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Kyle dumped Lola so he could be free to fly into Summer's bed. Will Summer grow bored playing with her favorite boy toy and bat him away again? Will Lola be able to open her heart to Theo, who might truly appreciate winning her love? As Valentine's Day neared, Cupid's arrows were hit and miss in Two Scoops.

No, it wasn't all hearts and flowers for some of our beloved characters for Valentine's Day, and poor Cupid was probably wondering where all the love had gone. Well, except in Kyle's case, because he seemed to want our little love god to fling arrows all over the place, hitting his two favorite targets. Oh, sure, Kyle was saying that he wanted Summer, but that could change at any given moment, since his only heart's desire was that Lola be his fair maiden not all that long ago. Kyle obviously enjoyed having the two lovely ladies at his beck and call, as he zigged and zagged to ensure that each one would have his attention, depending on his mood at the time. Seriously, Kyle couldn't possibly believe that everything between him and Lola was kaput. more quadrangle? No!

When talking to Jack, Kyle stated that he had only been playing the hero in a good story with a happy ending when it came to the "fair and kind" Lola, but that wasn't really who he was. Kyle told Jack that he was just trying to be the amazing, selfless guy that Lola thought him to be, and because of that, he couldn't be the person he really was. Oh, cry me a river. Kyle and Billy have both been singing the same sorry song about being the most misunderstood man on the planet, and they are hopelessly out of tune. In Billy's eyes, Victoria had put too much pressure on him by trying to fix him instead of letting him be his very imperfect self. And Kyle believed that Lola's hero worship had turned him into some sort of idol, which he could never hope to be. Well, he had that right.

And the former heartbreaking "Smiling Jack Abbott" tried to caution Kyle about not jumping into anything new, but Kyle has always been one to throw caution to the wind, especially when it comes to Summer. You would think that Kyle would have learned a thing or two from his past, though, panting over "Snowflake." Summer never had any serious romantic interest in Kyle until he became interested in someone else. I mean, she loved having him constantly fawning all over her, but Summer had never given Kyle the time of day until he quit looking at his watch for her. So, how long will it take before Summer gets bored with Kyle again? Summer loved the chase and was all about being victor, while Lola honestly tried to love Kyle for the person he was, despite what he believed.

It's just hard to believe that Kyle could get over his feelings for Lola so quickly, especially after everything they went through to be together. (Shoot, he was practically taking a page off of any couple on The Bold and the Beautiful, who tend to change partners almost as often as they change shoes.) Or maybe because the newness had worn off of Kyle's romance with Lola, Summer became the more exciting option to him. But would Kyle really care so little if Theo pursued Lola? Nah, somehow, I believe Kyle's jealousy would spring out if he saw that his nemesis was sincerely interested in his wife. Oh, yeah, Kyle would continue to have his little harem with the two lovely ladies, if he could. That oddly shaped quadrangle could still go on for quite some time.

Theo was either a gentleman or was being very crafty by turning down Lola when she threw her lips at him once she heard that Kyle had jumped in the sack with Summer. Oh, Theo was quite crafty, since he was the one who told Lola about Kyle's fling with Summer in the first place. Theo knew that Lola would only regret having sex with him on the rebound, and he wanted more from her.

Summer had me cracking up when she told Kyle that she didn't want to cause Lola any unnecessary pain. Oh, yeah, where was this sweet sentiment the entire time Summer chased after Lola's husband, practically in front of Lola's eyes? And then, Summer demanded that Theo leave Lola alone, since he looked ready to pounce on his unsuspecting prey. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

And, of course, Kyle didn't listen to Jack as he grabbed his stuff from his former home and dashed, as fast as his feet would carry him, back to Summer. Talk was cheap, and all the apologies in the world couldn't mend the hurt he had piled on Lola. Kyle is still young and immature and only wants what he wants, which is Summer, not Lola. So, all the selfish, entitled dirtbag has to do is get the quickie divorce; his marriage with Lola will instantly vanish, and he can put it right out of his mind. It's just too bad that Lola can't ease her pain by erasing all that happened between them, too. While Kyle's heart soared with love for Summer, Lola's heart was smashed into smithereens. Kyle had just better hope that Summer doesn't end up doing the same thing to him.

But no, Summer claimed she was in love and could only see in her rose-colored glasses of passion that Lola would finally be able to move on, once she saw how happy Kyle and Summer were. Of course, this was shortly after Summer claimed again that she didn't wish to hurt Lola any more by flaunting their happiness in front of her face. Oh, please, Summer's as phony baloney as ever. She ought to remember how she felt each time she saw Kyle and Lola canoodling together, since she had already been in Lola's shoes at one time. Even Jack warned Kyle and Summer to do right by Lola, but they won't listen. They're too much in love to care about someone else's feelings.

Cupid really missed his mark with Billy and Victoria. Billy had seriously crossed over the line by insisting that he could do whatever he wanted to remain true to himself, but Victoria was wrong to listen to her father about Billy's supposed affair with Amanda. However, Billy had put Amanda first over Victoria time and time again, so it didn't really matter that they weren't sleeping together. They might as well be. Victor really didn't need to make up any stories to end his daughter's relationship with Billy Boy. Billy was doing a fine job of that all on his own. But even if Victor wasn't running the show, it was nice to hear his roar again. He's been silent for way too long. Victoria really cut Billy to the quick when she pointed out that he wasn't half the man her father was. Ouch!

After ex-boyfriend Ripley's return and subsequent arrest for violating the order of protection, it was Amanda's turn to need a friend, and Billy was more than happy to oblige. In fact, they both felt free and alive for the first time in a long time and celebrated by standing on a ledge of a tall building. Crazy. Hey, I'd be screaming at the top of my lungs, too, if I were sitting on a ledge... Victoria would appreciate just how much she had been smothering Billy, almost to the point of strangulation. Even though Amanda and Billy clearly deserved each other, Cupid was staying away from this couple -- so far. Amanda and Billy both felt they had the power in their hands, but how long will that last? It won't last long for Amanda, according to Ripley. Believe it or not. (Sorry, I just had to say it.)

But, in the meantime, since he was a lone wolf and was no longer tied to Victoria, the thrill-seeking Billy got his next high in a new Italian import racecar. However, Amanda wasn't quite as thrilled. It's good, though, that Billy had someone to go to with news of his latest toy. You can bet Victoria wouldn't have approved of it. Hey, from boats to sportscars, Billy sure knew his priorities, which weren't his kids, who were the ones who had to pay for his outrageousness. Billy even told Ashley, who had returned for the Newman 50th anniversary celebration, that he no longer wanted to follow in his father's footsteps. What a shame, since John had been a respected and honorable man. Billy could be respectable in his own way, but that just wouldn't mesh with his new devil-may-care attitude.

Victor questioned Jack on how he could ever believe that Billy would be loyal to Victoria, especially after he had slept with Phyllis, who had been married to Jack at the time. Oh, yes, those were the days. But Billy was acting like the immature, irresponsible jerk he was when he was with Phyllis. The Jaboat. A new sportscar. Yep. And while it's true that they had brought out the worst in each other, apparently, Billy didn't need Phyllis for his bad side to come out. Victoria had seemed to be his only chance until he tossed her aside like yesterday's garbage. But then Billy almost instantly hit a patch of black ice and rammed his new sportscar into a tree. Wasn't that just like him, though? He trashed his car like he trashed his life. Victor is right -- Billy is an overgrown child.

Between Adam and Connor's manipulation, Chelsea didn't need any help from Cupid's arrows, even though she had to give up her dream of living in Paris. But since Paris was out, Adam decided to do the next best thing, which was to attend the Newman gala. Oh, you can be sure that the venue would be filled with love -- or hate. Or, knowing the Newmans, probably a little of both. But then, Adam decided to take a little detour to Las Vegas (and to the mystery woman) before he and Chelsea could attend the "Victor on steroids" party.

Boy, Phyllis must really want revenge on Adam bad, since her every move has been to find out the truth about what happened in Vegas. Nick was right in that Phyllis did somewhat resemble a potted plant as she eavesdropped on Abby and Chance at Society. But Phyllis was one plant who hoped to hit the jackpot and had her eye on the prize, and she wasn't necessarily referring to anything with a monetary value -- or one of a romantic nature, either, since her pursuit of Chance had only been a game to basically just get information from him. And Phyllis found a way, without actually going, by bugging the conversation that Adam, Chance, and Riza had in Las Vegas. Oh, yeah, as we have seen in the past, when Phyllis puts her mind to something, she makes sure it gets done, one way or another.

Riza claimed that "she" no longer believed the man was in Witness Protection and only wished to find the money he'd stashed before he'd vanished. Phyllis was intrigued when she heard Adam offer to throw money at the situation to keep the mystery lady quiet, especially when Adam stated he would pay any amount to keep himself out of jail. When Adam mentioned that the disappearing dude had vanished from an accident involving himself, Phyllis remarked, "Boom!" It's weird that Phyllis changed her mind about following the guys to Vegas. She may have pretended to Nick that she was listening to reason in order to throw him off the track. However, it might be fun for her to learn the mystery woman's identity to hold over Adam or Chance -- or both. Something needs to spice this story up.

Congratulations! It's a boy! Kevin and Chloe were thrilled, although Kevin feared he might take after his own dad, Terrible Tom. But that's crazy, of course, because Kevin is a good guy. So, everyone joyously started planning the baby shower, and Michael expressed how proud he was of his brother -- as he should be. Kevin's done everything to put his feet on the ground, and he is already devoted to Bella. Adding another branch to his family tree will help them all to blossom and grow. Even Chloe. (I know, I know. That's pretty corny, but at least I didn't say anything about Cupid being around to help guide Kevin and Chloe through it all, right?)

Sharon was one lady who didn't have to go looking for any of Cupid's arrows, since love was all around her during her trying time battling cancer. Her unemployed daughter even hung around with Sharon for the sheer joy of it, as Mariah named the infusion pump "Irene the Machine." Mariah was wise in doing that, since the name probably helped make the chemo treatment a little less scary for Sharon. And, as much as I hate to admit it, Rey did make himself available to Sharon when she needed him around for support, while he was also willing to give her space when she wanted to deal with it on her own. At least Sharon was honest in admitting that the treatment and the entire ordeal were all weird, scary, unsettling, strange, and terrifying to the ones she loved, which should help her.

Sharon told the guys that Rey had taken over hovering from Nick. However, Nick saw that Rey also needed support to get him through Sharon's fight and volunteered to be Rey's sounding board. Nick and Rey have really come a long way, but since they both care for Sharon, it's not all that surprising. Sharon was determined to be strong, so Rey and Nick really needed to respect her wishes and let her fight her battle her own way. Sharon had to put all her energy into defeating her foe and couldn't afford to waste any of her strength worrying about the men. Sharon will have tougher days ahead, though, and then she will probably appreciate the hovering of Rey and Nick.

Other notable (or humorous) items that happened during the week

Hopefully, Sharon's taste buds craving brownies and ice cream was the right "treatment" to help her get over the "jolt in the pit of [her] stomach."

Sorry, but Abby's white blouse was hideous. With a band of feathers decorating her sleeves, she looked as if she was ready to take off and fly at a moment's notice.

Victoria got Victor the perfect gift of a statue of the exact make and model of the car he'd owned when he had started out by selling industrial soap out of his trunk. That will remind Victor just how far he has come, although with the constant stories that he always tells of when he first started out, he really doesn't need too much reminding.

After Adam called him a Boy Scout, Chance pointed out that as a Boy Scout, he can't walk away from a fire, but I disagree with that. After all, Chance pretty much walked away from Phyllis, and you can't get any more fiery than that.

It's just funny -- and weird -- that it never dawned on Jack and Kyle that Summer might be the one to ditch Kyle, even though she has already done so numerous times in the past.

Let's see..."Smiling Jack Abbott" knew what it was like to break a lot of hearts. Victor related, "My heart breaks for the kids," to Victoria. Phyllis did "a heart check" to make sure that Summer's heart wasn't broken, while Nick warned his daughter to "be careful with your heart." With all the threat of heartache going on so close to Valentine's Day, Cupid really needed to be on standby, just in case.

Until next time, please stay tuned.

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