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Cane is in a world of hurts, now that his lies are about to catch up with him. Chloe is alive, and Kevin has found her. Phyllis and Billy move in together, but Victoria is not moving on. Sharon has a moment of happiness, but will it last? Find out in this week's Two Scoops.

It's always the little things that trip you up, or in Cane's case, a whole lot of little lies and oversights that are snowballing into an avalanche that is about to flatten him, and if two wrongs made a right, then I'd be all for it. To sort of quote Shakespeare, "The fault lies not in the stars, but in ourselves," which is very applicable to Cane, whose animosity toward Billy is at the root of all the problems in his personal and professional life.

At the core of it all is envy. Cane, despite all the things he does have -- a loyal wife, a loving family, community respect -- was not content. He wanted what Billy had, also. Cane wanted Jill to love him as much as she loved Billy, and that wasn't going to happen. Cane also wanted Victoria to be as close to him as she was to Billy, and that wasn't going to happen, either, so Cane, instead of taking the high road, took the low one, and the result, so far, is the near destruction of Brash & Sassy and the probable destruction of his marriage when the truth -- about Cane's drunken tryst in Tokyo with Juliet -- becomes common knowledge.

Like I said, if two wrongs made a right, then I would think that Cane is getting what he deserves, but the damage that will rain down on Lily, his children, and his place of employment is going to devastate a lot of lives that don't deserve it. I have to think that if Cane has any integrity at all, he is going to be forced to do some serious soul-searching, and he is going to owe a whole bunch of people a whole lot of apologies. My respect for Cane is at an all-time low. He may masquerade as a charming do-gooder family man, but at heart, he is a selfish, insecure egomaniac who doesn't deserve the great life that he has been given.

To be fair, Cane's behavior in Tokyo was bizarre and out of character. Getting overly effusive in a business situation, getting drunk, and then having sex -- and forgetting it -- was the act of an inexperienced dunderhead, which I never though Cane was -- until now. Cane is the father of teenagers and has a stable marriage, so sex with a stranger should have been the last thing on his mind -- especially in his drunken condition. After almost tanking the Asian deal, Cane should have been in his room, reflecting on his close call and lucky escape, instead of out carousing with Juliet.

Cane has made a number of bad decisions since Victoria snatched Brash & Sassy out from under him. As an old boyfriend used to say, "No one is thoroughly useless; he/she can always serve as a bad example." Cane is a very bad example of a husband, friend, and employee. His situation demonstrates what can go wrong when you tell just one little lie.

Another bad example is Chloe, who has everything going her way at the moment. She has both the doctor and Kevin convinced that she needs protection, not punishment, so it is quite possible that she, Bella, and Kevin will ride off into the sunset with no one the wiser. The only way that I will be okay with that is if Adam is still alive somewhere. Adam did not deserve to die, and I don't give Chloe a pass for her grief. Delia's death was a tragic accident. Adam did stop his car. He did not find anything to suggest that he had hit Delia. He was not heartless, though, like Cane, Adam should have been forthcoming with the truth immediately after he realized what had happened. (I still don't think Adam killed Delia!) Chloe did not have the right to take Adam -- Connor's father and Chelsea's husband -- away from his family because she wanted revenge and to heck with anyone else or their feelings.

Murder is unacceptable behavior, and Kevin's willingness to protect Chloe from the consequences of her actions makes him as big a dunderhead as Cane. I can appreciate Kevin's deep and abiding love for Chloe, but a free pass for murder? That whacks out my moral compass big time. In real life, we are having way too many people committing murder every day. We don't need it in "reel" life, too.

I do have to say that I almost passed out with Kevin when Chloe's hand came out of that casket! I had stated in my last Two Scoops that I did not believe that Chloe was really dead, but I was still surprised when her coffin popped open -- kudos to Y&R for that thrilling scene.

With Kevin's character leaving the canvas, I expect that either he, Bella, and Chloe will disappear and live happily ever after -- until Bella grows up and returns to town to cause trouble, maybe next year -- or Kevin and Bella will settle near whatever institution Chloe ends up in should she get found out before she, Kevin, and Bella manage to make their escape.

I'm not sure what I think of photographer Jordan. He seems to have a fairly objective view of Hilary and so far has maintained his relationships with both Hilary and Lily. At the moment, he seems to be leaning a little more in Lily's direction now that Hilary has shown her true colors. His relationship with Lily might deepen if Jordan becomes Lily's go-to shoulder to cry on. I remember that Jordan plucked a tan-colored teddy from the trash -- Juliet's that Cane found in his briefcase and threw away. I believe that Jordan hung it up on a wardrobe rack, so I wonder if Jordan's going to remember finding that teddy shortly before he witnessed a tense conversation between Juliet and Cane. Now that Hilary has refused to testify, will Jordan come forward?

In other Brash & Sassy news, Victoria is not done with Billy despite "Philly." I like Billy and Phyllis together because I think these actors work well together. When Billy was Billy Miller, I loved Billy with Victoria, but there have been so many actors playing Billy since then that we have a whole new canvas. As I have said repeatedly, I have no doubt that Billy and Victoria will have another go-round. This is a soap, for crying out loud, and nothing is ever over, even when the fat lady sings. Billy is the bone, and Phyllis and Victoria are the two dogs fighting over it. I'm going to relax and enjoy the acting, even if it is an old, though tried and true, storyline.

Somebody else who is happy now but won't be happy long is Sharon. She and Scott go very well together, but all that rom-com dialogue between Scott and Abby suggests that Abby will get into trouble with Zack, who has a dark past with Tessa. Abby will need rescuing, and I expect Scott will be her knight in shining armor. I got a headache when I tried to figure out everyone's age, beginning with Noah who was 24 when I started writing this column four years ago and hasn't had a birthday since. Lauren looks more like Scott's sister than his mother, but she's as overprotective of him as Sharon is of Noah.

Like mother, like daughter -- I expect that Mariah will be hurt by Devon eventually, just as Sharon will be by Scott. Devon and Hilary are not done. Just like Kevin can forgive Chloe anything, Devon finds it easy to forgive Hilary also. Even though Devon is trying to stay out of her orbit, he can't help himself if there is the slightest credible reason to interact with her -- by the way, I thought that black dress with the white and blue stripes that Hilary was wearing on Friday was spectacular. She looked great. Hilary is an awful, spiteful, vengeful person, but she has something vulnerable and compelling about her, as well, and I can't help but hope that some day she lets go of that spite and finds her better self.

We haven't seen much of Ravi lately, and I wonder if the writers have scrapped a romance between him and Ashley. I hope so. I think something between Ashley and Graham would be more to my taste. I did wonder why Ashley and Jack couldn't find out Graham's last name. Didn't he have to have a passport to get in the country? Wouldn't he have to give his full name to the hotel? Yes, yes, It's only a soap!

I'm wondering if Graham is some kind of doctor. I'm still leaning toward a "Dina has dementia" story, but whatever it is, Ashley and Jack will not stop until they have unearthed all Dina's secrets. Let the excavation begin!

Not digging on the teenage story yet. Those "kids" look too old to have Lily as a mother, just like Lauren looks too young to have Scott as a son. I suppose that it's summer, and a kid's story is appropriate, but at the moment, I don't find any of them interesting or likable -- hopefully that will change. My opinion is no reflection on those readers who enjoy the teens. I apologize if I am rapidly becoming what I said I'd never be -- a grumpy old curmudgeon!

Please join me again in two weeks or follow me on Twitter @BoonesTudes. As always, I welcome feedback about this column in the section provided below. I love reading and answering your comments. I always learn something new -- and that makes my day. Thank you!

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