Impeccable intuition and a whoshotem mystery

by Nel
For the Week of November 16, 2020
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Sweeps have swept into Genoa City! There was a kidnapping, a shooting, a wrath unleashing, a hungover Faith, and a jealous Summer. Where is this all heading? Can Theo secure Dina's estate for himself? Will Sally help him in his quest? Who tried to shoot Adam? Will Chance and Abby make it to the altar? Will Faith get the help she needs? Join our columnist as she delves into the antics in Genoa City and offers her opinion on these questions and more in this issue of Two Scoops.

November sweeps have certainly picked up the pace in sleepy Genoa City. I don't remember this much activity happening, I think, since Chloe blew up the cabin with Adam in it. I'm loving the "whodunit" mystery, Adam on the run, Chelsea's kidnapping, and Chance getting shot trying to save Adam.

So that leaves me (and probably all of you) with many burning questions, including the biggie: Who was at the other end of that gun?

First, I suppose "whodunit" isn't really accurate, since that typically applies to a murder mystery. So, maybe this is more of a "whoshotem" mystery.

Billy's exposť seems to have sent Adam over the edge. Adam is still at odds with his family, and the capper was Chelsea leaving him. His actions have now turned dangerous, and he is still seeking revenge, even with his new name, Adam Wilson. He plans to blow up Newman Tower and the Newman family with it. He has placed a bomb in a strategic spot next to the CEO's office. Will his plan work?

It might have had it not been for Chelsea escaping the prison where she'd been held and the fact that someone shot Chance. Adam had to find Chelsea, but when he showed up at the warehouse where he had Chelsea imprisoned, he encountered Chance, who had a lot of questions. Adam refused to answer any of them. While Chance and Adam argued, Chance spotted a gun, threw himself on Adam, and got shot. Who shot C.C.? Poor Adam was having a really rough day.

But who needs a friend like Adam? Instead of taking immediate action when he saw Chance lying there -- and trying to save his "friend" -- Adam, thinking of himself, hid. He donned a pair of gloves and called 9-1-1 from Chance's phone! Then he ran off. That's some kind of loyalty for a "friend." He needed to cover all his tracks. When he returned home, he sent a text message to his cohort to get rid of any evidence that could incriminate him. At this point, I want to shoot Adam myself.

I have tried to figure out who was the most likely person who would want to exact their revenge on Adam. I believe the shooter was Alyssa. She had the best motive. Adam had killed her father. Many have speculated that it was Faith, especially after the blow-up she'd had with Adam at the coffeehouse, but that's improbable. Faith, who is only 13 or 14 years old, would need to have access to a car, (and a driver's license), a gun, and the knowledge of how to track someone. Some have speculated that it could it have been Chloe. I doubt that. Chloe has mellowed, and there isn't a chance on God's green earth that she would jeopardize being taken away from Miles and Bella. She had also promised Adam that she wouldn't go after him again.

Now, Alyssa, a journalist, would have the resources and the know-how to track a person, she had access to a car, and I'm sure she would have been able to acquire a gun. She'd been really angry with Adam when she had returned to Kansas. She knew Adam had manipulated and used her. She missed her mark on her first attempt, but I think she will make another attempt to kill Adam if she wasn't the one who did it this time. Not to take the mystery out of this "whodunit," but she would have the least impact on any of the current players, and no one would really miss her.

In the meantime, Chelsea managed to escape her prison, and she returned to the Chancellor mansion. She was questioned by Rey, who asked if she had tried to shoot Adam because there was a big lapse in time between her escape and her return to the Chancellor estate. Chelsea denied it, and when Rey offered her protective custody, she jumped at it. But before the officer came to pick her up, Adam had entered the Chancellor mansion and tried to sweet talk Chelsea into returning home with him because he claimed she is the love of his life and the one he wants to be with.

Is that really true? Will Chelsea reunite with Adam? I wouldn't, but I'm not obsessed with Adam like she is. When the officer arrived, Chelsea said she had changed her mind and no longer wanted to be in protective custody. Adam told Chelsea he knew who tried to shoot him. Things should become very interesting when Adam points a finger at Billy.

In the meantime, Billy was excited to hear that Adam was the prime suspect in Chance's shooting. Billy has been chomping at the bit to post a follow-up article about Adam, but he doesn't have any concrete ammunition to do so. I was disgusted when Billy rushed off to the hospital against Lily's warning. What a really crappy thing for him to do. He wasn't concerned about Chance, his cousin -- he was desperate to get a story about Adam. While he was questioning Abby, Abby realized why Billy was there, and she couldn't believe Billy would exploit her and Chance just to get a story. She told Billy that he'd only brought her more pain. I was happy to hear her yell at Billy to get out. I wonder how that will affect his budding romance with Lily?

Payback is a bitch, and as luck would have it, Billy might have to drop his story about Adam if he becomes a suspect. Will this finally be what gets Billy walking the straight and narrow? I have my doubts, but I can dream, can't I? Well, Billy is in hot water over this one. He has made several attempts on Adam's life, so that doesn't bode well for him. Billy admits he has done things against Adam in an attempt to get even with him for killing Delia, but he claims he wouldn't kill Adam. Umm, excuse me, Billy, but after Delia died, you held a gun on Adam while he drove to the spot where Delia died, and then you ran Adam down with your car years later, which could easily have killed Adam.

Now, Billy is on the receiving end of his vendetta against Adam. I can't say it put a smile on my face, but it was time for Billy to get payback for his actions. I think this will be enough to stop Billy from going off half-cocked and printing anything about Adam without proof, especially since he may be the prime suspect in the shooting.

There is something seriously wrong with Adam. Are we headed for a fascinating storyline about a mental disorder caused by a brain tumor or a deficiency of some sort that is causing Adam to be so destructive? How refreshing would that be, since we already have that going on in storylines on The Bold and the Beautiful and on General Hospital. Is there a remedy for him? If there is, are we ready for a good Adam Newman/Wilson? I don't know if I am. I love hating Adam, and I'm afraid a good Adam just wouldn't be much fun.

Chance is such a hero. He sees good in everyone, and he wants to help everyone. I love the union between him and Abby. I think they will make a great couple. I hope Chance recovers with no aftereffects. On another note, can you imagine Abby taking Katherine's throne as matriarch of the Chancellor empire after she and Chance get married? Wouldn't that just frost Jill's undies?

Abby has matured, and she has proven herself to have great instincts for business. She is no longer the airhead she'd been as the "Naked Heiress." Abby's actions lately have led me to believe she would make a great matriarch of the Chancellor estate, and I think it would be a hoot to watch her in action in that role. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't recall Katherine leaving the estate to Jill. I believe she left Chancellor Industries to Jill, but I'm not sure about the mansion, and I can't recall if Katherine had bequeathed it to Chance.

Well, whether she did or didn't, in my opinion, it would be a fun storyline to see Chance and Abby as heads of that estate and the pushback they would get from Jill. Chance took a bullet for Adam, and it threw Abby's world into a tailspin. She has never felt this way about anyone, and it would be a shame to see this union fall apart.

Our boy Theo plans to more than ruffle a number of feathers. First of all, I don't think that he should have been written out of this soap. He is a descendant of two legacy families. Stuart Brooks and Dina Mergeron were his grandparents. I don't care for Theo or Adam, but it doesn't mean I want to see either of them gone. Theo and Adam add spice to the show in their own ways -- Adam is constantly blaming everyone for things he's done, and Theo is constantly tripping over his own feet and making mistakes at every turn.

Well, Theo is about to make another mistake by starting a fight with the Abbotts over Dina's estate. Once Theo discovered that he was related to Dina and her millions, he suddenly developed a sense of entitlement. I guess he envisioned the mega bucks coming his way, but I felt his shock when he only received a pen his grandfather Stuart Brooks had passed on to his son Eric, and because Eric had died, that bequest went to Eric's son, Theo, with a coldly written letter. It looks like Theo has hired Brittany Hodges (Lauren Woodland) to help him contest Dina's will in the hope of getting the bulk of her estate. Theo doesn't have a chance in hell of getting it.

Theo likes to take shortcuts to get what he wants. In order to get as much information as he can, he asked Sally to be his eyes and ears at Jabot. He wants her to gather as much information as she can to feather his claim for Dina's estate. Well as luck would have it, Sally questioned his entitlement to Dina's estate. Theo's theory is that it seems like fair payback for all the years his father missed with Dina while he was growing up. If this theory ever held water, can you imagine how many adopted kids would start a lawsuit against their birth parents? Sally declined to help him and told him she had her sights set on higher stakes for herself. My guess is that Jack will step up and provide Theo with a monetary gift with the proviso that Theo leave town.

What is the matter with Kyle? How cruel was he when Theo received only the gift of the pen at the will reading? Couldn't he put his animosity aside for that one day? I thought it was pretty low of him to belittle Theo the way he did, but my hat was off to Theo for the way he handled it. Theo kept it classy, even if he didn't feel it. Kyle has fallen a few notches with me. Rather than acting classy, he belittled Theo, and he grovels with Summer. I honestly don't believe Kyle believes that he isn't in love with Lola. Kyle has been in love or infatuated with Summer for so long, he's forgotten how to let it go. I think he is mistaking habit for love. These are residual feelings of what he felt for her through high school and their later teen years. Not for a second do I believe he is deeply in love with her.

I don't believe that Kyle and Summer will survive. Maybe he will hook up with Sally -- or will Sally gravitate toward Jack? Hmmm, another redhead in Jack's life? Sally has an agenda, and it certainly isn't working as an executive assistant for Lauren. She is after Jabot Collective, and she isn't going to let anything stop her from being on top again. Will she attach herself to Jack and use him as her means of achieving her goal? But then again, she and Jack just might hit it off. It will be interesting to see who will eventually become Sally's mate.

Does it strike anyone as odd that Summer seems to be jealous of any female that she sees with either Theo or Kyle? Summer craves attention. I think with the exception of Billy, she only wants men to see her and no one else, especially Theo and Kyle, even if she doesn't want to be with either one of them. Summer is addicted to attention. She doesn't want them, but she doesn't want anyone else to be with them and explains away her feelings as trust issues.

I would love to see Kyle dump that selfish, self-centered, and possessive creature. I rolled with laughter when Summer told Kyle that she had impeccable intuition. Really? So, her impeccable intuition created a scenario in her head about what was going on between Kyle and Lola, and she wouldn't see reason. Kyle simply reached out to Lola when they received their final divorce papers to make sure she was okay, but Summer had to put her own spin on it, and now she doesn't trust Kyle. Okay, so why should Kyle trust her when he finds out that she questioned Theo about being with Sally? Yes, it was innocent, but Kyle could spin that into his own scenario and tell Summer he doesn't trust her motives where Theo is concerned. I would like to see an end to this couple. I find Summer's impeccable intuition extremely questionable.

Faith is headed down a slippery slope. She has become friends with Jordan, who is a terrible influence on her. She has had her first taste of drinking, and no doubt, she will do it again, even though she promised Phyllis it was only a one-time thing. Jordan has taught Faith how to manipulate adults. Where is this heading? I was happy to see that Phyllis tried to tell Nick, but Nick was tied up in knots after his meeting with Victor and Victoria and learning that Chance had allegedly been shot by Adam. In the previews for this week, we see that Phyllis finally does tell Nick about Faith's drinking, and I really hope, after Nick's shock, that he and Sharon get Faith the help she needs.

Faith has gone through so much this year. She was afraid she would lose Sharon to cancer, then the fallout from the exposť about Adam kidnapping her and telling Sharon her baby had died, and the bullying on social media. Faith desperately needs help dealing with all these issues.

As for Sharon, I know she loves Rey, but will she and Rey make it to the altar on New Year's Eve? I'm concerned that she is going to run back to Adam, and I really hope that doesn't happen. I found their love story twisted and toxic. Sharon's life would be in constant turmoil with Adam. It's time for her to have a normal and peaceful life, and I really hope that she and Rey make it. I would hate to see her break his heart again.

On a final note, I have to say that I absolutely love Michael (Christian LeBlanc) with the white hair. He looks absolutely fabulous with it. Not everyone looks that good with gray or white hair, but for him, it really carries the sexy with it, in my opinion.

I hope you enjoyed my insights and views about what has been happening in Genoa City. I would love to read your comments and opinions, and perhaps you might like to offer up some of your own theories on last week's episodes. In the meantime, it's a wrap for me. Until next time, stay safe!

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