Matrimonial mayhem

by Nita
For the Week of August 6, 2012
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Here we go again. Round Two of Victor and Sharon, and Jack and Nikki. Our Two Scoops columnist has a feeling the outcome will be the same as last time -- divorce. What do you think of a marriage do-over. This is your chance to speak now or forever hold your peace in the latest Two Scoops.

Aaah, weddings! Once upon a time, a girl could get all misty-eyed and mushy inside at the thought of an exquisitely-decorated white gown adorning the beautiful form of a Genoa City maiden. Her adoring groom would undoubtedly be handsomely decked out in a dark suit, his eyes filled with love at the thought of a lifetime by his lady's side. Puffs clutched in my fist, I'd dab at my eyes, near-swooning as they pledged their lives to one another and murmured their I dos. Finally, champagne flute in hand, I'd drink a non-alcoholic toast to their eternal joy, and toss imaginary birdseed in the air as they sealed their marital deal with a fervent kiss.

But not anymore. Now, instead of watering, my eyes tend to roll repeatedly toward the ceiling of their own accord, as these people I no longer know make a mockery of matrimony with their empty promises to love honor and the rest of it, until death or divorce do they part. Which in Genoa City can often happen in months instead of years.

Such will likely be the case when it comes to the union between Victor and Sharon. I doubt a single fan believes this is a match made in any place, let alone in Heaven. I know I'm beating a dead horse here, but I'm still scratching my head at the absurdity of linking this couple together in the first place. If they have a fan, I certainly haven't located him or her, despite scouring more than a few message boards. No one believes this is a love match, or even a match for money and privilege. For Sharon, there is simply no one else. She hasn't a family member or friend she can count on to stand by her side. Victor has been the only Genoa Citian who has even been willing to give her a civil time of day, and we know he isn't doing it out of the kindness of his heart. Victor always has an agenda, and I've seen nothing to convince me that this time his motives are pure.

Having said that, however, I confess I'm confused as to what diabolical plot Victor might be hatching this time. Clearly, he isn't in love with Sharon, nor she with him. Victor is a vindictive man. He wouldn't so easily forgive Sharon for running to Kansas to beg for Adam's love. He would want to make her pay a hefty price for that betrayal. Had Sharon closely read that pre-nup (which Victor knew she wouldn't), she might have found it contained some alarming provisions that were bound to benefit Victor and leave her out in the cold. Was his quickie marriage simply to one-up Nikki? Or was it something thrown in the mix by the scribes in case the contract talk between actor and show didn't go well? I doubt that Mr. Braeden will be shoved off the Genoa City stage, but if such an unlikely event did occur, it would definitely be a hoot and a half watching Sharon run Newman Enterprises while Nick and Victoria fumed on the sidelines. Of course, given how the scribes have destroyed this character, slowly stripping her of every support imaginable, she would probably become even more of a pariah, if that is even possible.

I, like many other fans, hate what has been done to Sharon's character, and can't help but hope Ms. Phelps and Mr. Griffith will restore this character to some semblance of dignity. After all, what has she done to warrant such ostracization and contempt from one and all? She didn't kill, or even attempt to kill, a single soul. She hasn't successfully stolen anyone's husband, although she has offered herself on two separate occasions as a replacement to someone's intended. Unfortunately, both Brad and Adam declined her offer. She rarely works behind the scenes, twisting and manipulating circumstances or people to get what she wants. Her main crime seems to be that she's made more than one ill-advised love choice. That qualifies her for tar and feathers and a rail out of town? Her own mother turned her back on her. Her son seems more Phyllis' than Sharon's. When Noah nonchalantly muttered that his mother had called him but he hadn't gotten around to calling her back, I wanted to smack him. Especially since it seems all he had been doing was shadowing annoying Summer around. In a town where family stands by their members no matter how heinous their crime, it doesn't make sense that Sharon has been treated so shabbily.

But I've digressed, so let me haul myself back to the subject of matrimony.

Nikki and Jack were the next couple to vow they'd love each other forever. I wanted to care. I really did. But instead I kept seeing Nikki flipping through that wedding album at Victor's, depicting who knows how many previous weddings. So many, I didn't even bother to strain my brain trying to remember the exact number. Riding, Nikki? Really? On her wedding day, she decides to go to her ex-husband's home to ride her horse? Did she want to rub Victor's nose in the fact that she was marrying his arch enemy? Victor had already given her an opportunity to admit she loved him, not Jack, and she chose not to take it. So since she's supposedly made her decision, why does she keep putting herself in Victor's path.

Which brings me to Jack. Jack, ever the optimist, falling for and sometimes marrying the same Genoa City women over and over. And most often, women who are actually, deep down inside, in love with some other man. Oh, I don't doubt that Nikki cares for Jack. Much like Sharon and Phyllis cared for Jack, while being in love with Nick. As for Jack, what he loves most of all, is besting Victor, in business, in love, and any other way he can think of. In his quest to triumph over Victor, Jack will use or trample over anyone who stands in the way of his goal, be they his sister, his niece, or a wife. Why would I believe that he has suddenly changed? He's somewhat understanding of Nikki's feelings for Victor for now, but I expect that will change quickly if Nikki pays too much attention to Victor. And you know she eventually will. She always does.

So, I have little hope for the longevity of either of last week's marriages. When the dust has settled, Sharon will likely be alone and Nikki will be reunited with Victor. Jack? Well, he'll probably be in love with someone new by then. My jaw is cracking from the colossal yawn the thought of that inspired.

On a happier note, the honeymoon continues between Adam and Chelsea. They have quickly become such a fan favorite, I rarely hear any chatter about Adam's past baby-snatching, gaslighting or how he's the most horrible person to ever stalk down Genoa City's main street. As an Adam fan, I'm glad he's become more accepted. Kevin has a big heart, and, as a former villain himself, he is more forgiving of others' bad deeds, so I'm crossing my fingers that Kevin and Adam will eventually become friends. But, because you knew there was likely going to be one, while I like Adam and Chelsea, I have to admit her constant giggly giddiness is starting to wear on my nerves. Yes, I know that admission is probably going to start a flood of rotten tomatoes heading my way, but, hey, it's just my opinion, no one else has to agree.

While I'm on the subject of Adam and Chelsea, I can't help but wonder what trials might be waiting for them around the next bend. This is Genoa City, so we know things will not always be sweetness and light where they are concerned. Why did this talk of babies come up so soon? Clearly both would love to have a tiny replica of themselves to love. Which could mean there will be some problem achieving that goal. Will it turn out that Chelsea's one chance at motherhood ended with the birth of Johnny? If that happens, Adam would likely want to move Heaven and earth to see that Chelsea got her heart's desire. Would they go after little Johnny? Hmmm, I guess time will tell.

In other non-matrimonial moments, I almost shed a tear as Ashley said her sorrowful so longs. As she and Tucker touched foreheads, I was reminded of how good they could have been together. Better than with Victor, who will always love Nikki most, or with Brad, who would never have been loved as much as Ashley loved Victor. Why is Ashley always the Abbott getting kicked to the curb? I'm sure she will be welcomed on that other soap, but she will be missed on this one. I'm sure I'm not the only fan sorry to see her going. Good luck, Eileen. I hope you'll be back some day.

Speaking of going, will Sofia be next? This poor character came in strong them was weakened bit by bit until there was nothing left of the original fire. A mismatch to the himself ill-fitting Malcolm, then forced into an awkward position facing his brother, Neil, this character never seemed to find her own niche. Now she's given up her dream job because Neil threatened to fight her for Moses, though it was a fight he wasn't guaranteed to win. Now she's angry and confrontational with Neil, but why? She made the choice to lie down and let him walk over her. If I were her, I would have ... well, never mind. I'm not, so I couldn't.

Finally, Jack has stood on his own two feet. Unlike the rather understated attention given to Adam regaining his sight, Jack's recovery was given the maximum amount of exposure on center stage. I know some might have found it a bit cheesy and obvious, but I enjoyed it, even though I knew it was coming. Too bad that kind of recovery couldn't happen to every real person out there who might be living most of their lives in a wheelchair.

Lastly, the Phyllis-saturated saga stumbles doggedly on. She didn't mean to do it and she's sorry. Anyway, it's not her fault. It's Christine's. How dare she want someone to pay for trying to kill her and Paul? As for Nick, Phyllis' secrets and lies continue to make him look like a clueless schmuck who, even when her web of continuing lies is revealed, will continue to stand beside her with that look of confusion on his face. I am tired of them both. Just let her get off scot free so we can finally watch other, more interesting events.

Fans were very vocal about their opinions of the new regime coming aboard. Here are just a few examples of what they had to say. As always, fans, we love hearing from you, so keep them coming, fans.

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  • I don't know about other fans but this fan is worried with the 'new' in and MAB out. We've watched the demise of numerous special and long running daytime shows and the best of the best is Y&R and now to hear this is happening here that the same EP that ended other shows is now here at Y&R scares me. I am terrified that the death knell is not only being sounded for MAB but for our beloved Y&R as well. I am one scared fan since the news broke and pray I am not right because we simply can't lose 1 more show and Y&R would be the worst cut of them all as it is now and forever will be #1 period. - Nonniepat

  • JFP good for Y&R? Are they kidding? Her stories turned viewers off on their soaps because she killed off fan favorites and couldn't control the writers who thought up such mess. Under Phelps, GL lost its' way when they killed off Mo Bauer after listening to a test audience who don't have an invested interest in the show like people who watch it on a daily basis. Then under her watch, AW killed off both Frankie and Ryan. And GH has turned so dark and mobster, they should have got permission from Procter & Gamble to rename it THE EDGE OF NIGHT-even the opening is dark and it's not a good dark, plus killing off most of the vets on the show and killing off Justice...that show is so beyond repair after her wake that I don't think Frank Valenti and Ron Carlivati can save it. I'm sorry but it's hard for me to be excited about JFP helming another soap. - Bhim

  • Maria Bell's firing had me grinning from ear to ear as well. The writing and direction the show has taken has been cringe worthy at times. I can mark the official downward spiral of the show...Cassie's death. Killing off Cassie was the worst decision in the show's existence. I have never been able to fathom some of the storylines which have literally no basis in reality. I'm filled with hope that my soap will return to the quality that will make me enjoy watching once again. - Chris

  • I just read with great interest the response of Maria Arena Bell to losing her position with The Young and the Restless. She stated she has been there for the last five years, and she seems to think her tenure was stellar ≠ however, that's the approximate amount of time the show has rapidly gone downhill in my opinion. The murders, the mayhem, and the sheer inconsistently of both the story lines and characters has made the show extremely difficult to watch. As well, the vindictiveness, the evilness, and the sheer meanness of much of cast of characters is just too much ≠ no wonder people have so many complaints about living in an uncivilized society ≠ when I want to see violence I can tune in to the nightly news. I have watched the show since day one and I have no problem with people being kind, loving, funny, and happy a good deal of the time. - Carole

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