Can all the king's men put Adam together again?

by Nel
For the Week of August 24, 2020
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Can Adam ever shake being the bad boy even if being bad is embedded in his DNA? And what will happen when he has to come to terms when his memory comes roaring back? The second week of all-new episode of The Young and the Restless sures gives viewers a lot to talk about -- and our Two Scoops columnist isa ready to jump in with her opinions, predictions, and more.

Welcome back to the new episodes of the Young and the Restless! We are in the second week of new episodes, and boy, have I missed them. This past week was an interesting one, and it appeared to be mostly about Adam and his enormous struggle trying to remember what happened to him when he was an eleven-year-old child. The struggle will continue because he will have to come to terms with the reality of it when he does remember. I believe Adam is about to see the light, and his whole perspective on life will change. Will he stop being the bad boy? I doubt that he will ever lose that because it's in his DNA. I mean, look who his father is!

Since this week did appear to focus mostly on Adam, let's start there. Our consummate bad boy is in turmoil after learning that he killed A.J. Montalvo. He's desperate to remember what happened that day. Well, who better to turn to for help than his ex-wife, who is now a registered therapist? It hasn't been clarified whether she is qualified for memory therapy, but hey, I guess Sharon can do just about anything. Both Adam and Sharon are of the same mind -- they both know that Sharon knows Adam to his core, and Adam trusts Sharon like no other. Can we see a tiny problem arising from this? These two have a lot of history together, and I have my fingers, toes, and eyes crossed that they don't go down that road again.

If Sharon stays on course, I believe she might be the one who will help Adam to open that locked door to his memory. Adam is comfortable with Sharon, and he won't hold anything back with her. I don't think he would ever have that kind of rapport with another professional because the trust wouldn't be there. I'm not sure that Chelsea could help him because she seems to think that Adam should sweep that incident under the rug and forget it ever happened. The people Adam trusts would fit into the tip of my baby finger's nail -- and my nails are short -- but Sharon is definitely on his list, and in retrospect, I think she might be the only person he trusts completely. Adam's first session with Sharon went well, but he was extremely disappointed that his memory didn't return after that one session. Adam is no quitter, though, and he is determined to remember the ugly truth about that day.

What is wrong with Chelsea? Why does she think that Adam's memory staying buried is the best course of action? What would she do if his memory suddenly came flooding back and he became a complete mental mess because the reality was too difficult to face? How would she handle that? Chelsea wants Adam to bury his head in the sand.

I can only surmise that Chelsea is threatened by Sharon and Adam's history. Is it fear or jealousy? She went to Sharon with a slightly belligerent attitude to tell Sharon that Sharon wouldn't be helping Adam and not to question the choice. Sharon quietly asked Chelsea what could happen if Adam didn't seek professional help to unlock that memory, and she explained all the pitfalls Adam and Chelsea would have to face. Chelsea saw the wisdom in what Sharon had said, and when she returned home, she told Adam it would be a good idea for him to work with Sharon.

After Adam's first therapy session, he returned home and told Chelsea things hadn't gone as he'd hoped because there hadn't been a breakthrough. Chelsea said that perhaps he shouldn't be in therapy. Chelsea! Can you please make up your mind? Do you or don't you want Adam to remember what happened that fateful night?

Adam has finally realized that Victor has always been protecting him, and that makes me wonder if the dynamic between him and Victor will change to the point where they will call a truce and move forward. I would love to see that, but I have to question whether this would be a good thing. This is only my perception, but I have had the feeling that Adam has always been Victor's favorite child. Victor responds differently to Adam than he does to Nick, Abby, or Victoria. He appears to be more protective of Adam than he is of his other offspring. Having said that, if he and Adam call a truce, I think Victor will try to find a way to get Adam back into the CEO chair, and that will cause a bloody war between Victoria and Victor. I'm team Victoria. She has earned that chair.

Wasn't it fun to watch everyone's reactions to Victoria's upcoming press conference? Victor, Adam, Chelsea, and Nikki were all in a panic, believing that Victoria was going to open a can of worms and expose Adam's secret. Well, weren't they surprised! Victor wasn't amused when Victoria revealed she'd sold Newman Cosmetics to Jack Abbott and Newman Media to Billy Abbott -- the two people Victor hated the most. After the press conference, he tried to bully her, but she wasn't having any of it. She nonchalantly told him she needed to speak to the reporter waiting for her, and she walked out of the office. I loved it!! She is no longer cowering in front of dear old pops.

I believe Victoria will threaten Victor with revealing Adam's secret if he tries to put Adam back in the CEO position. Victoria has been through a lot, and she has worked her way up the ranks, from the mail room to the position she now holds. Victor has given and taken the CEO chair away from her so often that I'm surprised there isn't a revolving door into that office. Victoria appears to have grown quite the backbone, and she is really standing up to Victor. Nick told Phyllis that Victoria had finally learned that she would never earn Victor's respect -- she had to demand it. Well, I think Victoria has seen the light, and she is charging full steam ahead. I say, "Give him bloody hell, Victoria!" I'm loving this new side of her.

Nikki will now be working alongside Victoria as COO. I think they will make a great team together. Okay, I was going to skip over this, but I just can't. What's with Nikki's hair? I realize the actors are doing their own hair and makeup, but I was stunned by Melody Thomas Scott in that wig. It looks like the nylon hair they put on dolls, but it doesn't take away from Melody's acting chops, that's for sure. Even if she's hiding greys or her hair has grown too fast, I'm sure she'd still be beautiful! I just can't watch her while she wears it.

Okay, enough about the hair. I took my hat off to Nikki when she announced to Victor that Victoria had appointed her as COO of the company. Victor was in his glory for a nanosecond, thinking Nikki would keep him apprised of what was going on with the company on a daily basis. He was shocked when she told him in no uncertain terms that she would not be his eyes and ears. She was there to do a job, not be his spy. Victor will be chewing on that one for a while.

Well, Victor just got both barrels fired at him, first by Victoria and now by Nikki. Is he losing his grip on the people around him? Should we all cry a river for him? No! It's time the family stood up to the mighty king. It doesn't mean we don't love him, but it's time to hand the reins to someone else. Victor has accomplished a lot since running away from the orphanage, and he should be proud of those accomplishments. Now is the time for him to go riding and relaxing as the mood strikes him. He has enough people around to run the company. I just hope he doesn't try to fit Adam into Newman Enterprises, because he will start a war. Help Adam? -- hell yes. Adam will need a lot of support when his memory of that horrible event returns.

Phyllis. Good grief. She really knows how to come up with her harebrained schemes. First of all, she bought those bones online. Are they real? Not likely, and any junior paleontologist could determine within probably 20 seconds that those bones weren't real. How many dinosaur bones have ever been found in Wisconsin? To my knowledge, none. I think that Phyllis' plan might only work for a very short period of time.

I think Phyllis has underestimated Abby. She believes she can outsmart the blonde bimbo, but I think Abby is way smarter than Phyllis has ever given her credit for. Abby has a good head on her shoulders, and she has proven to be a shrewd businesswoman. Abby has a good grasp on how to handle people, and Phyllis, in particular. For instance, look how she handled Phyllis when Phyllis tried to make a play for Chance. She told Chance to go ahead and get a taste of that poisonous fruit, because she knew it wouldn't go anywhere. So far, Abby has outsmarted Phyllis at every turn, and I believe she will do it again.

Abby has the brains and the money to outdo Phyllis at anything Phyllis throws at her, and that is something that really seems to bother Phyllis. She mentioned that Abby had the money and the backing of the Newmans for anything Abby undertook, but Phyllis claimed she had to do everything on her own, and that was why she would win. Abby is aware that, even with all her money, she, too, has had to do it on her own. She pointed out that she'd made a success of Society on her own. Phyllis believes she can intimidate Abby, but she's in for quite the surprise because Abby won't be intimidated by Phyllis, and she will outsmart Phyllis.

At Society, Abby told Jack she wanted to find out what was going on with Victoria and that press conference, but she wouldn't go to the source because she didn't want to poke the bear. She didn't want to get into the middle of that war. She also knew how to handle Chance. Chance told Abby that he was concerned about Adam, and he called Adam his friend. Abby pointed out that where Adam went, chaos followed, and she suggested that perhaps a friendship with Adam might not be a good idea. Chance told her that he and Adam had been good friends in Vegas and that Adam had saved his life. Chance said he would never turn his back on a friend. Abby said even though they disagreed about Adam, she knew she had a good thing with Chance, and she would never let anything jeopardize that.

Okay, I'm just going to come out and say it. I miss the kissing and the hugging, and I hope that it will return as soon as the pandemic danger is over. I know the actors really need to keep their distance, but I hope this isn't the new normal. It seems the only people who can kiss on the show are Devon and Elena, since they are a real-life couple and living together. I was waiting for Abby and Chance to kiss at the end of their conversation, but alas, it wasn't meant to be.

I don't care for the union between Phyllis and Nick. It didn't work in the past, and I can't see it working now. I giggled when Nick walked into Phyllis' suite, and he and Phyllis couldn't hear the construction noise. Together, they said, "My plan worked!" The look on their faces was priceless because they were both confessing to doing something, but each thought it had been because of what they'd planned, and they had to fess up about what each had done. I enjoyed that scene. It was cute.

Kyle has done a complete turnaround, and I don't think all of it is for the better. I loved it when Kyle manned up and offered a sincere apology to Theo, but I was a little disappointed that Theo blew Kyle's apology off. Theo doesn't appear to be so self-absorbed or uncertain anymore. He was on pins and needles about getting that job at Chancellor Media because he really believes he'd be a good fit there, and I have to say, I agree. I think he'll be a great asset for Chancellor Media. I loved the shocked look on his face when he finally received the call from Billy telling him that he had the job.

Lola opened up to Theo about all the obstacles she'd faced in Florida in her attempt to open a restaurant there. She realized that she wanted Genoa City to be her home, and she wanted to make a name for herself there. Good for her -- she finally found where she should put down her roots. I have to wonder how badly Lola was hurt by Kyle and if she will open her heart to Theo. I'm on the fence about a union between Theo and Lola. One moment, I like them together because Theo seems to be head over heels for her, but on the other hand, I really want her to be with Kyle. He fought so hard for her, and she resisted even though she was crazy about Kyle, but she told Kyle that no one would ever hurt her again the way he had. I guess that might be the final nail in the coffin for this couple. Perhaps Lola and Theo would make a great couple. We shall see.

I think Kyle is missing a few brain cells because he appears to be living in a fantasy bubble. He told Nick that Summer was his destiny, and she meant the world to him. He said he knew her like a book. Okay, Kyle, no one knows better than you how cruel Summer has been to you in the past. How well will he know the book of Summer when she tosses him aside -- as she's done in the past -- when she spots a new stallion in the corral.

Kyle had previously claimed that Lola was the love of his life, but he tossed her aside like an empty coffee cup from a take-out bar. Trust me, Summer is going to do it to him again, then what? Will he try to crawl back to Lola? Kyle needs to give his head a good shake. We have all read there is new blood coming to town. Will she be Kyle's next forever and true love?

I find it difficult to watch Dina's downhill slide because of my personal experience with Alzheimer's, but I think they are doing an amazing job with this storyline. I have seen firsthand the decline and the behavior of the person afflicted with this disease. The Abbotts are desperately trying to make Dina's final days as happy and filled with as much love as they can be. Bless Traci's heart for trying to find that movie reel for Dina. The family realized that it obviously meant a great deal to her.

After Jack, Traci, and Abby saw the film, they couldn't understand why that reel was so important to Dina, but Jack finally figured it out. Dina couldn't verbalize why she wanted them to see it, but Jack told Tracy and Abby that Dina had wanted them to listen to John's words of wisdom, that love and family always came first. I'll drink to that!

I hope you enjoyed my thoughts and views on what has been going on in Genoa City, and I would love to hear your opinions -- good, bad, or indifferent -- on last week's episodes. Until next time, stay safe!

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