Six degrees of separation

by Nita
For the Week of March 4, 2013
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Six degrees might separate people in the real world, but in make-believe Genoa City, it's a small world, after all. From the newest arrival to the oldest long-time resident, nobody is a stranger, and everybody knows everybody else's name -- and business. Are many degrees from Genoa City are you? Find out in this week's Two Scoops!

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Most people have heard of the "six degrees of separation" theory -- the idea that everyone in the world is separated from everyone else by six links. Well, when it comes to Genoa City, we can throw that theory right out the window, because the number of people separating one from another seldom reaches as high as six, and often doesn't even make it to two.

Take Phyllis and Dylan for instance. Since I was under the impression Phyllis had flown the family coop long before Avery was old enough to fall head over heels for an inappropriate fellow, I was as shocked as Dylan when he recognized Phyllis in Crimson Lights. It only took Phyllis about two heartbeats to correctly guess the true nature of Dylan's relationship with Avery, which subsequently led to another cantankerous shouting match between the sisters.

Now, while I didn't agree with everything Phyllis screamed at Avery -- in fact, I'm usually the first to mock Phyllis for her screeching -- in this instance, I have to admit I'm totally on Phyllis' side. If I had a sister, and she'd betrayed me by flipping back her bed sheets and inviting the ex I still loved inside, I, too, would be seriously vexed with her.

Avery, as the link between both Gus and Congressman Wheeler, and Leslie and Tyler, is another unexpectedly delicious twist. I love the fact that Leslie is seeing the case through Avery's eyes and slowly coming to the conclusion that Gus might be innocent. I also like the idea of Leslie and Avery working together. In fact, the more I learn about this mystery, the more intrigued I become.

Considering Avery's track record vindicating innocents (minus the Daisy debacle, of course), it certainly appears Leslie's father might well be innocent of murdering her mother. So what is Wheeler's stake in this murder? Why is he so intent on keeping Gus behind bars? Did he pay someone to tamper with Avery's brakes? Did he kill Leslie's mother? And if so, why? We know she worked on his campaign and was possibly having an affair with him. Was she about to go public with the kind of dirt and names of buried bodies that would have permanently derailed Wheeler's career as a waffling politician?

It appears Noah is the one degree of separation between Adriana and Katherine. How fortuitous that Adriana managed to land a job with one of the most influential and wealthiest citizens in town. And before she'd barely been working for Kay an hour, she managed to stumble upon the secret Katherine has been keeping from those who have known her for decades. Although I welcome most things that give Noah airtime, I don't like Adriana. She's pushy and abrasive, and doesn't come across nearly as irresistible as she thinks she does. Noah's a nice guy and deserves better than someone like her. Besides, isn't one con-woman-gone-straight (Chelsea) enough for one town?

By the way, did anyone else think they saw the wheels start turning creakily in Kevin's cranium when he learned of Adriana's new employment? Would Kevin really steal from his beloved Mrs. C. in hopes the theft would be blamed on Adriana?

A sign that this town is often a little too close to incestuous for comfort reared its blonde, curly head this week. Summer's obvious crush on Kyle is reminiscent of Cassie's long-ago disastrous attraction to Daniel. Hopefully, it won't have a similar outcome. There are so many interconnecting degrees to this coupling, I get dizzy and confused just thinking about it.

Summer is crushing on the man whose mother was once simultaneously the lover of both her father and her grandfather. The same woman who was killed by her grandmother, and who once tried to frame Summer's own mother for attempted murder. I could go on, but my head has already begun throbbing, so I'm going to quit before I need an aspirin. Of course, there is one thing that bears mentioning that would halt any pairing between Summer and Kyle. The lingering suspicion in the minds of many fans that Summer is actually Jack's child.

Summer isn't the only Newman whose links to their fellow residents induces migraines. Nick has traded in his ex-wife for her sister, but still feels the need to regularly dispense unwanted warnings to his first ex-wife, Sharon.

Speaking of Nick, am I the only fan who has grown really tired of his repeated rants and name-calling of Adam? Adam hasn't been a psychopath for quite some time. The brother Nick detests has saved both of Nick's children from almost certain death, and thanks to Adam, Nick's sister has a cute little boy to love. And, although Adam definitely has a few black marks in his column for stealing Faith, gaslighting Ashley, and various other nefarious deeds, he is also one of the reasons Faith has a reasonably healthy mother back in her life. I'm not expecting Nick to start treating Adam kindly tomorrow, but it would be nice to see the start of a different relationship between them, other than more of Nick's tiresome, been-there-heard-that insults and threatened promises of or-else harm.

Lauren's attitude and behavior is so exasperating and disgusting, I'd like to separate her from her head, or at least from her marriage. Michael isn't the perfect man. And he's certainly not the perfect candidate for district attorney, given that most of his family and friends are former, current, or in-training criminals. But he doesn't deserve what his skank wife, Lauren, has done to him by sleeping with sleazy Carmine. And Miss "I'm-a-better-parent-than-you-because-I-believed-our-son-and-you-didn't" also wins no mother of the year award for moving out of the house without so much as a heads-up to the son she claims to love so much.

I'm glad Fen has forgiven his father and has finally shown a little remorse for his bullying behavior, but Lauren would certainly be receiving her just deserts if she lost her marriage and wound up with Carmine. Let the cougar sugar mommy take care of her young, broke gigolo.

By the way, I couldn't help but laugh uproariously at Fen's outrage over the Internet articles detailing his father's crimes. He has no idea from whence he comes. Had he dug a little deeper, he might have discovered his Uncle Kevin's list of improprieties included being a pedophile, an arsonist who purposely tried to roast a girl alive, and a thief to boot. Not to mention he has a grandmother who tainted a jar of face cream that played a role in a woman's death, and a con artist grandfather whose crimes momentarily elude me.

I'm also heartily sick of Chelsea as well. In true soap fashion, Chelsea saw and heard just enough of Sharon and Adam's interaction to completely misconstrue it. Not that I really give a flying fig, though, because I can't stand Chelsea's complaining butt, and anything that keeps her away from Adam suits me just fine. I know, I know, a permanent separation from Adam is probably only wishful thinking on my part. And since Chelsea gave one son away and lost another, it's almost certain she will successfully deliver the baby she's carrying. Regardless of whatever cover story she concocts, eventually Adam will figure out he's the father and he will likely come a-running. I just hope he's ready to give up Newman and any female friends Chelsea doesn't approve of, and is prepared to have his entire life micro-managed by that sour-faced control freak.

In the like column, I'm thrilled with Jack and Phyllis' romance round number whatever. I always liked the fact that Jack accepted Phyllis, flaws and all. And while I don't doubt that Jack had love for Sharon and Nikki, I never thought either relationship held a candle to what he felt for Phyllis. My fingers are crossed that this third time will be the charm for these two. However, after listening to Jack's assurance to Neil that there was nothing to worry about when it comes to Jack's addiction to painkillers, I admit I'm feeling a little nervous that this could be the fly in their ointment.

I also like Dylan and his possibilities for romance. I do see chemistry and sweetness with Dylan and Avery, but I like him with Sharon too. It's early yet, but so far, I think he's an excellent addition to the roster of Genoa City residents. I'm definitely looking forward to hearing the rest of his story.

The celebration of the Newman ranch's rise from the ashes was nice and cordial, even with the dual annoyance of Adriana crashing the party and Summer inappropriately (my opinion) inviting Kyle. I know soap people are a forgiving lot, but it still struck me as odd that Kyle would have had any desire to ooh and ahh over the furnishings and knickknacks of the woman who killed his mother.

Cane and Lily and Chelsea and Tyler. This is definitely ho-hum territory for me. Tyler's inappropriate innuendoes and sexual comments are so far out of line, not to mention obvious and lame, he is laughable. Lily should have put this wannabe player in his place long ago. As for Cane, he's got me shaking my head in disbelief at his syrupy, equally inappropriate, attention to Jabot's new designer. Add ever-annoying Chloe to this four-way dysfunction, and you just might have a totally unwatchable mess. Wake me when it's over, or whenever Gloria comes on.

Well, that's my opinion of Genoa City things for this week. I can't wait to see what the scribes have in store for the coming week. In the meantime, enjoy a few opinions from your fellow fans. Keep watching and don't forget that you can send your thoughts on the show by clicking here. We love them, and your comments could pop up in a future column!

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  • Chelsea: why the heck is she crushed? If she only had let Adam work at Newman which clearly is so important to him, they would probably still be together. She has the nerve to be devastated, after all the horrible things she has done in her past. Adam may have been coming to Sharon's rescue, but it was a long overdue payback for all the wrongs he committed against her. Chelsea needs to stop being such a prima-donna and tell Adam she is pregnant. He has changed and I think he would be a great dad. Next, Lauren: what a bitch! She never backed up her husband. There was never a united front in parenting their monster child, who together with Summer, caused all of Jaime's problems. If Y & R really wanted to bring to the forefront the damage bullying can do, they should be made to confess at an assembly in front of the whole school, plus there should be some type of community service they should have to perform. -- Delia

  • I would love to see Victor and Adam at peace working together as Father and Son. Together they would be a heck of a team. Two of Genoa City's toughest and smartest business men. -- LBK

  • Congratulations on 40 years of viewing the best soap opera on television. Y&R is the best! -- Robin

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