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Spiritual guidance, some good advice from a very unexpected source, and Jack and Summer suffer the pain from the reveal of a huge secret. It's time for angst and drama in this week's Y&R Two Scoops.

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Thank goodness the Y&R writers did not drag out the big reveal of Summer's paternity throughout all of July, as I had expected. And wow, did it make terrific viewing this week! This storyline, along with the marvelous acting from everyone involved, was powerful and dynamic. Jack's face expressed his absolute shock, when he finally learned that he was the father of the baby that he had delivered all those many years ago (although probably not really 18 of our years) in the elevator. Jack had loved Summer like a daughter all along, but of course, he never knew that she was actually his biological daughter. Peter Bergman, as always, really delivered as the deluded dad, Jack Abbott!

Hunter King, as Summer, also gave a performance filled with pain and grief that just made you want to cry for her. With her remarkable portrayal, Hunter may just get that coveted Daytime Emmy Award next year. Nick declared to Summer, "The last thing I want to do is tear your world apart," and then he proceeded to do just that. Summer learned from Nick that the father, who had always referred to her as his Super Girl, was not her biological daddy, and that Jack actually was. Summer felt lost and alone, as if she didn't have a home, a bed, a family, a dad - only lies and secrets. Truly an unforgettable performance from a very talented young lady!

At the same time that Nick was telling Summer about her true parentage, Phyllis sprang the news on Jack, as only Phyllis can. Phyllis explained to Jack the reason why she had made the moves on his son, Kyle, which had resulted in a kiss. Phyllis revealed that her ulterior motive was that it was a mistake for Kyle to be with her daughter - Jack's daughter. Yeah, she pretty much said it like that, so of course, Jack was totally stunned, since ironically, he had earlier remarked that deception was a terrible thing. Jack was totally in disbelief, as he realized that he had been robbed of being Summer's father for months, years, decades even. At least, Phyllis, as she pointed out to him, had only known the truth for about a month. The stunned look on Jack's face when he learned that Phyllis had kept the truth from him for an entire month was priceless. Then Jack realized that Summer and Kyle were siblings.

Y&R fan Pam wants to know: "When will Phyllis have to accept responsibility for the paternity of her daughter for sleeping around? It was not Nick who slept with two people to have an unknown father it was Phyllis." And Y&R fan Kathy agrees, "Give Nick a break! How many people in his position would have done what he did!? Especially considering he was in love with Phyllis and just lost Cassie? Considering Phyllis lied about Daniel's biological father for her own gains? Should she be casting any stones from her glass house?" I have to admit that I agree with this. Everyone has been beating up on Nick, but honestly, it was Phyllis' actions, her infidelity to Jack, that made the cover-up possible.

I remember when my husband used to watch the Jerry Springer Show. (You notice that I am stressing that it was my husband who watched that show.) I would be disgusted by the two women who would physically fight onstage for their man. It was sickening the way the guy would just stand off to the side and be thoroughly entertained by the brawl over him. I would say to my husband, "He is the one who cheated. Why aren't they going after him?" The guy was the adulterer. He was the one who had cheated on his woman, but his significant other always blamed "the other woman." The "cheatee" wouldn't even be mad at her man. That just never made sense to me.

In the same manner - minus the physical punches and blows - Phyllis is the one who was unfaithful in her marriage to Jack by sleeping with Nick, while Nick grieved over Cassie's death. Still, the fans are angered over the fact that Nick did not reveal the truth about Summer's contaminated paternity test results and deservedly so. However, Phyllis should get her share of that anger, since her infidelity created the opportunity. Jack was seriously burned and hurt over Phyllis' actions. In hindsight, I am very glad now that Jack is the one who delivered Summer in the elevator those eighteen years ago.

Nick's decision to not do the retest, and then to cover-up the results has led to so much pain and heartache. Summer could not bear to be around Nick, once she learned the truth. Nick admitted that he had known that there was a chance he was not her dad and then exclaimed that he did not have the heart to redo the test, after losing Cassie. Summer questioned why Nick felt it was necessary to tell her the truth, after so many years of the deception, and it was then that she realized that she and Kyle were sister and brother.

After Jack threw Phyllis out of his house, she zipped over the Chicago just in the "nick" of time to comfort Summer in her time of need. Phyllis must have taken a super-sonic jet to get from Genoa City to Chicago in that short amount of time and have the jet pick her up at the door and drop her off at the modeling agency, since she had delivered the news to Jack at the same time that Nick dropped the bombshell on Summer. Who needs a runway? Or maybe Phyllis borrowed Doc Brown's time-machine DeLorean from the ever-popular movie, "Back to the Future." Soaps always take liberties, when it comes to travel and time, which can be pretty laughable at times. But due to these liberties, Phyllis made it in time to give her daughter a much needed hug, after Summer had learned the truth.

In the meantime, Ghost John visited Jack to offer comfort, and to stop Jack from drinking. Jack cried out that he had been deceived by the people that he loved, and that he had been robbed of years with both Summer and Phyllis, as he reached for the whiskey bottle to block out the pain. However, John pleaded with Jack to think of Summer, and not to relapse into drink, which would undo all of Jack's progress. Man, those ghosts are influential and effective advisors!

After Nick left, Phyllis tried to persuade Summer to return home, but Summer feared her friends would view her as a freak. When Summer cried that she did not belong to anyone anymore, Phyllis stressed that Summer was an amazing, amazing person, who still had the same mother and siblings. Phyllis claimed that genetics did not matter, that experiences and traditions did. Phyllis insisted that Summer was still a Super Girl, but Summer remembered that in the past, she had been a bully and also had been a liar--just like Nick. However, Phyllis felt that Summer was just like Nick in that she was kind, compassionate, and forgiving.

Meanwhile, back at the (Newman) ranch, after Nick announced to Victor that he was not Summer's biological father, Victor yelled out that it was all a sick joke, because that meant that Jack Abbott had bested him again. Leave it to Victor to think first of the Victor/Jack feud. When Victor screamed that Jack had already once taken his wife and company, and that Jack now wanted Victor's granddaughter, Nick asked that Victor not make it a competition at Summer's expense. Surprisingly, Victor agreed and requested that Nick not let Summer go, because Nick was still her dad, no matter what the tests said. And it is true that Nick will always be the dad who had raised Summer, and who had been there for her entire life.

Back at home, Phyllis told Summer that she could not hide forever, when they heard a knock on the door. Phyllis answered the door to Nick, who demanded to talk to his daughter. Summer cried that she did not know who she was and for Nick to stop calling her his daughter. Nick declared that he would never regret choosing Summer as his daughter, but Phyllis acknowledged that Jack would never have that luxury. That is what's so very sad about all of this.

Phyllis reminded Summer that Nick had been a wonderful father, and that it would be impossible for her to wipe out all of her memories and feelings. Phyllis then asked Nick to take a step back, so that Jack would have his opportunity to also be a wonderful father. Summer received a message from Kyle to meet with him at Billy's restaurant and dashed off. With yellow roses in hand, Kyle asked for another date, as he noted that Summer was not a traditional kind of girl. Summer agreed and then announced that she was his sister, so there could be no more dates. That's pretty non-traditional, right?

To me, Sharon is not acting like a person who had changed the results of a paternity test. In fact, Sharon reminded Ghost Cassie that she would know, better than anyone, how painful it was to lose a child that she had loved and cherished so very much. Sharon also was the one who had to suffer through believing that her newborn daughter, Faith, had died in childbirth, only to find out later, that Faith was actually very much alive. Sharon had the first months of her baby's life stolen from her. I just can't believe that she could cause pain like that to someone else, especially to Nick, who had also grieved over Cassie's loss. Y&R fan Lauren agrees with this sentiment:

    Am I the only one who didn't take Sharon's words at Cassie's grave to mean that she messed with the paternity test? I guess the fact that she was at the hospital the same time Nick was there does mean something, but I took it to mean she was talking about her bedding a couple of strange men she met at the bar. Or maybe it's just that I cannot stomach the thought that they are doing this to this character.

I questioned Sharon's words at Cassie's grave at the time, because they were ambiguous. Sharon may be delusional thinking she can regain Nick's love, but I doubt (and hope) that she would not hurt Nick, the man she considers the love of her life, in this way, and to this extreme. Sharon has never seemed to be cruel, only erratic and a little flighty at times. After Sharon told Ghost Cassie that she understood Nick's loss, and that she could give him the love and understanding that he would need, Cassie worried that Nick would not respond the way that Sharon hoped. But Sharon insisted that "life will go back to the way it was meant to be."

New Faith (she's so adorable!) wondered why her daddy couldn't marry her mommy, instead of Avery, so that they could be a real family, who all lived together. Nick arrived to see his daughter, so Sharon stated that she understood completely why Nick had made the choices that he had. Sharon reminded Nick that he was not alone, because he would always have Sharon, Noah, and Faith. It most certainly looks like Sharon is doing what she can to get back the life that she had cherished and that she had hated to lose.

After Traci breezed in, Jack announced that Summer was his biological daughter, and that Nick had robbed him of the chance to raise his own child. Jack admitted that Phyllis had not told him the truth, because she had feared that Jack would relapse back into drink and pills. After Traci exclaimed that it was not too late for Jack to have a relationship with Summer, Jack wondered where he would fit into Summer's life. Phyllis arrived and overheard Jack say that Phyllis had done everything to protect Nick.

Although Jack felt betrayed by Phyllis, Traci believed that Phyllis had been sincere in her fear over his relapse. Phyllis also worried that Summer would go off the deep end. Phyllis stressed that she, Summer, and Jack would all have to live with Nick's choice, which had deprived Phyllis the opportunity to raise "our daughter" with her father. Jack then answered the doorbell and found Nick. I have truly enjoyed the acting in this storyline, which have provided very emotional performances. I cannot wait to hear the discussion between Nick and Jack, who has always been like a father to Nick. This should be good!

Chelsea, again, this is why you do not lie about your child's paternity - because it can cause so much pain and heartache, and because it can cause irreparable damage to the child's self-worth and confidence. But no matter, Chelsea continues to keep the truth from Dylan, so that she can remain happy in the present. Who needs to think about any future repercussions? Dylan decided that a close family get-together with Anita and Jeffrey was just the ticket, although Chelsea was less than enthusiastic. It was wonderful seeing Ted Shackelford back as Jeffrey, and I must say that he cleaned up nicely. Why do I suspect that he can see the price of having Adam as the baby's father? Maybe because he referred to the unborn child as 24 carat gold. That might be it.

Chelsea announced that the baby's name would be either Scarlett or Emily for a girl, or Terry for a boy, after Dylan's dad. See, it is just a matter of time until Ghost Terry (formerly known as Ghost Dylan's Dad) materializes as the next guest ghost. Once Dylan learns the truth about the baby, he will need a ghost to comfort him, just as Ghost John is there for Jack. Hey, maybe Y&R could do a spin-off -"The Dead and the Restless." Or how about "The Buried and the Restless"? The way the ghosts keep popping up, they must be pretty restless. I think that idea just might fly. Oops, sorry about that! Or in the same line of popular shows such as Storage Wars, Shipping Wars, Property Wars, Dug Wars, Texas Car Wars, and Parking Wars, there could be a Ghost Wars. I know -- Ghost John and Ghost Terry could duel to the death. Oh dear, maybe that's not such a hot idea.

Later, Dylan talked with Stitch about the imaginary danger, due to their war experiences, that they still faced in their heads, and that kept them awake at night. Stitch told Dylan that his wife had kept him from self-destructing, and that Dylan should let Chelsea do the same for him. Dylan remarked that his life with Chelsea was similar to their new house in that it was still just a framework, and Stitch claimed that the framework would get filled in with time, since Dylan and Chelsea had gone from zero to 60 in a flash.

At the same time, Avery was updating Chelsea on Dylan's tours of war. Avery revealed that Dylan's entire unit had been wiped out in the war, and that everyone had believed that Dylan was also dead. Avery cried, as she remembered being given the news from Dylan's dad, now known as Terry. Avery noted that Dylan was a very private person but asked Chelsea to help him, if she could. When Chelsea arrived home, she informed Dylan that she wanted to help him with his memories of the war.

Dylan told Chelsea of a little girl overseas in Afghanistan. Dylan explained that their convoy had hit a mine planted in the road, followed by an explosion and an ambush . Scully had been injured, and Dylan yelled for Scully to keep his head down, and to go for his weapon. Dylan's men had all died, when he felt that it should have been him. Dylan cried that he could not understand why he had been spared, when so many others had died.

I admit that I was in tears with Steve Burton, as Dylan told the story. My husband had served in Vietnam, and that was the one thing that he could not understand, even so many years later. He would ask why had he lived, when so many others, some that he was very close to, had died. My husband had even contacted the families of his closest fallen compatriots to tell them about their loved ones' heroism. This story has hit close to home, because I know how much this sort of trauma can affect a war veteran.

Dylan added that the little girl's family arranged for Dylan's and the girl's escape, when the village was attacked. However, the girl had later grown weak and died, and Dylan still continued to hear her little voice in his head. Chelsea remembered that his mother's saying was that things happened for a reason, and the reason must have been for Dylan to end up with Chelsea and "their" baby. How is Dylan going to deal with the loss of that child, when the time eventually comes? Does Chelsea even think of that? (No.)

Since the six months trial period was up, Lauren begged Michael for more time. After Lauren called their time together "a privilege," Michael proudly announced that he chose his family and their marriage for the long-haul, and Y&R fans everywhere cheered. However, problems lie on the horizon for Michael and Lauren, due to Fen and his drug problem. But does Fen really have a drug problem, or is he just setting up Carmine for revenge? Carmine found an overdosed Fen in an alley and called for help, When Fen regained consciousness in the hospital, he declared that Carmine had sold him the drugs. Hmmm....

If Carmine hadn't broken up a very popular Y&R couple, one could almost feel sorry for him. He really thought that he loved Lauren, but he ended up with nothing, once he lost her. Fen is trying to get him sent to prison, but I don't think Carmine supplied Fen the drugs. Carmine should pay for what he did, but he needs to pay for what he really did. And I don't think you can go to jail for having an affair with a married woman (or the jails and prisons would be very, very crowded.)

Billy regretted to Chloe about how his gambling has messed up with marriage to Victoria, and Chloe wondered what had caused Billy to start gambling again -- problems with Victoria, Delia's illness, or just because it was a Tuesday. That was a funny line, Chloe. But then Chloe did something absolutely shocking and out of the blue - she actually gave Billy good advice. I was waiting for lightening to strike or something. After Billy indicated that he was going to quit gambling for Victoria, Chloe stressed that Billy needed to quit for himself. I am still floored, because this was actually good advice!

However, Billy's chance for redemption and a second chance with Victoria later vanished, when a fellow gambler dropped off Billy's winnings in the restaurant, right in front of Victoria. Well, of course, you knew that Victor had to have something to do with that. Yes, Victor paid the man to do that, so that Victoria would not forgive Billy enough to give him a second chance. Real nice, Victor.

Later, Billy expressed his regret that he had missed breakfast with Delia to Chloe. As much as he wanted to be father-of-the-year, Billy just kept mucking it up. Chloe reminded Billy that he was addict, and that the mess-ups would happen over and over again, until he chose to get better. Chloe insisted that Billy needed to go through the steps to get better, and he needed to take that first step by attending a meeting for him and for his daughter.

Chloe could see that Billy was not in total denial, but that he was, instead, just a mess. Chloe pointed out that Billy was both a good man and a good father, and then she kissed Billy. Wouldn't you know that she would have to ruin it all?! Chloe was finally providing good, solid advice this time that could actually help someone, and she was the one who mucked it all up! Billy decreed that he had to do it for himself, by himself, and he pretty much then ran out. You were almost there, Chloe. Almost.

Y&R fan Patricia send a heartfelt comment to the Y&R writers about the gambling storyline:

    Thank you for doing episodes on Gambling. My ex-husband watches Y&R and is a compulsive gambler and he thinks he has no problem. He picked horse racing over me, it's his mistress, the other woman. There was no competition against it cause I always lost. It was always "I got a feeling I'm going to hit it big" it never happened in the 33 years we were together. He has an addiction and he won't face or say he has a problem....Thank you Y&R for doing program on gambling!!

Sometimes, when we are watching soaps and are being entertained, we forget that the characters are dealing with real-life situations that a family member, a friend, or even your next-door neighbor may be dealing with. Or maybe it is a problem that is in your life, and the storyline can bring you some comfort in knowing that other people are afflicted also. I just hope that the Y&R writers stress that the addict can get help. The best way would be to show Billy, as he goes through is recovery, and not just to gloss it over. This is a serious topic that deserves a spotlight on the recovery process as well. Maybe it can help in some little way for the gambling addicts and their loved ones that are out there in the real world.

While this was going on with Billy's gambling, Victor realized that Adam had sent Melanie to double-cross him, and he warned her not to bet on Adam, because she would be picking the wrong horse. Rather an ironic statement coming from Victor, since he has been torturing Billy about his gambling. As a result, Melanie was fired by Victor and dumped by Adam. I don't think that worked out too well for her.

Could Kevin finally be on the right track again? He got a computer specialist job at the police station and declared to Chloe that he did that for her. But of course, Chloe realized that Kevin needed to do that for himself. Her same good advice goes a long way. For someone who normally gives really bad advice, it's rather a relief to hear that Chloe can come up with good advice once in a while. I mean if she's going to keep dishing it out, at least, let it actually help someone out from time to time.

As Neil contemplated the identity of the blogger, Leslie still desired to know more about Rose, and about why Rose waited six years to have Gus back in her life. Neil and Leslie noted that Rose was mentioned in Gus' will, which showed Gus' sense of honor. When Leslie commented that Rose had died in 2007 in an Evanston hospital, Neil pictured himself sitting in the Evanston Pub having a drink. Interesting.

Neil's new strategy was to ignore the blogger in order to deny him or her the satisfaction of a reaction, but Leslie exclaimed that she was "all in" for the battle. Wow, another gambling term. Later, Lily mentioned the juicy buzz post to Neil, in front of Jill, so Neil updated Jill on the Genoa City blogger. Again, Neil saw himself in the Evanston Pub, drinking, as he gazed at a newspaper headline about his missing wife, Dru, who was presumed to be dead.

Rumors have been abound that Dru is the blogger, which would make some sense, since she would know so much about Neil and his family. But would Dru really post those vicious blogs about her own family? I think that Dru's return could bring in so many new stories for the Winters family. Plus, Sharon could always use a friend, since Dru appears to have been her only female friend in Genoa City. I personally hopes that Dru is the blogger, which would again make Neil and his gang pretty interesting.

Jill sneered, as she saw Cane sitting with "Cane's little shadow," Hilary, and admitted to Neil that she and Hilary did not always see eye-to-eye. I really like Jill when she is feisty, and she joked that one should always have a smile on your face and a song in your heart. Jill could almost be in a musical! Jill then lamented that Billy was gambling again, and Neil commented that Billy could no more gamble just one hand, than Neil could have just one drink. Neil was grateful that he had been supported by his loving family, who had kept him from returning to a very dark place. Could Neil be returning soon to that dark place again? We shall see.

After Lily brushed him off again, Tyler invited Abby to a party, where the guests were mostly dark-haired models of the female sex. After Abby noticed that she wasn't exactly Tyler's type, Tyler realized that maybe it was time to break old habits. They kissed, and Abby stopped it from going any farther, because she did not want to be the old Abby, who would jumped into the sack, and later try to learn about the guy.

The new Abby doesn't really have the spark and fire that the old one did, but that may not be a bad thing. We need to get past the days of the Naked Heiress anyway, so I am willing to give this new toned-down version a chance. Plus, anyone who can divert Tyler's lust away from Lily, who is very married, is okay in my books.

Other notable (or humorous) items that happened during the week:

Abby referred to Alex as being one in a long line of "Mr. Not-Quite-So-Rights." We have all had one of those at one time of another, haven't we, ladies? (And for the lucky ones who haven't, good for you!)

I loved Jeffrey's line to Dylan, after Dylan said that Jeffrey could depend on him to care for Chelsea: "Can I? Cause, see, the truth is I don't know you from Adam. Well, not that Adam...I, um, you know, the biblical one, the saying." Funny!

I noticed that whenever Carmine is involved, Michael can come up with some pretty colorful language, such as demanding that the ape be hauled into the police station and thrown into a cage. He then called Carmine a walking piece of garbage. Please, Michael, tell us how you really feel.

Dylan also had a very clever line this week. When Chelsea asked him about the progress that he and Stitch had made, Dylan stated that it had been like "hot water coming out of a cold tap." I take it that means it had been rather slow.

The look that Hilary gave Cane and Lily, as they cooed over each other in the restaurant, was chilling. The term, "if looks could kill," would be very appropriate, and if Hilarie's look had its way, the restaurant would have contained the crime scene of a murder. (Shades of CSI!)

That's it from me this week. I am very much looking forward to seeing how Jack and Summer handle their new relationship as father and daughter. And I am also curious to see the confrontation between Jack and Nick, who was almost like a son to Jack. Y&R has gotten very interesting this month!

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