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The DNA results were in, and Dina was Theo's grandmother! Why was Kyle so determined to stop Theo from getting to know his own family? Was Kyle jealous? Or did he see Theo as a past version of himself back in his self-centered and power-hungry days. Kyle's reasoning was gone with the wind in Two Scoops.

Well, guys, it looks like the honeymoon's over for Lola and Kyle. The more she tried to stick up for Theo, the angrier Kyle got -- to where he really couldn't see reason. It didn't matter what nice things Lola had to say about the charmer, Kyle's attitude was along the lines of Rhett Butler's when he said to Scarlett, "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn." But seriously, Kyle was quite unreasonable when he demanded that his dad not tell Theo the truth about his DNA results. I mean, Theo graciously allowed himself to be tested as Jack searched for the information about his half-brother. Of course, Theo would want to know the truth about the results. Did Kyle really expect that Theo would forget about it all? Actually, Kyle was being a jerk, and he appeared to be jealous.

After all, Jack was keen on hosting a party for his new nephew, although Kyle was less than enthusiastic, so he might have been pea green with envy at his long-lost cousin getting so much attention. But I couldn't blame Jack for wanting to know about his half-brother, and the only way he could do that was through Theo. Traci was interested, too, but didn't want to stir up any trouble. Man, what's the matter with that girl? Doesn't she realize that stirring up trouble is the Abbott way? Well, according to Jack and Ashley, anyway, and it seemed that Kyle was also following suit. Lola was right in that Kyle should just suck it up and accept it. What else could he do?

Kyle was the pot calling the kettle black when he reminded Jack that Theo was a manipulative opportunist. Kyle had very much resembled that description, especially when he had tried to play Victor against his dad. In fact, Kyle had been very self-absorbed when he was younger and had only cared about power and money. Family had never mattered to him back then. But Kyle was unwilling to give Theo a chance to find his connection to the family -- the very same family who had never given up on Kyle. Why shouldn't Theo be allowed to find out where he fit in, also? Dina wasn't any less Theo's grandmother than she was Kyle's. It was only fair that Theo got a shot to know the family that he never knew he had, and he truly seemed to enjoy hearing the stories about Dina from Jack.

Even if Jack had just forgotten the whole thing, the truth was not going to go away. Theo, as Eric's son, was Dina's grandson, and to give the guy some credit, he seemed to be touched by that fact and by meeting Dina. Theo truly tried to understand what she was going through as he adapted to her believing that he was Eric. Theo seemed to be truly caring, which was the man that Lola knew. Jack even suspected that there was a better angel under Theo's devil-may-care fašade. Kyle chose to only see the self-centered version of Theo and didn't want to face that the guy was made up of many layers. Actually, Theo could prove to be a most interesting character. If Kyle's not careful, Lola just may be taken in by the charismatic dude, and then Kyle would have a reason to be jealous.

But, of course, Kyle would always have Summer to fall back on, and you know she was just waiting with bated breath. Really, Kyle was acting like a baby at the party, because he couldn't have his way. Sure, maybe they should all be on their guard in case of Theo's future expectations, but until that happened, Kyle should give him the benefit of the doubt. Theo claimed that he didn't want anything from the Abbotts, so they should take that at face value, until he gave them a reason not to. Theo said he no longer felt lost, so maybe he only wanted to belong to a real family. Nobody, not even Kyle, could blame him for that.

Despite what he said, I tend to think Theo's life hasn't been all that great. Shoot, maybe his dad wasn't even dead. I know that Theo has been carrying his father's pocket watch with the initials E.V. around like precious cargo and that he even supposedly talked to Eric's ghost. But the vision could have all been in Theo's mind, hearing what he had always wanted a loving father to say to him. Maybe the Vanderways weren't the supportive family that Theo had desired to have. Or maybe we can take at face value everything Theo has said about them, which would be a rather freaky thing for soaps. However, in the meantime, Kyle and Theo finally agreed on one thing -- they both wanted Summer back home.

I hadn't really realized that Theo and Lola were alike in that they came from the same kind of background and had to hustle for everything they had ever gotten. They were kindred spirits, because they didn't have everything handed to them on a silver platter. Actually, Lola seemed to resent the Abbotts when she first started seeing Kyle, although Theo acted like he wasn't even fazed by being a part of such a powerful family. It would be bizarre for Kyle to look down on Theo for not being good enough when he had always put Lola on a pedestal, though. Theo may pretend that it's not a big deal being connected to the Abbotts, but he must care some, since it would be a help for his career, which seemed to be floundering. The Abbotts knew the right people, and they could really have his business booming if he let them. But Theo never let on to them that he was struggling.

Finally, Kyle and Billy have a reason to bond, since they both do not trust Theo the slightest bit. However, where Kyle only saw Theo as a nuisance, Billy believed he was a threat to Kyle. And Billy might be right, especially when it came to Lola, but there was no way for him to know that. Somehow, I suspect the gum-chewing Billy still bubbled underneath the surface, just waiting to emerge when the time was right. And since Billy compared Theo to Cane, and not in a good way, the dark side of Billy's nature seemed to be ready to bust out. Billy and Cane were always rivals, due mainly to competing for Jill's attention, but Billy appeared to be going overboard on his anger for Cane, and Billy seemed to have replaced Adam with Cane as the bull's-eye of the target for his anger.

Sadly, Victoria couldn't see that Billy probably wasn't completely cured, although she guessed that he was frustrated. But Billy tried not to show it to Victoria as he crooned over her. They were still as lovey-doves as ever. I remember those good old days when it was all about love in the afternoon (okay, I know that was ABC), and when Billy and Victoria first started to get together, they were that love-in-the-afternoon couple that soaps used to take pride in. In a way, Billy and Victoria were like Romeo and Juliet in that their families didn't want them to be together. Well, okay, just Victoria's family, and actually, it was just her father, but hey, it's close enough. With Cane and Lily gone, thank goodness we still have Victoria and Billy to show us the love.

Well, Sharon and Mariah can quit worrying about Adam coming between Sharon and her dream man, Rey, since Adam seemed to be targeting Chelsea. Sharon and Rey still don't do it for me as a couple. They could not qualify for a love-in-the-afternoon couple. The way Rey chased after Sharon when he was still married was horrendous, especially after he blamed his mental cheating with the blonde on his wife. And then he dropped Sharon like a hot potato when she tried to help Adam reunite with his family. Rey has been judgmental all along, so I don't get why Mariah's put so much effort into getting them back together. I know I've said this many times before, and if they would stop shoving this couple down my throat, I could quit saying it.

But thankfully, Sharon was studying for a test to get a master's degree in psychology, which was great because she would probably need therapy once Rey was ready to dump her again. Therapist, heal thyself. Actually, then she would be qualified to deal with Connor and his antics, which would encourage Adam to turn to her more. Hmmm...just how long will Rey's support last with Adam hanging on Sharon's every word? Well, at least Sharon would have her new career to fall back on, since she desired to be more self-sufficient. If Sharon truly wanted to be independent, she should take the time to find out who she really was before she jumped back into a relationship that had already crashed and burned once before.

And since a delusional Mariah believed her relationship with Tessa was healthy, she only had stars in her eyes for their first anniversary together. Sometimes, it seemed like Tessa's only been riding on Mariah's coattails of respectability. And since Mariah had never been able to trust anyone in the past, she wasn't exactly the best judge of character, especially when it came to her mother. So, Mariah should stick to her own romance and the candy corny love poem she wrote to Tessa. Sharon and Rey are not a romantic couple in any stretch of the imagination, so Mariah needs to find a new hobby other than matchmaking.

Chelsea and Nick have come pretty darned close to being a love-in-the-afternoon duo; however, the way she started out with Adam had much potential. Chelsea and Adam had started out as friends when he tried to help her back on track with her life, and they fell in love. I liked them as a couple before, but now, I'm not so sure. Adam's gone back to the way he used to be with Sharon, and that's not good. I loved Adam, Chelsea, and Connor as a family, before Chloe tried to blow him up, yet the dynamic has since changed. The living, breathing Adam hid from his family for years, which gave her the chance to grow close to Nick. Until she ran out on him, Chelsea and Nick were really cute together. They were romantic in trying to find their way to each other after previous failed attempts at love.

Chelsea has always had the pesky little problem of having trouble follow her, which Simon was doing like gangbusters as he demanded the return of Calvin's illegal money to him -- which Kevin seemed to have forever lost, as he was laundering it through the bank. What's a poor girl to do? Not tell Nick, that's for sure, and Chelsea's lips have been sealed, although this little tidbit will surely bite him in the rear come City Council election time. Somehow, I can't imagine the fair citizens of Genoa City wanting an apparently corrupt councilman representing them. Well, Chelsea did try to get out of being placed front and center in the limelight during Nick's campaign. It was the very least she could do, but Nick will probably be the one to pay in the end.

But it was Kevin and Chloe to Chelsea's rescue, dressed as FBI agents to bail Chelsea out, which was awfully kind of Kevin, since his negligence had gotten her into such dire straits to begin with. Well, that and Chelsea's greed in trying to collect on Calvin's ill-gotten gains. But their costumes were all for show, since Kevin and Chloe didn't really faze Simon one bit, and, in fact, he threatened Chelsea by showing her a picture of her son. Ooh, that didn't bode well for Mr. Black. Apparently, Simon hadn't done his homework well enough to know that threatening Connor would only backfire and give her a reason to go on the attack. The poor deluded fool.

While Chelsea could be scary enough on her own against Simon, Adam would be downright dangerous. The two of them acting as a team would make them formidable foes against the greedy scoundrel. However, Chelsea chose to keep the threatening guy a secret from Adam and only asked that he get Connor out of town, which, of course, didn't make Adam the least bit suspicious at all. Sure, Adam agreed to take their son to his mother's farm, although the promise was gone with the wind as soon as Chelsea walked out the door. There's no way that Adam won't stick around to find out the danger that Chelsea is in -- and then Simon's gonna be in big trouble.

Adam would have no qualms about Chelsea's dirty little secret, since he's almost always up to his neck in trouble, anyway. Misery makes good company, which may just draw Chelsea to Adam like a fly to a spider web. And Adam made sure to get her good and tangled up in his own web of lies and manipulation by using his favorite lure, Connor. Or was Connor the one pulling the strings? It was probably both working together toward a common goal. Adam decided that he wanted Chelsea and her "magic eyes" to distract him and their son forever. Well, if she didn't want Nick, Phyllis was on the sidelines, just waiting for another chance with Nick -- like a spider to a fly.

While Tucker was still an on-screen no-show, the whole Katherine's phony will storyline finally drew a brand-new Chance back into Genoa City. By this time, we had already figured out that our last Chance was not going to be a repeater, so a recast was necessary and almost essential. Amanda talked too much about Chance and laid so much on his plate, he had to make a return. It will be interesting to learn about this new version. Well, we already know that he had strong feet and fists, since he kicked in a door and sucker-punched Cane. Hey, actions do speak louder than words, as they say. Was Chance the same good-hearted, heroic "Boy Scout" we all had known and loved?

Devon told Elena that Tucker claimed he had not forged Katherine's will. So, was Colin really behind it all, as Jill had claimed? If he was, we probably won't see him on-screen either, since Tristan Rogers is currently back as Robert Scorpio on General Hospital. It's understandable that Cane would want to use some of the money to secure the twins' future. But maybe he really didn't give a holy ding-dong and had partnered with his father to pull off the illegal and diabolical scheme. Katherine had really loved Cane, and that would be no way for him to honor and respect her memory. But then again, what other reason would Chance have to punch Cane out?

Other notable (or humorous) items that happened during the week:

I can't help it. Hearing the name Simon reminds me of Michael E. Knight's Dr. Simon Neville, who was a unique character. I still wonder what could have been between Ashley and Simon if they had just given it a chance.

Phyllis' slogan "A new man for a new city" is pretty catchy. Nick should really consider using it. Let's just hope that the new man doesn't turn into a younger version of "the old man."

How sad for Abby that she was the only one at Mariah's surprise anniversary party for Tessa without a plus one.

What on earth was Sharon doing looking at Mariah's phone? Just because she is Sharon's daughter doesn't mean that Mariah gave up her right to privacy.

Theo really is pretty funny and clever and showed it when he referred to "the Kylephant in the room" as he described the problem of being a new relative of Jack's.

Until next time, please stay tuned.

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