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Sharon, Nikki, Phyllis, and Victoria have remained loyal to their fragile alliance as they continue to support each other and spin a web of lies. Kyle sought to prove his loyalty to Victor by betraying his family. Hilary wants Devon's baby and will lie to get it. Find out why in this week's Two Scoops.

Starting on a personal note, I had a very bad week. My darling cat, Pretty Kitty, dashed outside, and I didn't notice -- she'd never shown any interest in going outdoors before. By the time I did and started looking, she had been hit by a car. She was beyond hope and had to be euthanized. I can definitely empathize with Victoria and the other ladies. All I've done is cry and sleep for a week.

Unlike me, Victoria hasn't been sleeping, which is probably why she's thin and I'm not! I can also understand why she would want to be both loyal to the friends that helped her and give closure to a grieving Reed and his siblings. Losing someone, even a pet that you've loved like I have, is never easy. Victoria's willingness to take the blame alone was typical victim thinking, and I'm glad that the ladies talked her out of it. Victoria did come up with a pretty good story, but the truth always comes out, and Phyllis, Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon are old enough to know that by now.

It's great soap opera, but only in Genoa City would four prominent, upstanding citizens think that telling the truth about acting in self-defense would get them railroaded straight into prison. Forensics would have borne out their statements, but now they look so guilty that their loyalty to each other and their lies to the police may indeed get them all tossed in the slammer. But cheer up, Nikki, Sharon, Victoria, and Phyllis, I hear that prison overcrowding is a problem, and chances are, even if you do end up in the big house, your stay will be a short one -- and besides, orange looks great on Nikki.

With Mac, Raul, and Brittany returning to Genoa City, it's a sure bet that J.T. will turn up soon. I'm strapping in for a bumpy ride as loyalties are tested and lies about J.T. are exposed.

Can't say I was sorry to see Reed sent off to boarding school. I never warmed to the teen story. I wish they'd send Charlie and Mattie to boarding school and reverse age them back to eight-year-olds. I just can't accept that Lily is old enough to have children that are teens. I've taken many leaps of logic to accommodate various age discrepancies, so reverse aging the Ashby twins would be no problem to accept at all and would be very welcome because I haven't warmed to them, either.

Jack is going to rue the day that he did not remove the "blood Abbott" only clause from the Jabot charter. His world is about to implode now that Kyle has sold Jack and Jabot out to Victor. I don't know how Victor can expect Kyle to be loyal to Newman Enterprises when he so willingly betrayed his family and his family's business.

I'm seriously impressed by the actor playing Kyle. Kyle is very Adam-like now; no longer is he as weak and impotent as the previous incarnations of Kyle. This may be my new love-to-hate guy. Wouldn't it be great if Kyle was actually Victor's son instead of Jack's? With all the paternity claims and false paternity tests, it wouldn't be that much of a stretch. Kyle could be the new Adam, just like orange could be the new black for Nikki and the gang.

Eric Braeden's performance as Victor continues to astound me. I have to keep telling myself that he has not had a stroke, he is acting! The dark prince is the king of understated performance. Viva Victor. Now I can hardly wait for the big paternity reveal. Will it be Victor who blindsides Jack, or, despite their best and most loyal efforts to keep Jack in the dark, will the Dina film include the damning revelation about Jack's paternity that Ashley and Abby thought they had deleted? No matter how it comes about, Jack will be devastated, and it will give Peter Bergman a chance to chew scenery and show his fine acting chops.

I'm still of the opinion that history should not be rewritten in a way that will destroy John Abbott's legacy, and I hope that after a suitable period of turmoil and consternation, all will once again be right in Jack's world. It will be fun watching Billy try to run Jabot, but Jack, or Ashley, belong in that chair, and I'd like to see it reclaimed by one of them eventually. I'd also like to see Gloria back at her desk, as well. Making John a sad cuckold to Dina is not a suitable legacy for the patriarch of a Genoa City core family.

Will Hilary's plan to get implanted with Devon's sperm succeed now that Devon has arrived at the doctor's office and expressed his heartfelt desire to support Hilary through every step of her pregnancy? I could see on Friday's episode that Hilary wanted to tell the truth, but as is the case with all soap confessions, instead of spitting out what one has to say, the character is constantly interrupted and then hems and haws until the moment passes. Lying never works out but that doesn't stop soap characters from trying to lie their way out of a difficulty rather than dealing immediately with the truth.

I do think that Devon and Hilary love each other. I do expect them to get back together and have a child. Hilary has her faults, but I do believe her love for Devon is genuine, as is his for her. Their relationship adds spice to the Winters clan. I can't imagine either Hilary or Devon with anyone else permanently.

That goes for Sharon and Nick, also. They both go to other partners but somehow end up back together. According to the Friday previews, old habits die hard, and they will make love again as Sharon tries to distract Nick from questions about J.T. I would like them to last as a couple, but I doubt that they will. I think that Phyllis will get jealous. With Mac coming back to town, who can forget her epic romance with Billy (when played by David Thom) or doubt that it could be rekindled, especially if Phyllis starts trying to save Nick from Sharon -- certainly not me. In fact, I look forward to it.

Congratulations to Eileen Davidson and Camryn Grimes on their well-deserved Emmy wins. Ladies, you rock!

Thanks again for letting me share my thoughts with you. As always, fellow fans, I welcome feedback about this column in the section provided below. I enjoy all your comments, even when you don't agree with me. Please return in two weeks for another edition of Two Scoops.

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