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Victoria gave Billy the kiss off, but will he give up? Victor gave Victoria the cold shoulder and called Adam, who refused Victor's offer, but will Victor's mystery illness force Adam and Victoria to work together and give Darth Victor a get out of jail free card? Is Max another bad seed? Will Abby miscarry? Will Devon wise up? Boone spills all at this week's Soapaholics Anonymous meeting.

St. Patrick's Day came early to Genoa City, and the blarney flowed freely. As I watched Billy and Victoria break up yet again, my head was dizzy counting how many times they have been on and off again -- by my count, at least once with each of the four actors who've played the part recently -- and always the same problem: Billy lies to Victoria and then regrets it when it's too late to make amends, and Victoria kicks him out once again. When is enough enough?

Is four times the charm, or should Victoria go for number three with Billy? "Number three, you say. Don't you mean number five?" Well, technically it's at least five, but who's counting -- oh, I was, but I think we might all agree that if we compared the last four Billys to members of the cat family, we might have a lion, two cougars, and a jaguar. The two cougars cancel each other out, leaving only two breakups, hence the old adage, "Third time's the charm." How's that for twisted logic?

I'm thinking Billy will wiggle his way back into Victoria's life, but not before he hooks up with Phyllis. This Billy works very well with children and has a lot of suave, debonair charm. He's got some kind of "Cary Grant-Frank Sinatra or maybe 'Castle' in his prime" vibe going on that's working for me. I like him despite his penchant for lying to Victoria and going after Victor. I think that Victoria has to accept that as a given. That panther is no leopard and won't be changing his spots!

Victor and Phyllis had an intense encounter in the Tower, which resulted in Victor's bail being revoked, and he was forced to change his grey business suit for prison orange. Is Victor finally going to be held responsible for his actions, or will a mystery disease render Victor not responsible by reason of insanity? I'm voting for something like that! Those stress-related spells that are putting Victor in the hospital are more than blarney and are going to be something serious -- maybe a tumor like Ashley's -- that interfered with Victor's ability to tell right from wrong and is causing Victor's unreasonable paranoia

I'll be surprised if Victor isn't back in the hospital very soon. Nothing like a seizure and surgery in the middle of his trial to bring the family together, huh? However, since a prison doctor has been cast, Victor might have to serve a few days in the slammer before he's diagnosed, cured, and released!

Even though Adam vowed that he was leaving Genoa City, we know he won't. I hope Victoria realizes that she needs Adam and that they start working together to save Newman -- perhaps because Victor has a health crisis and the family pulls together, but whatever the cause, Chelsea better unpack her bags, because, she, Adam, and Conner aren't going anywhere when Adam finds out that Daddy Dearest is knocking at death's door. I love this Adam, and I would like to see him build good relationships with his siblings and father while not losing Chelsea and Connor. Even though Chelsea is terrible at keeping secrets, I really like it that Adam is being honest and confiding in her.

Max is another in a long list of bratty kids to inhabit Genoa City. Faith was cold to all Nick's girlfriends until Sage came along. Now, Faith loves being a big sister, unlike Max, who seems more like "Damien" or "The Bad Seed" when he imagined Abby tumbling down the stairs and losing the baby. Max is slyly working his dad and Ashley. Abby sees what's going on, but nobody believes her. Poor Ashley, will Max's vision come true? Will Abby lose her baby? I have to say that I think the boy who plays Max is a good little actor. As I watch him manipulate the adults around him it reminds me of my childhood. I think it's natural for children to push at all the boundaries until something pushes back, especially if it's done in a really nice way.

I hope that eventually Max gets a therapist, and like Faith, does a 180. In the meantime, he's forcing Ashley and Stitch together so Max can play house with them, which leaves Abby on the outside looking in. Once Ashley's condition is revealed, she will have Ben's undivided attention. I do think it's strange that both Ashley and Darth Victor are having headaches and possible brain tumors at the same time. Maybe they went somewhere together when they were married and got exposed to something toxic. Oh, surely the writers will be more creative than that!

Hilary 3.0, or "Hil 'a' beans," as one reader cleverly put it, is back and badder than ever. I loved her when she was in the throes of her love for Devon and her compassion for Neil, but Hil 'a' beans is a take-no-prisoners kind of gal, full of sound and fury. She's believable, but not very likable. She intends to be "Queen of the Corporations." Hilary 3.0 has Devon blinded by her charm and superficial beauty, so he is willing to back her play. I hope Hilary has some business sense, because it doesn't appear to me that Devon has any sense at all. At one time, the character was growing on me, but lately he's come across as a buffoon and Neil is just slightly more credible. Both need way better writing. If they were cats, they'd be pussies! No offense.

I don't find Michael's decision to take Victor's case and then throw it either ethical or fair. No matter his personal opinion about what Victor has done, Michael took an oath. He should not engage in Phyllis' vendetta. I can understand Phyllis' rage and her desire to hurt Victor, but why doesn't she sue him for every penny that he has. Michael could easily win such a case for Phyllis in civil court and the Victator wouldn't have enough money left to buy himself out of prison or criminal court. (Big sigh) Or is that too logical and boring for a soap? If Victor is insane because he has a tumor that is causing megalomania, Michael might win despite trying to lose.

It was certainly not blarney when Phyllis laid down the law to Jack and said something like, "Move aside or kiss my behind."(My paraphrasing.) Phyllis is relentless and definitely on a scorched earth mission where Victor is concerned. Nothing will alter her course, not even her love for Jack, which is second to her desire for revenge on Victor. Will Phyllis and Jack break apart? Will Phyllis find comfort with Billy? Both are good bets.

Picky, picky, picky: Was I the only one who noticed that Nikki was wearing a pink jacket and had her hair pulled back from the top with a barrette while she was talking with Nick in Crimson Lights? A few scenes later, when she and others rushed to Victor's office to watch Paul arrest Victor for the second time, Nikki was wearing a black dress and her hair was combed to the left. Later that afternoon, when Nikki attended the board meeting, she had on the pink jacket and her hair was once again pulled back in the middle, just like it had been when she had been talking to Nick much earlier in the morning at Crimson Lights. Can anyone say continuity? I know, I know, "It's only a soap!"

When is enough, enough? It's pretty darn hard to ever get enough of The Young and the Restless! Even when it's bad, it's good. So all you fan addicts out there come join me next time when Soap-aholics Anonymous has it's biweekly meeting at Crimson Lights. Food and drink for imaginary friends is free.

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