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With Thanksgiving on the horizon, Genoa City residents turned to family matters. The Abbotts showed off their class, while the Newmans showcased their crass. Will this be a peaceful, happy holiday or will someone soon be carving out some trouble for them? Get ready to gobble up this week's Two Scoops!

We love to hear your thoughts on The Young and the Restless -- and now there are more ways than ever to share your picks for what's hot and what's not. As always, you can use the email link to drop our columnist a note, and you can also call our 24/7 caller feedback hotline at 267.341.7627 and record your thoughts on Y&R. And if you have a Facebook account, you can scroll to the bottom of the column and leave your comments right here on this page!

As Gloria said to Michael when she visited him in prison, "If you don't have family, you got nothing." Thanksgiving is a day that we devote to family, at least until it's time to line up outside our favorite store to get a jump-start on the holiday shopping season!

For the past couple of years, I've celebrated with my brother. We don't shop, but we do fill up on turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie while we watch football games. I'm looking forward to our celebration, because after living in different parts of the country for many years, we are finally settled in the same place and have rekindled our sibling bond. I am very thankful for that, and I wish each of you a memorable day with your own family and friends.

Okay, enough maudlin sentimentality! Well maybe not. I've got to admit that I misted up when Jack and Abby discussed their plans for an Abbott family Thanksgiving. It sounded almost idyllic to me, despite their recent travails. Several generations sharing a day and a meal under one roof, plus they have a cook and housekeeper to do the dishes after! What could be better?

For Jack and Summer, it would be a trip together to see Phyllis, to let her know that they missed her and loved her. I think, perhaps, that this may be a signal to start preparing for a Phyllis return. Don't forget, she did twitch the last time Jack was with her. When Jack picked up a photo from the mantel, I rewound and paused on the photo of Jack and Phyllis to see if there was a Phyllis other that Michelle Stafford in it. There wasn't. That doesn't mean that there won't be if Phyllis eventually wakes up in Georgia with a new face.

The Abbotts are very nice to each other. They are so warm and fuzzy that I have a Leave It To Beaver moment almost every time several of them are gathered in a room together. They very much typify the phrases "old money" and "upper crust."

The Newmans, on the other hand, could be called "nouveau riche" or perhaps "trailer trash." I am not insulting people who live in trailers (Some of my best friends live in trailers! -wink, wink, wink), I merely refer colloquially to those who do not adhere to the ways of Emily Post. That could describe my family, if I left out "riche!" My brother always says that we grew up in a barn, and we still laugh about calling our grandmother's kitchen "Ptomaine Tavern."

My longwinded point is that the Newmans don't discuss. They yell, they demand, they order each other around. I think that both families are loving in their way, but the Abbotts are much healthier, because they love unconditionally, which the Newmans do not, and Nikki's disastrous dinner party did nothing to alter my opinion.

Nikki's confession started off well enough, but an untimely phone call caused just enough interruption to allow time for Dylan and Avery, in a bright red, eye-catching dress, to arrive for a romantic date. Of all the restaurants in all of Genoa City, wouldn't you know that Dylan would pick the same one to dine in that Nikki did. Of course, as far as I know, there are only two other restaurants in town. Dylan owns one and Billy the other!

Nick quickly demonstrated his lack of class when he cornered Dylan, who was trying to get out of the club as quickly and quietly as possible as soon as he spotted the Newmans. Nick was having none of that. He behaved very boorishly. It seems really unfair of Nick to blame Dylan for Nick's broken engagement to Avery. That relationship was doomed from the start. Even if Dylan had not shown up, there was no guarantee that Avery and Nick would have ever made it down the aisle.

The fact that Faith did not like Avery, long before Sharon manipulated Faith, should have caused both Nick and Avery to rethink. Marrying a partner that your kid despises is going to end badly for either the marriage or the kid. Real love means resolving the conflict before the marriage, so everyone can be happy. But I digress. Nick is no prize, despite his youthful good looks. He's a two-time loser with mommy issues and a lot of baggage, including an ex-wife that was supposedly the love of his life. It seems pretty obvious that when the going gets tough, Nick gets mad and macho and then runs away. And yes, I agree that Nick also has a host of good qualities, especially as a father, but I can say categorically that as far as good husband material goes, Nick is at the bottom of my list right now.

I would like to see Y&R reinvent Sharon and make her the Sharon of old. We've been asking for more romance in the afternoon. What could be more romantic than to have high school Nick reunite with first love Sharon and put their family back together? Give us the payoff of a beloved couple finding their way back to each other after 20 years. Of course, Sharon will have to come clean about her fight with Phyllis, and Nick will have to forgive her for that and the paternity test, if Sharon actually changed the results instead of hallucinating that she did.

Nick is more like Victor than he will admit. He wants his own way all the time, and he continually thinks that he knows what's best for everyone. It was absurd for Nick to believe that Dylan was deliberately trying to cross his path or interfere with his family. I think Dylan acted as passively as possible in their encounter at the club. I don't blame Dylan for refusing to be intimidated or for responding when Nick threw the first punch.

Nikki showed her class when she loudly blurted out that Dylan was her son. It appeared at the time to be the only way to prevent her two sons from fighting, but it certainly made what should have been a private moment, very public. I do not think that either Dylan or the Newman men, including Adam, are going to be thrilled with Nikki's announcement. I think that Victoria will welcome Dylan with open arms, but it will take a while for Dylan, Nick, and Victor to accept the truth. By the way, I thought that Victoria looked stunning in that black dress with her hair up.

The Baldwins continue to amaze. Their solidarity in stupidity is remarkable, even on a soap. I won't rehash all the obvious flaws in this story -- Teddi did an excellent job of that last week -- but I will say that I'm beginning to wonder if there is a Womack-Carmine connection. Will it turn out that Womack helped Carmine and then killed him, or helped Carmine to fake his death? Is Carmine dead? If he is, who's calling Lauren? And what about Courtney? Does her family have a connection to either Womack or Carmine?

I do wish that Tracy Bergman would get to play a part other than the tearstained damsel in distress who is tied to the railroad track by the mustache-twisting villain at the end of every cliff-hanging, serialized episode in old silent movies. Why can't Lauren solve business problems or help Jill out? Why can't Lauren and Michael share some happy, stress-free, romantic love in the afternoon?

I admire that Lauren and Michael have stayed together during this crisis. I don't know if I could have done the same if I had been in either of their shoes. I certainly would not have taken the blame for a murder that I did not commit. By that time, I would have already been divorced, and it would be "Elvis has left the building" when anyone asked for me. Fortunately, "it's only a soap," so any similarity between "real" life and "reel" life is purely coincidental.

I did enjoy the sisterly conversation between Jill and Lauren. I loved it when Lauren rejected Jill's suggestion that Jill seduce a judge to help Michael and Fen, and Jill replied that Lauren had "too many scruples." I chuckled and took that as a sign that the writing is improving.

Is Mason going to be the new Carmine, and Devon the new Lauren? Will Devon be in jeopardy as he distrusts his old friends who liked him before he had money, and gets close to new friends who will take him for every dime he's got? I don't have much sympathy for Devon's plight. Poor Devon, forced to be responsible for all that money! All I can say to Devon is, "You are a better man than I am, Gunga Din -- and a much poorer judge of character!"

I would not have a problem either spending the money or knowing who my friends were. I would start out by giving ten percent to charity, and then I would take care of my family. After that, I would do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, and have someone -- not me -- clean my house. Oh wait, I'm retired. I do whatever I want, whenever I want, anyway! Guess I don't really need the money, after all, except maybe for the house cleaning part!

So please, Devon, quit whining and being so judgmental. You're about to give Mason a second chance; give Hilary one also. She might turn out to be a great girl for you. I believed her when she spoke to Neil about what it meant to her to have a second chance. If she's pulling a fast one, she's got me fooled for now, but like Victor, I'm always on the lookout for unkind shenanigans, so I've got your back.

I like the new alliance that is forming against Victor. Surely all of you who've been aching to see Victor get his comeuppance will finally have some payback for your faith in Jack. If Jack, Jill, Hilary, and Kyle aren't powerful enough to be reckoned with, then give up any hope of ever seeing Victor taken down. While I may see more good in Victor than you do, I have no problem with him paying his karmic debt just like everybody else.

NuKyle's haircut is an improvement, but I don't like his hidden agenda with Victor, even if it succeeds. While I certainly respect necessary whistle-blowing, I don't support industrial espionage and deliberate sabotage, especially against someone who has never directly hurt you. Using trust to get close to someone and then turning on the person seems despicable to me, but it's only a soap, so I'll probably get over it! Kyle will get his when Summer finds out, especially if she learns that she's not an Abbott! Besides that, now I can dislike NuKyle instead of Adam! Win-win.

The Ashbys, Cane and Lily, have decided to work, live, and raise their family together. That is a very brave decision and one that I can admire because togetherness is not always what it's cracked up to be. Too much can be as hurtful as not enough, but it looks like Cane and Lily won't have a problem. Cane's found a building to house their dream, and Lily looked very thoughtful after their encounter with a homeless woman squatting in the building. I don't know yet what they will do with it, but I suspect that Lily is getting a clue.

I am not particularly drawn to those characters, but it is really good to see a young couple with children, who love each other and put their family first. It will be interesting to see what kind of venture Cane and Lily pursue, hopefully one that will make them more interesting to me than they are now. I frequently resist the urge to fast-forward through their scenes. I did enjoy the recent ballroom dance number, though.

I am very pleased that Tristan Rogers is returning to Y&R. I can't get enough of him on GH, and I am sure that he and Jess Walton will keep me as entertained and engaged on Y&R as he and Finola Hughes did on GH. I don't care what character Rogers plays or what soap he is on, I would follow that man anywhere, as long as I don't have to leave my cat or my recliner!

It's going to be sad to see Billy Miller go, but he is such a good actor that I can understand that he might like to try something else for a while. In the meantime, I can't think of anybody better to play Billy that the original actor, David Tom. I loved him with Mac, and I can't wait to see how he has matured. I wonder if Billy will turn to Kelly, from the support group, instead of Victoria, to help him through his grief. They seemed to be bonding over drinks recently. If they were of the alcoholic variety, Billy could easily slip away from his family, despite the deep love he shares with Victoria.

I would prefer that Billy and Victoria work through their grief together and become an even stronger couple. However, it is likely, as has been the case with many couples who have suffered such a profound loss, that they will split up and find other partners. This would be another similarity to the Cassie story and the B.J. story on GH.

Since it's only a soap, the good news is that if Billy and Victoria break up, there will be ample opportunities for them to work their way back to each other. Chloe and Kevin seem to be the couple that is growing closer, rather than apart, as a result of their loss. Some of their scenes together have been heart-wrenching.

Chelsea touched me when she told Adam how much she had learned and how much she regretted her bad choices, but she was realistic in realizing that even though she had taken responsibility for her actions, she could not go back, only forward. Adam seemed to take heart and understand what she was saying. I really like this Adam, this family man, struggling with his conscience, torturing himself in the chat room with Billy, doing everything he can -- short of confessing -- to make it up to Billy. I also appreciated that he was civil, not sarcastic, to Victoria.

Now that the folder containing the names of the owners of suspect SUVs is on Victor's desk, the writing is on the wall for Adam. It's only a matter of time until Billy and everyone else finds out. I wouldn't be surprised if Kyle noses around Victor's desk and finds the damning information. This is an excellent opportunity for Billy to do bodily harm to Adam, go to jail, and morph into David Tom, just like when they get a new Dr Who!

Here ends the commentary portion -- except for my closing words -- and begins the fan opinion portion, with my comments on those opinions. There is also a section near the end that may be more relevant to GH fans than others!


From the email bag!

First up, I asked for terms that defined "dumb" and got these:

'Dumb as a bag of hair' comes to mind in reference to the Baldwins. -- COLLEEN

On the subject of the not-so-bright Baldwins...One of my favorites is "A few fries short of a Happy Meal." -- MYRA

Just some others: Not the brightest bulb on the tree, not playing with a full deck -- NANCY

Thanks, guys, those were awesome!

Speaking of stupid, here is an astute comment from someone who is not stupid:

Regarding Nikki, is she really planning on the big reveal at a family dinner? She is now the most stupid person on the show. Gently approaching Dylan and breaking it to him first would be the intelligent thing to do. In fact, I know the perfect scenario. Go to him and ask his advice, if Connor had grown up thinking Dylan was his father, later in life would he want to know that Adam was his real father? When he says yes, it's an opening for Nikki to say she's his mother. But no one understands tact or being subtle on soaps. Disgusting. I am reduced to reading recaps on alternating days because I cannot watch this garbage. -- JUDI

Poor Judi, reading recaps every other day must be like a smoker wearing nicotine patches. It cuts the craving without satisfying the urge. Hang in there, Judi! It will get better. Remember, it's only a soap!

Some fans think the show is improving a little. I give Rita the "It's Only A Soap Award" -- and not just because she was nice to me -- well maybe that influenced me a little bit!

As always, loved the column. I also can't stomach Victor Newman. He definitely is a loving father, but he also is a know-it-all, a bully, and just annoying. I have to ff through most of his rhetoric. I truly hope Adam isn't the driver. After reading your column I'm hoping the other viewers are right with their theories. I like Adam and Chelsea together. They seem to compliment each other very nicely. As for the rest, getting better but not quite there yet. After all, it's only a SOAP -- RITA

Linda took me to task for my assessment of Lauren, and she has a valid point.

I don't get why you are all over Lauren for not doing anything. She never wanted to lie to the police but Michael told her repeatedly to trust him and do what he asks. She tried to get him a lawyer and begged him to plead self-defense, which he refused. She is the one who went to Christine, after he was beaten, to ask that Michael be moved to a safer part of the jail. She has asked the same for her son, yet when she does this some say she is asking for special favors and yet when she doesn't tell Paul the truth she is accused of doing nothing. What exactly is she supposed to tell Paul? That Michael lied about killing Carmine because he believes Fen killed Carmine. Michael would be so upset. She doesn't want to betray either her son or husband and that is why she is not going against Michael's plan.

I like you, Linda, you are not afraid to speak your mind!

Here are some very thought-provoking suggestions from a very insightful viewer.

I am sad to see Billy Miller exit as Billy Abbott. This proves that Y&R is headed for disaster. Watching today's show proved what a terrific actor he is. The only consolation is that David Tom is taking over the role. I always liked him. I really liked him when he was with Mac until they made Billy and Mac cousins. Another bad move on Y&R. I just hope Billy doesn't end up having an affair with Kelly. It will be a repeat performance of Cassie's death. I know this sounds weird but it would not [have] been a bad idea to have Billy commit suicide. It would have opened so many doors especially since Billy Miller wanted to leave. This would...put the blame on Chloe. Suicide is a very real thing and not mentioned a lot on soaps. On the other hand, Billy may end up trying to kill Adam. It's just a matter of time. I just feel like the show is in limbo with so many unresolved stories. Let's see, there is Summer's paternity, Phyllis's coma, and Carmine's murder just to name a few. We need to move on and start fresh. Get rid of Kyle. Never liked him from the beginning and never will. Until next time. -- CATHY

Very well said! Nobody seems to like NuKyle. I tried, but when he volunteered to be a backstabbing traitor, I lost interest. If there are some NuKyle fans out there, stand by your man and send in your reasons. Meanwhile, he'll be my go-to guy for "love to hate"!

Here are some other thoughts on Billy Miller and his departure from Y&R.

I cannot believe that Young and the Restless would let go of talented actor Billy Miller. No disrespect to David Tom but I love Billy Miller and will truly miss his interactions with his on-screen wife Victoria, his on-screen brother Jack and his on-screen father-in-law Victor. SHAME ON YOU Y&R. -- DIANNE

I don't want Billy Miller to leave. I love Y&R. He is a great Billy Abbott -- SANDY

I am shocked and not happy at all about Billy Miller leaving Y&R. Billy is such a handsome and fantastic actor. Y&R will not be the same without Billy Miller -- CAROL

What a great loss. I don't care who replaces him, as far I'm concerned he WAS THE REASON I WATCHED Y & R. -- MAILENE

Just letting you know I am sorry to see Billy leave the show, especially with losing his daughter. It will be weird to have someone else have to step in and try and act and feel like Billy did. Just saying but I do wish him the best in the future!!! -- BETH

I am very sure that the outpouring of love and support that these viewers represent will touch Billy Miller.

On the other hand, Del had this to say about Billy:

I really feel that the Delia/Billy storyline is too long. Miller has definitely overacted in the role -- I was an ardent fan of his but in the past -- he has just overacted constantly -- starting with the gambling, booze, etc. Now with Delia -- the overacting just goes on and on and on. Please bring this storyline to an end so that all the overacting -- including Chloe and Kevin -- will return to normal. Thank you. -- DEL

Like I always say, Del, there are two sides to every story.

The spoiler was a hot topic, along with the Baldwin family's predicament.

Hi, Boone. Interesting spoiler about Sharon and Dylan. I think it would be good; it would give Dylan more roots in GC. I do not think Carmine is dead, (think Shelia storylines). It was either a twin or a look alike that Carmine killed and framed the Baldwins for. Now he has Lauren where he wants her, alone, it will be up to Paul to figure it out and save her. Carmine is the one making the calls to her. I hope this storyline is wrapped up during the November sweeps; I don't care for it at all. They have taken the strong characters of Michael and Lauren and turned them into weak people making very poor choices. This whole storyline has been handled very poorly. -- DAYZEE

I'm with you, Dayzee. Carmine has to be alive. It takes three or four attempts to ever kill off a soap villain. They are like Energizer Bunnies that keep stalking and stalking and stalking some more. They have an unlimited source of funds as well as the ability to be invisible to the police.

The "Aw Shucks! You-are-way-too-nice-but-keep-it-up Award" is a tie! Jill likes the commentary without reader opinions and Denice likes to hear opinions other than mine -- smart woman!

Well done, Boone! Not many can write commentaries, but you can! So very nice to see a column without fan feedback throughout! Some two-scoopers basically write recaps and I was pleased from the start to see you did not do that. Look forward to your next column. Cheers! -- JILL

Always a pleasure reading your column and I, for one, do enjoy other people's opinions, that you publish... Isn't it "November Sweeps"? Sure didn't feel like it on Y&R, which last week paled in comparison to GH & DAYS, who both had great reveals that will continue this week. If Y&R is counting on the Dylan being Nikki's son storyline to boost their ratings, I have serious concerns. If you check the many boards out there, many fans (myself included) are not thrilled about this. Because, it is rewritten history that has been forced upon us. But I know, I have to remind myself: "It's only a SOAP". LOL! -- DENICE

All I can say is thank you both! I will continue with this format, which you seem to like, for as long as it satisfies those of you who take the time and do me the honor of reading what I write. Oops! I'm getting gushy again -- Darn holiday spirit! Where's the "Bah, humbug" when you really need it.

Timothy pretty much nailed it with these comments, which I couldn't have predicted or said better myself. Bear in mind that I got this email before Ghost John appeared or Billy met Kelly. Good going, psychic guy!

I wonder, did they ever mention Katherine leaving Tucker anything in her will? I think Tucker #1 should came back, wrestle with Victor over Katherine's company. Jack and Jill against Victor is boring. Ghost John should appear and just tell Jack to let it go! I am so happy to hear Colin is coming back. Maybe he can step in to the battle with Jack and Jill against Victor. I would love to see a storyline between Tristan and Eric. Two legends that could blow apart the screen! I'm surprised Billy is not leaning on alcohol and gambling. I think that this new character, who lost her son Sam, and Billy will bond. In soaps, that might not be good for Victoria! Lastly, I think the reason they are showing Billy with a gun and him saying someone will pay is because if Billy Miller doesn't sign a new contract, his character will go off to jail while they recast. -- TIMOTHY

In response to Timothy's question about Tucker's inheritance, just in case you've forgotten, Katherine bequeathed Tucker her vinyl record collection, the modest gift that Devon had hoped to receive.

Linda wrote:

Today was the first time I have read your column I really enjoyed it.... I have been hoping that [Dylan's] real father would turn out to be Paul in the end. According to your scoop, maybe not, but I hope so, Paul deserves a son. They also need to quit making Dylan a poster boy for boring, just too sweet. They also missed being able to have a great love story with Avery, she should have been married to Nick when he came back and have her still be completely in love with Dylan...A real soap triangle. That is a good question, why don't soaps have real love stories anymore? Well I have said enough...going to go watch Friday's GH, which is so good right now...something happening everyday. -- LINDA

I thought you GH fans would be interested in Linda's thoughts on Dylan and her take on GH.

Linda's email backs up what I had intended to point out: that GH has something good going on. We all know that Y&R has been copying GH's stories, but instead of copying the plots, Y&R should copy the style and the pacing. Friday's GH episode culminated in a reveal that fans have been waiting two years to see reach fruition. It was a day of surprises even in the previews. GH awed us, shocked us, and kept us on the edge of our seats.

The writers reveal and tease at the same time. It seems like we get a payoff almost every day. I don't know about you, but that's what keeps me hooked, just like a slot machine that pays off every time I run out of money. There is so much good dialogue bandied about that it makes me want to wake up the writers on Y&R and say, "Listen to that! Copy that. Write like that." Okay, so it's only a soap! Now, stick a fork in me because I am well and truly done!

Once again, have a great Thanksgiving with your friends and loved ones. Until next time, fellow fans, may the soaps be with you.

What are your thoughts on The Young and the Restless? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts. Use the email link to drop our columnist a note. You can also call our 24/7 caller feedback hotline at 267.341.7627 and voice your thoughts. And now if you have a Facebook account, you can scroll to the bottom of the column and leave your comments right here on this page!

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