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Sally Spectra arrived in Genoa City and was ready to start a brand-new life with a brand-new job and, hopefully, a brand-new love. With her flair for fashion, should Sally join forces with Chelsea and Chloe? Since Summer was the first person she met, and since Summer only wants a man when she can't have him, could Sally eventually be linked up with Kyle? And no matter how much the eleven-year-old child in him pleaded, Adam moved ahead with his frightening plan for Newman Tower. Will the boy in Adam be able to stop the adult in time? And Chelsea's been kidnapped -- by someone very familiar to her. All this and more in Two Scoops.

Welcome to Genoa City, Sally Spectra! It may sound a little crazy, but Sally reminds me of Mary Richards on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, who moved to another city to start a new life after just losing the love of her life. Yeah, that's our Sally, too, after her wacko scheme to win back her ex-fiancé Wyatt backfired on The Bold and the Beautiful. No, Wyatt decided that although he could forgive his high school sweetheart, Flo, for helping to steal the baby of his brother, Liam, and then keeping the identify of baby Beth a secret from Liam and his wife, Hope, for months, so they lost all that precious time with their child, he could not forgive Sally for pretending to be dying. (Boy, that sounds so "soap-ish.") Sally loved Wyatt and didn't want to lose him, but she did in the end, anyway.

The kidnapping Flo then became a holier-than-thou hypocrite, who made Sally feel like she had done the worst thing in the world. I don't know. When it comes to deceit, baby stealing trumps a fake illness any day in my book. Sally can do so much better than Wyatt -- and I had always thought they made such a cute couple. Hopefully, Sally can find her way to a new life and love in Genoa City. "Love is all around, no need to waste it." Sally should meet up with Elena and Lola, and they could form a lonely hearts club, since they had all lost their loves. Hey, they could be Rhoda and Phyllis to Sally's Mary. "You just might make it, after all." All Sally needed was a sassy little hat that she could toss in the air in Chancellor Park, just like Mary Richards had done in downtown Minneapolis.

With a smile that's as bright as her personality, Sally's young, talented, ambitious, and loyal to a fault, and she's also vibrant with her fiery red hair and flamboyant attire. Shoot, let's just hope there's room for Sally and Phyllis in the same town. And Sally also has a flair for fashion and design. When Sally arrived in town, she went straight to Jabot and introduced herself with pride and confidence. Good for her! Since she was starting over, she should show that bravado to the world. It made sense that Sally would go to Genoa City, since Lauren lived there, and Lauren had once been the partner in crime to the original Sally Spectra, portrayed by the remarkable Darlene Conley. And Lauren's good friend Sally was the great-aunt of this younger, just as feisty, Sally.

Chelsea and Chloe talked again of taking the fashion world by storm, and maybe they could use a colorful girl with style to join them, especially since Sally needed a new job. Why, they could be Sally's Mr. Grant and Murray. And with the baby nearby, Kevin could easily pass as the lovable yet goofy Ted. Yes, Sally had plenty of options available, especially with Lauren helping her out. Plus, she had already met Jack, who seemed impressed, so that could go a long way for her future career. "You're gonna make it after all." When Sally's ready for a new love, Theo probably wouldn't be the guy for her. But Summer was the first one that Sally met when she arrived in town, and Summer always wants a man when she can't have him, so could Kyle be the next man for the flashy redhead?

Well, the best way for that to happen would be for Kyle and Sally to be working in the same building, so they could run into each other once in a while. Or maybe even get stuck in an elevator in between floors. It's certainly happened before in those Genoa City buildings. So, while Sally was disappointed in her new job as Lauren's executive assistant, since Jabot was all about cosmetics, not fashion, there still may be some good headed her way. And all she had to do was to bide her time until the ideal job for her popped up.

The "brilliant" Nick got sick and tired of Phyllis' griping and grumbling, so he called an impromptu and very unwelcomed truce between his girlfriend and his sister -- and it worked, which was rather amazing. But, after all, Victoria and Phyllis were both intelligent businesswomen, who liked success and making money, so they had a common goal with the Grand Phoenix. With Phyllis' contacts in music (thanks to Devon) and Victoria's top-of-the-line PR firm (thanks to Newman Enterprises), the ladies were able to temporarily call a ceasefire, as they worked out a way to entertain Victoria's employees for the future success of the luxurious hotel. So, while it's true that the love of money may be the root of all kinds of evil, sometimes it can also be the link of turning a foe into an ally -- even if it was temporary.

When Chelsea and Victor worried over the scheme that Adam was plotting, Chelsea missed Connor, so she decided to use Johnny as a bargaining chip to get what she wanted in exchange for what Victor wanted her to do, which was to spy on Adam. Okay, if Chelsea was missing Connor so much, maybe she could just bring him home rather than ruin another young boy's life. She didn't even stop to consider what kind of turmoil that would do to such a vulnerable lad at his age. Somehow, Chelsea will let the cat out of the bag about being Johnny's biological mother, which would be tragic, since the only mother that he's had all his life has been Victoria. If Chelsea truly loved Johnny as a son, she would leave him alone and let him have his happy life with his parents, Billy and Victoria.

But Chelsea and Victoria weren't the only ones who worried over Adam's plot, since the inner child of Adam Wilson formerly Newman also feared what the adult was planning and pleaded with him to stop. Chelsea arrived to smoke out Adam's secret scheme, but apparently, she needed to brush up on her con artist skills, because Adam was onto her in a hot second. But seriously, Adam, if you don't want anyone to know what your intentions are, don't leave your computer up and running and unlocked right out in the open. Hey, that's Secret Agent Basics 101. Ask Chance. It's appeared that both Adam and Chelsea could use a refresher course in that.

Chelsea saw a large circle with a line through it over the CEO's office in Newman Tower on the screen of Adam's computer, and she panicked. She stated that she didn't even recognize Adam anymore, and Adam pointed out to her that he was still the same man he had always been since he'd been eleven years old. However, his eleven-year-old self was even begging him not to go through with what he was planning. After the frustrated Chelsea left, Adam grabbed the phone and made a call. Chelsea might need to put any plans to start up her fashion business on hold, since she was suddenly snatched up and dragged out of the Chancellor mansion. Too bad we couldn't see the face of the man who had taken her hostage, because he was Melissa Claire Egan's very own real-life husband, Matt Katrosar!

Chelsea woke up to find herself in a dingy room and knew that Adam was behind it all. Adam really went too far this time, since Chelsea had never done anything but love him. He drugged the mother of his son, for heaven's sake. Because of the drugs Adam had put in Chelsea's water, she had some crazy dreams of Adam holding up the keys to the kingdom while laughing maniacally. Even Chelsea knew it was wrong to try to see Johnny, because she also dreamed of Billy being glad she was gone. She woke up and tried to jimmy the door to get it open. What happened to the kidnapper? We really need to see more of this guy. It would be so neat to see the interaction between Melissa's Chelsea and her real-life husband's character. Would there be fireworks between them?

Meanwhile, Chloe and Chance searched everywhere in the mansion for Chelsea, since Chloe knew that her best friend wouldn't just disappear overnight without telling her. Plus, when she received the texts that were supposedly from Chelsea, Chloe knew that they were really from Adam, since Chelsea never signed her messages with "C." Okay, it would seem to me that Adam should know that, too, right? I am sure that Adam and Chelsea have sent many texts to each other since he returned home. Was the inner boy in Adam undermining the adult by trying to tip everyone off about his scheme with this clumsy mistake before it was too late? The metal tank was surely a bad omen of what was to come.

When Victor asked Nick and Victoria to reach out to Adam for an intervention, they scoffed. The siblings were more concerned about Chelsea's disappearance, but Victor was able to convince them that they should help Adam by reining him in, so Victoria agreed. But there was a method to her madness, when Victoria told Nick that she wanted to call Adam's bluff -- and maybe Victor's too -- by drawing up a document for Adam to sign, giving up all claim to the Newman inheritance. Victoria wanted their father to finally take sides once and for all; however, Victoria may be disappointed. It just seems that everything Victor's done lately has been for the benefit of drawing his youngest son back into the fold and that he's already made that choice.

So, Faith's friend, Jordan, was a lass who was two years older and who had the potential to get the young girl into tons of trouble. Oh, Nick and Sharon would be so proud if they only knew. But Jordan knew just how to snow parents in general, as she complimented them and said all the right things that they wanted to hear. Yeah, she was pretty smart and crafty. What's scary is that an older teen wouldn't normally have any interest in a girl that age, which was very suspicious. Faith was too trusting of someone she didn't really know. I mean, Jordan could be the leader of the very haters who kept targeting Faith on social media. Jordan asked Faith to dress up in a bikini to attend a party, which was a definite red flag. It just seemed that Jordan had an ulterior motive.

Even though she was all dolled up, Faith looked totally out of place and only wished to leave the party when she overheard one guy call her that "Newman loser." Faith quickly and quietly sneaked out and dashed back to Crimson Lights, straight to her mother and sister. Even though the young girl pretended to be fine, Mariah saw right through her and mentioned that a teen could still sometimes feel alone and lonely, even when she was surrounded by her loved ones. Faith just wanted the hate texts to stop and to be accepted by the crowd again, but she should realize that going to a place where she felt uncomfortable wasn't the answer. Either Jordan truly was trying to be helpful to get her back in with the kids at school, or she enjoyed watching Faith's misery whenever she was around them.

Adam stopped by Crimson Lights to congratulate Sharon on her engagement and to let Sharon know that he was cutting ties with the Newmans as his family, when Faith walked in. Faith reamed Adam out for all his wrongdoings and then stormed out. Of course, Rey, with his usual perfect timing, was right at Sharon's side shortly after Adam had arrived. Does that guy never work? Sure, Rey was given a flexible work schedule when Sharon was battling cancer, but she was cancer-free. So, why was he always nearby still? There must be a lot of crime taking place at Crimson Lights. At Chancellor Park, Faith ran into Jordan, who promised to give her something to help her heart stop racing. Oh, you could almost see in a crystal ball that a drug storyline was looming in Faith's future.

Cupid's arrows were still flying between Lily and Billy after their kiss in the elevator, yet Lily wanted to keep their relationship professional at work. No more flirting and no more eclairs. But Amanda could see the electric bolts zinging between them. Fortunately, Amanda was distracted in her search for Nadine, Rose's neighbor, as she looked for her biological mother, and she had Devon's full support. Devon admitted to Abby that it was comforting to be with Amanda, because she reminded him of the best days of his life. Sure, because of her resemblance to Hilary, of course. Elena had been right all along in being insecure in her relationship with Devon. It was only a matter of time when "the same face, the same smile" of the love of his life would win over Devon's heart.

As the Abbotts prepared to bid a loving farewell to Dina, they had trouble dealing with their feelings on how to say goodbye to the mother who had deserted them when they had most needed her. They decided to have a reception at Society but weren't sure how to remember the person who had given them so much heartache, when they should have received unconditional love from her. Even though Chance had taken his "collection of body parts" to the church service, Abby decided to attend the reception on her own, so she could mourn her grandmother in her own way. And mourn they did, with sad, depressing talk about a mother who had let them down so many times. Dina would have hated it. It's a good thing that Theo crashed the wake to wake them all up and to get the party started.

I can't believe that Summer, who was not Dina's blood relative, had been invited to the reception, yet Theo's invitation somehow got lost in the mail. That was so wrong. But at least Theo reminded the Abbotts that Dina was all about having fun, which was the way she should be honored. He picked a song from the past with the lyrics, "I want it all," which had represented Dina throughout her life. She had hummed it all the time. When the Abbotts, Theo, and Lola started dancing, Kyle stormed out like a spoiled child who picked up his marbles to go home when he couldn't have his way. Well, if immaturity is the key to having a successful relationship, Summer and Kyle are well suited for each other. But Dina was given the celebration of her life and could finally rest in peace.

So, not only was Theo not given a piece of the teardrop of love necklace after it was split up for Dina's family, but he also only received a small token pen in the will. Okay, it was a fancy pen that his grandfather Stuart Brooks had given Dina, but still. Theo insisted that it wasn't about the money, and it really wasn't. It was the idea that counted. Apparently, the family of Dina's that really mattered were the Abbotts. Theo was as much Dina's grandson as Kyle was, but one was accepted as her relative, and the other was not. I just don't get Kyle's anger at Theo, when Kyle was the one who kept coming out ahead. Shoot, he got Dina's extensive art collection, but he still seemed almost threatened by Theo. Kyle should feel ashamed for the way he treated Theo, since they were related, after all.

I just read here on Soap Central that Tyler Johnson is out as Theo, which is a shame; however, I'm not too surprised. The writing was pretty much on the wall when Lola split up with Theo, and the print got bolder once the Abbotts didn't include him as a member of Dina's family when they gave her the teardrop of love necklace. No matter what Jack said, Theo was never going to be accepted as a member of the family, and even though there was so much potential for the character, the dueling rivalry between Kyle and Theo was more sad than fun, since Kyle was the one in the wrong most of the time, but Theo was always the one who paid the price. Best of luck in the future, Tyler Johnson!

Other notable (or humorous) items that happened during the week

Seriously, what did Summer think Kyle should do? Did she really expect him to avoid Lola at all costs, even if that meant never going to his favorite hangouts ever again? Was Summer really that immature and insecure? Lola lived above Crimson Lights, and Kyle enjoyed the coffee there, so they accidentally ran into each other. That's all there was to it. Grow up, Summer!

When Sharon was bouncing around her coffee shop, enjoying the energy she had back, Rey looked as if he totally disapproved. Why? You'd think he would have been jumping for joy to see her feeling so good. It almost seems as if Rey would rather have Sharon scared and totally dependent on him. It makes for a better "rock," I guess.

Even though Kyle's always the one who throws the tantrums whenever Theo is around, Jack warned Theo to do "nothing disruptive" at the will reading. Okay.

Okay, let's think about this. The young Sally Spectra and Pierson Fodé's Thomas Forrester were once an item on B&B, and I really liked them as a couple. However, I just can't see where Sally would be a good fit now for the Hope/Hope's look-alike mannequin-obsessed version of Thomas, currently played by Matthew Atkinson. And Matthew Atkinson had previously played Austin Travers on Y&R, who had been married to Summer at one time. So, in a rather bizarre, twisted way, it was appropriate that Summer was the first one to meet Sally, when the redhead arrived in town. Apparently, the two of them had a lot more in common than either of them knew.

Until next time, please stay tuned. And take care and please stay safe!

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