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A beloved icon returns with a dramatic flair, while a chance of a lifetime of love slips away when a ring is removed. All of this, plus a look at Y&R's Daytime Emmy nomination domination in this week's Y&R Two Scoops column.

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Good day to you all. I am happy to be back again to discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly about our favorite characters in Genoa City. For years, my mother and I have sent emails back and forth regarding the scoop of our favorite soaps -- and the happenings of our favorite characters. That makes writing the Two Scoops column fun for me, because now I can chit-chat about Y&R on an even larger, although probably just a wee bit less opinionated, scale. I love talking about Y&R, but when I try to tell my husband about the latest occurrences in soapland, it bores him silly. So, thank you for reading. Let's not waste any more time, since it is time to discuss what has happened this past week.

Nick has decided that Avery still has unresolved feelings for Dylan, so he has been very hesitant about continuing their engagement. Therefore, Avery arrived at Nick's place to try to convince Nick that she still very much wanted to marry him, and that any feelings that she had felt for Dylan were gone. However, when Nick indicated that he did not want to rush into marriage, Avery insisted that Nick had misread her mind and her feelings, and that she truly still loved him.

With everything still unresolved, Avery arrived at Dylan's room and noticed that he had drawn a baby crib that had been pictured as being advertised for sale. Avery acknowledged that Dylan would be a terrific dad, and she realized that he really wanted to be a father. When Dylan pleaded with Avery to give them another chance, Avery stressed that Nick was her world, and she left. Later, Avery found Adam at Crimson Lights, and she asked how Adam had been able "to let go" of Chelsea. Adam indicated that it had been hard to get over the breakup with someone who had gotten under his skin. Avery listened and understood completely.

The next day, Avery returned to Nick's to again convince him that it was over with Dylan and to maintain that she only wanted Nick. Yet, Nick wanted to feel that he and Avery were both in the exact same place at the exact same time, and he stated that he did not feel that, no matter what Avery said. A very sad Avery handed Nick's ring back to him. Any fan could see this coming a mile away, but it is still rather tragic when a true love has to be denied. A trust issue seems to be stopping Avery and Nicholas from committing, but Sharon also had a very good point when she visited Nick for Faith's permission slip. Sharon wondered if Nick was just using Dylan as an excuse not to marry Avery. If Nick's love for Avery is true, he would not let her past with Dylan stop him from marrying her.

In the meantime, Dylan visited Chelsea at work to volunteer to help her with any baby-related errands, and Chelsea yelled that Dylan was just trying to be like her husband. Chelsea regretted her tone, though, and thanked him for his offer to help out with "the Spice Monster," as Dylan referred to the baby. After Dylan left, Chelsea regretted to Chloe that she was living a lie, since Dylan is not the baby's father at all. Chelsea believed that Dylan had fulfilled his purpose, so he was really no longer needed. Are you kidding me, Chelsea? You have definitely been hanging around Chloe too long if you believe you can just tell a guy that he is the father of your baby and then expect him to go away. Any self-respecting man would want to do the right thing and be a father to the baby. Chelsea is delusional to think otherwise.

Back at Crimson Lights, once Dylan realized that Avery was no longer engaged to Nick, and after he spotted no ring on her finger, he begged Avery to travel with him to the cottage that had held many memories of their past. But Avery refused, since, as she later wrote in her love letter to Nick, her heart still belonged to Nick. At the cottage, Dylan discovered a stuffed lion that he had given Avery shortly after she had lost their baby. The memory not only reminded him of their loss but made him realize that he truly wanted to be a father. So, while Dylan is the roadblock between Avery and Nick, the baby may be blocking Dylan's reunion with Avery.

Nick had a lot on his plate this week, because he also found out that Summer had decided to move in with Jack and Phyllis (and Kyle!). Of course, Summer would not admit to anyone that Kyle is the reason for her sudden willingness to throw Avery under the bus by blaming her for the move from Nick's. Summer declared to Jack and Phyllis that she could no longer put up with Avery's constant visits at Nick's cottage, as Phyllis listened and cheered. Of course, once Summer sprung the news on Nick, he immediately caught on to Summer's true motive. When Nick tried to enlighten Jack and Phyllis, both refused to believe him, and they stated that Summer had only suffered a crush on Kyle.

Boy, talk about delusional. Summer is just like her mother when it comes to manipulation. How can Jack and Phyllis not see through this scheme? You would think that Phyllis would know better, considering her past. And get this -- Jack and Phyllis then decided that Kyle should oversee Summer and Courtney the night when Jack and Phyllis went out on the town. Yes, that would be the same Courtney who had given Summer a fake ID so they could party at the Underground earlier in the week. Nick had discovered the truth and had informed Phyllis about that also. (Really, he had a point -- why would Summer believe that he would not find out about that at his own night club?) Phyllis had better keep a better eye on her baby girl, or Summer is going to get into a world of trouble.

Now, let's talk about Adam and Sharon. Adam stressed to Sharon that they would only have sex between them, and that there would be no strings. When Sharon expressed that she did not just want to be his call girl, Adam exclaimed that he did not want to repeat their history together. Adam declared, "Sharon, I'm empty. I'm drained. 'Kay, I can't spell this out for you in black and white. It's just what it is, and you can handle it, or you can't." I thought Adam spelled that out pretty well. Sharon claimed she could handle it, but I sure have my doubts. Sharon has harbored an obsession over Adam, almost since she first laid eyes on him. She has always put Adam first, especially before her kids, so it is hard for me to believe that she has changed that much now -- bipolar disorder or not.

Speaking of Adam, Victoria has had rather a tough time adjusting back at Newman Enterprises with Adam there to comment on her every move. Victoria set out a picture of herself and Reed on her desk, and Adam joked that Victoria could redecorate his office, because his color scheme was just not right. Victoria offered that the kids were the future of Newman and that even if she and Adam competed for Victor's attention, Adam would never be able to compete for his love. Ouch! Victoria then received word that J.T. wanted Victoria to pick up Reed. I love the child actor, Max Page, who plays Reed, and I am happy to have him back at any time. I do find it a little strange that the writers have aged all of the child characters on Y&R except for Reed, but since I think the little guy that plays him is a sweetheart, I am choosing to ignore this discrepancy.

While Victoria has her work drama going on, Billy, on the sly, gave little Johnny a gift -- a pair of soft, spongy dice. After they jointly rolled the dice, Billy called Johnny "a natural" but then told Johnny to keep that a secret from his mommy. Later, Billy checked in at work and discovered Victor patronizing the restaurant. Billy indicated that he would make sure that the chef served Victor a special dish complete with arsenic, which Victor stated should go instead to the rats that run around the restaurant's kitchen. Ha, I really laughed at this back-and-forth word battle between Victor and "Billy Boy."

After Victor declared that Billy Boy was waiting for Victor to be hoisted by his own petard, Billy remarked that the Billy Boy look on Victor's face would make his restaurant a raging success. Victor noted, however, that gamblers do not come out ahead in the end, which gave Victor the last word, of course. This went on while Johnny's dice sat in Billy's suitcase. The talk between Victor and Billy was powerful stuff between two experienced and popular actors. I wonder if it is as much fun for them to do as it is for us to watch? No matter what, it is great stuff!

Billy then noticed that Carmine was working and wondered about that, since Carmine had called in sick earlier that day. Carmine tempted Billy in a game of cards, where the outcome would determine Carmine's job. Carmine offered that if he won, he would keep his job, and if Billy won, Carmine would work for Billy for free for two weeks. When Billy refused, Carmine stated that Billy would play, either for the fun, for the excitement, or just because he liked the feel of the cards in his hands. Billy agreed to play, although he did note that either way, Carmine would retain his job. After Billy won, he suggested they play again, double or nothing. See, this is what you started, Victoria. It will be very difficult putting the stopper on that gambling bottle again!

Tyler was at the hospital, visiting Gus and trying to decide if he wanted a relationship with his father. Lily offered Tyler some advice and then reminded him that they were just friends, while Neil listened on. Neil later cautioned Lily that since Tyler was drowning in his circumstances and was searching for a lifeline, if Lily were to reach out her hand, he could take her down with him.

At the same time, Tyler told his apparently sleeping dad that he had always just wanted a dad that cared, and he added that he wanted to forgive Gus, but he didn't know how. Gus actually heard Tyler and indicated that he wanted to give their relationship a chance, when Leslie stormed in and demanded to know why Gus had been with Rose, cheating, on the same night that their mother was murdered.

Gus stated that he had never cheated on their mother but that he had been with Rose because she had needed him. Leslie pointed out that their mother had needed him that night too. After Leslie refused to let Gus move back in with her, Neil reminded her that Gus had not been the one who had killed her mother. While Neil was at the hospital, his place was ransacked and robbed. Neil realized that a flash drive was missing, which contained files of Jabot's secret, sensitive strategies. Neil was very alarmed that the files would fall into the hands of Jabot's rivals. It will be interesting to see how this plays out and to see if Victor had anything to do with it (like he does for most of the dastardly deeds in Genoa City.)

Now there's Kevin and Chloe. Ah yes, Kevin and Chloe. At least, they have gotten past their felonious ways, since Chloe has decided that she would rather not spend a night in a jail cell. Chloe has actually been busy, since she, Chelsea, and Tyler were looking for models for Chelsea's new line. Tyler had noticed earlier at the Underground that Mason and Summer looked good together, so he invited Mason to a photo shoot.

During the photo shoot, Mason and Summer posed awkwardly, until Summer saw Kyle enter the room. Then she was all sex kitten, and she pouted and snarled in Kyle's direction. (Okay, maybe the snarl is a little exaggerated. Or not.) Chloe was very pleased and referred to Mason as pretty, which made Chelsea think that Chloe was objectifying him. Which she probably was.

Kevin later carried in flowers for Chloe, and they both decided that they wanted to find excitement that did not involve a felony conviction. Smart move finally, guys! The troubled duo tried to create a picnic on the beach at Jabot, but they got bored. Kevin declared that he had the answer, and he dragged Chloe out of Jabot. Later, Detective Cheryl Gordon arrived at Crimson Lights to question Kevin and Chloe, who were in the stockroom, doing "inventory." (Let's put it this way -- they did not want to be disturbed.) The detective asked Kevin and Chloe for their whereabouts the entire day, because they were suspected of robbing Neil's place. They hemmed and hawed but finally admitted that due to their predictable two-job, one-child life, they were having mad, crazy, wild office sex on the drafting table.

Unfortunately, after the detective left, Chloe remembered that she and Kevin had been apart during the time that Kevin left to get the whipped cream. Will that prove to be their undoing? If Chloe would be sincere about wanting to go on the straight and narrow, I could eventually get over what she has done in the past. But she would especially have to stop coaching other women to cover up the paternity of their unborn baby by finding another unsuspecting baby-daddy. She does not realize how much heartache she causes when she does that. I mean, if Chloe wants to do something to put herself in the slammer, go for it. But when it comes to not caring about others' feelings, that is hard to get past. How will both Dylan and Adam feel once they find out the truth? They will be devastated!

Michael learned from the school that Fenmore had not attended the school for the past couple of days, and Michael found Fen asleep on the couch at home. So, Michael called Lauren, who, unknown to Michael, was spending time away with Carmine, and she had to sneak away from Carmine to return home. (That was the reason that Carmine called in sick to work for two days.) Unknown to both, Fen had been left home alone, since he had lied to Lauren about where he would be. Lauren immediately decided that she would return home for Fen.

My, this week's Two Scoop Pooper is Lauren. She can see what she is doing to both Michael and Fen, but she just doesn't care enough to try to change it. If she really does not want her marriage to Michael, then end it already. Surely, she could hear the pain in Michael's voice, when he cried out, "You won't look at me. You won't talk to me. You won't touch me. I can't do it anymore. I won't. I deserve better."

Michael does deserve better. But Lauren lies over and over to Michael, and yet Fen is the one who feels he is to blame. Michael also blames himself, but Lauren is the one who continues to cheat and then lie about it. She should just be honest with Michael, so that maybe he could determine where he stands with it all. I hope Lauren gets smart soon, before her marriage is completely lost to her.

I am even doing a guest Two Scoops' Pooper-Scooper category this week, which is the character who attempts to clean up the mess made by the Two Scoops Pooper. In this case, I would actually pick Fen. (I bet you thought I would say Michael, didn't you?) Fen is trying to resolve his parents' differences by taking the blame for it. He hopes that by reuniting them under the same roof, Michael and Lauren can solve their problems. Fen just does not realize how bad the situation is, but he is trying to make it right. Fen may have done some bad things in the past, (stalking, anyone?), but he truly loves his parents. I just don't know if what he does will be enough. Of course, first, Lauren would have to stop cheating on Michael.

My pick for Two Scoops' Super-Duper this week is Paul, who seems to have been everywhere and has almost been somewhat of a Superman. Paul advised Michael to move back home, and to try to work it out with Lauren. Paul then got Fen out of the underage, fighting-in-a-nightclub charge (whatever the official charge really was) to save the day. Paul later confronted Carmine at On the Boulevard about Carmine's relationship with Lauren. Carmine covered by saying that while Paul's job was to ask questions, Carmine's job, as a bartender, was to just listen. Since Paul was everywhere, being the good guy that he is, he is to be commended.

My last award is for Two Scoops' Trooper, and this week it will again be the character Katherine Chancellor and the actress Jeanne Cooper. Fans had learned, earlier in the week, that Jeanne's condition had improved and that she was back at home recovering. Unfortunately, Jeanne has had to return to the hospital, and she is listed as being in critical condition. Her son, Corbin Bernsen, has been thankful for everyone's prayers, and he has asked that everyone that loves Jeanne continue to pray for her. I am proud to say that I have read her autobiography, Not Young, Still Restless: A Memoir, and she has always been as feisty as they come.

If anyone can fight and win over her health issues, it would be Jeanne Cooper. She has always had the spirit and the drive to conquer anything, and I can only hope that she continues to do so. I can only send the best thoughts for her, and I know that her many, many fans will continue to pray for her. Even if she cannot return to Y&R, her fans would want the very best for her, since we love her. Even if it is, as Corbin says, that she be in peace.

Katherine, herself, was also in a hospital bed, while Murphy, Devon, Jill, and Cane feared that she would never awaken. But, of course, Katherine being Katherine, she showed them all when she yelled out at Jill, who had just made a smart remark, "You really want a piece of me?" Everyone laughed, and they were relieved.

Later, Katherine announced to Neil, Lily, Jill, and Cane that she was stepping down from Chancellor Enterprises and that Cane would be her successor. Needless to say, Jill was very upset, because she felt she was more capable and experienced than Cane. This is rather a turnaround from the way that Jill had felt in the past. Jill has always thought of Cane as a son, and she has always wanted him to be CEO of Chancellor. So, this is somewhat surprising. I hope that Jill takes Katherine's advice about not wasting "time on battles that don't matter."

Later, Katherine was welcomed home by a surprise party with guests: Cane, Kevin, Chloe, Esther, and Murphy. Jill joined the gang, but she was unhappy that Cane had already picked Katherine up at the hospital. After Katherine announced that she felt ten years younger, Esther commented that maybe she should also have brain surgery, to which Jill replied that they didn't yet have surgery for transplants. Esther got the last word in when she remarked that it was a shame, because Jill needed a new personality. When Katherine and Murphy were alone, Murphy insisted that he would do it all over again with Katherine, only with a little less drama. Katherine then asked, "What's life without a little abject terror?" Way to go, Katherine! We knew that you would come through, and we hope that we will have you back again soon.

Finally, this was the week of the Daytime Emmy nominations, and Y&R had the most nominations with 23, and 11 of those were for acting. It looks to be a tough contest this year. Three Y&R actors are vying for Lead Actor: Peter Bergman as Jack, Doug Davidson as Paul, and Michael Muhney as Adam. Michelle Stafford has been nominated again as Phyllis for Lead Actress, and Jeff Branson and Billy Miller have been nominated in the Supporting Actor category as Ronan.

Other Y&R nominations went to Jessica Collins as Avery and Melissa Claire Egan as Chelsea for Supporting Actress; Max Ehrich as Fenmore and Bryton James as Devon for Younger Actor; and Hunter King as Summer for Supporting Actress. The Young and the Restless also was nominated for Outstanding Drama Series, Writing Team, and Directing Team, among various technical nominations. Congratulations to you all, and I wish each and every one of you the best of luck!

Well, that's it for me this week. Nita returns next week to share her views of our favorite soap. Oh, and welcome back to AMC and OLTL! I have seen the first couple of episodes of OLTL, and I have been impressed. As a past OLTL recapper, I was very pleased to see it return. Good luck to them and to all of the remaining soaps. We, the fans, want you all to stay. Until next time, stay tuned!

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