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As the citizens of Genoa City pause their daily activities to join loved ones and give thanks, our Two Scoops writer takes a few moments to explore some of what she is thankful for this holiday as November Sweeps wind down. Check out what she has to say and let us know if you agree or disagree, and please tell us what makes you grateful this year.

Congratulations to Peter Bergman for 30 years with The Young and the Restless. In an industry where there is turnover and "the role of (character) is now being played by (actor)," it's great to have that continuity. In his flashback scenes, I was reminded of how steady some of the core of Y&R actors has been: Victor, Nikki, Ashley, Traci, Dina, Jill (I know she's not original, but she's been around awhile). They may not all be on contract or on all the time, but they're still ours. And they've aged gracefully along with the rest of us!

I liked the way the memoir was handled and Jack's flashbacks. I found this book much more enjoyable than the one Traci wrote about her Cane fantasies. And good for the Abbotts for telling their memoir with warts and all. I don't want to read a memoir of a golden family whose halos never shift, where angel choruses chant in harmony as they enter the room. I want the rough edges and the tragedy along with the triumph, because that's how life is for the rest of us.

I did notice when Traci was talking to Jack about their mother, she referred to her as "Dina" not "Mom." I feel like, when I think about it, Jack might switch between Dina and Mom, but it really stood out that there was so much pain and distance that Traci called her Dina, and I feel like that was a coping skill. I also found it amusing that Jack was already crying when he read the preface of the memoir. I know, he'd been working on it and knew much of the content already, so it was probably an emotional step to dive in. Also, at the end, when the Abbotts had a toast, I noticed Dina was drinking water. I suspect that was a good call, but also made it seem more realistic.

There are things I can find fault with, but this has been a week of Thanksgiving, so I'm going to try to find some things to be thankful for, and my commentary is going to seem more random as a result.

Thanksgiving at the Newman ranch seemed normal. I mean, we didn't see them actually eat anything, but they drank, and sometimes that's what makes the holidays bearable. The affection between Nikki and Victor seems as strong as ever.

How awkward was it for Nick and Chelsea when Nikki and Victor kissed, and Victoria and Billy kissed, and Nick refilled Chelsea's full wine glass?

Let me just say that I was glad to see Sharon's feet were hurting after a long day of feeding the less fortunate whilst wearing heels. Practical footwear, ladies. Might not look as sexy, but at the end of the day, you're tired, not unable to walk.

I was glad to see Billy wrestling with the therapy process. And I loved his therapist's question: "Do you even like yourself, Billy?" That right there is one of the biggest problems people have -- they don't like the person they're with when they're alone, and they make terrible choices for companions as a result.

You know Theo is a serious businessman because he wears suits now. It was not a good look for him to offer Summer lunch on his expense account to mark his first day at Jabot. Workplace romance is a bad idea, and I don't see this ending well.

Jack claims that Theo is an Abbott. He isn't. Dina had Eric before she married into the Abbott family. Dina becoming an Abbott didn't make Theo's father, who she gave up for adoption and who was not John Abbott's son, an Abbott. It also doesn't make Theo an Abbott.

I don't understand why Jack was so defensive about Theo going with Ashley. We know Kyle has serious concerns about Theo. Kyle has the most experience with him; he was taken in but learned his lesson. Perhaps, just perhaps, the person who knows him best... I don't know, knows him best? I would listen more.

Jack may regret letting Theo work at Jabot. I wonder how it will go having Kyle, Theo, and Summer all working under one corporate roof. Especially because Lola seems to have a thing for Theo. It's almost like she supports him more than she does Kyle. And Theo is totally trying to work her.

Is it plagiarism to give your team someone else's pep talk, even if it is from motivational posters?

Is Summer Newman old enough to be Vice President of Marketing? I mean, Kyle probably isn't old enough to be CEO, either, but that was a fill-in role, and he's in the family.

Is there a bad boy in Chance? He can't be so pure that he doesn't even have dirty thoughts. What did happen in Vegas? I have a feeling we're going to find out. But I'm interested to know, too.

Undercover Chance really can't be texting family, so I don't know why Devon continues to mention it. Also, if you were Devon, would you have found your own expert to authenticate the will? Before handing over billions of dollars to a known con man?

Chance calling Jill "Grandma" is fun.

Phyllis seems to have some interest in Chance, but Chance seems to have some interest in Abby, who seems to share that interest. As I said last column, I'd like to see Abby and Chance give their legacy characters a chance at a union.

So, why does Amanda really have a new number? Is she complicit in Colin's crime? Is Cane?

Colin took a little vacation after stealing the money from Cane's account. And not only did Colin clean out Cane's accounts, but he threw Cane under the bus in the process. This isn't a random guy. It's his son, and he's already lost one son, so why is he messing up life for the one who's left?

On General Hospital, Robert Scorpio is appealing. I can see why the ladies are drawn to him. On The Young and the Restless, Colin Atkinson is a jerk. I don't understand what Jill sees in him. It isn't like this leopard changes his spots, and even if the romp in the sack is exciting, I don't think it's worth it. It will lead to anger and frustration and outrage in the end. But it's a good testament to Tristan Rogers.

Is it wrong for Chelsea to feel a little remorse? Everyone tells her not to, that it won't help Connor. I agree, Connor doesn't need to see it, but she needs to own what she did, too. Wiser choices could have avoided the situation entirely, but she chose not to alert others or seek wise counsel. Don't tell her not to feel bad. Perhaps if she feels a little bad, she'll make better choices and learn from her mistakes.

Connor was mopey before he was a hostage. Now he has a monster inside him, trying to eat him up. I give a thumbs-up to normalcy for Connor. The family Thanksgiving was good for him. Being with other kids is good for him. Staying home with Dad and/or Mom and dwelling on his trauma? Not so good for him.

Why is it that the doctor is advising Connor's family to reunite for the kid? When Adam said that, Luke, who watches with me, said, "Trying to get in her pants, or what?" Giving a kid everything he wants is not winning at parenting. Yes, Chelsea and Adam are apart because Adam was sort of blown up and presumed dead for a while. But they didn't reunite when he got his memory back and she returned to town.

I feel for Connor because he was traumatized (too soon for a PTSD diagnosis). Keeping him out of school won't help. Perhaps he could be sent to boarding school. I do think he has been whiny, and I don't see it getting better with things the way they are. Connor is 100% trying to manipulate Adam and Chelsea with the tummy aches and nightmares -- not that he doesn't have them, but he is using them and perhaps enhancing them to get his parents together again.

Chelsea didn't even tell Nick that Connor was effectively expelled, but he learned that Sharon knew what had happened. Nick has been super glare-y lately. He sees Chelsea slipping away from him. It's not even subtle.

I liked Phyllis bringing Chinese food to Adam and them being alone together. Is Chelsea jealous of Adam and Phyllis? She looked it when she looked at the wine glasses, and Adam saw it. Is there reason to be jealous of Adam and Phyllis? Nick and Phyllis definitely still have a connection. I would prefer they not get together again. Time for a change.

Chelsea and Adam are being drawn together again, and there is a decent chance they will be together again, like it or not, however...

Phyllis hasn't had a boyfriend in a while, as Adam said, so who will she end up with? That kind of comment doesn't usually lead to a commitment to singlehood. Phyllis hasn't been with Adam, and I've kind of grown into the idea of seeing them as a pairing. They have a lot in common.

Sharon has finished all her class work. That went fast. I didn't even know she was working on a graduate degree until a couple weeks ago!

The neurotic guests whose jewels were stolen were annoying. Did the crazy ladies actually have jewelry? Could Phyllis have hired them to fake a robbery to bring down the hotel because she wants to be sole proprietor of the Grand Phoenix and will do anything to get it? Could Chelsea have done it to deflect attention from herself? Whatever the situation, I don't believe they had priceless jewels that were robbed. And I hope they leave soon, perhaps in handcuffs.

I liked when Lola hugged Rey and Rey pulled Kyle into the hug.

Lines of the Week:

Chance to Jill after Jill says she has everything under control but has been with Colin romantically: Is that what you call this?

Chance to Colin: This isn't my pissed-off face. This is my "you're screwed" face.

Chance to Phyllis: Do you ever get tired of being the person everyone crosses the street to avoid?

Phyllis to Adam after Adam accused her: I'm gonna have to get measurements for your tin foil hat.

Exchange of the Week:

Adam: You don't read social cues very well, do you?
Phyllis: I read them. I don't really care about them.

Coming up next week:

Chelsea tells Nick that Connor or Adam might need her. There's some weather and a power outage. And Billy and Amanda are confronting a bully in the bar. Not sure where any of that will go, but it no doubt will be full of drama.

Closing Thoughts:

What are you thankful for this week? After the recent hype over a break in Days of our Lives filming (I'm glad it's still on the air), I'm thankful we have all our soaps to love, love to hate, and distract ourselves from a world gone mad. I'll see you all again for my year in review/best and worst column at the end of December. Until we see each other again in this spot, know that I'll be watching with you.

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