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Adam pulled a switcheroo with medication that could cost Victor his life, as teenybopper Zoe spiked the sangria at the gala to exact her own revenge. If Victor lives, will he ever feel safe in his own home again? Were Theo and Phyllis proving to be better investigators than Paul and Rey? It's powder versus pills in Two Scoops.

Well, I guess it all goes to show that no matter if you are at a festive, upscale gala or in the safety of your own home, you can be intentionally drugged by someone who intended to do harm. That sure seemed to be the theme of the week. First, claiming to feel no guilt, Adam switched Victor's medication prescribed for a very serious health issue with a double dose look-alike that would cause very unpleasant side effects. Good heavens, Victor already suffered from numerous side effects when he was first diagnosed. Apparently, Adam truly didn't have a conscience after watching his father go through that torture, since he decided to inflict more. In Adam's case, it really was like father, like son.

And if Adam had a lick of sense, he would have known not to mess with someone's health, especially if the person had already been afflicted with major medical issues. It would be dangerous to take any medication that had not been prescribed by a doctor. By doing the old switcheroo, Adam literally took Victor's life in his own hands, but at least he was at his dad's residence to witness his handiwork. Victor passed out, and Nate couldn't find a pulse. Adam wasn't clueless; he just didn't care. The stakes were high as Adam gambled with Victor's life, but Victor could be the one to lose. The last thing Victor had wanted was for his family to put their differences aside, but the others had too much to lose to let Adam get too close to them.

Could Victor's possible exit from this world be a setup to lure the truth out of Adam? But the rest of the family didn't seem to suspect that Adam had played a part in Victor's ill health. And Adam hadn't been invited to the family meeting, so they couldn't have known he would be there. Still, as he has always claimed, Adam seemed to know all, so they probably guessed he would crash the gathering, as he has done for all those special events. I just can't see Victor gone from our lives and especially in such an insignificant way. When Victor leaves this earth, you can bet it will be with guns a-blazing. Surely, it had to be a Victor plot to find out Adam's secrets. It had his name written all over it.

Really, Adam has been proving to be more and more like Victor every day. And papa would be so proud -- if only he weren't the one being targeted. Live by the sword, die by the sword, right? Only, Victor hoped to still be around to live and fight awhile longer. I thought Phyllis was joking when she questioned if Adam was having second thoughts, since he was "human," after all. This version of Adam has appeared to be more like a robot with no feelings, doing almost anything he could to get what he wanted, only he never could seem to decide just what it was he wanted. For a man who could determine, in a heartbeat, how to totally destroy another, Adam sure was wishy-washy about his true desires. And that has been biting him in the behind, big time.

Nikki and especially Nate were completely baffled by Victor's unexpected symptoms, since all tests had previously shown that Victor was fine. At one time, Victor couldn't even remember his favorite meal, Cornish game hens, or that they had just chowed on them the week before. I actually felt bad for the guy. Can you imagine Victor's reaction if he ever believed, for one minute, that someone felt sorry for him? As Mr. T used to say, he would "pity the fool," which would be anyone who dared to show him the least bit of compassion. Victor has been weak, frail, and defenseless -- the very kind of person that he used to despise.

Earlier, Victoria, who was already worried about Billy, had to watch in horror as her beloved papa collapsed right in front of her. Hey, when it rains, it pours, and if she had known the whole truth about Billy at the time, Victoria would have seen that a monsoon was upon them. Chloe educated her on the gum-chomping Billy, who had become somewhat of a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Billy had done horrible things but couldn't later face what he had done. Chloe thought she could be the one to help him, but really, Victoria had a better chance. Billy loved her and would do almost anything for her. Victoria has always been a strong lady, and he needed her strength to admit to his bad deeds and to get help.

Then, there was the classy, elegant gala, where just the teensiest bit of an illegal drug, "Molly" or MDMA, added to "the Grand Sangria" turned the rather dull affair into a rip-roaring, lampshade-wearing, jubilant party. When Abby yelled out, "Let the festivities begin," she didn't realize just how truly festive her celebration would get. Actually, the event was enough to put anyone to sleep until Zoe slipped the substance into the pitchers of alcoholic punch. Then, the place was hopping, with Summer kissing Kyle, Sharon kissing Rey, and Mariah practically making out with Tessa in the middle of the dance floor. The party was no longer boring, thanks to "the Molly Sangria," and Zoe took advantage of the shenanigans by filming the juiciest tidbits for her social media sites.

Kyle was shocked that Theo wasn't the culprit, but I knew that Zoe was trouble with a capital T and that rhymes with P and that stands for pool. (I love The Music Man!) Oh, yes, there was pool playing, as well, not too far from the hotel's spa and pool area, while Rey contemplated joining a dating pool. Abby and Chelsea probably felt like drowning in a pool of tears. But P stood for more than pool, since it could also stand for the "powder" Zoe poured in the sangria or even the "pills" that Adam switched for Victor's medication. If the Naked Heiress and the Black Widow desired to make the grand opening of the Grand Phoenix memorable, then mission accomplished. Yet it was Theo who suspected the drinks had been spiked, so Paul temporarily shut the place down.

Phyllis' ears were flapping as she listened to Devon tell Elena that he suspected Chance was the one challenging Katherine's will. You know Phyllis was gathering ammunition for future profitable battles. But she was doing a little investigating of her own regarding the spiked drinks, and Phyllis put two and two together and got Zoe, while Paul and Rey were spinning their wheels going after Theo. Theo rather deserved being a suspect, though, for vocalizing that the best scandals make the best parties. But Theo was actually the "supercop" who had to put the two so-called professional investigators onto Zoe's track. Theo figured out that the drinks had been spiked in the first place and then surmised that Zoe had been the culprit. Maybe Paul should consider Theo as his new ace detective.

And if Phyllis were ever to get bored with the corporate world, maybe she could be hired for some police investigative work, also, especially since Rey hasn't had much success as a police detective in the past. Rey's main problem was that he tended to be too closed-minded. But think about it...Phyllis has been looking for a new career, and one that could possibly keep her out of trouble. Right? Nah...even she admitted to Summer that she never knew what she was going to do, which sure would dash any hopes for a career for her as a detective.

But even if she wasn't on police duty, Phyllis took it upon herself to confront Zoe, who admitted to making her own justice by adding the powder to the alcoholic beverages at the party. Well, of course, the silly girl didn't realize she was being taped. The fool. Zoe had drugged a whole lot of innocent people just to get back at Kyle and Theo for the whole horrible New York City incident. And she proved to be more of an idiot when she called Red's daughter rude and stuck-up right to Phyllis' face. What a dummy! Since Phyllis held a recording of Zoe's confession in her hot little hands, Zoe would learn her lesson -- behind bars. But at least her name would be spelled correctly once the news of her arrest for endangering others hit the Internet. Zoe finally would have her fifteen minutes of fame.

The "pesky proof" handed Phyllis the future of the hotel, as Abby and Chelsea hoped that the Grand Phoenix would rise from the ashes. (We've certainly heard that expression enough in this storyline already.) However, what Red considered "the answer to all our prayers" was actually the answer to her prayers because, let's face it, Phyllis was all about Phyllis every second of every minute of every day of every week of every month of every year...well, you get the drift. She finally had a legitimate bargaining chip to get back what she believed to be rightfully hers, which was partial ownership of the Grand Phoenix. That hotel may just crash and burn yet with Phyllis at the helm.

Phyllis had to pull off a couple of not-so-legal moves, such as deleting some security footage to get the advantage over Paul and Rey. Seriously, the two police representatives should consider a career change, since Phyllis was one step ahead of them the entire time. But Genoa City was stuck with them as protectors of the town, since Phyllis had other irons in the fire with her new title as Chief Executive in Charge of Security. And Abby and Chelsea were delighted to sign her on board, since adding Phyllis to the team was preferable to having no team at all. No Phyllis, no Grand Phoenix. Phyllis did a better job of rising from the ashes than the phoenix did.

The spiked punch brought out the truth about Summer's feelings when she planted a big one on Kyle's lips at the party, which ended up all over the Internet. Summer felt like "the inside of a dirty garbage can" and was humiliated, since she had been trying to make "good choices and rational decisions," especially regarding Kyle. It truly was a shame that drugs undermined Summer's attempt to move on by loosening up her inhibitions. What Zoe did was criminal. Kyle was gracious enough to accept Summer's apology, although Lola wasn't too thrilled about her husband smacking lips with his ex. Lola should consider herself warned, though, since the substance only brought out Summer's true feelings. No, Summer's not quite over Kyle yet.

Thankfully, both Sharon and Devon recovered from the intentional drugging at the party. Devon wasn't quite ready to join Neil and Hilary in the afterlife and clung onto life as he and Elena declared their love for each other. I guess it just took a little medical scare to wake Devon up and to smell the cappuccino (which was probably better than spiked sangria) of wanting to live while he was still alive. Devon tried to do a little sleuthing himself by thinking that Theo drugged the sangria; however, Mariah stuck up for Theo. Mariah wanted Theo around her for a while longer because she truly liked a challenge. Yeah, come to think of it, Mariah always found Tessa most attractive when she thought she was unattainable. And weird as it was, Theo was actually more interested in chasing Tessa.

Mariah, Tessa, and Theo were definitely one lopsided triangle, maybe even a scalene triangle, as Mariah pursued Theo, who pursued Tessa. Oh, it was the age-old story of girl wants guy who wants another girl, only with the added twist that the two ladies in question were already a couple. Well, okay, Mariah claimed that her interest in Theo was only professional. But both Mariah and Tessa have had boyfriends before, so it's not unthinkable that romance could pop up with Theo or another guy somewhere down the line. Tessa almost seemed to protest too much when she requested that Mariah let him go. Tessa may have wanted to get temptation far, far away from her, and, if so, Mariah may end up regretting that she didn't fire him while she could.

Adam just didn't get it, but I guess he didn't really need to. He was constantly winning points with Connor by being the fun parent, while Chelsea was responsible for doing the discipline. (But seeing Connor's bratty behavior at times, I have to wonder just how responsible Chelsea's been.) And Adam also learned from Sharon of her travel plans to get some perspective. When Adam smiled and nodded, it didn't take a psychic to figure out who will probably show up wherever Sharon lands. Maybe Rey will happen to be in that same neighborhood, also, and the two potential suitors could challenge each other to a duel. Hey, Billy and Chloe could be cheering for Rey on the sidelines with pom-poms in hand. I could almost picture Rey slapping Adam's face with a glove.

Other notable (or humorous) items that happened during the week

When Adam crumpled up his dad's picture and tossed it in the trash, he probably also threw away any chance he had of redemption from his family.

Oh yeah, Phyllis sure took the high road by letting "the Naked so and so and her sidekick bask in glory" during the Grand Phoenix gala. If Phyllis was really trying for "graceful and classy," maybe she shouldn't have crashed the party in the first place. And who was surprised that Red's number one rule of business was to never settle? Not me.

Okay, why is Phyllis still barging into Nick's place? Nobody in their right mind would let an ex keep a key to their place, especially since Nick didn't trust Phyllis as far as he could throw her. She should be knocking first, of course, but that would take too much screen time, I guess. And that's not Phyllis' style.

Chelsea stated the obvious about the Grand Phoenix debacle when she stated, "Things just went from bad to imploding."

Phyllis demanded 25% of the Grand Phoenix in exchange for Zoe's confession, as she claimed, "The devil's in the details." Yup, that pretty much says it all.

Mariah told Devon that although Theo had an extremely high opinion of himself, he was also very insecure. Mariah related that genuinely confident people didn't need to resort to ingratiating themselves and to manipulating people. Hey, Mariah should know better than anyone after all that time she spent working with Hilary.

Until next time, please stay tuned.

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