A Charlie Brown moment

by Nita
For the Week of November 29, 2010
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A Charlie Brown moment
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Don't you feel a little bit like Charlie Brown must have felt when he trusted Lucy to hold that football? Only to have her snatch it away and laugh maniacally as he once again landed flat on his back?

For Nick and Sharon fans, don't you feel a little bit like Charlie Brown must have felt when he trusted Lucy to hold that football? Only to have her snatch it away and laugh maniacally as he once again landed flat on his back? I know I do.

Yes, given the number of years I've seen Sharon climb aboard this particular merry-go-round, I should have known better than to think she was going to be able to keep her grip on Nick's brass ring. Actually, since Nick has flip-flopped between Phyllis and Sharon more than a fish yanked by a sharp hook from water to land, I was still trying to decide if I even wanted them to give their love another go. Even Sharon accepting her old ring and Nick's new proposal wasn't quite enough to make me bury my doubts.

Well, looks like I was right not to wager any of my precious gold coins on their relationship. Because Dorothy has raced off willy-nilly down the yellow brick road. In search of, I presume, the wonderful Wizard of Oz. If any of us are surprised by this turn of events, we darn sure shouldn't be. We should have known the scribes were going to snatch away the football. How many more twists and turns can this convoluted trail to true love take? I'm with fan Esperanza below. Sharon has been wanting this since forever, now everything she's wanted has literally fallen into her lap, and suddenly she's turned klepto and confused again.

Now, don't get me wrong. I understand Sharon would have some doubts about the strength and longevity of Nick's alleged love. I don't blame her for being unable to believe Nick could really be hers. Unfortunately, she's probably right to be leery considering how many times he's pulled a Lucy on her. Caveman club over his shoulder, he's nudged her aside to tromp off after Phyllis more than once. And before scores of fans start tapping madly on their keyboards, I realize Sharon has done her dirt as well. Still, I can't fault her for looking this time instead of just leaping blindly into the abyss.

But why do these soap people always have to take off for parts unknown to find the person facing them in the mirror each day? For one thing, although they might leave for this journey of self-discovery alone, they seldom remain that way. Adam, a combination of the tin man, the cowardly lion, and Toto the dog, has looked into his crystal ball, seen where Dorothy is headed, and, nose to the ground, has already sniffed her out. Thanks to Phyllis, who so loves the taste of Sharon's name on her tart tongue, she just has to say it and say it and say it. Meanwhile, Nick is preparing to race to his beloved's rescue. All fans who think he'll find her in a compromising position, hopefully not the same one Victor recently found Nikki in with Deacon, kindly wave your mouse in the air.

So, does this mean Nick will eventually be crying his river of tears on Phyllis' shoulder? Because you already know she's sure to be all up in their mix, no matter how much she professes not to care. Ugh, the very thought of it activates my gag reflex. Just my worthless opinion, but the scribes have played so many rounds of musical beds with this trio, it feels like been there, done that, who cares. Heck, some fans are so fed up, they'd rather see Sharon with Adam than watch her get sucked back into the insanity Nick brings. When it comes to his dealings with women, Nick is definitely his father's m'boy. Scribes, in your zeal to drain every last milky drop from the Nick-Sharon-Phyllis cow, you have written M'boy into a wishy-washy corner. Now, let's see you write him out.

But, back to Adam. I'm still on the fence about him. On the one hand, the scribes have written him a little remorse. In an attempt to counter his cold hardness, they've recently written him a little softness. But only where Sharon is concerned. Everyone else gets the same old, same old, Adam. On the other hand, despite the scribes' furious scribbling, the bad that Adam's done still far outweighs the good. And I'm sure I'm not the only fan who can't yet tell his sincerity from his manipulation.

Although Adam and Sharon seem inevitable, given the fact that she can't seem to stop looking at him with goo-goo eyes of longing love, it's going to be a tough sell for a lot of female fans. It could take a very long time to erase from their minds the way he unfeelingly snatched Faith and gave her to Ashley, and blah and blah. Like fan Esperanza commented, it doesn't matter that he saved Faith from certain death. That just didn't wipe the slate clean enough for most women to buy that a mother could love a man who'd done what he did to Sharon. However many ways Nick mistreated her, as enumerated by Adam, has Adam really done much better by her?

But has Sharon really thought about what life with Adam could be like? The two of them would be an island that all the rest of Genoa City would likely avoid. Phyllis would splash their story across the pages of Restless Style. Nick would probably go after Faith. Is Adam worth having her daughter raised by a step-monster who hates her mother? Noah, no Kyle, has already proven how easily he'll side with the enemy. Even one of Sharon's staunchest supporters, Victor, would probably wash his hands of her if she pledged her troth with Adam. Jack, too. Oh well, enough about this, it's making my head hurt horribly. If push comes to shove, I guess the town pariahs could always move to Kansas and grow corn and potatoes.

Remember when you used to pick a flower and chant, "he loves me, he loves me not," while plucking off the petals, to predict whether a boy you liked was going to like you back? Well, I guess the last petal on Skye's flower indicated Adam loves her not. In fact, he so does not love her, he signed over his half of the Newman fund and served her divorce papers too. But did he kill her? Well, unlike the still unknown truth about Richard Hightower's death, I don't believe for a second Adam did away with Skye. For one thing, he doesn't care enough about her to kill her. All he wanted was to get away from her and with nothing left to threaten him with, she could no longer force him to stay.

It's doubtful any of Jack's friends and fellow investors hustled over to Skye's suite and not only did her in, but somehow carted her dead body through the very visible revolving doors with no one noticing. So who did it? Skye, of course. She's already proven her skill in this arena. Presumably, since only Skye's blood was found, at least no innocent woman had to be diced and sliced this time. As far as we know, anyway. Skye vowed to make Adam pay, and I believe her. But I guess time will tell if she's dead and stays buried this time.

Foiled again! I guess Jack is never, ever going to learn that if you go to bed with a vicious snake, you're probably going to wake up with a killing dose of his poisonous venom racing through your veins. How many times is Jack going to be sent sprawling after slipping on the banana peel Victor's tossed in his path? If he really thought he could play both ends against the middle between Victor and his daughters without ever having to pay the piper his due, then I have to agree wholeheartedly with fan, Deese, below, Jack really is an idiot!

Hopefully Jack can pick up the tattered pieces of his pride, glue them all back together, and bring the Newman Fund back to life. Jack has long needed a business of his own, and this could be his ticket back to prosperity and business prestige. Especially since it doesn't appear Tucker is going to loosen his grip on Jabot in the near or distant future.

Somehow I doubt Jack is going to end up the only man (and maybe woman) left with slimy egg yolk dripping off their faces. Vance is good at what he does, but is Victor even better? Perhaps Victor's vehement objections to turning over his financial records were just a smokescreen to lull his enemies into a false sense of security. Does he already know there is nothing for the forensic accountants to find? Will the records show he improved, rather than impoverished, the trust funds? Tucker may have to find another way to get his mitts on Beauty of Nature, and the only position for Victoria might be on her husband's magazine.

I do kind of feel bad for Abby, though, and thoroughly enjoyed her conversation with Victor. Too bad she only got to savor the sweet moments during the ride from the ranch to the Abbotts where she learned of Daddy's latest betrayal. Everyone's crying about what Victor did to Jack, but Jack's been a big boy for a very long time. He's got plenty of dirt swept up under his rug as well. As for Abby, she's been used and manipulated by all of them, Jack, Victoria, Vance, and Victor. Perhaps she should have taken a page from their playbooks and looked out only for herself. And raced as fast as her shapely legs could carry her to the nearest bank to deposit Victor's olive branch.

Speaking of racing, that's exactly what I wish Daisy would do -- straight out of town and out of my soap forever. The only silver lining in the dark cloud of this storyline is that it contains some of my least favorite characters -- Daisy, Daniel, and Phyllis, so I really don't care what happens, just that it happens as quickly as possible. I find the Daniel character a boring, bad-dressing, self-absorbed dud. He's been a lousy boyfriend, a worse husband, and a fair-weather friend who hardly ever has your back when the chips are down. I found nothing to like in Daisy the first time, and swelling her belly for her second stint in Genoa City did not improve my opinion. For those who like this Daisy turn of events, enjoy, but for my part, I'll be feverishly praying for a quick resolution.

I don't know quite what to say about Lily, Cane, and Blake. I have finally come to the conclusion that Lily has absolutely no instincts whatsoever. About anything. She never has a clue. Tucker, Neil, and Malcolm, after a very brief association with Blake, can smell something rotten in Denmark, but not our trusting Lily. Apparently, the only scent filling her nostrils is the sweet smell of the twins' baby-powdered behinds. Oh, Lily, tsk, tsk, tsk. As for Cane, all I can say is that boy better grow a backbone, and soon. I understand that a person is supposed to keep his enemies closer than his friends, but what he's doing is totally ridiculous!

Okay, I've rambled on long enough. Hope your Thanksgiving was happy and filled with love and family. Hope you enjoy what your fellow fans have to say about Genoa City things.

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  • I wish the writers would finally let at least one person get Victor. No one is that powerful that no one can even knock him out. I am tired of all of Jack's threats to Victor then always ends up with his head tucked under his arm. Jack is an idiot that never goes to work. -- Deese

  • It almost seems the writers are doing their best to make this show as unpleasant an experience as possible. The storylines swing between totally unbelievable, boring and aggravating. It's getting to the point where Victoria and Billy are about the only likeable characters on the show. With the demise of ATWT this is the only soap I watch, and that may be coming to an end also unless the writing improves. -- Mary

  • Sharon has been in denial about her feelings for Adam for a very long time. What Adam said about Nick was absolutely true. None of it was lies and everything he said Sharon has been thinking about but was too afraid to face. Sharon has always believed Adam could be and is a better person. Adam loves Sharon and there is no doubt he would put her first, unlike fickle Nick. For the first time Sharon is doing what is right for her, not right for Nick and the Newmans. Sharon is becoming her own person and is a much better person when she is around Adam. She is whole and not some weeping female. They work great together and for the first time in 5 years Sharon has regained the brain that Nick took away from her being his side piece while he was married to Phyllis. -- Donica

  • I am sick of having my intelligence insulted by the writers. The thing that is getting to me is the jail visitations. Like you can truly walk into a jail and visit anyone, day or night and sit down in the same room with them and have a conversation. Impossible! Getting Daisy out of jail because she is pregnant would not be a possibility and I don't give a damn how powerful and wealthy a person is, not with the charges she has against her. In fact she is such a threat I'm actually not sure they would set bond. A prisoner in the hospital cannot receive any visitors at all and she had folk just dropping in anytime. How stupid do you think the audience is? Just for the record I am one viewer that is tuning out on Y&R and I have watched since the first day it aired. Can't do it anymore. Thank you very much for ruining the only soap I have ever watched. -- Patsy

  • Cane does very little to keep his shifty eyes and sweaty armpits hidden from Lily, yet she's bouncing around like the happiest kangaroo in the outback. Granted, she did beat that impossible to beat cancer, but, come on, not even a, "hey, why are you sweating?" And what in the world is Sharon thinking? Why would she have any feelings for the man who stole her baby and switched it for another that is dead directly because of him just to cover up all the lies he'd been telling? He manipulated and lied to her, and their marriage was clearly a sham, but she still has feelings for him? Where did she acquire these feelings? And, when? During the last 15 minutes of their 2 hr. marriage? So what if he saved Faith during that storm? It's the least he could have done. Did Sharon learn anything from Adam's manipulations of Ashley? Hasn't she been waiting, what, 7 years to get Nick back? Now she's torn between her first love and a con artist? This storyline is unbelievable. -- Esperanza

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