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Adam remembered killing A.J.! Was he the cold and heartless killer that he believed himself to be, even as a child? Was Chelsea right in saying that Sharon's only motive in helping Adam was to be his savior? Was Victor playing favorites, or were Nick and Victoria being too harsh on their brother? Romance was still able to blossom, even as the characters were so near and yet so far from each other in Two Scoops.

With new episodes showing now for all four soap operas, it seems like "normal" is getting closer and closer all the time and, in fact, appears to be just around the corner. However, that's probably just an illusion and wishful thinking while we wait for a vaccine to chase away the viral villain from our lives. So, even as our normal seems to be so near and yet so far away, at least we have our soaps back to keep us entertained in the meantime. Our beloved characters also appear, at times, to be so near yet still so far away from each other during their scenes together. So what if Chelsea was sitting on the far end of a sofa from Victor's chair as he described Adam's past to her? And who cares if it was a little strange for Nick to greet his fiery girlfriend standing clear across the room? Our soaps are back, the actors are staying safe, and honestly, that's all that matters.

Each time I hear a reference to the scorpion and the frog fable, the song, "The Snake" by Al Wilson pops into my head because the morals of the stories are so similar. "Take me in, tender woman. Take me, for heaven's sake," begged the poor half-frozen snake. She did, and she revived him, but instead of thanking her, he gave her a poisonous bite. When she was shocked, the sneaky snake replied, "You knew darned well I was a snake before you took me in." I guessed it served her right. Okay, could Adam end up being a snake when he turned to Sharon for help? After all, he had already seriously messed up her life in the past by stealing the first six months of Faith's from her, when he gave Sharon's baby Faith to Ashley. Sharon knew perfectly well what Adam was capable of.

But, no, Adam seemed to really want to know all the secrets of his past, and he truly believed that Sharon could help him. And Sharon really wanted to help Adam, not only because she was a kind and empathetic person, but also because she still cared for Adam. And Sharon's first counseling session may have helped burst through the logjam in Adam's memory, since images of that fateful night started to pop up as he slept. Adam remembered Alyssa's dad confronting his mother, and he knew that it was bad. Adam could see himself as a boy hiding under the kitchen table as A.J. yelled at Hope, before Adam leaped out and lashed out at A.J. It really wasn't a stretch to believe that Adam could kill the nasty man, even as a child, to protect his mother.

It's a good thing that Adam turned to Sharon, because she was there to support him once his memories resurfaced. He returned to Kansas, hoping that his past would come back to him. Adam hid under the table, where he remembered lunging at A.J. and leaving him on the floor with blood pouring from his head. He was then able to face that he had been very angry, not afraid, and had only wanted to kill the bad man. Adam remembered that he had felt no remorse, but Sharon reminded him that he had only been a child at the time. She promised to stay with Adam while he dealt with it all, when Chelsea arrived to accuse Sharon of some diabolical plan. Oh, sure, Sharon had nothing better to do than to battle cancer while she schemed to win back Adam's heart.

Because, although Chelsea and Rey had agreed to let Adam and Sharon meet for counseling, neither of them liked it. Rey claimed that his sole concern was for Sharon's health, but I don't know. Rey knew how close Sharon and Adam had been, just as Chelsea did. Surely, they were both afraid, even if they refused to admit it, that the sparks could fly between the two former lovebirds again while Sharon helped Adam to face his fears. And the second she knew that Adam had disappeared, Chelsea flew to Sharon. Of course, Adam had gone to his home in Kansas. It was only logical. I mean, where else would he go to confront his past? Therefore, Sharon called Victor for the use of his private jet so she could offer Adam her professional help. Yeah, okay. Rey wasn't so sure about that, either.

So, Rey did the gentlemanly thing and offered to go with her. He wasn't the least bit worried about Sharon and Adam being alone in Kansas at all. Nah. But Sharon was actually thrilled about the idea. Hmm...maybe Rey really had no reason to feel insecure. And Victor spilled the beans to Chelsea about Adam being in Kansas, which upset Chelsea when she learned that Sharon knew where Adam was. This web was getting so tangled, especially when Victor warned Chelsea to let a professional handle it. Yeah, Adam was definitely going to need some professional help to live with his feelings about what he had done. But Chelsea had only seen it as Sharon desiring to be Adam's savior. Maybe Chelsea was right. Maybe Sharon had been hanging around Nick too long.

Not surprisingly, Victoria and Nick weren't the least bit sympathetic to their brother, and Nick even accused his father of playing favorites. But Victor insisted that, since he hadn't been available to help Adam as a child, he was worried about how Adam would handle knowing that he had killed someone at such a young age. Really, Nick and Victoria were both stable and doing fine (well, other than Victoria's desire to get back at her dad), and Adam was the one on shaky ground, who needed his father's support. It just seemed like Nick was a little jealous, so it was nice seeing Victor being concerned about Adam's welfare, for a change.

Victoria wasted no time running to Billy to update him about Adam and his murky past. Of course, she was well aware that he was one of the managers at the new Chancellor Communications; however, she also knew that there was no love lost between Billy and Adam, so Victoria probably enjoyed sharing her findings with someone who despised Adam as much as she did. Yes, Victoria had found a way to deal with her competition, both Adam and Victor. But strangely, Billy laid all the blame for Adam's downfall at Victor's feet. Billy was all ready to lay out a smear campaign against Victor in an explosive story at "ChancComm," although Amanda promised Lily that she'd make sure it was professionally written. Hopefully, that means Billy and Amanda will be working closely together.

Even as formidable as Victoria was in selling off some of the departments of her father's company, she was less so when Billy told her that their daughter, Katie, had been stung by a bee. Hey, no matter how strong and successful a woman is, if she sees her child going through any kind of hurt or pain, a mother can be a puddle of anxiety in seconds. And being a loving father, Billy admitted how hard it was to watch his daughter as she had trouble breathing. If they are able to always put their children's needs first, Billy and Victoria should be fine working as a team toward their kids' happiness, especially since she insisted that she would be able to look at the two of them as the people they were rather than the people she had wanted them to be. That's progress for both of them.

Things were looking up for Theo, since he was hired for the coveted position with Chancellor Communication, and he also had his desired date with Lola. It looked like Kyle still had feelings for Lola, although the feisty girl desperately tried to put her former husband in her rearview mirror. Hopefully, Theo will treat Lola with the proper respect and grace she deserves. Kyle had been so busy flip-flopping between Summer and Lola that he never really considered how much he would hurt Lola by leaving her and rushing to Summer's bed. That was just so sudden and so very tacky. If he continued to have his sexual romps (and picnics) with Summer, Kyle would be just fine, which would then leave Theo free to wine and dine Lola and sweep her off her feet, even at a food truck.

However, both ladies were ready to take it to the next step with their men. Lola wanted Theo to take her to his place, and Summer was ready to move in with Kyle, although both guys were a little hesitant at first. But the ladies were able to twist their arms, of course. It was so cute when Theo then formally invited Lola to his apartment after she had just begged him to go. I was truly impressed with how quickly Theo could clean up the place, which is a talent all men should have. I really like Theo and Lola as a couple, which somewhat surprises me. And Kyle grabbed the thunder and lightning of Summer, as he agreed that they should "cohabitate together." I'm still trying to warm up to Kyle with Summer, but that's because of the way she used him in the past.

So, while Kyle and Summer searched for their new "love pad," Lola was finding out how enjoyable sex could be with Theo, since her only previous sexual encounter had been with Kyle. And Lola was also discovering how awkward it could be to discuss private matters with others, when she vowed Mariah to secrecy about her night with Theo. Kyle was more hypocritical than irrational when he insinuated to Summer that Lola's being with Theo was a cry for help, when Theo was probably a breath of fresh air after the hurt Kyle had heaped on her. Theo let Lola call all the shots, and they would be okay as long as they both saw it for what it really was. Lola would have to be the one to determine when it would feel both good and right. She really didn't need to rush into anything with Theo.

While others were keeping their distance from each other in their scenes together, Devon and Elena had no qualms about being close to each other, even while doing some luscious kissing. And since Devon and Amanda were staying at more than an arm's distance from each other, it was good that Devon was paired up with Elena instead of Amanda. So, it was just as well that Amanda and Devon agreed to stay friends, especially since Amanda was seeing Nate. But still, something needs to jazz up this quartet to have them singing a swinging song. Well, they don't have to be swingers -- but they are just too nicey-nicey, sweety-sweety for their own good. Where's the energy, vitality, and passion, for heaven's sake? Let's see some fireworks, folks!

Nick was being very mysterious when he passed out his email invitations, and all the female invitees (well, except maybe Nikki and Abby) were excited about the upcoming Grand Phoenix perfect escape that proved to be Phyllis' most inspired business creation, and which promised one night of fantasy and indulgence. Shoot, I wish I could have gone. Surely, my invitation got lost in the mail...uh, email. Whatever. So, even though I wasn't invited, it still sounded like a lot of fun, and Phyllis guaranteed that it would be a night to remember, since she vowed to give each lovely lady her own totally unique experience. First, each one was offered her favorite cocktail to start things off. Oh, that would be a Kahlua and cream for me, please.

Still, Abby was very suspicious and was determined not to have fun. Silly girl. She ought to take advantage of the situation, even if it was Phyllis offering it, to just relax and enjoy the experience -- just as Lily and Traci decided to do, when they shared a room together, complete with tea, finger sandwiches, and sweets. And they shared memories of Colleen to make it "a dreamlike evening." That's the spirit! Elena shared her first pedicure with Amanda before they talked together as girlfriends. At least, Amanda disclosed that she thought that Billy was gorgeous and spontaneous. That's a start. Elena and Amanda both enjoyed their day together with massages to top it off, so Phyllis really nailed that one. But Abby was still bound and determined to ruin it all. Party pooper.

Nikki was delighted to find a beautiful piano along with the sheet music for "Sonata for Nikki" in her room, where she got to cherish playing the music she adored while she was surrounded by gorgeous red roses. And Summer had fun boogying down to her favorite jams on a sliding scale. Yet Abby only saw her unique experience as a game, where Phyllis was trying to play her, so, apparently, Red had her number, too. It just seems that Abby's main reason for living has been her battle with Phyllis, so the adventure was totally perfect for her. Truly, it was a fantastic idea and a wonderful experience for all. And then, Phyllis got her own unique experience when all the girls were "in" to continue the women's only escape club at the Grand Phoenix. Hey, ladies, you were very much worth it.

Other notable (or humorous) items that happened during the week

Wow, it's hard to believe I was feeling sorry for Adam when I saw him as a kid hiding under the table. Adam would hate for anyone to pity him.

I thought Traci was already on board for the new position of the head of the online fiction division at Chancellor Communications. She's so perfect for their new creative team. So, what took Traci so long to say yes? I can only say that it was about time.

I like the scruffy Theo much better than the clean-shaven Theo. The look just suits the character better.

Amanda really seemed to be downplaying her "friendship" with Billy, even as Lily pointed out his drive and creativity. But would Amanda's actions speak louder than her words once she started being in the presence of "his evil genius" on a regular basis? For someone Amanda claimed not to care all that much about, she sure talked a lot about Billy, even to her boyfriend. That should be a major red flag waving right in front of Nate's face.

Jack vowed to Traci that he was going to find balance in his life, and he should. He's already successful with both his family and business. So, it's time he found someone to love -- and hopefully, the best really is yet to come.

I was enjoying a terrific episode of Y&R when politics preempted half of it. Our fair citizens of Genoa City probably even heard my primal scream. (Hey, maybe Sharon should consider this for her therapy.) How many more times will this happen before the November election takes place? I'd better be prepared for more screaming.

Until next time, please stay tuned. And take care, make sure you're registered to vote, and please stay safe!

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