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Elena admitted to Devon that she had cheated with Nate, and poof, she was gone from his life in a flash. But had Elena been right all along, since Devon wasted no time in inviting Amanda on a trip to New York? Hooray! Sharon's tests showed that she was cancer-free! Will she still be ready and willing to ''put a ring on it'' with the controlling Rey? And was Faith finally getting a storyline of her own by sneaking around with ''Jordan''? Bidding a fond farewell to Dina in Two Scoops.

And just like that, Dina was gone. Even though the Abbott family knew her death was near, it was still a shock to them, especially to Jack. There was no long and lingering deathbed scene, though, since Dina was shown the Teardrop of Love necklace again, which brought a smile to her face one last time, just as Jack had wished. When looking at the amount of time given for the fond farewell to another Alzheimer's sufferer, Mike Corbin on General Hospital, compared to that of our beloved Dina, it was like night and day. GH said goodbye to Mike for weeks, while Dina had one final day when she was fortunate enough to remember her family members with love before she left them, which was still so touching and heartbreaking. The Abbotts knew that Dina really had loved them, after all.

Jack, Ashley, and Traci expressed their feelings about their mother while also trying to be honest about them. And they remembered the good as well as the bad. It was just a shame that they didn't try to do that more while she was still alive. But to give them credit, they did regret that they hadn't, then they offered a loving toast to their mother. I'm glad that we also got a few flashbacks of Dina to remember her by, and so her fans could pay their final respects to such a vital and brilliant woman. After all, without Dina, we wouldn't have our beloved Abbott siblings. I will miss Marla Adams as Dina, and I truly hope that she wins that coveted Daytime Emmy Award for 2020 that she really deserved to be honored with before.

The mystery of the Teardrop of Love necklace wasn't quite over yet, however. When Billy questioned why the necklace had had such an effect on Dina, Jack could only speculate that it had reminded her of the happiest days of her marriage to John. So, was the Teardrop of Love necklace enchanted -- or cursed? Lauren guessed that by losing the necklace, the owner would lose a most precious thing. Jack had made a deal with Lauren, and, instead of buying it from her, he had a jeweler separate the necklace into several different jewelry pieces to be given to the members of the family. Yes, indeed, it would be a new and magical journey for all the Abbotts and for the Teardrop of Love.

Nate told Amanda that, since he worked with Elena, he wished to keep a professional distance from her. That's better than finding it necessary to keep a social distance from her, I guess. It was just too bad he didn't have his professional distance stance when they were having their sexual romp at their place of business. Nate had actually split up with Amanda because of his dirty little secret. Oh, yeah, just like that, Amanda was gone. He was only keeping their sex deed hidden for Elena's sake. And maybe for Devon's, too. After all, they're not just friends, they're cousins. Family. However, the last time I checked, family (in the real world, anyway) doesn't sleep with other family members' girlfriends. Amanda continued to be baffled why Nate had dumped her, but she wouldn't be for long.

The guilt finally ate away at Elena's conscience, and she confessed to Devon that she had slept with Nate. Well, now, wasn't that a grand reward to receive for being Genoa City's Businessperson of the Year? Of course, Devon didn't take the news well and stormed out the door -- and into the lobby, where his fist landed right in Nate's face. Amanda heard the truth -- or actually, she didn't hear it because Elena couldn't speak when Amanda confronted her about it. But she was a smart lady and could pretty much sum it all up with the evidence, including Devon's punch. So, Amanda finally learned why Nate dumped her, if it was any consolation to her.

Amanda seemed to thrive on the juicy gossip about the one-time sex act between Nate and Elena when she spilled her guts to Phyllis. Seriously, Elena could have let Devon have his special day without ruining it due to her guilt. Her timing really stunk when she put her own feelings above Devon's tribute for the good deeds he had done for the community. Elena should add ruining his big moment to her list of wrongdoings, and she deserved to feel horrible about that alone. Instead of everyone singing his praises after the award ceremony, Devon's friends were pitying the betrayal that Elena had heaped on him. While his trophy sparkled brightly, his girlfriend was morally tarnished.

Elena admitted to Devon that she had been insecure and was afraid she was losing him to Amanda and to Hilary's memory. Devon wondered if he had ever made Elena happy, and it was a darn good question. I mean, if she was truly happy with Devon, Elena would never have even considered turning to Nate. Elena pleaded with Devon for a second chance, and while Devon was a truly nice guy, he wasn't that nice, so he kicked Elena to the curb. And just like that, she was gone...from Devon's life and from his home. Devon then ran straight to Nate to announce that Elena had moved out. Yeah, I'd say the closeness between the two guys was gone, too. Elena hoped that the funding from Devon for the clinic wouldn't be gone, also, so she decided to quit working there.

Shoot, I don't blame Devon if he never trusted them again, especially after Nate declared his love for Elena. Apparently, his entire fling with Amanda had just been for appearances. And then Devon decided he wanted to whisk Amanda away on a trip to New York. Maybe Elena had always had a reason to feel insecure, after all. But Amanda was wise to turn him down, since she only saw the trip as Devon "sticking it to Nate and Elena." And she was right -- it would have looked bad for the two of them to suddenly jet off together. But Amanda made Devon a better offer, which was to be available for him if he ever wanted to talk, and he accepted. Devon stated that he would never be able to forgive either Elena or Nate, but let's face it, never is a long time, especially on soaps.

But Devon really had looked forward to having his special night with his special lady at his side to accept his award as Genoa City's Businessperson of the Year, although his lady was filled with shame. Elena and Nate shot so many guilty glances in Amanda and Devon's directions at the event, it was surprising that nobody else noticed. If Elena had heard how Devon constantly gushed to practically everyone there, she probably would have been suicidal. And then Devon piled on more guilt when he accepted his award in Elena and Nate's honor as frontline workers. Those two were practically swimming in shame. Really, Devon should have read the guilt smeared all over Elena's face. I mean, she practically wore a scarlet letter on her forehead, for heaven's sake.

It was a good thing that Kyle had Lola to lean on as he struggled to deal with the loss of his grandmother, since Summer was lurking around incognito, spying on them. And Summer didn't waste any time laying into Lola the second Kyle stepped out of Crimson Lights. Summer accused Lola of trying to lure Kyle back, although she was the one who was skulking around. Come on, if Summer had really wanted to keep Lola away from Kyle -- and vice versa -- she should have married him when she had the chance. Summer finally confronted Kyle and said that she could see that he and Lola were still drawn to each other. But she only proved just how little she trusted Kyle.

However, Kyle later found Summer in the park and claimed he would wait for her until she was ready to be with him again. Okay, so what's the deal? Did he want Summer or Lola? Please don't tell me that Kyle will take on the nasty habit of The Bold and the Beautiful's Liam by flip-flopping between two women. Both ladies deserve better than that. If Kyle truly was over Lola, he shouldn't keep giving her mixed signals, especially since she didn't seem to be quite over him, even if she claimed to Elena that she had moved on.

So, while the Abbotts were grieving, Team Sharon was celebrating the fantastic news that she was cancer-free. However, Faith didn't appear to be too jolly about it. It was just strange that no one else noticed. Shoot, she should have been jumping for joy. But instead, she moped and texted on her phone that she needed to get away. But Sharon did notice that something was a little off with Faith, who only said that she was feeling a little overwhelmed. Nick had seen it, too, although he wasn't that alarmed about it. He should have been, though. Faith had no qualms about sneaking out of the house to see a friend, and Nick gave her a good tongue-lashing for the act. So, was Jordan a guy or a gal? Hey, it's about time Faith had a storyline she could call her own.

Will Sharon's need to rush down the wedding aisle lessen now that she knows that she's on her way to being strong and healthy? Sharon went so quickly from having Rey move in to begging him to propose, it was almost like she was using him as a security blanket in case something happened to her. When Rey decided that he should be her "rock," Sharon went along with it. She probably was so scared that it was just what she needed. Rey's been very controlling. Sharon may want to fly a little freer, since she's learned that she's fit both mentally and physically, without having a man telling her what to do and how to act.

Rey must still have felt threatened by Adam, because he vowed to forever put out the torch Sharon had for her ex. So, even if Sharon wanted to continue being friends with Adam, Rey would make sure to put a stop to it. So, Sharon would no longer be able to choose her own friends? If Adam was such a loser and Rey felt he was more than "just a port in the storm," why didn't Rey just leave him alone? Chelsea overheard Adam say that he and Sharon would always find their way back to each other, but she really shouldn't have been surprised. It's just like Chelsea said -- she would always be second place, the space-filler, the bed-warmer. Chelsea should have hung onto Connor, who was her best way to keep Adam. But Chelsea packed her suitcase, and just like that, she was gone.

Yet Rey pushed through for the wedding to happen by getting Sharon a ring and by nailing a date for the "I do's" that very night. Nah, he wasn't the least bit worried about Sharon's draw to Adam, was he? While Rey had wanted to zip the ceremony through on Halloween, they decided to marry on New Year's Eve. Hey, wasn't that the same date (different year) of Nick and Chelsea's first kiss? It's funny how things for these characters are always so intermingled. But, anyway, now that Adam's a lone wolf again, he will probably put his entire focus on winning Sharon's heart once again. And if Rey keeps pushing her to bow to his every whim, she may be gone, too -- right into Adam's arms.

Just as Kevin and Chloe were trying to adjust to having a little one around again, Gloria made her grand entrance. Oh, yes, she was back and practically yelled it from the rooftops. The problem was that their precious baby boy was trying to sleep. That poor kid probably won't be getting too much rest with granny Gloria around. But, drat, she could only stay to visit for a few days, and Kevin was so crushed, he almost appeared ready to escort her out the door. Kevin feared that the capital G was in capital T, which stood for trouble. Gloria did take to turmoil like a fish takes to water. Gloria insisted that she was a success in Hollywood but offered no details to back it up. Then she robbed her son and his family in the middle of the night. There was nothing suspicious about that at all.

Kevin immediately let Michael know that something screwy was going on with their mother, and it was rather obvious to all when Gloria couldn't keep her facts straight. However, Gloria still insisted to Chloe in the park that she had a glamorous life in Hollywood but admitted that it was also a lonely life. This tipped Chloe off that her mother-in-law was in serious trouble. So, it was left up to Gloria's sons to figure out what it was before they got into some scalding hot water of their own, thanks to her. With Gloria, it's bound to be something good -- or really, really bad. Too bad Jeffrey Bardwell isn't still around. I miss Ted Shackelford.

Billy and Lily seemed to be growing closer, which made my heart happy. Lily rather liked his wild side, and Billy appreciated her ability to keep him toned down -- just a tad. After all, she wouldn't want to totally kill what drew her to him. Billy told Lily about the teardrop of love necklace, and she appreciated the story behind it. It's funny that they both saw each other as dreamers -- and they were, but in different ways. Billy just tended to be more about getting what he desired while taking no prisoners. Hopefully, Billy will get his own jewelry piece of the Teardrop of Love. He could very well need it as he and Lily move forward personally (hopefully) as well as professionally.

Other notable (or humorous) items that happened during the week

Yeah, I knew it was coming, but I still had to yell out a big "no" when Sharon asked Rey to move back in with her. (Actually, I had already thought he was living with her, since he was there so often.)

When I first saw Summer stalking around in her hat at Crimson Lights, I thought she was dressing early for Halloween. That really did look like a witch's hat.

I thought, at the time, that Theo should have been included in the Abbotts' final visit with Dina. I don't blame him a bit for being upset that they didn't give him a call.

Gabby Abby wasn't very observant to not be able to tell that Devon wasn't exactly thrilled after just receiving his award for Businessperson of the Year. That couldn't have served her very well as a hostess of her own fancy restaurant.

Mariah is still so good with coming up with cute turns of phrase like when she told Billy that he was just "a scavenger picking at the devastation Adam left in his wake." So cool and so true.

Surprise, surprise...Chance and Abby weren't moving to Hawaii, after all, since he got his job on the Genoa City police force. Did anyone really think they were leaving?

Lola and Elena should prove to be interesting roommates. They both could use a good friend to keep them from being alone with their thoughts of betrayal, even if their experiences were from the opposite sides of the spectrum.

I just read that the next chapter of Sally Spectra's life, which will take place in Genoa City, will begin on November 3rd. Since she's into fashion, it will be interesting to see if she will work with Chelsea at some point. Chelsea needs a new direction in her life. Welcome, Courtney Hope!

I'm so happy that Christian Le Blanc kept the natural color of his hair for Michael. As Kevin said and as I had stated before during the classic episodes, he does look so distinguished. When Gloria used the word "frosty," referring to the temperature in the room, I couldn't help but wonder if that particular term came to mind, thanks to the color of Michael's hair.

Until next time, please stay tuned. And take care and please stay safe!

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