The annual whodunit is officially underway

by Nita
For the Week of June 25, 2012
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Y&R Two Scoops: The annual whodunit is officially underway
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Daisy came to town bad and never really rose much higher. Our columnist found a couple of things to like about her, but unfortunately, most fans did not, and aren't a bit sorry to bid her adieu. So as summer begins, it's time to look at the suspects in another Y&R whodunit in this week's Two Scoops.

I'm guessing most fans saw this one coming from miles away. Our first clue that Daisy wasn't long for the Genoa City world was the news last month that her portrayer had been axed and wouldn't be returning. Fans immediately began speculating, as it turned out, rightly, that another murder mystery was about to begin.

Yes, I know, at the moment we have no evidence that Daisy is dead. In fact, when last we saw her, she was very much alive, nervously pacing the alley behind the gala location, while waiting for the district attorney to meet her. Unfortunately, while Michael was inside toting tables and chairs, Daisy was outside meeting her fate. By the way, why the heck don't these people ever use their lungs and let out a bloodcurdling scream when they are in mortal danger?

Unlike the Diane Jenkins murder mystery, this one won't involve practically every adult in town, but the list will likely contain at least four possible perpetrators.

Daniel, Phyllis, and Lauren are the most obvious suspects, as all have been overheard making threats against Daisy, and each has reason to want her either dead or locked away forever. Just as obviously, despite Daniel's injured hand, Phyllis' momentary disappearance from the gala, and Lauren's black market gun, I think it is safe to assume that none of them actually did the deed.

Ricky, on the other hand, has proven he is no maker of empty threats, and may, in fact, be a merciless serial killer. Daisy likely sealed her fate in concrete when she stumbled upon Ricky's snuff video, and then failed to return his laptop to the state in which she'd found it. Looks like curiosity really can lead to a cat's demise!

Speaking of Ricky, he has far surpassed his mother and his Aunt Patty in terms of insanity. Not since David Kimball have we had a villain so bereft of the milk of human kindness! Ricky's problems go far beyond the fact that he had an absentee Dad and an unstable Mom. He is clearly a very bad seed. The moment we saw with our very own eyes that Ricky cold-bloodedly murdered his former girlfriend, he became both forever unredeemable and ultimately expendable.

Yes, it's possible Ricky simply helped Daisy disappear, while making it appear she was murdered by one of the above-mentioned citizens. Except Ricky doesn't strike me as a man who would wager his freedom against an incriminating loose cannon like Daisy. And, as bad a person as Daisy has admittedly proven to be, would anyone believe she would willingly leave her daughter behind?

Daisy's death/disappearance could ensure that Phyllis' hit-and-run forever stays shrouded in secrecy. I didn't expect Phyllis to show any remorse for trying to kill Chris and Paul (yes, I know, accident), and she didn't disappoint or surprise me in this instance. Everything was I, I, I. As usual. And Daniel, who once cared so much for Christine, he chose to live with her instead of Phyllis, didn't waste a single syllable in sympathy for what she'd suffered. Definitely his mother's son, instead it was instantly: blame, blame, blame . . . someone else . . . for a situation he went into with eyes wide open.

Okay, as a side note, I don't dislike Avery, but she will do anything to remain in her sister's good graces, having bloodied her crawling knees to get there. Her perpetual self-flagellation has worn paper thin for this fan. Here's hoping the scribes have something better planned for her future, because her whipped-puppy routine has been done long enough.

But back to Daisy. Given her history, I doubt very many fans, if any, feel so much as a sliver of sympathy for what she may have suffered at someone's hands. Daisy has been responsible for some despicable deeds, and most of the time, either seemed to enjoy them or felt no emotion at all for the harm she was causing. But I didn't doubt she sincerely loved her little girl. And though it is, of course, too little, too late, I felt a little tug on my heartstrings when I saw her begin to cry at witnessing the death of a woman she didn't even know. I couldn't help but admire her immediate decision to tell Michael what she'd seen, especially since she likely would have lost Lucy and Daniel when Ricky blamed her for Lucy's temporary disappearance.

In spite of how it sometimes seemed, there was more to the week than the unending Perils of Pauline, I mean Phyllis.

It seemed a little like the old days with Nikki and Victor having a conversation relatively free of blood-drawing barbs. During moments like these, it's hard to fathom why the scribes seem intent on keeping these two on an endless merry-go-round with other people, instead of reuniting them once and for all and building a strong and interesting storyline around them. I have to agree with Nikki to some extent. Victor's heart will never belong to Sharon, just as Jack will never be the love of Nikki's life. I like fan Denise's idea for Nikki and Victor (see below). Are you listening, scribes?

Who has stolen all of Genevieve's pilfered loot? My copper penny used to be on Colin as the culprit, but those pink-polished fingertips and distinctive ring have made me hedge my bet. With the scribes' penchant for bringing the buried back to life, the possibility crossed my mind that Genevieve's long-dead daughter, Samantha, might not be so dead after all. We'll be on the lookout for that ring. By the way, nice of Tucker to pick up Genevieve's living expenses until she can figure out a way to pay them herself.

While she isn't exactly in any peril, I still consider Sharon's life pretty much a disaster. Without a single friend or acquaintance to call her own, Victor is the only thing standing between her and total isolation. And I have a sinking feeling even he won't be standing beside her much longer. Even twits like Chloe, with her less-than-pristine past, looks down her nose at rags to near-riches Sharon. It wasn't enough that Sharon had to lock lips and more with her ex-husbands' father, but insult was added to that injury when she was reduced to practically stalking Adam. Then there was her painful and pitiful gratitude for Nikki's admission that she treated Sharon like dirt because she saw herself in Sharon and wanted to prepare her for being a Newman woman. What the hay?!

What a long way Sharon's come from the girl from the poor side of the tracks who Nick once had to practically beg to accept a plain red winter coat. What the scribes have decided to do to Sharon is sad and beyond my comprehension. If there is a positive payoff to this long-running decline, I sure hope it starts soon.

So Adam is in love and adores Chelsea, huh? So much so that he wants to marry her. Okay, they are still rather sweet together, but when I watch them, I see more like than love. Kind of like Chloe and Kevin. I presume there's a point to this love turn at this particular time, but I guess I'm missing it entirely.

Ugh! How rude was Devon with his insulting groupie remark to Harmony? Was I the only one who wanted to bend him over their knee and swat his smart behind a couple of quick, hard ones? I swear, he acts as if his parents deliberately did something to cause him personal and grievous harm. He, having done something similar himself, should understand that things really can just "happen" if the right set of circumstances come into play. I can't stand hypocrites, and Devon has repeatedly shown he can often be quite a judgmental one.

And lastly, will the naked heiress please grow up? And when she does, I hope she teaches Carmine to do the same. His Angelina refrain is grating on my last nerve. Did he not listen to a single word anyone said to him about what really happened between Kevin and Angelina? Sabotaging the gala was so immature. If he's so in love with Angelina that he would go to those lengths to defend her honor, why didn't he go after her instead of sticking around Genoa City?

Well, I'm hopping off my soapbox and returning to the real world now. Until my return to this space, I trust you'll enjoy reading what some of your fellow fans thought about Genoa City things. And don't forget that you can always send your thoughts -- and they might end up appearing in a future column!

* * * * * * *
  • So, if Daisy was supposed to be able to hear Phyllis through the door, why couldn't Nick hear Daniel when he was yelling at his mom for running down Paul and Christine? I am really looking forward to the day when Phyllis gets hers and Nick opens his eyes. Everything she says about others, she has done tenfold. What a phony. And, why are there some days when the magazine can't function without her and other times we go months without her being in the office. I catch so many faux pauxs, I have to wonder sometimes why I watch this show. Oh well, I will just keep hoping. - Kathy

  • In "real" life there are couples who are really happy. We fought so hard for Nikki's return. Hoping and praying that she and Victor would finally get it right. I just could not be more disappointed. Why can they just be happy for once? As a powerful married couple, they could show the world so much in terms of business and pleasure. Nikki was a savvy business woman. Why not have Victor set her up with a dynamite company of her own? - Denise

  • I like Adam and Chelsea together. I'm watching to see how long this former bad boy and bad girl can continue to walk the straight and narrow. And it's great to watch them stand up to the judgmental people of Genoa City. Not sure where their relationship will end up but I'm along for the ride. - Mary

  • I cannot believe Ricky is now leaving the show too! It has been pretty suspenseful with Ricky (and Daisy) to spice things up a bit in Genoa City. It seems like Daisy will probably end up murdered (at the hands of Ricky), and then he'll disappear only to reappear (sort of like Sheila Carter has over the years), to keep the suspense up. Sharon needs someone new in her life and someone more her age! She went from being self-conscious with everyone judging her every move and breath she takes to being someone I don't like now at all. I know it's not her fault, but the writers aren't giving her any decent storylines lately. Also, why do they age these characters from young children to young adults overnight? I'm half expecting to see Faith driving one of these months! Anyway, I love the show! - Nancy

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