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Nikki confessed and was promptly arrested. While Nikki faced the music for killing J.T., Lola played the same old "no sex" tune as Fen's singing career hit a rough patch. Did a questionable search neutralize words of love and lead to bracelets being given to several ladies? It's Valentine's Day in Two Scoops.

I can't believe it. Nikki finally confessed to Christine and Rey that she was the one who killed J.T. Finally. And she told Rey the truth about the girls' night out, well, until she got to the part where she clubbed J.T. with the fireplace poker. Then fact became fiction when, instead of admitting that she had hit J.T. to stop him from hurting her daughter, Nikki lied and stated that she had hunted J.T. down like a wounded animal after he had left the house. Yep, that sounds just like something Nikki would do. Not. It's no surprise that Rey didn't believe her.

So, Nikki turned what had been the unintentional act of (probably) killing J.T. into an intentional act of making sure he would never harm Victoria again. It's no wonder Rey slapped the handcuffs on Nikki in record time. After all, there's a world of difference in prison time between involuntary manslaughter and premeditated murder. Hey, I have watched enough Law & Order to know that much. But I guess Nikki had no concerns about that as long as she was able to protect Victoria, Sharon, and Phyllis. Nikki had better consider a plea of mental disorder defense after telling her fake story. It's no wonder why Michael was practically pulling his hair out. Between both Victor's and Nikki's lies and fabrications, Michael should be almost bald.

Since Nikki had every intention of lying to protect her partners in crime, couldn't she have come up with another story that would have put her in a better light? For instance, that she was practicing her swing with the fireplace poker for the women's softball league at Chancellor Park, and J.T.'s head happened to get in the way? I mean, if Nikki was going to tell a far-fetched fairy tale, she might as well tell a doozy, where she would end up being the innocent victim. There's no real way to put a positive spin on tracking down an abuser, when Nikki obviously had ill will toward her former son-in-law. In her version, she was gunning for him -- or maybe that would be poking for him? Oh, that just doesn't sound right at all.

Michael should have done anything he could to put a muzzle on Nikki, especially since he was also blindsided by her confession. But wouldn't his representing Nikki be a conflict of interest, since he had just spent so much time and many billable hours on Victor's behalf? For all the cops knew, Michael could have been throwing his new client to the wolves to protect Victor. If things go badly and she's given hard time, Nikki should seek legal advice elsewhere, because she'd have a great issue for appeal. Where's Jack McCoy when you need him?

And it looked like Victoria, Phyllis, and Sharon were going to be Nikki's new neighbors after Sharon told all to Rey. Hopefully, they will get adjoining cells. How could Sharon possibly believe Rey's garbage that he would protect her, no matter what she had done. After she was done spilling the beans, Rey promptly placed a pair of bracelets on her wrists, only they weren't like Kerry's gorgeous diamond bracelet, which was a Valentine's Day gift from Jack. No, Sharon didn't welcome this present, which had come complete with a key that wasn't to Rey's heart.

But how convenient that Rey's claim of love had given him the opportunity to rifle through Sharon's personal papers without a search warrant. If needed, the ladies could certainly argue on appeal that it was an illegal search. When he saw the 9-1-1 call made on the night of J.T.'s (apparent) death, poor wronged Rey immediately hammered Sharon with questions about burying J.T.'s body. It was so interesting that Sharon stuck to her guns on not giving Rey any more information until he accused Nick of helping his mother. Then Sharon caved and admitted that they had not had any choice. So, exactly which man had Sharon's heart and her loyalty?

Victoria either had suddenly become psychic or she felt the walls closing in on her, because she made sure that Billy would be able to take custody of their kids in case something happened to her. I just wished Victoria had told the whole truth to Billy beforehand. With his history of doing bad or stupid acts, Billy wouldn't have judged her. Billy wasn't phony baloney with Victoria like Rey was with Sharon. And Nick will surely do what he can to help Phyllis, who always seems to land on her feet, anyway. Where on earth will they find all the necessary attorneys to represent each one? That's a conflict of interest issue hanging over all their heads.

So, as it turned out, it was very unfortunate that the three partners in crime hadn't been allowed to talk to Nikki to get her newest false version of the girls' night out party. If Sharon had known the exact details, she might not have been so hasty to declare all to Rey. And all the while, Phyllis did what she did best, which was to worry over Phyllis. What else is new? Phyllis would probably be totally unrecognizable if she didn't constantly show her self-centered colors. Oh, sure, before she was arrested, Phyllis eventually told Nick to focus on his mother, but that was when she feared losing him. Phyllis should take complete and full responsibility for getting the four ladies into that horrible mess in the first place -- but, of course, she never will.

Don't even get me started on Mia. I lay the blame on her shoulders for handing her husband the opportunity to run to Sharon with promises of love. Puke. The writers have been determined to put Rey and Sharon together from day one, and it's ridiculous. I don't feel any passion from Sharon toward him. There's just no sizzling chemistry there at all. And Mia had everything she wanted in the palm of her hands, but she still desired to have her cake and eat it, too. Mia apparently always liked having the two brothers dueling it out for the honor of her hand (and any other body part). Some honor. That's almost as big of a joke as Rey saying there was no honor in living a lie with Mia, when he had just been in her loving arms only a short time before.

Unfortunately, I'm not laughing too much over any kind of relationship between Rey and Sharon, when he had just renewed his vows with Mia. And Mia can't be the sharpest tool in the shed when it didn't even dawn on her that the first thing Rey would do after she called him "Arturo" would be to run straight to Sharon. When Rey and Sharon declared their love for each other, I thought I was going to be sick. Thank goodness Sharon's phone bill dampened their streaming words of love. Rey was still a married man. His disappointment in Mia didn't make that any less so. Sharon dumped Nick after he had a one-night stand with his ex-wife, but she would tolerate Rey bouncing back and forth between Mia and Sharon? No. Sharon deserves so much better than that jerk.

Jack did his best at giving Kyle fatherly advice, and his son was even open to listening to his suggestions. Hey, they've come a long way. Yeah, it would be pretty tricky to get a girl that special Valentine's Day gift if it was taboo to spend a lot of money on her and if the lady was overly sensitive about the whole "sex thing," as Summer referred to it. Kyle's hands were figuratively almost as shackled as Nikki's in picking the perfect present for Lola. But Jack had a few romantic notions (a simple but rustic horse-drawn sleigh!), which would melt just about any other girl's heart, and Kyle was game. It was just too bad that Lola wasn't.

Even though Kyle was getting the blame for it, Lola was the one who was actually making her "no sex" stance a big deal. Kyle has been practically spelling it out for her that he just wanted to spend some quality time with her with no strings attached. Shoot, the guy's almost had it written in the sky, for heaven's sake. But anytime Lola glanced at Summer, her thoughts immediately went to Kyle, Summer, and sex. And as far as Kyle admitting that of course he desired to have that physical closeness with Lola, she should feel pretty insulted if he didn't. Even though it's important that Kyle loves her for her fearlessness and confidence, Lola should want her boyfriend to be attracted to her, also. And I mean attracted to her in a smoking-hot and passionate way.

And if Fen truly believed he ever had any kind of chance with Lola, he was living in dreamland. Someone really needs to wake that guy up. Lola valued her new career over everything else, including spending a few romantic days with her boyfriend, so she sure wouldn't desire an immature boy who couldn't be bothered to show up at a huge opportunity to advance his singing career. Lola seemed to be searching for the perfect guy, who would kowtow to her every whim and desire. Hmmm...her ideal man sounds just like a wimp. Lola didn't want Kyle to spend money on her, and she didn't want some grand, romantic gesture from him, even on Valentine's Day. So, how was he supposed to show his girl that she was special to him? Lola sure didn't leave Kyle many options.

Lightning struck, and Lola finally realized just how wrong she had been to break up with Kyle -- because he wanted to spend time with her? Oh, the horror! Yeah, that sure wasn't Lola's best decision. Hopefully, she makes better choices in her career, or her food could sizzle and burn. Sadly, the realization that Lola was wrong, wrong, wrong may have come too late, since Summer was on the prowl. It's true that no two snowflakes are ever alike, and even though a couple of gorgeous gals were interested in Kyle, Summer and Lola were as alike as night and day. Lola was a hot, spicy tamale, while Summer's heart was as cold as ice, yet both had the potential of torching Kyle's love.

However, Summer was the one who made it crystal clear she wanted Kyle in any way she could get him. Shoot, Summer's been following him around like a little puppy since she returned. It must be nice to have a job where you never have to show up because you are too busy following your ex-boyfriend around all over town. When she deduced that Kyle had gone to the Abbott cabin for some alone time to think, Summer spread her wings and flew to it without a second thought. She didn't even have to call in to work. Hey, I want a job like that.

Of course, Summer had to catch Kyle while he was at his most vulnerable, and her timing was perfect, especially when Lola spotted the two of them kissing at the cabin. And that went about as well as could be expected. But why didn't Kyle demand that Summer immediately leave the cabin so he could talk with Lola without an audience? It seems like those two always have people watching these days, whenever they talk about personal issues between them. Why, there are practically cheerleaders on the sidelines, rooting for or against the couple at any given moment.

It's funny that Summer didn't want Kyle when he had last pursued her, but once his interest was focused on another lovely lady, suddenly Summer was smitten. Summer always seems to want what she can't have, doesn't she? It's a challenge to her and one she's always willing to accept. Her own mother's boyfriend wasn't even off-limits. In fact, it made the game even more appealing for her. But shouldn't Summer worry that she would only be playing second fiddle to Lola? There's no lady I know who would want to dance to that tune.

Kyle had already shown at Crimsons Light that he was willing to do almost anything for Lola -- except for staying away from Summer. What's the matter with him? Kyle already knew that Lola was a little insecure around Summer, so he should have kept his former girlfriend at arm's (and at table's) length when he was supposed to meet with Lola. But, no, instead of telling Summer to stay away, he sat with her while he waited for Lola. You are kidding me, right? Lola was put on the defensive as soon as she saw them together, which made it more likely she would turn down any offer Kyle had for her. And she did. The way Kyle kept sabotaging his chances with Lola, you would almost think it was deliberate and that he still wanted Summer.

The second Abby offered to let Lola borrow her coat, I knew something was going to happen to the young chef, most likely at Mia's hands. Of course, it was a case of mistaken identity, because Mia was out to get Abby after the former Naked Heiress said that Rey's wife had a total lack of self-control and grace and couldn't show dignity and self-respect if her life depended on it. I hate to say it, but Abby needed to look in the mirror, since she started the confrontation. Still, Mia hit her first, and the look on Mia's face said that Abby would have to pay for her words. I wonder if it counts if it can be done by proxy, since the lady in the big heels struck Lola instead. It looks like Lola had best beware of both snowflakes and chlorine water.

Other notable (or humorous) items that happened during the week:

The love story created by the twins to document Cane and Lily's life together would have been so precious and sweet if it had only been based more on fact than on fiction. But it's true that Cane and Lily had weathered the storms together and made it through all of them so far. Let's hope they have a heavy-duty umbrella to get them through their latest one.

I am so impressed. It's pretty rare when a man can remember anything regarding his wedding day, so it was refreshing to see that Nick actually had the sign for Pepe's Roadhouse, the location of his first wedding to Phyllis. Nick proved to be quite the romantic on Valentine's Day.

Goodbye to you, Kristoff St. John and Neil Winters. At times, Neil would use the term "my friend" when talking to other Y&R characters, and from everything I have read, Kristoff St. John was a wonderful friend to his cast and crew members, plus he had a heart of gold. I first remember Mr. St. John as a child actor, when he was on an episode of Happy Days, playing Booker Brown, the cool kid with a broken arm, because he had needed to break up a fight between Laverne and Shirley. Kristoff St. John had a remarkable career and was so loved by his family, friends, and fans. Take care up in heaven, "my friend."

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