidence in Nick and their engagement. But here's what was so bizarre to me: why has Sharon suddenly turned into such a flake...again? This makes no sense. For all intents and purposes, Sharon is a rational woman. The last time she had a nervous breakdown, there was a good reason for it. She was pregnant and didn't know who had fathered the kid. Jack was pulling her one way, Nick was unavailable, Billy was a one-night stand. It was no shock that Sharon was a basket case.

But now it's just unbelievable. Could it really be that her heart belongs to Adam? If so, what does that say about Sharon's mind? How can you knowingly allow yourself to be involved with a man who has done heinous things? He may deny it all he wants, but he's a bad guy. He did despicable things to Ashley. He used Patty and then sprung her from the mental institution. He staged his own death. And if he didn't kill Richard Hightower, who did? For Sharon to even consider giving Adam another chance reveals a very screwed up brain.

That wasn't the only Twilight Zone emotional turn. What is going on with Phyllis and Kevin and this unborn baby? Are you kidding me! Kevin thinks he's going to be the baby's guardian? In what universe would the Silver Chipmunk be given a newborn to raise? Or maybe it's Kevin's current status in life by which we should judge his capability? Okay, so that would mean: he's broke, working in a coffee house that he used to own, has been doing work for a bookmaker, and he's living with a single mom who doesn't choose to live with her preschooler. Yes, that's just the kind of man a family judge would choose to hand over a little baby to.

Even more off-the-wall is Phyllis' reaction to Daisy having her grandchild. Phyllis had some flashbacks from the days when she was raising Daniel alone and yearned to be part of a family. Was that why she empathized with Daisy's baby? Was it some ancient emotion kicking in? Frankly, I didn't buy it. Phyllis is playing with dynamite by even thinking of taking in Daisy. Actually, it's not dynamite. It's the hydrogen bomb. Daisy is evil. EVIL! She doesn't deserve any sympathy and she sure can't be trusted out of prison. If she makes it to Phyllis' condo, Phyllis will have to sleep with both eyes open.

It was also pretty insulting the way she treated Daniel. Phyllis implied that Daniel didn't know his own mind. Even if she's right that he might live to regret giving up the child for adoption, his choice was sound. And it would be best for the baby. What makes Phyllis think that she knows what's best? It's not like her track record is so great. Currently, her actions as editor of Restless Style are abominable. The magazine has become her personal slam book. Whenever she's upset about someone, it becomes a cover story! Goodness knows I'm not pro-Diane, but Phyllis really abused her power at the publication to get back at an enemy. It would serve Phyllis right if Diane bought time on television to blast Phyllis for her past sins.

Back to the subject of the weird shifts in emotions, let's talk about Victor. Not only did he spend the week going from nice guy to jerk, but he had no time for Nikki even though he knows that she's in rehab. I know, I know, they had a falling-out, but still. Victor had time for Justin Hightower and could shower the boy with his affection, but Abby's birthday was just another excuse to treat her like dirt. It wasn't her fault that Tucker bought back her horse as a gift. Victor acted as though Abby was rubbing his nose in it when that was far from the truth.

Victor also was kind to Heather, getting her a new job with Michael, but lied to Nick about his secret partnership with Jack. So you see, Victor's about as easy to follow as a labyrinth. At least Jack is predictable. You knew he'd pay Diane's hotel bill, just like you knew he'd make up with Phyllis. And of course he's still thinking that he's going to really take over Jabot again. For a guy who wants to resume that family business, he never actually does any work, does he?

Speaking of business, are we really supposed to believe that Cane is capable of doing his own work as well as the work of a bio-fuels expert without anybody being the wiser? When did Cane become the guy who can do bio-fuel consulting and command top dollar for it? And how many hours a day will he be doing all this work without anybody knowing what he's up to? He's supposedly smart enough to make Tucker and Sofia believe that Blake is a genius, but he's not smart enough to realize how to outwit the Aussies who are out to destroy him? Another thought: if Sofia is as brilliant as Tucker claims she is, why did she hire a consultant without ever meeting him? And she's paying him a small fortune. Hey, I want that job!

There's at least one character that has returned from the dark side. No longer a Twilight Zone character, Jana's brain is back in working order. She didn't fall for Daisy's twisted offer to get Kevin back. Instead, Jana told Daisy that she was going to make her pay for the cruelty she inflicted on Jana last summer. Good for Jana! Now, don't slide back.

Here are some letters from the mailbox -- keep 'em coming, fans!

  • I was absolutely furious with J.T. and Mackenzie for ripping Reed away from Victoria! I kept expecting J.T. to relent and decide to let Reed stay in Genoa City. Or, I thought that Billy would somehow convince them to do that. Mac was not innocent in this either. Usually she would know better. J.T. and Mac consider themselves so holier than thou. I had to fast forward through their wedding ceremony! I hope neither of them EVER come back to G.C., but that Reed does come back to Victoria and SOON! -- Emily

  • Wow, Phyllis is her own worst enemy. I guess Kyle is no Noah Newman. You can't just roll all over his mom, and then bake him cookies as a peace offering. I wish someone would write an article on Phyllis and her long history of wrong doing, and then let her precious Summer read it. She is a total hypocrite, but fun to watch. -- April

  • Hi Allison: I agree with your comments about J.T. and Mac leaving with Reed. The writers had the perfect opportunity to leave him with Victoria: J.T. has a heart ailment that he needed to go away and get rehab for. So he and Mac go off. J.T. knows that he can't properly care for Reed right now, so he leaves him with his Mother. What is the point of leaving Victoria at such a low point right now? She loses her son and has had a recent miscarriage. Most of the viewers love Victoria and Billy...do we need to make trouble for them right now? A real missed opportunity! -- Kathie

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