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Adam seemed to go from being tormented with internal demons to feeling he was completely cured and mentally stable. So, what did happen to Adam's inner child who had tried to caution him away from trouble? Will his hospital stay help Adam as Victor and Sharon hope? Will Adam be grateful to them or will that only add fuel to his need to get back at his father? And just who really did try to shoot Adam? (I'm betting not Billy.) Give the devil his due, and a rolling stone gathers no moss in Two Scoops.

Okay, seriously, who thought, for one minute, that Chance was really going to die? Anyone? I sure didn't. I mean, in this day and age, when social media pretty much announces anything that happens under the sun, soap fans usually hear or read about an actor's upcoming departure before his or her final airdate. And I hadn't heard a peep about Donny Boaz being on his way out as Chance on The Young and the Restless, although I just read that he will be gone temporarily due to COVID-19. Therefore, I knew the odds of Chance dying were slim to none, which means that this storyline is what I consider "fake drama" and was a nonevent -- twice. But maybe this fake drama was created to help Melissa Ordway win a coveted Daytime Emmy Award. It sure wasn't for the benefit of the fans.

So, Chance almost died -- twice. Hey, you know the old saying: "Almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades." (And for me, not even in horseshoes. I'm that bad.) This reminds me of an episode of the classic sitcom Happy Days, where Howard Cunningham's family celebrated Howard's 45th birthday by presenting him with his own episode of This Is Your Life (another TV classic). Potsie lists several almost accomplishments in Howard's life such as almost becoming the Grand Poobah of his leopard lodge and almost winning the Irish Sweepstakes, which only left Howard frustrated in believing he had accomplished nothing truly successful in his life. Chance was shot, but it is hard to shed tears over a character that you know will survive in the end.

So, Chance somehow survived, and Abby merrily began planning their wedding with the date set for ASAP. (How will she word that on the invitations?) There's a pretty good chance (pun not intended) that Adam won't be on the wedding guest list, since Chance renounced him as a friend. Gosh, that leaves Adam with a total friend count of zero. Well, maybe he still has half a friend in Sharon, since she tries to escape Rey's smothering hold on her from time to time to check on Adam. But Chance declared that he was done with Adam's self-destruct mode and no longer wished to be considered as one of his former friend's saviors. Chance just left that to Chelsea and Sharon, as he forged ahead toward wedded bliss and then determined that ASAP was to be in a week.

And with Jill on the job, Abby and Chance can be guaranteed that the preparation for their wedding will be ready on time. I mean, who in their right mind would tell Jill no? It's so sweet that Abby and Chance want to have their joyous event at the Chancellor mansion with Katherine's spirit to guide them. Hey, even if Adam couldn't make the guest list, Katherine still could -- all the way from heaven. In their suite, surrounded by tons of food, Abby speculated that it was a shame that she wasn't eating for two, and Chance replied, "Soon. Very soon." Okay, you two, get a room. Oh, wait...

Lately, it seems like every time something intense and dramatic is lurking right around the corner, especially when it comes to Adam, the story reverts to the humdrum. During this difficult time, fans want intense and dramatic in the storylines to distract them from everyday life. We have enough of the humdrum going on in our daily lives, for heaven's sake. Forget the fake drama, and bring the real stuff. Adam grew closer to Sharon as he tried to deal with the fact that he had killed a man when he was a child. Then, the next thing you know, Adam was miraculously cured and didn't need Sharon anymore. Yet, he was still haunted by the boy in him who pleaded with Adam to stop his diabolical plan against the CEO of Newman Enterprises, but, in an instant, the child in Adam vanished too.

Adam claimed to Chelsea that he just wants their family back together and that Victor, and not the rest of his family, had been the only target of his Newman tower scheme. Yet, Victor is the only Newman who cares about Adam, and he asked for Sharon's aid as a counselor to help his son. Victor believes that their family contributed to what Adam became, and it really can't be easy being a Newman, since they tend to turn on each other at a moment's notice. Even though Chelsea told Adam that she needs more time before she can be with him again, she texted Connor and announced that they were working on visiting him. But maybe she shouldn't pack her bags too quickly, since Sharon agreed to help Adam. That postcard to Victor from the Wilsons will have to wait.

Still, Adam insisted to his father that he and Chelsea were moving away and getting a home near Connor's school. Well, it is true that a rolling stone gathers no moss. But Victor maintains that Adam needs intensive therapy, with a court order backing him up. Yes, indeed, Victor is having Adam committed and had a petition in hand with Sharon's signature. However, it was no power play by Victor, only genuine concern. Plus, he feels the hospital will also protect Adam from his unknown assailant. Even Adam should see that his father is trying to keep Adam safe, both mentally and physically. Victor loves his son. That is obvious. Victor wants his son to be happy with Chelsea and Connor, so he forced Adam to get the help he needs. Feel the moss, stone.

And Sharon thinks therapy will shine a light on Adam's darkest thoughts. He is fortunate that he has so many people who really care about him, especially after all his prior bad deeds. Sharon doesn't think of Adam as "a piece of trash" to be thrown away, but he is too blinded by his warped past to see that. When Adam tried to run, the cops dragged him kicking and screaming to the hospital, where Adam awoke and found himself in a bed. Hey, if he was the one who maneuvered to have Chelsea kidnapped and drugged where she woke up in a bed in that dingy room, it is only fair and just. At least Adam's room is luxurious compared to that dump she was in.

Yes, some mysterious person attempted to kill Adam, and Rey is on the case. Oh, least I got my laugh of the week when Rey told Sharon that he wouldn't let his feelings toward Adam affect his investigation. Oh, please! That was hysterical. I'm still laughing. While it's true that the list of suspects who would want to kill Adam is extremely long, there is a name that hasn't been mentioned of a person who would love to see Adam dead more than anyone else besides maybe Billy. No, not Chelsea. Come stupid was that. But, no, that would be Rey himself. Seriously, that would be the only way that Rey could ensure that Sharon would stay far, far away from her former love.

Shoot, when Rey was doing his "investigation," he looked up at where the shooter stood when he fired the gun. But think about it. How did Rey know that? He could have been looking up, wondering how he possibly could have missed. Now, wouldn't that be a great story and something totally different? But I know, I won't really happen, and Rey's not the attempted killer. After all, he needs to be around to constantly follow Sharon and control her every move. But Rey's only doing it to protect her. Right. When he starts picking out her clothes for her to wear each day, Sharon had better kick his rear out the door -- fast! But in the meantime, Rey's investigation moved forward as he gathered alibis from Victor, Victoria, and Nick. Ho hum.

Victoria again whined that Victor needs to quit coddling his youngest son, and she threatened to ostracize Victor from the family if he doesn't stop trying to help Adam. Man, she's getting to be more and more like her old man all the time. The more Victor mellows out, the more hardhearted Victoria becomes. She has to be jealous, though, since Victor has never bent over backwards to give Victoria and Nick the kind of loving support that he is attempting to give Adam. How many times has Victor disowned Nick throughout the years? I've lost count. And Victoria's plot to trick Adam into showing his true colors to his father with her contract backfired, when Victor saw that Adam was in "dire emotional straits" and was only desperately crying out for help, which Victor still wanted to give him.

Lily believes she can keep Billy toned down and out of trouble, but other women before her have tried to do just that and failed. Just ask Victoria. But since I like Lily and Billy as a couple, I'm hoping. And it's unlikely that Billy tried to shoot Adam. I mean, I haven't seen him chomping any gum lately. No, shooting Adam is more Chloe's style than Billy's, but she seems to have retired from her murderous attempts against Adam since the new baby's birth. Sure, Billy almost made it sound like he might have been the likely suspect, but he only hinted that to Adam just to goad him. One of Billy's pleasures has always been to poke the bear named Adam.

But Paul sure considers Billy a suspect, especially after he found the other earbud in Billy's office to match the one he found at the crime scene. If Lily wants a drama-free romance, it sure won't be with Billy. "Tiptoeing through a minefield" would be an accurate description. But I think part of the allure is that Billy is complicated, and Lily likes that. Come on...Billy was obviously set up. He has more of a desire to get another scandalous scoop out about Adam than to kill him. Really, who else could give Billy so much material to work with (beside himself, that is)? Oh, Billy was a tease when he talked to Lily about missing the office perks of seeing her, being in the same room with her, and arguing with her. Oh, yeah, he left her with wanting more -- of his kisses.

Well, instead of working with Chelsea and Chloe in the glamorous world of fashion, it appears that Sally Spectra wishes to be their rival, since her goal is to be the president of Jabot Collective, a.k.a. JCV. However, she found that she has one blonde obstacle by the name of Summer Newman in her way. Oh, yeah, that makes sense. Summer and Kyle had office sex for most of the year, so she's more than qualified.

Doesn't that just figure, though? Summer always gets everything handed to her on a silver platter. No wonder she feels so entitled. Yet Summer was hesitant in accepting Lauren's very generous offer at Fenmore's, probably because she didn't want to give up office sex with Kyle at Jabot. I mean, we all know they are going to get back together eventually.

But patience has never been one of Sally's virtues, and she was chomping at the bit to gather information on the new president of JCV, so she turned to Theo for help. Hmmm...probably not her best decision, especially for someone so new to the area. Since Sally already has a champion in Genoa City in Lauren, it is not wise for her to turn to an outcast for guidance, especially since Theo already has an axe to grind with the Abbotts. Sally will need Jack on her side down the road, and Theo already has Jack as a target, with the bull's-eye being Dina's inheritance money. So, in return, Theo wants Sally's assistance in plotting to get the bucks out of the Abbotts' hands. Theo desires for his new family to give the devil his due; however, this demonic partnership will make sure that goes down in flames.

Faith (and pretty much any other character in the history of soaps) should learn that the best way to keep a secret is to stop telling everyone in town about it. She ran into Phyllis in Chancellor Park and immediately thanked her again for keeping Faith's secret. And, of course, in true soap fashion, Nick overheard them and wanted to know the big secret. Surprise, surprise. So now, it seems that everyone knows the secret but Faith's mother, and it's just wrong for Nick to even consider not telling Sharon about it. It doesn't matter how good Sharon has been feeling since she learned she is cancer free. Sharon would want to know if alcohol is a problem for Faith, so she can keep an eye on her daughter at home. Nick sure didn't like not knowing. Phyllis knows that better than anyone.

Yeah, Phyllis' road with those pesky Newmans was a tad bumpy. First, Victoria blew up at her for not asking permission first before Phyllis started her new promotion. Phyllis really jumped from the pan into the fire when she (unknowingly) switched from Abby to Victoria as her partner in her hotel. And Nick was furious with Phyllis for keeping Faith's secret. But it's like Phyllis said -- she's the same as she's always been, and after all the times he tried to be with her, Nick should have a clue to that by now. There's a reason why they broke up all those other times before. But hot sex is hot sex, so he's always ready and willing to go back for more. Well, it's as my husband likes to say, sometimes you've got to pay to play, and for the price of a red rose and future turmoil, Nick begged for forgiveness.

Nervously, Amanda prepared for her night of drinks and dinner with Devon, who handed out the huge glasses of martinis, which he remembered Amanda favored. Shoot, he was ready to wine and dine the lovely lady at the fanciest French restaurant in town, and they both even referred to their evening as their "first date." Oh, yeah, Elena never stood a chance with Devon once Hilary -- I mean, Amanda -- entered the picture. When they realized they were both acting out of character, Devon suggested they relax at his place and order Chinese food, and Amanda was all for it. Thanks heavens! I was a little fearful of the whole drinking and driving thing after they chugged down those big martinis. After all, Amanda is not quite ready to meet the same fate as her twin.

Other notable (or humorous) items that happened during the week

Wow, Victor has almost transformed from huffing and puffing as the big, bad wolf to being as meek and gentle as a baby lamb. I never thought I'd see the day. Chance wasn't the least bit intimidated when he approached his future father-in-law for Victor's blessing, not his permission, for Abby's hand in marriage. Why, Victor was almost baaing in delight.

Bella Milconno? Well, it beats Chelsea 3.0, 55.0, or a zillion.0, I guess. Of the three kids, it seems that Bella is the only one who got a good deal by having her entire name included in the title of Chelsea and Chloe's new business in fashion. Somehow, Connor and Miles appear to have been robbed. If only they cared. Oh, well, the business may never come to fruition, anyway, if Chelsea feels forced to choose Adam over Chloe.

I'm willing to bet that Abby's wedding to Chance and Sharon's wedding to Rey will both go off without a hitch. Where are the non-weddings when you need them? (Especially for Sharon and Rey. I'm actually okay with Abby marrying Chance.)

Mariah's such a good friend to have. When Theo was whining again about not getting his part of Dina's inheritance, she saw right through him and realized that he was upset about not being accepted and loved as a part of the family. And then Mariah sympathized and offered Theo emotional support. Can she be my friend? Please?

It's weird that while long hair is "in" for the men, thanks to COVID-19, Elena chose to chop all her hair off. Her lack of locks must have messed up her brain, because even in her dreams, Devon wouldn't be returning to her. Or maybe her dreams were trying to tell Elena that she truly has feelings for Nate. She apparently paid attention to them when she hinted to Nate that she would consider dating him.

Hello to Nina and Jill! It was great to see them through the wonders of technology. Didn't they look fabulous? Anytime I'm in one of those group chats, I can see every imperfection in my face, but then again, I'm not a glamorous actress. Anyway, it sounds like we will be seeing both of them again soon, since wild horses couldn't keep them from attending Abby and Chance's wedding.

Until next time, please stay tuned. And take care and please stay safe!

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