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For the Week of September 7, 2020
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Adam's storyline continues! Will he ever beat this ''woe-is-me'' persona he has taken on? Does Sharon truly believe she can help Adam through this crisis, or are the cosmic forces drawing her to him? Will Sharon continue to help Adam after she receives her pathology report? Will Chance be able to protect Adam from Alyssa's snooping? Has Victoria taken a page out of Adam's playbook by standing up to Victor? Join our columnist as she offers her opinion on these questions and more in this issue of Two Scoops.

Adam's storyline still appears to be front and center, followed closely by Amanda's, so once again, let's start with Adam and his "Nobody loves me, everybody hates me" personality. I keep hoping that Adam will temper his attitude toward Victor and realize that Victor has done nothing but try to help him, but it appears Adam has this hate for Victor, and there will never be a union between them. Adam has found a new way of blaming Victor. Adam questions why Victor didn't get him professional help after he'd killed A.J. Montalvo. Adam is really wallowing in self-pity. He claims he was born a killer. Really, Adam?? This is your professional opinion?

True to form, when things go south for Adam, he deserts his family and runs. He has moved into a motel to do some soul-searching. Uh-huh. How many times is he going to search his soul and come up with nothing more than additional plots or schemes for revenge on someone. Also true to form, his target remains Victor. It seems that no matter what Victor says or does, Adam puts his own nasty spin on it. He feels that on the night of the incident, Victor could have taken several actions, like calling the police or getting him professional help, but Victor chose to bury the incident. I notice Adam never acknowledges that his mother, Hope, had agreed to the course of action Victor suggested. She, too, was complicit in that decision, but that doesn't register with Adam.

Adam doesn't believe Chelsea, either, when she says he isn't the man he perceives himself to be. Adam claims that Chelsea wants him to see himself the way she does, but he claims he isn't that guy. He stated that when he'd seen A.J. lying on the floor in a pool of blood, it had been the outcome he'd wanted, and then he'd buried the incident in the deepest recesses of his mind. So, why is Adam still blaming Victor, since Adam wanted A.J. dead? Adam is a walking contradiction.

Chelsea is no better. She had a major meltdown. She blamed everyone but the sanitary engineers for what was happening to Adam. I gasped when she told Victor that he should have taken that secret to his grave and allowed Adam to believe that Victor was guilty of that crime. She claimed that Adam had only wanted to show Victor what he could do as CEO of Newman Enterprises. She said that Adam would never have exposed Victor about A.J.'s death. Would the real Adam Newman please stand up for Chelsea to see? Is she kidding? Adam would have blackmailed Victor for anything his cold little heart desired, and Chelsea would have backed him.

Chelsea had the nerve to ask if it had been worth ruining Adam just so Victoria could hang onto a job. Is she for real? Did she forget that Adam had opened that can of worms, believing that Victor had killed A.J. Montalvo, and that she had encouraged him to pursue it? Did she forget that Adam had blackmailed Victor for that CEO position, and she'd been okay with it? I agreed with Nikki when she said that Chelsea needed a scapegoat, and Chelsea was desperate and scared, but Chelsea was so out of control that she accused Nikki of never allowing Adam to be part of the family where he belonged. Before she left, she had to have the final dig and said she no longer felt obligated to bring Connor to the ranch.

Oh, Chelsea, those are fighting words to Victor's ears. That is a comment Victor will make her regret. We all know that Victor is going to challenge her. Victor can't stand any family member not being in his life, and he will not tolerate being excluded from his kids' or grandkids' lives.

So, I have to ask why Chelsea had this meltdown. Is she that desperate to keep Adam away from Sharon? Is she spiraling with jealousy at the thought of Adam reconnecting with Sharon? Is she trying to compete with Sharon and be the one who gets Adam on the straight and narrow? She is blaming Sharon and Victor because Adam's memory came rushing back about him killing A.J. Sharon has always been Chelsea's nemesis because of her deep-seated history with Adam.

Sharon is about to receive her pathology report. Will it be good news or bad? If it's good news, I believe she will make every effort to help Adam, since she is the only one who knows where he is living. If it's bad news, will she be able to help Adam? Because then, the focus should be on herself. She will be in crisis mode and worried whether she will live or die. That is the conundrum she will be facing once she gets her results, but I have to wonder why Sharon is so determined to help Adam during her own health crisis. Is she about to revisit her relationship with Adam? I guess we will have to wait and see.

It was good to see Noah back in Genoa City. I love how protective he is of Sharon. I would love for him to return on a permanent basis and be coupled with Lola. I think they would make a dynamite couple.

Speaking of couples, how adorable are Abby and Chance? They behave like the cutest married couple ever. I know they aren't married, but they act like it. She worries about Chance, and he is her faithful knight who protects her and reassures her that all will be fine. She was so worried about Paul's text message asking Chance to speak to him ASAP. Abby convinced herself that Paul wanted to talk to him about the missing person in Vegas, but Chance believed it was a security issue. In an attempt to lighten the mood, he told Abby to keep the bail money handy, just in case. Abby wasn't amused, but I was.

What added to Abby's stress was the return of Alyssa Montalvo. This might turn out to be the fly in the ointment in Abby and Chance's relationship because it involved Adam. Alyssa questioned Chance about his knowledge of the missing person in Vegas. Chance managed to sidestep her questions, but for how long? And what consequences await him and Adam? I hope Abby and Chance can weather that storm because I love this couple, and it's time for Abby to have a solid relationship.

I would love to see Nick with someone other than Phyllis. This is a road too well traveled, and it's time to move on. Once again, their relationship is based on sex, sex, and more sex, but somehow, in between all this dicky-dunking, they manage to get on Summer and Kyle's case. So where does this pair get off trying to dictate their adult daughter's life and who she chooses as a partner? I'm not crazy about Summer and Kyle as a couple, but it's up to them if they think they are meant for each other. I always thought I wanted Kyle and Lola together because he'd fought so hard to win her over, but I'm on the fence with that union now.

I have read the fall previews. It looks like Summer is going to test Kyle, and somewhere along the line, she is going to revert to her former, unattractive, scheming, and hurtful self. Kyle claims she is the love of his life and that he knows how to handle her now. Summer is going to hurt him again, and he won't have a clue how to handle her -- no one does! She has hidden that "mean girl" persona for far too long, and that "mean girl" is screaming to get out. Summer might have a good business head, but she has remained a schemer at heart. Does Kyle really want to have his heart broken over and over again by Summer, or will he finally say enough is enough and never look back?

Summer is definitely Phyllis' daughter, through and through. She inherited all of Phyllis' scheming traits. I personally think that Summer is fed up trying to be the good girl because it seemed like she enjoyed being the "mean girl" far more. She appeared to get the greatest pleasure out of hurting people and flirting with any guy who looked at her sideways. I doubt Summer will ever be a one-man woman. She loves to be adored, and she takes advantage of those feelings. She uses that person until she gets bored, and then on to the next guy. Whether he is attached or not, it made no difference to her in the past. Will she go down that same rabbit hole again? Probably.

I don't understand Lola. Kyle had really hurt her, and it appeared that she'd gotten over the worst of it -- but it was apparent she hadn't after she'd heard that Kyle and Summer were looking for a house and moving in together. Is she leading Theo on? She slept with Theo, and the next day, rather than feeling the warm and fuzzies for him, she brushed him off. Obviously, the Kyle and Summer issue is playing in her head. Does Lola want to move on with Theo, or is she going to continue pining for Kyle? She is one very unhappy lady.

I was starting to like Lola with Theo -- well, sort of. Theo seems to have her best interests at heart, and there doesn't appear to be any waffling on his part -- or so it would appear. But Lola doesn't seem to be certain what she wants. After Theo's encounter with Victoria at Society, I have to wonder if he is flirting with her and vice versa. Is he feeling Lola's rebuff and turning to someone else?

I think Victoria needs to be on her own for a while, at least until she completes reorganizing the company. Once that is done, I would love for her to meet someone who would treat her like a princess, for a while at least. She needs someone to give her a bit of normalcy and genuine love after what she went through with J.T. and Billy.

Victoria has shed her timid self around Big Bad Daddy Victor. She is standing her ground with him and with shareholders such as Dan Szymborski. I loved it when Dan thought she was a pushover and that he would have her shivering in her boots with his threats. Victoria pushed back harder and showed that pompous ass that she was in charge and wouldn't be intimidated by him or anyone else.

I'm very curious why Victoria is so determined to have Adam's story about A.J. exposed? Does she believe it will negate Adam's power over her and the Newman family? That story might never get published because they need solid proof before the story can be printed, and they don't have it...yet! From the spoilers, I see that Victoria might still have a major bombshell announcement about the company, and apparently it will leave some people reeling. She certainly is in love with the power she wields.

It looks like Amanda is about to find out some earth-shattering information about herself. The odds of her being Hilary's twin are a sure bet. There were too many similarities for it to be otherwise. Now I have a ton of questions about that revelation. If it turns out that she and Hilary were twins, how will she handle the truth? How is this going to affect Devon and his relationship with Elena? Will this affect Amanda's relationship with Nate? Will she turn to Billy, since there seems to be that underlying attraction they are both unwilling to explore? There are far too many questions to ask, but I hope in the end that the relationships between Devon and Elena, and Amanda and Nate remain status quo. I think both couples are well suited with each other.

Did I see a little spark brewing between Billy and Lily, possibly in the, dare I say, romance department? Billy admitted he had a hard time staying professional around Lily, given their history. This might turn out to be a great match-up because Lily certainly knows how to handle Billy and rein him in when necessary. She reads him like a book. I think they would make a terrific couple. Whoops, yeah, about the memo that Lily wants to put into policy -- the code of conduct on office romances. Will she go ahead with it, or will she just let it slide for the time being. I think having Billy and Lily (Blily? Billily?) would make for a lot of interesting office scenes.

I almost cheered when Billy admitted to Lily that he was the reason his relationships failed. Billy had a tendency to always blame someone or something as the reason he did things, so this, to me, was refreshing coming out of his mouth and such a huge step in Billy's maturity. I'm hoping he continues to mature. I like what I'm seeing so far.

I liked the interaction between Billy and Theo. I think that this professional relationship will be good for both of them...or maybe not! At the moment, Billy is guiding Theo to light the fires but to step back before ChancComm gets burned, but will Theo unwittingly rekindle the "wild child" in Billy. This is going to be interesting to watch and see which side of the coin the boys will fall on.

I hope you enjoyed my insight and views about what has been happening in Genoa City, and I would love to read your comments, good, bad, or indifferent, on last week's episodes. That's a wrap for this week. Until next time, stay safe!

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