Turnabout is fair play

by Nita
For the Week of April 29, 2013
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No matter how long it takes to arrive, karma is still a female dog that brings with it plenty of pain for those on the receiving end of it. For some of our conniving Genoa City friends, the pain has only just begun. Get ready for a little turnaround in this week's Two Scoops.

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According to a random Internet search, "turnabout is fair play" means that an action is suitable retribution to the receiver for that which he (or she) has dished out to someone else. This week, for some, retribution has arrived.

Like Sharon, I long ago forgave Adam for the hurt he caused when he stole Faith and gave her to Ashley. Karma, however, has a much longer memory and a less forgiving nature, and though it took a while, Adam's comeuppance has come back to bite him in two very painful places: his heart and his ego.

With no regard for anyone but herself (though she repeatedly claims it's all about the wee one), Chelsea simultaneously booted both Adam and Dylan beneath the bus's big wheels with her monumental baby daddy lie. The resulting ripples immediately began radiating outward in all directions.

Although I normally find Chelsea's mother, Anita, a most cartoonish character, she is right about one thing. For all the inane conversations we suffered through between Chloe and Chelsea about this substitute baby daddy scenario, Chelsea really hadn't worked out the kinks in this particular con. If I am reading correctly between the lines, Chelsea was impregnated on New Year's Eve. That makes her about four months along. Her one-nighter with Dylan happened about two months ago. So how did she plan to explain a full-term baby arriving two months early? She's already slipped up once when she told Dylan her morning sickness was long over. I doubt it will be her only stumble as she attempts to make her lie appear the gospel truth.

I admit I don't care much for the Chelsea character. From the moment she arrived, friendless and already carrying Billy's child as a result of another con, Adam has treated her with kindness. He defended her against the entire Newman family, saved her from a watery death, and delivered her son. He helped her find her father and obtain her GED, and supported her through the painful process of relinquishing Johnny. Then he married her and gave her the luxurious life she and her con artist mother had sought their entire adult lives.

I also freely admit Adam had no business moving Sharon onto their property without telling Chelsea. It also wasn't the wisest decision to help cover up Sharon's arson crime. Even the most well adjusted bride would likely object to both those actions. And, of course, it didn't help that Adam's assistance to Sharon took precedence over his mourning with Chelsea over the loss of their baby. But, he groveled thoroughly for those mistakes.

Yet still Chelsea complained and accused, demanding more and more pounds of his flesh. She decreed that Adam's life should henceforth exclude everyone else and revolve around her, all her, and no one and nothing but her. When Adam couldn't oblige, she shrewishly stalked out of his life. Adam was sad, but I was doing a happy dance in the middle of my living room.

On the other hand, attempting mightily to put aside my disgust for this character, I try to come up with ways to excuse her current behavior. She gave up her first child and lost her second. Given that, I grant you that she might be a bit irrational in her thinking that Adam might snatch away baby number three. But then she lets loose with a smart-aleck, cruel zinger that makes me hope nothing but unhappiness and bad karma are coming her way. "I hope you and Victor will be very happy" (typed with a disgusted look of incredulity marring my face). Really, Chelsea? You are the one lying through your teeth, yet you have the gall to act all injured-party-like!

I don't know. We all have our standards and lines we think should never be crossed, even to tell a good soap tale. For me, I have a particular disgust for women who play the faux paternity card. But that's just my opinion. Obviously scribes all over make-believe land think it's a compelling soap storyline. About the one thing you can say about it is that it saves bending your scribe brain overmuch for a character for about eleven months.

Another reason my last nerve was in danger of snapping when it comes to Chelsea was because of that heartbreaking letter Adam wrote to his unborn son. How could she still refuse to take back her lie after reading that? But, of course, if she had, there would be no storyline to drag out for another five to six months.

Although I feel bad for Adam, eventually all will be well and he will have his son. Even if it takes until Chelsea goes into labor or beyond, once he finally holds his child in his arms, he will melt with love, both for the child and, eventually, for its mother. But that's just a guess, because we all also know the flip side of Adam. Even though we are currently enjoying this new, improved, less vindictive Adam for the moment, I'm sure no one has forgotten how vindictive he can be when he feels he's been wronged or rejected. Baby or not, only time will tell whether there will be a future for Adam and Chelsea post-discovery?

Dylan is the one who will likely suffer the most harm by the time this con has run its course, or the truth has been blurted out, either by Chloe, Anita, or whoever else might stumble upon the truth. Because after the initial shock, Dylan threw himself wholeheartedly into his role of father-to-be, and before it's over will probably be in love with both baby and mother. I can only imagine his devastation when this despicable creature finally decides to come clean. The best thing about soap storytelling, however, is that in the end, all the wrong can be written back to right, and the residents will live happily ever after -- at least until the next crisis arrives.

Karma paid a courtesy call to Nick Newman as well. Accustomed to being the coveted prize in a tug-of-war between two infatuated women, Nick is now in the unenviable position of being on one end of the rope while Dylan loosely holds the other. Although, I must admit, Nick's behaving quite adult-like about this whole thing. Why, he hasn't taken a single swing at his rival yet!

Obviously Avery loves Nick. She is willing and ready to marry him and cook feverishly for him the rest of his life. He could have accepted that, and just turned a blind eye to whatever residual feelings she has for Dylan. So I was a bit surprised that he decided to slow his mad pace forward, take a step backward, and really reason things out.

Though Avery is convincing in her argument for their continued race toward matrimony, she does clearly still have some unresolved feelings for Dylan. Whether they are to the extent that she would one day regret marrying Nick, I can't say. Maybe she doesn't even know for sure how she feels about Dylan.

Lauren can definitely expect karma to pay her a visit sometime in the future, probably sooner, rather than later. I thought Carmine was a sleaze with no redeeming qualities from the moment he stepped a foot on Genoa City soil. Unfortunately, nothing I've seen of his character since has caused me to revise my unfavorable opinion. I didn't think it possible for him to seem any sleazier, but I was wrong. It's bad enough that he is doing all he can to make sure the Baldwin marriage implodes. But what a slimeball he is to insinuatingly rub it in Michael's face, even though Michael hasn't yet tumbled to the truth. Lauren is a wealthy woman who will easily and willingly keep Carmine in the lifestyle he clearly covets. And I'm beginning to think he loves Lauren considerably less than he loves the life he will enjoy on her arm.

Lauren isn't the only iron Carmine is keeping heated in the fire. At the same time he's wooing Lauren away from her family, Carmine is slowly gathering flammable incriminating information about several other rich and powerful Genoa Citians. His knowledge of Billy's weakness toward a life leading to ill-repute can't possibly bode well for Billy's future with Victoria. And that is probably only the beginning. Carmine is in a position to see and eavesdrop on any number of juicy tidbits. You just know that sooner or later, he's going to start playing those hidden aces as he sees fits.

In her current deeply infatuated state, Lauren might not care about the karma coming for the cuckolding knife she plunged in Michael's back, but she's likely due a comeuppance for what she's done -- or hasn't done -- when it comes to her son. So busy blaming Michael for everything, Lauren turned two blind eyes to Fen's bullying behavior, shoving everything he did and the reasons for it underneath the bed she's bouncing on with Carmine.

Jamie is gone, but the rage and darkness burning unchecked inside Fenmore Baldwin is not. And his obsession with Summer is going to make it come billowing right back out. This time Lauren won't be able to blame it all on Michael. She's such a coward and a hypocrite. She allegedly stepped out on her husband and almost single-handedly destroyed her marriage because she was so very offended at the way Michael treated her beloved Fen. Now, she barely has a moment to spare for the son she supposedly cares so much for. Her karma will be well deserved.

As for Michael, my heart is breaking for him.

Moving on to things having nothing to do with karma, I really, really, really, want to believe Victor is being sincere with Adam. But I don't know if I dare. Having waited for something like these moments between father and son for a very long time, now that they've finally arrived, I'm more than a little apprehensive. But I love it! I knew these two men would be good together, but they were even better than I expected.

While self-absorbed Victoria, who rarely, if ever, looks much beyond her own wants, needs and desires, noticed nothing amiss in her brother's behavior, Victor instantly picked up on Adam's pent-up, simmering distress. And I was chuckling heartily, even rewinding to watch multiple times, as Victor unceremoniously nudged Victoria out of the office and shut the door in her astonished face, so he could get to the bottom of what was clearly bothering his son. Thank you, scribes, for that giggle.

Like me, Adam was guardedly suspicious of Victor's unaccustomed caring and was reluctant to open up, but when Victor continued to push in a compassionate manner, Adam finally relented and with a herculean effort, finally started talking about Chelsea. Looking at his devastated son's tear-filled eyes and obvious pain, Victor was gentle, understanding, and empathetic as Adam stripped himself bare. Victor's eyes were threatening tears as well, and I have to admit it, I was sniffing and snatching at my Puffs through the entire scene.

But even though I hope Victor doesn't have any ulterior motives and really is trying to build a real relationship with Adam, I didn't quite know what to make of that conversation between Victor and Victoria. What did he mean when he told her to trust him, that he had everything under control? I know he's grateful that Adam saved his life, but is his caring real or just another trick to snatch back his company?

Victoria's motives seem much clearer. Fueled with jealousy, she cares no more for Adam than before and is determined to play Wreck-It-Ralph on the budding relationship between Victor and Adam -- even though she may destroy her own relationship with Billy in the process. After promising to turn her back on the family business, Victoria reversed herself without so much as a heads-up to her husband. So I probably will have a hard time feeling sorry for her if Billy reverts to his previous bad-boy ways. She picked her Daddy and Newman over Billy and the family she claims to want so much. There will be a price to pay for that, and that price may be the end of her happy family.

Anyway, whatever is going on between Victor and Adam, I guess I should just sit back and enjoy it while it lasts, because it's probably only a matter of time before Adam makes a misstep that lands him right back on the wrong side of his father. Especially with Victoria keeping a critical eye on Adam's every move in order to discredit him in their father's eyes. At the moment, though, Victor genuinely seems to care.

By the way, am I the only fan completely confused about the ownership of Newman? I know Jack appointed Adam CEO. But does Jack still own it? If Victor pushes Adam out, can Jack step back in (if he so chose) and shove Victor out of the big chair?

It's kind of funny that Victor is so grateful to Adam for taking that bullet, but is not nearly so appreciative of what Billy did. If Billy hadn't disarmed that bomb, Adam's sacrifice would have been in vain, as all on the premises would likely have perished.

Yay! For years, fans, myself included, have bemoaned the fact that Sharon hasn't had a gal pal since Drucilla went over a cliff. So even though Sharon's new friend is her ex's current love, Avery, I'm just happy she has a friend. Of course, Avery's friendship with Sharon is only going to result in another black mark against her in her sister, Phyllis' eyes.

Speaking of Phyllis, she certainly didn't take the engagement news well. While Phyllis' reaction was much over the top, and I didn't agree with everything she said, I can't really fault her for blowing up at Avery. Avery used to say how much she cared about Phyllis and regretted her sister's absence in her life. I don't mind Avery and Nick together, although I like Avery better with Dylan, but if Avery really loves her sister like she says, the last man she should ever be with is her sister's ex.

It would be different if Phyllis didn't mind and was okay with the relationship -- the way Traci was when Ashley got with Brad -- but that isn't the case. The fact is, Phyllis is Avery's sister -- like it or not -- and some things should just be off-limits. Not to mention that Phyllis is, and always will be, extremely territorial. Even when she doesn't want the bone, she usually doesn't want some other mutt to go and dig it up.

Which brings me to Jack. Given Phyllis' reaction, Jack is likely already a few steps down the path toward another stay in the heartbreak hotel. Jack rarely deviates from his usual playbook. Madly in love and pushing uncomfortably hard toward commitment. Remember a time before CDs when the needle would get stuck on the record and annoyingly repeat the same phrase over and over until you nudged the needle or changed the song? That's what Jack reminds me of. What is it with him that makes him repeatedly fall for women still more than half in love with their recent ex? Anyone else would have read Phyllis' reaction to the news of Avery's engagement as a big, red, blinking STOP sign. But not Jack.

And not only did Jack refuse to heed the warning signs plainly posted around Phyllis, his decision is liable to wreak havoc in Kyle's life as well. Even though a blind man could probably see that Summer is in full stalker mode, both Phyllis and Jack are clueless. I couldn't stop giggling when Phyllis told Summer she couldn't manipulate a manipulator. Because Summer manipulated her mother quite competently. All she had to do was utter the dreaded name "Avery." The apple definitely didn't fall far from that tree.

With Summer prowling around the premises, days, nights, weekends, and holidays, poor Kyle doesn't stand a chance. And when the inevitable happens, the parents need only look in their individual mirrors when casting about for blame.

Just when the Gus/Leslie/Tyler story started to drag, a new element was introduced. Who is Rose, and where does she fit in this story? Perhaps Belinda wasn't the only spouse having an extramarital affair. I just hope it doesn't turn out that Tyler has been right about Gus's involvement in Belinda's murder. Would Gus have killed his wife to be with Rose?

Finally, in a real life matter, I want to add my heartfelt condolences to everyone else's at the loss of former Two Scooper, Allison. Her columns and recaps were always a pleasure to read, and I will miss her presence on the site. One never knows what daily struggles someone else might be living with, and my thoughts and prayers continue to go out to Allison's family, friends, and loved ones. You can watch a short memorial video that our very own Dan J Kroll put together to honor Allison for her contributions to Soap Central by clicking here.

So, another wonderful week is at an end, and the show just keeps getting better and better. Hope you are all enjoying it, too, and as always, please continue to share your opinions with us. We love them, and your comments could pop up in a future column! You can also post your comments here on this page, and don't forget about our 24/7 feedback line. Some of our readers have been featured on Soap Central Live!

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