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As we all give thanks for our loved ones, both real and fictional, one character reveals her huge secret at the expense of another who loses his faith in everything that he had believed to be true. Plus, a father continues to try to heal over his major loss. All this and more on Two Scoops.

For a while, when I first saw that The Young and the Restless would be airing an episode every day this holiday week, I feared that I would be feasting on the crazy antics and the madcap adventures (I wish!) of our favorite characters on our much beloved soap rather than pigging out on a huge Thanksgiving feast while watching football. And while I would have missed eating all that delicious food and spending time with my family, I probably wouldn't have minded so much missing the Detroit Lions and the Dallas Cowboys lose yet again in what appears to be their Thanksgiving tradition. Except that they both shocked me by winning. It would have hated to miss that miracle!

As it turned out, I didn't have to miss the festivities, after all, because Thursday's episode was a 1998 classic featuring the outrageous epic scuffle between Katherine and Jill in the attic, while Friday's episode was a repeat of the remarkable tribute to Jeanne Cooper. Everyone was so young in the 1998 episode. Time really does fly!

These episodes are indeed two treasures that we could wistfully revisit and cherish. I gave thanks for these so that I could celebrate Thanksgiving with my family, as we searched through the Black Friday newspaper ads and watched our favorite football teams struggle for their wins. Ah, I can still vaguely remember the glory days when the Cowboys were so dominant. Well, enough of those ancient memories. On to the week's events on our favorite soap, which, unfortunately, didn't include any crazy antics or madcap adventures.

Before we get started, I was wondering to myself just last week, is there anyone, outside of his own family, that Victor actually likes? Actually, is there anyone, including his family, that Victor actually likes? Well, of course, he had to hate (or at the very least, extremely dislike) Dylan, since we knew that Dylan was Nikki's secret son. Victor made his feelings about Dylan very well known once he saw Avery walk in with Dylan at the Athletic Club. Victor reasoned that Dylan was the one who had totally destroyed Nick's life with Avery. But let's face it...did Victor really need a reason to hate Dylan? Does he ever need a reason to dislike anyone?

Seriously, who does Victor like? He lost his best friend when Katherine died. It seems that Victor is only nice to someone when he has an agenda. For instance, Victor has been nice enough to Cane because he remembered that Katherine loved Cane, but does Victor really like Cane? Probably not. He's also been friendly to Jill lately for the same reason, but I doubt if he really likes her. It's pretty obvious that Jill is not a fan of his, but then again, how could she be when Victor has taken what she thinks belongs rightfully to her?

Of course, Victor has always clearly admitted that he hates Jack and "Billy Boy" Abbott, and he repeats over and over that he has absolutely no use at all for any of the Abbotts. However, his own daughter, Abby, is an Abbott as well as a Newman. It seems like he tries to ignore that fact just as he ignores that his own son, Adam, is Connor's father or that Sharon is Faith's mother. And now he also refuses to acknowledge that Jack is supposedly Summer's father. You have to admit that he's had tons of practice at this kind of behavior, since Abby has been an Abbott from the day she was born. Y&R fan Timothy has another perspective on the Victor and Abby dynamic:

    Here is a question for you, why is it Victor butts in on Nick and Victoria's love life but never blinks an eye at Abby's? She is one if not his youngest child. Not saying that any of the Newmans are racist, but not one of her family members questions her dating a black guy. At the very least, discuss with her what type of negative opinions might be thrown their way. Yes, one day it would be nice for one human to date and marry another human, regardless of color but that's not how some people view mixed relationships. Y&R is missing out on a story line here. Even when Abby dated Alex, Victor never blinked. Besides him being Latino, He was a detective. Do you think Donald Trump would allow one of his daughters to date a detective!

Actually, I am not sure that Tyler has even been a blip in Victor's radar yet. (Lucky guy!) Tyler did admit that he had met Abby's dad and that he had not let Victor chase him away. Yet. (Okay, Tyler did not say "yet." That part came from me.) Victor's been busy merging Chancellor Industries into Newman Enterprises so his attention has been elsewhere. I have a feeling that this may be a story waiting to happen, because I would find it hard to believe that Victor would never have anything to say about Tyler being with his daughter at all.

Once the dust settles a bit, I am sure that Victor will interfere in Abby's relationship with Tyler just as he already does with Victoria and Billy. And speaking of, Billy Miller, please don't go!!!

One thing that I am not thankful about during this holiday season is that Billy Miller will no longer be a part of our Y&R family at the beginning of next year. I love, love, love Billy Miller as Billy Abbott, and it is my opinion that he has brought the right mix of foolishness, vulnerability, and heart to his character as the perfect bad boy trying to be good for the sake of his family and for the love of his life, Victoria. I am so sad that he will be gone from our daily lives, but I am happy that he is moving on to a brighter and more successful career. As much as I will miss him, I truly hope the best for Billy. Y&R fan Kathy E. joins me in my sadness:

    It will be really hard to enjoy the Y&R with Billy Miller gone. He truly made the part of Billy Abbott his own and I don't care who is taking it (yes I remember this Billy when he had the part before), this actor will not be able to make us forget Billy Miller. What a crime that a settlement could not be reached.

I totally agree!!! Y&R fan Christi G. comments on David Tom's re-arrival as Billy Abbott:

    I'm sorry...I was not a David Tom fan. I have watched Y&R all my life and have come to love the current Billy and Victoria. It's a good thing A.H. just inked a new contract...since also bringing back the old Victoria would be a little, um, awkward!

Oh, my gosh! I had totally forgotten about that when I first heard the news about David Tom being recast as Billy. His sister, Heather Tom, did play Victoria Newman for many years before she left for more "bold and beautiful" pastures. Who knew, back then, that down the road Victoria would end up marrying Billy?! I guess we can all breathe a sigh of relief that Amelia Heinle plays Victoria now, or that could have been its own little soap opera, especially when you reflect on all of those past kissing scenes for Victoria and Billy. Awkward is not a strong enough word! Y&R fan Ange also had an opinion about David Tom returning as Billy:

    Since David Tom is coming back as Billy, this would be a great opportunity to have Victoria wake up a la Pam Ewing and find him in the shower and Delia in her bedroom.

As long as Amelia Heinle is still playing Victoria, I am good with that. Although Delia's storyline only started when Chloe arrived in Genoa City and Billy (or Liam, as he was called at the time), as played by Billy Miller, followed not too long afterward, Delia could adjust to a new, recast daddy. Soap kids do it all the time. Sadly, I think that ship has sailed, though, and Delia will not be returning to us. So, we lose yet another actor that we have grown to love when Billy Miller leaves Y&R and Genoa City.

Now, back to Victor...yes, he made a nasty remark about Dylan once he saw Avery at his side, which egged Nick on, and punches flew between Dylan and Nick. So, of course, Nikki just had to stop the fight by dramatically announcing that Dylan was her son. Her declaration sure stopped the fight dead in its tracks! Nikki really needs to work on her timing.

Nikki explained that she had met with Dylan's aunt, Pamela Harrison, who had mentioned Terry McAvoy. Only poor Terry never knew about Dylan's parentage because Dylan's mother, Penny, had never told Terry. Gee, no wonder Dylan resented Nikki, since she pretty much called his mother a liar. How did Nikki really think that this big reveal was going to play out?

Nikki later told Victor about the commune/cult and admitted that she had never told him because she had never wanted to hurt him. Still, Victor thought that Nikki should have trusted him. You know, I would have thought that Victor would have been a little more upset or angry. Nick is the one who took the truth badly when he realized that he would be saddled with Dylan as a brother for the rest of his life. The same guy who had become an obstacle to Nick's marriage to Avery. The same guy who wanted to build a toy for Nick's daughter, Faith. Boy, this guy is all over Nick's life!

Nikki was quick to point out to Nick, "You know better than anybody what a secret like this can do to your soul." Wow, talk about hitting a man, her own son, where it hurts! I guess Nikki's way to justify keeping the truth from her family was to stress that Nick had done the very same thing regarding Summer's paternity. I am sure that went a long way with Nick. However, Y&R fan Jennifer has had just about enough of Nick:

    If I have to watch one more episode of Nick Newman whining, I truly believe I'll pull my hair out! He's always been entitled but this is just ridiculous. I wouldn't be surprised if one of his lines soon is "nobody better breath my air". Can't believe these storylines lately, yikes! I know it's just a soap but if the writers are reading.....none of your viewers are this dumb! Billy Miller, Michelle Stafford gone, if this is the future of y&r you will lose a viewer who has watched since day one!

I have already said how I feel about Billy Miller's loss, but I have to admit -- and I really thought that I would never say this -- I actually miss Phyllis too! Although she was always excellent, Michelle Stafford did one thing very well with Phyllis, and that was to never make her boring. I would welcome Phyllis back with open arms now if that meant that new, riveting stories filled with love, romance and angst would follow. We want the drama, but we want to care also. If we don't also care about the characters, what's the point?

Instead of staying with Nikki, Victor followed Nick, who had stormed out of the restaurant. Victor claimed that he was just as shocked as Nick, but to me, he sure didn't act like it. Later, he pointed out to Nikki that she had kept this secret from him the entire time they had been together and claimed that he could not support someone who had caused Nick so much misery. But even then, Victor was not angry or yelling or anything.

I mean, I have seen Victor when he is upset or mad or resentful, and I thought he was fairly calm about the whole situation. This is not the Victor that we all know and love(?). Normally, if Victor feels he has been deceived, he will mumble and yell about how wrong everyone was and then shout it out to the whole world. Maybe Victor is turning over a new leaf? Nah!

Dylan ran out of the Athletic Club -- still hurting after Nikki had crushed Dylan's image of his loving parents -- and Avery let it slip to Dylan that she had known the truth for quite some time. Ah, yes, there's another person that Dylan will not be able to trust. All the secrets and lies! Dylan looked totally lost as he realized that everything he had ever known had turned out to be wrong.

This does sound like a replay of Summer's story! I almost feel like I have typed these words before. Since Nikki witnessed the pain that Dylan was in, she cried out to the heavens to Katherine as she wondered if her family would ever be whole again. Well, Nikki, it seems you should have questioned that before you blurted out the truth to your entire family.

In pain, Dylan told Avery that his mother had lied to him for her own reasons and that he would never know why, since his parents were gone. Dylan also wanted answers about his biological father, and Avery pointed out that he could still get those answers from one person. So, of course, Dylan arrived at Nikki's door. He demanded to see proof that Nikki was his mother, which she didn't have. Dylan then insisted on a DNA test and wanted answers about his father.

Nikki revealed that Ian Ward, the charismatic cult leader, was Dylan's father and that she didn't know where he was. When Dylan indicated that even if he needed a family, it would not be hers, I did not blame him. Outside of Victoria, the Newmans have brought him nothing but pain. And destroying his belief about his loving family was the biggest hurt of all.

I hope that Nikki realizes that Dylan will need time and space to figure out how he will fit into his newfound family. Of course first, he needs to decide if he even wants to. But Nikki needs to be patient so that he can adjust to the news. I mean, this is huge! Nikki should understand that he is confused and needs some space. Even if there can be no relationship between Dylan and Nick, Nikki should eventually be able to have some kind of relationship with Dylan. I just hope it's the kind of relationship she wants.

I have to wonder where all of this heartache and drama is going to lead. Okay, now Dylan is part of the Newman family. He is Nick's and Victoria's brother. He is not Adam's brother, but he is the brother of Adam's brother, so I guess that makes Dylan and Adam stepbrothers? But at least they can go around town, proudly claiming that they are not really brothers, since they can't stand each other.

Wow, I just realized that, at one time, it had seemed as if Dylan was trying (unknowingly) to take Adam's life and son, and now it appears to Nick that Dylan wants his life, including Faith. Hey, Nick, at least Adam can say that Dylan is not really his brother. Adam has that to hold on to.

So, we will have the feuding brothers, and since Victor didn't really like Dylan anyway, he will probably resent Dylan's place in the sainted Newman family even though Dylan is not actually a Newman. Unless Victor's love for Nikki overcomes that resentment, of course. That would be some strong love to be able to power over what Victor might consider a deception or even a betrayal. Would Dylan be welcome at the family gatherings or in the family business? Would he even want to be?

Strangely enough, Victoria learned that Victor seemed more upset about the misery that Dylan had brought to Nick than about Nikki's cover-up of her past life. Victoria wondered if Victor was angrier that Nikki had kept the secret or that she finally told the truth. When Victor noted that Dylan had made Nick look like an idiot, left standing at the altar, Victoria had her answer. Victor seemed to verify that when he later held Nikki in his arms as she cried once she realized that Victor still loved her. Apparently, Victor's love for Nikki trumped his anger.

And what of the relationship between Dylan and Avery? Are they a strong enough or even an interesting enough couple to be able to sustain a dynamic storyline that would hold the viewers' attention? Will the triangle of Dylan/Avery/Nick continue to chime, making the fans wish for the "tinging" to stop? (Get it -- a little play on the word "triangle" there.) Y&R fan L.B. has an idea:

    I know this may sound a bit immature but I think it would be interesting if Nick and Chelsea kinda swirled around in each others orbit. I know, I know the writers are intent on putting Chelsea and intense Adam together again and Dylan and boring mom like Avery together but think of all the drama and funny looks and lines they could have as characters. First off let's see how Avery reacts to seeing her ex with Chelsea and let's see how Dylan would react to his ex being with his half brother/nemesis. We all know how Adam would react as he loathes Nick. The story going with the current coupling is too predictable and boring.

That's definitely a unique idea. I am not sure that the fans are ready for an endless merry-go-round of Avery jumping from one man to the other. I actually like Avery only because she finally got Nick away from Phyllis, but quite a few fans do find Avery to be somewhat dull. I had never thought of Nick and Chelsea together, and they might prove to make an interesting couple. That would sure stir Adam up! Actually, L.B. is right. Not only would that get Adam going, but Dylan would want to keep a close eye on them also. Nick, Dylan and Adam hate each other already, so why not have Chelsea be the catalyst to some fun, entertaining, and intense drama? This would be a storyline worth watching!

Now, we come to Billy, who still desired revenge even as he fought to remain rational for his family. After Billy daydreamed about taking the gun out of the closet, he then reached into the closet to grab...his coat. Thank goodness! Billy is trying so hard and is battling his demons -- the ones that want him to kill Delia's hit-and-run driver -- and I was relieved to see that he left to attend a grief support group instead. Billy has been my favorite character since Billy Miller joined Y&R, and his portrayal of a grief-stricken dad is a perfect example of why. Kelly saw a shaken Billy at the meeting and related that after her son had died, she had actually needed to take a leave of absence from her job as an elementary teacher when she had constantly seen "kids happy, laughing." Billy observed that he should have noticed that Delia had kept running after the dog when the pup would jump off of the stage, and Kelly reflected that she could have paid $50.00 more for a safer bicycle instead of buying the cheaper bike. Sadly, the regrets will hound them forever.

Life is so full of "what ifs," and sometimes circumstances leave it difficult for someone to move on. But when survival depends on it, help can be found. At the group meeting, help was offered when Billy was advised to forgive himself and the universe. It would be then that he would start to heal. However, Billy was not ready to do that, so he ran out of the room. No, Billy is not ready for any kind of forgiveness just yet, especially not for himself.

Who would have thought that Sharon would turn out to be Summer's savior? Although when I think about it, I suspect that Sharon's good deeds may be a way for her to ease her conscience over what she believes she did in the lab when she supposedly changed Summer's paternity results. After Sharon saw the modeling "princess" wet and freezing in the cold, she yelled at the cameraman that Summer was being abused. Apparently, Sharon still remembered her modeling days and knew what was considered professional behavior. I am glad to see Sharon strong and standing up for someone, even if she has her own reason for doing so.

Summer loved that Sharon had been fierce because she had reminded Summer of her mother. Sharon actually felt that was a compliment. There were days when Sharon would never have wanted to be compared to Phyllis at all. I had to laugh when Summer commented that she would have to tell her mother that Phyllis and Sharon were a lot alike, just to finally wake Phyllis up. You know, that may just do the trick. I, for one, would love to see Phyllis' reaction to that!

At the Underground, Noah told his mother about his brand-new relationship with Courtney Sloan. We are finally hearing Courtney's last name, so I have to believe that more facts will be disclosed about her family, probably sooner than later. Courtney does seem to have some skeletons in her closet. We know that drugs are involved somehow, whether it is because of her or one of her family members. I am guessing that it's probably a family member. Courtney doesn't look that doped-up to me.

Sharon hoped that her son would find a girl that truly deserved him, and she thought that Courtney seemed to be a nice girl. But you just never know about those nice girls. I love that the Newman "curse," per Noah, was to be romantic and in charge. If only all of the men in the world could have such a curse. Noah and Courtney are another cute couple on Y&R, but there does seem to be a mystery concerning Courtney that might just make her interesting.

Y&R fan Sani shares her views for the characters of a slightly larger age bracket:

    IMO, the weak link in Y&R is in the late 20-30 something range. The characters are blah. The writers missed a chance by not showing more of Devon's and Roxanne's back story (too bad Y&R couldn't "transfer" Roxanne and Devon to B&B -- I could see Roxanne making a name for herself at Forrester and Devon trying to win her back). The show would work so much better if they brought back JT, Raul & Brittany.? Those 3 had fantastic chemistry and are just what Y&R needs.

Yes, it is a shame that the writers never did more with Roxanne, and I always wondered why not. She's a pretty lady, and she had been Devon's girlfriend for as long as I can remember. The writers have always struggled when writing about the Winters family, but they had the opportunity to explore Roxanne's background, which had always existed. However, they must have something else in mind for Devon, since this couple is no longer an item. It seems that we will have to wait to see what's in store for Devon next.

It looks like Sharon will have some company for her frozen turkey dinner because Nick asked to spend Thanksgiving with his own family -- Sharon, Noah, and Faith. What a smile Sharon had on her face after Nick left! And it was not that sneaky, conniving smile that we had gotten to know the last several years. Sharon finally seemed to be more balanced and rational. Finally! She really showed reason when she reminded Nick that Dylan would be part of their family, since he was Faith's (and Noah's) uncle. Nick will always see Dylan as a "manipulative jerk" though. Ah, yes, yet another branch of a very dysfunctional family tree.

However, Nick saved the day when he brought food to Sharon's so that they would not have to eat the frozen TV dinners. Although Victor had earlier suspected that this family gathering was another one of Sharon's plots to reunite her family, Nick admitted that it had been his idea. Ironically, although Sharon loved the idea of her family together for Thanksgiving, it had not been her plot. She seems to be more successful when she doesn't try to manipulate Nick. You cannot manipulate true love. If love really exists, it will find the way.

Didn't Connor look absolutely adorable in his vibrant orange, yellow, brown, and red turkey costume? I loved the costume. I also loved Chelsea's remarks that Adam was back to being the man with gentleness and humanity that she had once loved and that he had a really big heart and was not afraid to show it. That is Adam around Chelsea.

This is the Adam that I have wanted to see again! Chelsea thanked Adam for working together for the sake of their son, and Adam thanked Chelsea for seeing the good in him. They are showing that they can again be a loving couple with possibilities of a joyful future together. If only it weren't for Adam's pesky suspicions that he ran into Delia. That could very much still be a hindrance, don't you think?

Jill, Esther, Chloe, and Kevin united to celebrate Thanksgiving together as they remembered happier times spent with both Delia and Katherine. Once Esther announced that she had not cooked a turkey, they gave thanks over their call-in order of Chinese food. When they opened their fortune cookies, Kevin noted that big change was coming his way, while Jill learned not to run from the unknown so that she could continue on her adventure. I hope we get to see both of these things happen for them.

After Lauren read the fortune from her cookie, "Truth sets one free," Michael made his grand entrance. Thanks to Paul and Christine's persistence, Michael's conviction was overturned, and he was set free. At least Michael and Lauren will have a little happiness because they are finally together again. Together, they are a force to deal with!

Other notable (or humorous) items that happened during the week:

So, Leslie is going to see what it's like to have a toddler running around when she spends Thanksgiving with Neil and Moses? She had better put on her gym shoes. Toddlers can be a handful as she quickly learned!

The cornbread versus sour bread battle rages on at the Winters household. Leslie chose correctly: cornbread it is!

Noah joked to his mother that while at Newman Enterprises, Victor will "warp my brain, exploit my soul, and leave me at the side of the road." Noah might have been joking, but he actually hit the nail right on the head. Victor does that! Pumpkin-pecan pie? That's one recipe that Christine and Paul can keep for themselves.

I enjoyed Michael's remark to Lauren about knowing worse ways to spend his time, such as working at the cosmetics counter at Fenmore's on Black Friday. That brought a smile to my face also.

Noah had a very creative explanation to Faith about why Dylan would not be making her a dollhouse, and it involved elves, Santa, and some magic elf-dust. That Noah's going to make a great dad someday. (Hopefully down the road.)

Lily's rule of the day for the Winters Thanksgiving dinner, "Do not destroy Grandpa's house or my ears." Oh, yes, those are words to live by.

Lily also had the best line of the week, "Well, look...if you really want somebody in your life, you will do whatever it takes to keep them, because it can all be gone in a minute." Those really are words to live by. Just ask Billy and Chloe.

Ashley returned for the Abbott family Thanksgiving, and it was great to see her again. Jack and Summer returned from their trip to see Phyllis and showed up at the get-together as well. Even as the family missed a sad Billy, they reminisced about their family tradition...the clumsy mishaps, which included tripping over the rug and dropping a pie. Just as they all believed they were safe, a loud crash was heard in the kitchen when Ashley dropped a coffee tray. Whew, what a relief! The family tradition continues.

Another Abbott tradition had Jack and Summer taking the wishbone, grabbing the bottom, and making a wish. Of course, they both had the same wish: for Phyllis to return home healthy in all of her feisty, redheaded glory.

I give a huge thank you to all the fans who have remained faithful to our soap, in good times and bad, and who continue to follow along with our most beloved characters through their many trials and tribulations. It's the true and faithful fans who have kept our soaps on the air for all these years, and without you, we would be watching even more reality, talk, or game shows on the network channels.

We, the fans, have shown that we are loyal and that we will stand by our shows through thick and thin. There is always hope as long as our soap is still being televised, even when we are not pleased with the writing. The writing can always improve. However, once we lose a soap, it is more than likely gone forever, as so many have died in the past. Here's to you again, All My Children (if you are indeed gone for good) and One Life to Live. Thanks for the memories!

As long as The Young and the Restless is still being shown on CBS at its scheduled time every weekday, we need to remain a united front and stand by our much-loved show. Thank you, Y&R and all of the remaining soaps -- and to all of the casts, writers, and crews -- for the great times you continue to give us!

Also, I continue to be thankful for my family and especially my husband who continue to support me in all of my endeavors. I am grateful to be a part of their lives, and I will try to cherish every moment that they spend in mine.

What are your thoughts on The Young and the Restless? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts. Use the email link to drop our columnist a note. You can also call our 24/7 caller feedback hotline at 267.341.7627 and voice your thoughts. And now if you have a Facebook account, you can scroll to the bottom of the column and leave your comments right here on this page!

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