The greatest (phony-baloney) love story ever told

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The greatest (phony-baloney) love story ever told
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Can Victor and Nikki really be considered the couple with a grand love saga after his past of deceit and manipulation? Or would other couples such as Cane and Lily or Nick and Chelsea deserve that honor? Lies sure took Scott and Sharon out of the running. It's time to serve up some baloney with relish in Two Scoops.

Oh, yes, Victor and Nikki Newman were, as Nikki put it, a legendary couple with a fairytale romance that could equate to being the grandest love saga of all time. So why wouldn't they get remarried, yet again, on New Year's Eve to start a brand-new chapter of their lives together? Oh, I don't know...maybe because it's all so phony-baloney, when their umpteenth marriage was more of a convenience in providing what they have become accustomed to for all these years. Nikki pretty much admitted that she has always enjoyed the benefits that come with being Victor's wife. And Victor has never hidden the fact that he cherishes being in control more than he has ever doted on his loving spouse. Yeah, for Victor, his self-proclaimed motives and actions have all been for the family, but it's only been the version of his family as he sees them. If they don't act according to his specifications, they are out. Just ask Nick.

It's all very sad, really. And the funny thing is that they don't see it, especially Victor. Nothing is more rewarding than having a genuine love that transcends all time, but I'm not sure either would ever be capable of knowing that feeling. Victor has definitely never understood the meaning of unconditional love, and Nikki has never had enough confidence in herself to be able to put Victor's obsession behind her and to move on to someone who could truly appreciate the woman that she has grown to become. Sure, Victor may be the one behind Nikki's growth, but it's hardly been a healthy relationship when she has had to mature as a defense to ward off Victor's constant manipulation. But still, Victor "loves" Nikki, just as long as she bows to his every command.

There's no doubt that Victor's absolutely obsessed with his wife, otherwise he would let her go to a more nurturing and caring love. If he truly loved Nikki, Victor would only want for her to be happy, which has never been one of his big concerns. Everything for Victor is about appearance in the public eye, so he has to make sure that he has his supposedly loyal and devoted wife stuck like glue to his side. And even though she understands the consequences of allegiance to Victor, Nikki would prefer to be with him than to be without him. Of course, it's possible that despite everything Victor has put her through by never allowing Nikki to be truly independent in any thought or deed, Nikki could actually love Victor for the man that he is. To know him is to love him, I guess.

So they decided to get married again on New Year's Eve as a way to protect the Newman family name. Whether it's just an excuse or not remains to be seen. But where was that concern for the Newman name when Victor booted his only remaining living son from "the bosom of the family"? Ha, I just had to use that term. It almost sounds naughty.

But actually, what Victor did to Nick was worse than naughty. It was outrageous, especially since Nick's intent had only been to safeguard his mother at the time. Instead of kicking his son out of the family, why didn't Victor see that Nick was only trying to preserve what his father had always held so near and dear to his heart -- the Newman family values? But, of course, Nick's values are totally different from his dad's, and they are something that Victor will never understand. Victor just doesn't get it that other men may have a doctrine of beliefs and ideals that they choose to live by. Or, more than likely, Victor just doesn't care.

Anyway, Nikki and Victor said "I do" once again on New Year's Eve, with their most precious loved ones sharing their joy. Most of them would have willingly placed bets on just how long that joy will last this time. Victor was even gracious enough to let the guy he used to call his son attend. How magnanimous of him. He probably allowed it just to get Nikki off his case. That's right, Victor, pick your battles.

It's rather surprising though, how Sharon is now an automatic attendee of everything Newman. Shoot, she wasn't invited to that many Newman affairs even when she was a Newman. Victor must truly place a high value on Scott. He was probably Scott's biggest cheerleader as a suitor for Abby. If only Sharon knew that. She might have changed her mind about her RSVP.

Actually, Sharon was probably one of the few people left who didn't know about Scott's little storage locker fling with Abby. Faith, Mariah, and Nick all knew, yet no one said a word to Sharon. I get that they didn't want to hurt her, but shouldn't they be concerned that she would find out about it another way? Thankfully, Nick was, since he seemed determined to let the truth spill out after he talked to Abby. I don't care. Even if Abby swore on a stack of Bibles that whatever it was that she and Scott had was over, Sharon still needed to know about their one sexual encounter -- and probably about those other stolen kisses, as well. If it were truly over between Abby and Scott, there shouldn't have been a goodbye kiss. A handshake would have done just as well, thank you.

But once Nick let the beans spill about the kisses, Scott finally admitted to Sharon that he and Abby had done the dirty deed in the storage locker. His big announcement genuinely seemed anticlimactic, since it was a long time coming. The way he just flung it out there, why didn't he just tell her in the first place? Did Scott really believe that he and Abby would be able to keep it a secret forever, especially since there seems to be such a tight-knit circle in Genoa City? Sharon's ex was Abby's brother. The minute Scott covered up the storage unit escapade, Sharon and Scott were doomed as a couple.

Sharon and Scott never had a chance of happiness from the get-go, since Scott was lying to her almost from the start. He sure was being deceitful before he moved in with her. That was insane. Scott cheated on Sharon, then lied (by omission) to her, and then moved in with her. Oh yeah, that really had the makings of the greatest love story of all time. There was absolutely no trust between them, especially on his part.

I can't say I blame Sharon for being angry and upset, but it was a little beneath her to wrestle around with Abby at the Athletic Club over the storage room romp. It reminded me of The Jerry Springer Show. But really, was Scott worth it? That's practically every immature man's fantasy -- having two gorgeous women fighting over him. Lauren should be so proud of her precious little boy. And Scott really deserved having Sharon stomp his ring into the dirt, followed by Abby slamming the door in his face. Take that!

Ahhh! I get so frustrated when a couple loves each other and both are too afraid to let the other one know. I give Jill kudos for trying to get Cane to admit his love to Lily and for pleading with Lily to let Cane know that he still had a chance with her. Honestly, Lily should be the one to make the first move, since she was the one to file the divorce. Cane has always had those puppy-dog eyes whenever she's in the room, and that hasn't changed. Lily had only been blinding herself not to see that. She should have just grabbed Cane on New Year's Eve and planted a big one on him, only that would have been too easy. Then they would have reunited and could have raised Sam together. But no, there had to be more angst between them. Thankfully, that didn't last too long.

Okay, Jill having Cane and Billy act as co-CEOs of Chancellor Industries was a truly hare-brained idea. I mean, look how well it went when they worked together at Brash & Sassy. Their jealousy and constant competition with each other alone almost tanked the company. Victoria just put the final nail in its coffin by listening to and following Billy's every word.

Now, I realize that the writers can probably see more humor from having those two pair off again, and I hope they write it that way. Cane and Billy can be very entertaining when they aren't constantly trying to take each other down. Billy's vendetta to completely destroy Cane was just way over the top. So, if Jill wants them to work together again, I will cross my fingers and hope for the best. Maybe J.T. will be a better referee for them at Chancellor Industries than Victoria ever was at Brash & Sassy.

But strangely enough, the first order of business for Billy was to get Cane back together with his wife. Who knew he could be such a persuasive matchmaker? -- but he had a lot of help from Phyllis. Even though Lily and Cane appeared to be doing a timid tap dance with each other (one step forward, two huge steps back), it didn't take much to push Lily and Cane back into each other's arms -- and lips. That smooch was passionate enough to derail Lily's plan to go to Paris with Abby. Or would that be de-plane?

The long, lingering kiss was such a sweet moment. Everything on a soap can't be all gloom and doom, and these kinds of scenes keep Y&R uplifting and inspiring. That's where the balance comes in. Love conquers all, and Cane's love life appeared to be on the mend, which was good timing, since he's going to have his hands very full dealing with Billy in future business meetings.

And if any couple has the potential for having a truly grand romantic saga, it would be Lily and Cane. They have been through so much, including her cancer, and have been able to triumph over all the trials and tribulations. I would have hated to think that someone as insignificant as Juliet could be their final downfall. Besides, baby Sam needs a mother who could give him all of her heart, and Lily seems to fit the bill. Hopefully, she will eventually think of the child as her own and be able to provide the unconditional love that Victor has always been unfamiliar with. Lily and Cane have loved each other -- and I mean, have really loved each other -- through thick and thin, and Juliet sure was part of the "thin."

Another twosome that possibly could have been considered a supercouple might have been Nick and Chelsea, if only it weren't for that huge secret still hanging over Chelsea's head. A lynch mob couldn't do any more damage to her if Nick were to discover the truth. And what makes it even worse is that Victor has known all along that Christian is Adam's biological son, not Nick's. If Nick ever finds out, it will not only destroy him, it will decimate his relationship with Chelsea, due to her lies. Nick has enough love in his heart for a child he has always thought of as a son, even if he learned Christian was, in fact, his nephew. That could have been very possible if Chelsea had come clean about the boy's paternity once they learned he was Christian and not Sully.

Christian went missing, and as luck would have it, Dina was able to snatch the little tyke away, almost in front of Chelsea's nose. And Dina wasn't even the slightest bit interested in why two blonde ladies weren't acting in a mannerly fashion during their scuffle. Dina obviously had more concerns on her mind, such as getting her precious boy out of harm's way -- except, of course, he wasn't her boy. Christian should have been confused, but he actually looked like he was having fun with Dina at Jack's place. It's too bad Nick and Chelsea weren't sharing his joy. The blame they heaped on each other during that time could have destroyed any couple. I'm just afraid that Nick's regret for his harsh words may not be enough for them to completely heal.

It was rather weird that Christian suddenly turned up missing, though, right when there was no longer any sign of Graham at the Athletic Club. Dina took credit for whisking the boy away, but come to find out, Graham helped Dina sneak Christian out the door. All it took was one brief mention of Graham from Dina for everyone to know that the guy was on his way back to Genoa City -- and he wasted no time getting there. I sure hope the writers do him justice this time. Graham's character is shrouded with gray, which could make him very interesting. I can only hope that Graham has been cured from the new-guy-in-town syndrome, and they can make him a viable player. After all, Jack needs help with his mother to remain CEO of Jabot, and Graham is the only other one that Dina trusts.

Jack had no intention of letting Graham back into their lives, but Jack had better be smart, since Graham still possessed Dina's power of attorney documentation. Jack has already proven that Dina is too much for him to handle, and Ashley wasn't willing to share the burden of caring for their mother. She just kept using it as a weapon to take Jabot away from Jack. Ashley should compromise and share the responsibilities with Jack for both Jabot and Dina. They have been co-CEOs before, and they could do it again.

That only seems fair for two people who love their mother and who love the family business. If neither were willing for Dina to "pack her duds and go off gently into that good night," perhaps they should consider having Graham act as her live-in caretaker. Then they could keep an eye on him while they went on with their normal business dealings at Jabot. It seemed that Graham had the upper hand, anyway, and he really was good with Dina.

Other notable (or humorous) items that happened during the week

I found it interesting that after Lauren saw that Sharon was upset, she would assume that maybe Scott had just broken up with her. Why would it be so implausible that Sharon was the dumper and that Scott was the dumpee? Because she was "the woman"? Boy, that would sure set women's lib back to the cave "man" days.

Chelsea's wisdom of the day: "The cards are gonna fall the way the cards are gonna fall." Watch out for the landslide!

It might just be fun to watch Michael and the underhanded, "take no prisoners" piranha, Tony, go toe to toe in a courtroom. And I'm sure Jack and Ashley would get some kicks out of it, as well. Yeah, right.

Traci hit the nail on the head that Dina almost seemed to be out to get Nick, since she burned down his club, stabbed his mother, and kidnapped his son. I hadn't even realized that. Nick had better take his family and run anytime he sees Dina headed his way.

I have to admire Dina's philosophy: "Leaving doesn't have to mean that the love is gone." And that appears to be the case with Jack, Traci, and Ashley for Dina too.

Until next time, please stay tuned.

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