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Tessa is hitting the road, Colin is on the run, Sharon has a lump, Billy has an itch, Connor has a family, and so many more astounding developments on this week's YR! Let's discuss in this week's Two Scoops.

Hello, Soap Central readers! I have been writing for Soap Central for 16 years now, but I am usually writing about General Hospital. However, I am the sort of soap diva who likes LOTS of soaps, so I also watch The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful.

The Young and the Restless was actually my first soap. One of my friends in elementary school had a mom who watched Y&R. When I spent the night at her house in the summer, her mom had it on, and I saw those glamorous ladies with the big hair (it was the 70s!), and I was smitten.

So, feel safe with me that I watched when Kay Chancellor was still hitting the bottle, when Jill was played by Brenda Dixon and was still working at the salon, when Snapper Foster roamed Genoa City, when Brock Reynolds called Kay "Duchess," and when Elizabeth Foster worked on the assembly line at Chancellor Industries. I remember when Danny and Cricket were an item, when Nina Webster started dating psycho David Kimble, and when he got the plastic surgery to try to look like David Hasselhoff -- but instead, the plastic surgeon carved the word "Killer" into his forehead!

Now that I have given you my pedigree, let's get started on the present.

I was happy to see on Friday's episode that someone gave Amanda the number to Hillary's hairdresser because I just could not take those bangs! Mostly because I had my own really long hair cut with bangs -- I despise them and wish I had never cut my hair. I realize that the writers were trying to distinguish Amanda from Hilary, but seriously, for all we know, Victor is paying her to rile up the town like he did with Mariah when she first came to town, pretending to be ghost Cassie. Since Amanda was an orphan, I'm pretty sure she is going to end up being Hillary's long-lost twin sister sometime soon. Don't you think?

If so, where will that leave Elena? I am happy for Brytni Sarpy, who languished over at GH as Valerie Spencer. They brought her on with a burst of energy and then just let the character wither and die. The character has been recast, but we see her so infrequently, I can't even remember what she looks like. Brytni is really getting a chance to shine on Y&R, and Elena is a good person, the sort of person we want Devon to be involved with. Until someone tracks down Colin and reclaims his fortune, Devon will have to live on record royalties.

Now that Tessa is off on tour with Tanner, maybe she will sell enough music to keep Devon afloat forever. (Cait Fairbanks is so lovely and so talented, she really should go on tour with her music and leave soaps behind.) Devon still has dibs on some of her music, right? But readers, I have to ask, were you as shocked as Mariah was to discover that Tessa was once married to Tanner? Mariah is one forgiving woman. Tessa has lied to her and kept things from her so many times -- I don't know how you could ever trust someone like that.

The gift Tessa gave to Mariah of her journal was so touching, considering the journal debacle in their past. It was a sweet, symbolic gesture of trust and faith. But can their love survive this long separation? I suspect the writers are leaving their relationship in place so when the months pass and Tessa doesn't call, we can watch Mariah wrestle with the decision. Who would you like to see as a new interest for Mariah? Since she has been attracted to both men and women in the past, I think we can daydream about anyone as a love interest for her.

My friends, it finally happened. Adam Newman has his love interest nailed down for 2020. After her breakup with Nick, Adam finally got Chelsea to commit to work on reuniting their family. God help me, but I am a sucker for Adam and Chelsea! Y&R took the long and winding road reuniting them after Adam came back from the dead. First, Chelsea was married to the random old guy, and then a brief layover in Nick Newman-ville. But after all of that rigmarole, Adam and Chelsea are on their way to becoming a couple again.

Y&R has had as much luck with Adam recasts as GH has had with Carly recasts. All of the Adams have been good Adams. I loved Chris Engen. I loved Michael Muhney. I adored Justin Hartley and thought he was irreplaceable, but Mark Grossman is growing on me day by day. I think the one thing he is missing that the three previous actors had a little more honed is the tender side of Adam. He does a fabulous job at blustering, angry, vengeful Adam, but I am missing a little of the joy and tenderness in the softer scenes. But he's getting there, and I know he will continue to grow into this role and take Adam to a new level.

What I want to see in 2020 is for Adam to be accepted more as part of the Newman family. Sure, he has done some despicable things, but they have done awful things to him, too. Can this be a year of peace for the Newmans? Not like I expect to see Nick and Adam going fishing for the weekend, but if they could just every now and then act like brothers, it would make my heart happy. I want Nick to say to Adam, "I can't imagine what it must have been like growing up on the farm with Hope and feeling like your dad didn't want you." Or Adam to Victoria, "I know how much Newman Enterprises means to you, and I want to work with you to make it the best company ever. We are on the same side." Just anything other than constant snarking.

Side note: I want to give a shout-out to the wonderful young actor who plays Connor. Judah Mackey had me in tears this week. When he cried at the happy news that his parents were reuniting, I was amazed at his ability to emote and capture such a tender scene so perfectly. Whoever cast this kid deserves a raise.

I think this family needs to continue going to therapy -- they have a lot of issues. Or maybe church, because maybe only God can help them!

Okay, readers, please don't hate me, but I love, love, love the chemistry of Michelle Stafford and Joshua Morrow. If Nick and Phyllis reunited for the umpteenth time, I would embrace that and ride the wave until they blew up because of Sharon again. I am a fan of Michelle Stafford. I loved her first stint as Phyllis on Y&R. I have still not recovered from her leaving GH as Nina (because she also had amazing chemistry with James Patrick Stuart), but I'm delighted that she is back at Y&R as Phyllis again. Can't she just clone herself? She has a fire within that she brings to every character she plays. No recasts can replace that. I am not at all dissing any actor who has followed her in a role; I'm just saying there is only one Michelle Stafford.

But back to Nick. Nikki warned Nick to stay away from Sharon, but perhaps she is worried about the wrong ex. I think there is more of a chance of him accidentally sleeping with Phyllis.

Sharon has worries of her own. Readers, my mother died of breast cancer in 2012, so cancer storylines always make me cry. Seeing Sharon go to get the mammogram, then the ultrasound, and soon a needle biopsy just makes my heart hurt. I understand why she isn't telling anyone yet, because why panic your family until you know for sure that there is a reason to panic?

If she does have a cancerous tumor in her breast, and I fear that she does, we will see how strong her relationship with Rey truly is. Can he stand beside her while she battles cancer, or will he run for the hills? I had a friend once whose husband left her when she was diagnosed with breast cancer and told her he "couldn't be married to someone with one boob." I swear I am not making that up. A complete tool! Will the writers write Rey as a hero or a fiend? I suppose it depends on whether or not CBS wants to trim the cast some more and axe Jordi Vilasuso.

It was fun to have Faith home for the holidays and to see what a gorgeous young lady Alyvia Alyn Lind has become. I just watched Coat of Many Colors at Christmas, where she plays a young Dolly Parton, and it startles me when I am reminded she's not a kid anymore. I hope if Sharon does end up with a cancer diagnosis that all of her kids will rally around her. Maybe we will catch a glimpse of Noah Newman. I know he's working overseas, but he'd come home for that, right?

Readers, I think Billy Abbott is about to break Victoria's heart by cheating with Amanda. Do you agree? I'm going to share a possibly unpopular opinion, but here's what I want: Billy Miller is off of GH and up for grabs. I want him to come back to Y&R to play Billy Abbott. He was amazing in that role, and he and Victoria (Amelia Heinle) had mad chemistry.

Next, I want Jason Thompson to go back to GH as Patrick Drake. Since Kimberly McCullough announced she was retiring from acting, GH should kill off Robin and let Patrick Drake and Emma come back to Port Charles. Anna is going to need a family once Peter gets busted for his many, many crimes.

Y&R and GH continually swap actors, so why not now? Someone in power, please listen to my wise advice. This would allow Y&R to use the flashbacks of vintage scenes with Billy and Victoria when they were first falling in love, and that sort of rich soap history always resonates with long-term viewers. Thoughts?

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will Kyle and Lola/Theo and Summer all switch places? Will Chloe and Kevin name their new baby Ophelia or Amelia? Will Phyllis get the job as Amanda's wing woman? Will Chance's new private security company be as riveting as military life? Will Lily's homecoming be just a blip or the start of a new chapter? Will Devon and Nick get their new lost-cost medical clinic up and running before the election and solve health care in America? Will anyone else get ill-advised bangs this year?

Only tomorrow knows, and I will tune in tomorrow as long as there are tomorrows.

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