The best and worst of 2017: Out with the old

For the Week of January 1, 2018
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The best and worst of 2017: Out with the old
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"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..." Fires, sex rings, divorce, corporate intrigue, family crises -- get the lowdown on Genoa City's finest in this week's Two Scoops.

To read Teddi's take on the year that was, be sure to read
The Best and Worst of The Young and the Restless 2017, Part One.

About four days ago, I started binge-watching Game of Thrones to see what all the hoopla was about. Once I got past the extremely gory violence, incest, and gratuitous nudity, I figured out that the show is just as soapy as our dear The Young and the Restless -- and almost as well written!

The writing and production of The Young and the Restless has improved tremendously since this point last year. I hope that trend continues. I'm also glad that Y&R has found a less pornographic, yet still entertaining, way to tell stories of love, betrayal, intrigue, and conquest than the aforementioned pop culture favorite.

I don't have a lot to add or subtract from Teddi's best and worst column last week. I thought she was spot on with her best and worst choices. My one area of disagreement with her is about Billy and Phyllis. I like them as a couple, though I still believe that Billy will reunite with Victoria in the future. However, I think that for the time being, Victoria will be drawn to J.T. as they deal with Reed and his issues. I like Billy with Phyllis because they have an infectious, youthful spontaneity that I enjoy watching and wish that I had. Because they don't have children together, they have a certain freedom of action that couples with children don't have.

Hilary's turnaround has been fun to watch. I've always liked actress Mishael Morgan, so I'm glad to see Hilary as a good girl again. I do wonder where her relationship with baby Sam is headed. Her love for the child does appear to be pure. Will Hilary go after Cane so that she can raise Sam? Maybe, but I don't think Lily will let that happen. She's still invested in Cane and her family, so I don't think that Lily will ever let Hilary take her place.

Some folks don't like Victor and Nikki together, but I do. They really seem to be uniting as equals this time around. Nikki is truly the matriarch of the Newman clan and seems to be as eager as Victor to protect the family and the family name. I loved the vows that they made to each other in their renewal ceremony. Victor and Nikki have been a great couple for more than 30 years. I hope they reign in Genoa City for another 30 -- and that I'm around to see it! Nikki finally seems to own and accept her decision to be with Victor. Instead of a victim, we have watched her become a strong and powerful woman -- a fitting queen for the king of Genoa City.

Personally, I'm sorry to see Nick on the outs with Victor. I liked it much better when father and son had a good relationship, even as they had different points of view about many things. I believe it's possible to disagree without losing "that loving feeling." I'm hopeful that Nick and Victor will be able to repair their relationship, though there is that other shoe that can drop at any time -- Christian's paternity, (An aside here: it seems strange to me that a year after Christian was torn from Sharon's arms, it's as though he never existed to her. Under the circumstances, maybe, in order to cope, that's what Sharon had to do, pretend that "Sully" never existed.)

Camryn Grimes brings it. I can't get enough of Mariah, and I am totally convinced that she was never Cassie, even though she was. I do hope Maria finds a companion, but hopefully not Tessa, who just seems bland to me. The actress who plays Tessa is beautiful and has done some wonderful songs, though her rendition of "Joy to the World" was not one of them, as far as I was concerned. Maybe I felt that way because I had just seen a memorable version done by a male actor in a Hallmark Christmas movie. Tessa's arrangement paled by comparison. Essentially, I don't care for the character or the choices that she made about her sister and the sex trafficking ring. (I know, I'm really nitpicking now!) It would be okay with me if Tessa went on tour and never returned.

A gentleman, Rex Haverberg, whom I met on Twitter, posted that he wondered how Jabot could have enough money to buy Chancellor industries, which, of course, made me wonder, too. If I remember correctly, and I do, Jabot was so broke two Christmases ago that they had to let everyone go. That's why Jack rented out the lab to Brash & Sassy. Jabot did rebound, and I seem to recall that Victor gave them money for some reason, but still, amassing enough cash to buy Chancellor, which I thought was bigger than Jabot to start with, was a Herculean task. If Jack managed that, then Ashley and the board ought to back off and let Jack work however and from wherever he chooses!

Frankly, I'm surprised that Victor didn't make a bid for Chancellor. After all, Katherine left it to him in the first place, and he sold it to Jill. I can't imagine that he'd want to let Jack have it. Victor would buy Chancellor just for spite. At least the old Victor would. These days, the kinder, gentler version might do it differently.

Scott and Abby can't resist their attraction, but we've all known what was coming since the first time they clashed. Scott and Abby are closer in age. Sharon was an adult when Scott was born -- either that, or Lauren is 70. I know that she comes from the anti-aging part of town, but if Scott were the same age as Sharon, he'd have to be 40 something. Sharon does have a son, after all, that was 24 five years ago.

What will happen to Sharon when she realizes that Scott and Abby have betrayed her? Hopefully, she will be strong enough to survive and thrive. Sharon has a lot going for her. She is not helpless or a victim, and I believe she can confront this head-on and become stronger for the experience.

I think the story about Dina and Alzheimer's disease and its ramifications on the Abbott family is the best story of the year and very well written. My heart breaks for them, especially Jack and Ashley, who have always been so close and are now being so hurtful to each other. I've been there and done that. It won't end well unless they put their love for each other and their family above everything else.

I tend to live in the moment, so even though I see the worst, I forget the bad stuff instantly. Short-term memory is a wonderful thing. Selective memory is even better when it comes to my favorite folks in Genoa City. I live for the great moments and remain loyal through the bad, no matter how much I complain. Even when it's bad, even when it's formulaic, for me, nothing beats the familiar, relaxing rhythms of The Young and the Restless for taking away the cares and stresses of the day. The problems of Genoa City's one percent make mine seem small in comparison.

I beg your pardon for my scattered thoughts this week. Not only have I binged-watched as much Game of Thrones as I could, but my dishwasher bellied up and my basement flooded (three times). Wednesday, I learned that I am hosting a party at my house tomorrow. Someone dropped off a frozen turkey yesterday that I have to get stuffed and into the oven. I have an appointment at 11:00 a.m. that I can't miss, my cat is tormenting me because it's playtime, and I'm so tired that I can barely keep my eyes open!

On top of everything else, Sue Grafton passed away one letter short of completing a Kinsey Milhone mystery for each letter of the alphabet. She will be missed, along with so many others who were lost to us this year.

I am very glad to wave a fond farewell to 2017, and I look forward to a productive and happy 2018. I wish all of you, and all my imaginary friends in Genoa City, health, happiness and love as we ring in 2018.

Thanks again for letting me share my thoughts with you. As always, fellow fans, I welcome feedback about this column in the section provided below. I enjoy all your comments, even when you don't agree with me. Please return in two weeks for another edition of Two Scoops.

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