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It was a steamy week in Genoa City! Was there something in the water?

My, oh my, there was a lot of lovemaking going on in Genoa City this past week! Was there something in the water, perhaps, to instigate all that ho-ho-ho holiday spirit or was there some other reason so many characters wanted to make merry? Don't get me wrong; there's nothing wrong with fooling around, but some of those connections were just strange. And there were two, perhaps three, instances where the couples were interrupted in flagrante!

Chloe had the nerve to be upset when she found Kevin and Jana naked on the floor of his apartment. Hey, Chloe, it's Kevin's apartment. He should be allowed to have sex on the living room floor. Of course, he might want to invest in a chain lock for the front door. I don't even think he used the dead bolt! So here comes Chloe, who was not expected back, walking in at precisely the wrong time.

Actually, if I were advising Chloe -- not unlike Mrs. C. -- I'd tell her to take a good look in the mirror and realize what an idiot she is. Chloe has a nasty habit of being a judgmental witch. And did I mention she's also ungrateful and selfish? Kevin poured his heart out to her and asked for a real relationship, which could not have been easy. How did she react? She treated him like he's got three eyes and a hunchback. What more does the man need to do to impress you, Chloe?

Chloe also decided that Ronan and Heather are not allowed to be happy. She saw them kissing -- just kissing -- and she called them disgusting. Isn't that a wee bit harsh? After all, it's not like Chloe didn't have sex with Ronan. Why was it okay for her to fool around with him, but Heather is supposed to hate him forever because of Chance? Chloe's judgment has apparently rendered Ronan an untouchable, and she wants him to never have another relationship. Excuse me, but that's just mean!

I can't mention the word mean without circling back to the Queen of Mean, Phyllis. Maybe divorcing Nick did something to the Redhead because her self-righteous, full-of-herself pomposity and the notion that she's some kind of award-winning "journalist" has been a huge turn-off. It's not only Sharon who she's gone after, either. Remember her attack on Diane? What about the pre-Restless Style blog that eviscerated all the women of Genoa City? Who the hell is Phyllis to be so vindictive? Her history is a virtual rap sheet of misdeeds and sins, which should make her compassionate of others, not a pit bull.

It's too bad that they let Daisy move out of Phyllis' condo because it would have been divine retribution to see Daisy turn on Phyllis. By the way, as someone who's been a professional writer for a long time, I think it makes no sense that Phyllis and her publisher Billy are so reckless with the stories they write. That cover story about Sharon didn't include one supporting document, quotes from sources, not even the semblance of fair reporting. It was just a rant by Phyllis about how she hates Sharon and why she hates Sharon and why everyone else better hate Sharon because Phyllis says so!

The week before last, Katherine asked Sharon if she was stupid. Of course, she was referring to Sharon choosing to be with Adam instead of Nick and her children. But the question was apt -- is Sharon stupid? You have to wonder because she's not using her brain. (By the way, Sharon, that's the thing located under your mass of blonde locks and behind your pretty face.) Sharon is aching to be with Faith, even to the point of sneaking into the Christmas play to see her toddler. But why hasn't Sharon contacted an attorney -- Rafe and Leslie -- to get Nick into family court so she could get custody of Faith back. Or shared custody at least. He has no legal right to withhold that child from her mother.

And while engaging the lawyer, get him or her to slap Restless Style with a defamation of character suit! Just because Phyllis says that the story is the truth doesn't make it the truth. At the very least, a legal action would get Billy to put a leash on Phyllis. Somebody has to!

It's hard to defend Sharon these days because she's acting like a total fool with Adam. I don't doubt that she's in love with him, but puh-leeze, love is not enough! Even Sharon knows that, and yet she still said to Adam last week that after they clear his name, everything will work out. Really? You really think it'll be that simple?

Adam is going to be cleared of the Skye murder rap because Skye is not really dead. As viewers, we know that. But even if we didn't, there's no body. Corpus delicti is the legal term. How can Adam being guilty of murder if there's no proof that a crime has occurred. A person cannot be convicted of committing a crime based on suspicion and circumstantial evidence. And wasn't it convenient that Jack and Phyllis just stumbled upon evidence that the cops had missed? Why should Ronan buy into the anti-Adam sentiment so fully when he has no history of dealing with the man? Where's his objectivity?

In lighter fare, we had more boinking-interruptus when Lauren and Michael walked in on Jill and Colin doing the deed at Fenmore's. Gee, Jill, why not just do it in the store window! Haven't any of these people heard of a bed? Colin could have been a gentleman and suggested he and Jill get a room at the Athletic Club? Seriously, when you're closer to cashing in your pension than paying off college loans, you shouldn't be having sex on the floor of a business office. Maria Arena Bell has a penchant, it seems, for couples making love anywhere other than under the covers!

I love seeing Tristan Rogers on Y&R. He's always been one of my favorites, and they have set him up as a real Australian Godfather, head of a crime family. That would seem to make Cane, his son, a reluctant Michael Corleone. But if you know your "Godfather," it's only a matter of time before Cane will assume his role at the heir to Colin's family business. Of course, compared to Al Pacino's Michael, Daniel Goddard's Cane is as dumb as a box of hair. Poor Lily, she's going to be very disappointed when she discovers the extent of her husband's web of lies.

Finally, I can't leave out the other character who's not firing on all cylinders -- Jana. Clearly, she is living in another world: the world of denial. She just doesn't get it. Her harebrained scheme to get Daisy's baby as a way to get Kevin back is convoluted to say the least. It's the flimsiest kind of soap logic. This is how she's thinking: "If I get the baby, I get Kevin, and I get the baby by trusting the psycho-bitch who locked me in a crate and caused my brain damage and making sure that she goes free when I refuse to testify against her. Yes, that'll work!" Oh, boy, Maria, do you really think that we viewers are going to root for this story?

Here is a letter from the mailbox -- keep 'em coming, fans!

  • -- I was surprise to see Sharon with Adam. I would never go back to Nick, but I could not fool with Adam either. I love her and I am a fan of hers, but what in the world is going on with Sharon now? I loved seeing Jack with the little ladies (Faith and Summer). It was a real nice treat. He is a good dad. I wish the girls were Jack's instead of Nick's. -- Jae

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