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Sharon got the sad news that her cancer was spreading! Why did Sharon turn to Adam for comfort instead of Rey? Has Rey sabotaged his relationship with Sharon by being less than understanding? Are Adam and Chelsea really kaput? And did Victor really consider Adam ''his golden boy,'' as Victoria claimed? Oh, yeah, there's a whole lot of shakin' goin' on in Two Scoops.

Kudos to Y&R for trying to shake things up after having to take a necessary extended break. Yes, there's a brighter horizon ahead with the very diverse and creative team of Chancellor Communications entering the picture. And even though I was not a fan of Sharon and Michael Muhney's Adam after he took the first six precious months of her baby's life away from her, it will be very interesting to see if Sharon's counseling sessions will lead to anything more with the younger Mr. Newman currently played by Mark Grossman. Also, what a refreshing change to see our wonderful ladies of Genoa City treat themselves to their very own unique experience at the Grand Phoenix, even if Phyllis was the one behind it all. Yeah, there's a whole lot of shakin' goin' on, and this cat's jazzed to see it.

In fact, there's even some shake, rattle, and roll in some of the relationships around town, as Noah pointed out to Summer when he noticed that the relationships had all been put in a tumbler, much like the dice for a game of Yahtzee, and who knows whether each pair will be rolling along with box cars or will be bitten by the snake eyes of love. Adam was at his weakest with a need that the kindhearted Sharon was very willing to fill. For once, it was nice to see that Adam wasn't deliberately scheming to control her world. Actually, Sharon probably welcomed the distraction from her cancer battle. Adam only saw her as someone who could help him, which gave her a chance to feel a little bit normal whenever she was around him, while sadly, everyone else saw her as a loved one with cancer.

But while it was a much-needed reprieve, Sharon couldn't run away from the truth of her cancer forever, and she decided that she wanted to face the results of her pathology report on her own. Rey didn't understand, but that's too bad. Sometimes it's easier to be strong by yourself instead of trying to be brave in front of others. Sharon would have the freedom to react in whatever way felt right for her rather than trying to pretend to be tough with Rey by her side. And since the news wasn't good, Sharon had made the right decision for herself, so take that, Rey! I've never been a fan of Sharon and Rey, and at this point, putting Sharon back with Adam would shake things up quite a bit and open up room for more stories. Adam, Chelsea, and the never-seen Connor could use a break, also.

When she learned she would need more surgery, Sharon felt guilty that she had let Team Sharon down, which, on one hand, was crazy, but on the other, was very understandable. After all, Sharon's family and friends had been working as one strong and united force to defeat the enemy, which was her cancer, and it seemed to her that they had failed. Sharon felt defeated. Besides, Sharon believed she had prepared herself for every scenario, but hearing that the cancer was spreading had totally caught her off guard. She even fantasized that she would waltz into the doctor's office to hear the news that she was cancer free. Boy, Sharon Case genuinely has the acting chops to really knock this out of the park. I mean, she really looked like she was crying. No fake teardrops in the eyes for her!

Sharon obviously felt much more comfortable in sharing her sad news with Adam instead of Rey, because both Sharon and Adam felt they had no control over their lives. It seemed like Sharon could better deal with her cancer, as long as she could help Adam to face his past, also. Focusing on Adam's problem made her stronger to battle her own enemy somehow. And Rey couldn't see that Sharon was doing what she needed to do to get through it all. Adam gave Sharon the freedom to feel however she needed to feel, and he didn't expect her to act in a certain way just to please him. Sharon could relate to Adam, since he was her "old friend." He didn't expect to be her rock.

However, Sharon was somewhat in between a rock and a hard place when she heard Chelsea outside of the hotel room door, which was where Adam also found his wife. Chelsea had already learned from Chance that Sharon was professionally meeting with Adam at the hotel, but she probably would have been wondering why Sharon had spent the night there, so Sharon stayed hidden. Adam went home with Chelsea so Sharon could skedaddle once the coast was clear. But when Sharon was back with Rey, he continued to make it all about him, and Chelsea kept asking for more than Adam was willing to give, especially since he feared his own darkness. Adam refused to let his gloom and doom spread to his family, and Rey left the door wide open to make it possible for Sharon and Adam to reunite.

Thank heavens Chance had a connection with Adam, because that kept his relationship with Abby from becoming completely stale. First, Phyllis kept this couple interesting, and then it was Adam. Chance went to Adam's "bug-infested hotel no-tell" to let him know that Alyssa was still sniffing around, looking for news to report on Adam's past. Boy, was Chance shocked to answer Sharon's knock at the door, and immediately, his mind leaped straight into the gutter. Well, if the hotel no-tell fit... To be fair, Chance didn't know that an eleven-year-old Adam had killed A.J. until Chelsea later told him. And although Chelsea explained to him that Sharon had just been acting as Adam's therapist, she knew, even then, that their feelings might develop into something more.

Since Alyssa didn't get anywhere with Chance, she turned her focus to Chelsea, who was cagey with the reporter, also. Of course, Chelsea was protecting Adam, but Alyssa only saw her as being deceitful in the con artist kind of way. Alyssa believed that Adam had used her to get what he had wanted at Newman Enterprises, so she was out for revenge. Alyssa threatened to spread the word that Adam had killed her father to everyone who could read. Extra, extra -- read all about it! That's the kind of news that really would be hot off the press. Chelsea begged the roving reporter for mercy, but that didn't make Alyssa's daddy any less dead. Even the mention of Connor wouldn't ease Alyssa's determination. Hey, maybe Phyllis should invite Alyssa to the Grand Phoenix for a little relaxation.

Phyllis came up with a fantastic idea to give each woman an experience that she could call her own and to make each feel special in her own way. What woman wouldn't want that? Even Abby approved it, which was saying a lot. It gets so old watching women on soaps being so weak that either a man needs to rescue them or that they bicker and fight to steal each other's men. The Escape Club experience is certainly different from the catfights and name-calling that have become normal on daytime serials. My husband recently asked me, when I was watching another soap, if the women were that mean to each other all the time, and unfortunately, I had to tell him yes. Come on, most women I know have girlfriends that they can talk to and gossip with -- but that would be boring on soaps, I guess.

One thing that's rattling around a little was the relationship of Nick and Phyllis, which has always been very, very physical. Since distance has become our friend during this difficult time, it would be ideal to see a new couple just starting to get together for some wining and dining and to really romance it up. (Lola and Theo may still have a shot at this.) So, while that's not exactly Nick and Phyllis, it would be perfect for Jack to meet that special someone and really sweep the lady off her feet. But for Nick and Phyllis, it just looks strange to see them so far apart in their scenes together, when their past ones were mainly of the two romping around closely in bed.

In the meantime, Phyllis put all her ducks in a row and got a loan with another lender to pay Abby off for her share of the Grand Phoenix. By becoming the sole owner, Phyllis would no longer have any ties with Abby, thereby freeing the two of them from each other. Phyllis cheered to Nick that she and Abby could go their separate ways, but I don't know. They both liked playing the game (or "yanking her chain," as Phyllis put it) too much with each other to ever let the other one go. Abby acted happy about it, too, but all the bubbles in her bubbly would never make up for the thrills she got from one-upping the red dynamo. Plus, Chance's activity in Las Vegas was surely a threat to Abby being "happily oblivious to the chaos" surrounding her. It looked to be trouble with a capital T.

With Lily, Billy, and Amanda all working together at ChancComm, a fiery trio could be in the making. Wouldn't Billy love that?! And just think if Cane were to return to town and see his beloved ex stirring things up with the "brother" he had never much respected or cared for -- the sparks would really fly then. Lily and Billy were already showing some potential together. If only we could get that pesky Nate out of the way. But, of course, if Amanda really was Hilary's twin (I knew it!), Devon could be added to this equation, also. And then, where would Elena be? That's what she was wondering, too, when Devon agreed to let Amanda find out if she was related to her look-alike, Devon's cherished deceased wife. Elena sure was kicking herself once Devon made his decision. Silly girl.

Noah saw that the partners had been swapped for Kyle, and while Summer and Kyle were on an even keel, Lola and Theo seemed to be doing a balancing act with each other by taking one step forward then two steps back. Theo almost needed to be hit in the head with a brick to understand that Lola didn't appreciate being blown off after she had taken the time to make him a nice, tasty lunch. Even if Theo didn't think their luncheon date had been set in stone, it still would have been considerate for him to have called and let her know about his business meeting. Truly, it was just a matter of common courtesy, especially since Lola was "a strong-willed, independent woman."

Other notable (or humorous) items that happened during the week

I don't blame Summer for not wanting her parents to ever stop calling her Supergirl. With a cool nickname like that, it must be great to hear that her parents always thought that highly of her, no matter what. Now, that's unconditional love.

Even if Victor believed that he should never have told his son about his past, Adam might have remembered killing A.J. as a child on his own one day, anyway. At least, Adam learned the truth with people around who loved him. And at least Victor was willing to support him-- when Adam was ready to let him. While it was true that he hadn't been around at the time, Victor is there for Adam now, and that's what's important.

Victoria had a point when she told Nick that Adam could even get away with murder and still be in Victor's good graces; however, I'm not so sure their father has ever considered Adam "his golden boy." There's just been so much bad blood (so to speak) between the two of them throughout the years.

Chance told Chelsea that the Adam he had just seen at the hotel was like "a coiled spring, and the slightest touch could make him explode." But isn't that the way Adam always is?

Billy sure found a new partner in crime in Alyssa when he found that they had a common goal -- to watch Adam burn for his sins as a liar and a manipulator. Even though Billy was all ears when Alyssa announced that she had another juicy story concerning Adam about an event that happened in Las Vegas, her lips were sealed. It will be interesting to see if Billy has found the magical elixir that will entice Alyssa to spill her guts.

I am looking forward to seeing Courtney Hope on Y&R, and I am intrigued to see what character she will be playing. I loved her as Sally Spectra on The Bold and the Beautiful, and it's not unheard of for a character to cross over from one soap to another, especially between the two CBS soaps. No matter if she will be reprising her role as Sally or if she introduces us to a new character, it will be very interesting to see what Ms. Hope brings to Genoa City.

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